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Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens: Monday Morning Workout Woman!

Vanesssa Hudgens gets in her morning workout at a dance class on Monday (August 27) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress wrote a blog entry that afternoon about traveling and the places she would like to visit.

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“I love to travel… Number 1. on my places to visit is Morocco,” Vanessa wrote. “Any fans from there? It’s just so beautiful.”

Last week, Vanessa wore a shirt that read “Mama Raised Hell” while going to a yoga workout session.

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  • ahyes

    Oh yes, the workout, eat healthy, smoke weed, go shopping, great life.

  • R U sure

    Hi my cutie ! where is my hottie ?

  • Selma

    Yay ! I’m from marocco but i’m also french :) V go to Marrakech or tanger ! 2 greatest cities !!!!!

  • No Name Boys

    where is her Boy friend !!! HE GOT AWAY

  • Lola

    different shoes again.

  • minah

    Damn her body is on point!

  • Xo

    She looks so fit <3

  • Mulan

    Dear JustJared,

    ENOUGH with the Vanessa Hudgens workout photos! Gossip must be slow because we get a daily dose of her workout shiz. Move on cuz she’s not relevant.

  • Mandy

    Does she do something other than working out every day?

  • meeee

    She’s HOT

  • Selma

    @Mulan: Why don’t you sh*t up and go away ? It would be so awesome !!! And this is not your site, if you’re not satisfied, make your own and get over the fact that Vanessa is a celebrity and she’s papped when she works out because the papz know the place. Do you understand or you’re a j*ckass ?

  • Guest

    ANOTHER pic of going to work out. Does she do anything else that is newsworthy? Sooooo boring. Does her father work at just Jared. Other wise WHY?

  • Selma

    @Guest: FOR GOD SAKE SHE IS A CELEBRITY !!!!! She doesn’t have the right to work out ?

  • Green

    Any person who think she doesn’t call the paps are delusional.

  • a French in L.A

    she’s a normal person !! she makes mistakes. everyone makes mistakes..i like her personality,not arrogant she don’t care to be famous just living her life like a normal person Good choice V Love her

  • Xo

    @Mulan: She had a movie come out this year that made over $300 million, filmed 2 movies, and will be at the Venice Film Festival (and possibly Toronto too) next week. She’s definitely relevant.

  • HALA MADRID !!!!!

    she do it everyday !!!! call the paps honey !! call the paps…..

  • Jr

    Just because u get pics from 5 minutes out of her 24 hour day doesn’t make u an expert on anything. It just makes u sound ignorant.

  • She works out?

    … never knew that…lol

  • My 2 cents

    Those classes are sure paying off. She looks great.

  • http://soprettyhudgens Melany N

    she look so pretty… love her body the best…. and her t-shirt♥–

  • city

    since the day she became famous i always got the feeling from her that she loves having lot of attention to herself. to me she always comes out as (on your words) the famewh*ring type.
    and lot of things she does, her actions and behavior is seems very fake and it looks as though that she does them so people will turn their heads looks at them and talks about them. when she was with efron she couldn’t do them(but she tried) because he wasn’t like that. but now that she is free she’s doing it her way.
    and when she was with zac the fact that she couldn’t do it i thought maybe i am wrong, but i knew if they would break up she would turn out as i thought, and i was right.

  • Justine

    she is really trashy and sleazy-looking all the time.

  • HALA MADRID !!!!!

    she’s vulgar !!! always half naked in her life or in movies…

  • Aurora

    @minah: Probably because with a nonexistent career and everything she all the time in the world to do nothing but workout and famewh*re her way around town. I will never understand how people honestly think that she doesn’t call the paps on herself! We see her talent-less, boring *ss old self on JJ every f*cking day doing the same f*cking thing. GET A JOB VANESSA! Preferably far, far, far away! Your fifteen minutes are way over.

  • Jr

    It amazes me how many people come across thinking they actually know this girl personally. You don’t and you never will. Just cause you see pics doesn’t mean you know her what part of that is not clear?

  • intric8

    I’d like to get to know her. A session in bed would be one way to go about it. Other than that, this is just another lame Pudgens post. Granted she looks less pudgy at the moment, and properly showered for a change. Regardless, it’s the same situation where she tells the pap “go across over there and shoot a few pics of me”, pap being her mom or sister or friend. Might as well be someone in the family getting the 5 dollars per pic instead of a stranger. right.

  • S.A.L.T

    I always wonder where her obsessive and mental fans would be when her 15 minuts of fame will be over(which will be very very soon, i will give her another 2 years) and gossip sites will stop posting pics of this trashcan.
    all the fans might as well flush with her to the toilet.
    She will always be known as the girl zac efron dated ones.

  • Intric8

    I’d like to apologize to all Vanessa fans. Truth is I’m really obsessed with her. I have posters of her all over my room and i sit there all day dreaming and hoping shell say hi to me one day. Unfortunateley for me the only thing smaller than my pea sized brain, is my pea sized d*#k.

  • Intric8

    If anything happens to Vanessa I don’t know what I’d do with myself. I just think I’d throw myself off the roof there would be no point in living anymore.

  • intric8

    Oh i can assure you, imposter Intric8 @ 08/27/2012 at 7:10 pm, that i am reasonably hung and well capable of making vanessa gasm quite nicely. I am also quite confident that if ms Pudgens met me in real life, she would quite possibly be attracted to me. Or maybe not. I dont know her taste.

  • Bo

    Oh wow Vanessa is looking fantastic! I just want to lick the ground she walks on. Oh it seems Intric8 also has a #2 lol

  • tina

    You gotta love it, the same poster (with English as a second language) posting over and over again. Fan’s don’t even have to make a comment, we’re over 30 already.

  • Bo

    Intric8 imposter I LOVE YOU! May I feast on your tic tac sized peeepeee???

  • Intric8

    I’m just a scared little boy that lacks self confidence. I try to talk myself up on the internet. My shrink says I need more positive reinforcement in my life. My mommy and daddy don’t love me i cant even get a hug. I’m so scared please help me.

  • jemima

    oh god this is funny, another post of v doing nothing andwnow theres a second intric LOL

  • Intric8

    Will u be my friend? I’m so lonely. Everytime a girl gets near me i wet myself and run away.

  • Bo

    @Intric8: Yes I will be your forever friend, but only if you become my husband number 13. I am so very tired of Sri Lankan men, they smell like cow dung. I too lack confidence, which is why I prefer to bash Vanessa.

  • intric8

    I would make all u third world bichez fall in love, hahaha. The Pudgens fan club base leaves much to be desired when they have to resort to posting in my id. It’s absolutely sad.

  • Bo

    @intric8: Why are you responding like a different person?? You sound like a chauvinistic basterd. Are you not my one true love ??? (after Vanessa Ofcourse)?!!?

  • Intric8

    You mean other guys? Other guys scare me why do you think I try to act tough on the Internet. Other guys like to toss me in the dumpster and hang me by my underwear wherever they can find a hook :(

  • Bo

    @Intric8: Ah my friend that is bad. Here in Sri Lanka, my husbands like to throw cow dung on my face, they say I look better when I am covered in animal waste :((

  • BOJI

    For anyone new reading this, my name is Boji. I also use the name JR. I am the main supporter of vanessa on this site. I chose BOJI without knowing that it is the korean slang for vagginna. You can google it. I spend all my time on any Vanessa Hudgens post because basically, i have no lyf. My brane only thinks of Hudgens. Please comment here as much as possible because plenty comments means Hudgens is the most popular actress in the world. Yay.

  • S.A.L.T

    ha ha laughing my ass off here. bo and intric8 must have some long lost love hate relationship or somethin. two idiots fighting over some trashcan(vanessa ofcourse)

  • Reality Check!

    Bit** all you want about the post of her going to the gym, out to eat, or shopping, but personally I prefer post of her doing these types of mundane activities over some of the other celebs and what they are becoming more known for.

  • Intric8

    I think your husbands would make me eat cow dung. I’m very weak I don’t know how to defend myself. Once I threw up in the toilet and a mean boy stuck my head in it. Sacred me for life.

  • HatersSuck

    Maybe i should introduce myself also. My name is HatersSuck. Truth is, i like to suck. Not in the sense that i am bad at everything i do, i literally like to suck, if you know what i mean. If you notice, my english is slightly better than BOJI. That’s because i went to a slightly better high school than she did, not so provincial of a HS but nearer to the capital of my country. I like Vanessa too, i am a rabid fan and supporter of her and am willing to do whatever it takes to put critics of Vanessa in there place, even if it means commenting under their username. Yeah, its dirty, i know. But these trolls, they just suck. Suck suck suck, like me.

  • HatersSuck

    @Reality Check!: No, i want a post of Pudgens nicely nude, other than the stuff thats çurrently out. Maybe that stripper movie would acquiesce. At this point, Pudgens needs to expand her roles in film, as a necessary career move. Kiddie days are over, time for some skin.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well ain’t this one of the craziest damn posts I’ve ever done seen. Clearly some of you have some serious issues to work out. I knew it would happen sooner or later everyone’s lost their damn minds. Think I’ll head over to the jjr site for a while. At least people act more mature there then here. Anyway Vanessa body is so damn hot. See ya when Vanessa heads to toranto and Venice.
    Ps if you’re gonna copy my name at least do it right. Haters Suck! Two words, one exclamation point thank you.

  • intric8

    Wow Hatersuck, you are coming around! Those were my sentiments exactly!