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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Le Touquet with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Le Touquet with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hop into their family van with their children after leaving a toy store over the weekend in Le Touquet, France.

The 37-year-old actress and 48-year-old actor were joined by their kids Zahara (pictured inside), Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox for lunch at Au Bureau on Rue de Londres. The happy family ordered up five pizzas to share!

After lunch the family shopped at the toy store, where they picked up dinosaur figurines, Barbie clothes, and more.

“Since Angelina was here with her son last year, the shop has moved, but they found us. I think she must really love the store,” a shop employee told People.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Le Touquet with the Kids!

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1,481 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Le Touquet with the Kids!”

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  1. 126
    jen the hag Says:

    ohh look at that Brad so HOT!! and the troll are so jealous that Brad got lots of hair while their idol’s boytoy had receeding hair line and a plucked eyebrow he looks like 50 years old gigolo bwahahhah!!

  2. 127
    The Real Deal Says:


    And my opinion is that you’re a dumba.s.s.,, but that’s not so bad is it????

  3. 128
    Tweet Says:

    ever heard of TWITLONGER..look it up moron..justin and jen are together in LA eating out with big shots like Tom Hanks and Justin was in NYC with Oscar-winner Phillip Seymor Hoffman, they also went out with Shirley McClaine, and visited Robert Downing Jr when the new baby arrived. you mad cuz Jolie and Pitt don’ have any hollywood friends

  4. 129
    Andrea Says:

    @The Real Deal: No, it´s not. .

  5. 130
    Passing Through Says:

    # 154 Tweet @ 08/28/2012 at 9:15 pm
    So Squiggy’s been called back to Cali, huh? Guess that explains why Jared stopped giving us minute-to-minute updates on Squiggy’s NYC doings. Wonder if this means Ticky is finished shooting her next dud already. If so…roughly 30 days is a hella quick shoot…which means the budget is about $5MIL south of what Ticky paid for her Bel Air house. There was no $8MIL payday on this sucker, that’s for sure. Just goes to show you how little work Ticky was offered in that year she “took off”. If your first project after not working for a year won’t even fill the tank on the Mercedes SL you bought your stolen man…well…things ain’t looking too promising for the old girl…
    Ummmm…I need to stop now cuz I’m having way too much fun tonight mocking Ticky…

  6. 131
    lol Says:

    So the midget got paid again to be Maniston’s escort. He finally found a ring in the dumpster? LOL.

  7. 132
    Tweet Says:

    @Passing Through:
    wrong as usual she is on a break, shooting commences Aug 31st

    One of the movie’s stars, Jason Sudeikis, was spotted working on the fair set this morning. The production will take a few days off at the location but will return on August 31 and during the weeks of September 4 and September 10 to complete filming the carnival scenes. They will also be the last shots in North Carolina as the movie is expected to move to New Mexico around September 15.

  8. 133
    em' Says:

    the clapping was weird though? 0_o

  9. 134
    nasty old manny Says:

    ugh- nobody cares about nasty old manny or her tiny stolen troll boy. Old manny is stuck in 1998, cries love gray hair, and charity is not her thing. Is that 140 characters?

  10. 135
    just sayin Says:

    If the tweets are true, the people tweeted about Maniston and McStumpy were saying Maniston’s table was boring as hell.

  11. 136
    Observer2 Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Yeah, I got it PT. Yuku’s been acting strange. It’s good to know that you just sent it today because no messages were showing up until today.

    But, bwahahahahahaha! And Lenny/Mikey most likely didn’t pull in salary wise what Angelina will get for Maleficent because we know she’s got % points plus her 20M salary.

  12. 137
    Tweet Posting Aniston Loon Says:



  13. 138
    Tweet Says:

    @Tweet Posting Aniston Loon:
    obviously you all do because yall spent a good portion of this thread talking about how she is in NC and Justin is I just contributed to the convo :)

  14. 139
    Dream Says:

    They are friends with people in and out of Hollywood. Just because they don’t parade around with them does not mean they don’t have friends, Robert de Niro, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, David Fincher, Edward Norton, Gwen Stefani, Jane Goodall, Marianne Pearl, The Slash, Bono, Jada Pinkett Smith, the cast of In the Liand of Blood and Honey. I’m sorry but they seem like they have much cooler friends.

  15. 140
    Observer2 Says:

    @Passing Through:

    I know, Olivia is just so intimidated by Lenny/Mikey. While she’s splashing around in the surf with her boyfriend, Lenny/Mikey is walking the beach all alone because her bought man is taking his vacation that is in his contract and isn’t bothered by the paps that her, what was it called? B Level of fame has brought about his balding head. Someone needs to tell him to turn it down a notch. He’s taking the pretentious a$$hole thing a bit too far. He’s still trying to find that engagement ring that he can afford that went from being bling, bling, to bli……….

  16. 141
    Passing Through Says:

    # 174 Tweet @ 08/28/2012 at 9:34 pm
    Two things genius -
    1. It doesn’t say Ticky will be back.
    …and best of all…
    2. If she is back in NC to finish shooting then it means that Beaches Redux is DOA, just as I predicted. The writer/director said they were “hoping” to starting shooting in Sept 2013. The only problem is – they don’t actually have any M-O-N-E-Y to make the movie. They tried to presale that sucker at Cannes and got laughed off the Croisette.
    Soooooo…thanks for the info, ya dumb ass, hen! It’s win-win for me. If Ticky goes back to NC…I get to continue making fun of that low rent POS flick. AND I get to make fun of Beaches Redux doing a Boring Girls-like swan dive. Damn…life is good….

  17. 142
    plz Says:

    just sayin @ 08/28/2012 at 9:36 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    If the tweets are true, the people tweeted about Maniston and McStumpy were saying Maniston’s table was boring as hell.
    Everyone knows Ticky is boring as helll.

  18. 143
    Tweet Says:

    George Clooney and Brad are not “friends” in fact he has known Aniston longer since his days on ER because his set was near Jen’s, when was the last time you ever seen Matt Damon hang out with Brad and Angie. I’ll wait..also interesting that George had Jen and Justin over at his lake in Italy and has had Matt Damon and his FAMILY over but never Pitt with Jolie and kids

  19. 144
    Tweet Says:

    Saw Angelina Jolie walking in Le Touquet. She tripped on a cobblestone and fell down and broke hip. Brad’s balls fell out of purse.

  20. 145
    Dream Says:


    It’s a fact?? Really. Okay. Just because you don’t see them out together doesn’t mean they don’t have friends. She doesn’t parade her friends out in front of the media.

  21. 146
    Team Heidi B Says:

    More proof that old manny is a gross, desperate loser. Fake tweets, fake brand new Twitter accounts all part of the failed fat mess that is manny. Thank goodness for the kindness, talent, and beauty that the JPs embody that helps wash away all that manny nastiness.

  22. 147
    Observer2 Says:

    Remember when Lenny and Squiggy were on Lenny’s breakup vacation part deux and no one cared and they paid a pap to follow them?

    Brad, Angelina and their kids get applause. Their 4 year old twins were waving to their people. LOL.

  23. 148
    Passing Through Says:

    # 178 Observer2 @ 08/28/2012 at 9:37 pm
    O2 -
    Ruh roh…that means JJB’s still acting hinky because I sent it last night about 8pm while I was watching Roger’s match. Oh well…at least you got it this time.
    Angie got an exec prod credit, too. Of course Ticky has had that, too…but come on…misManagement & Turkey Baster…or Disney’s $170/$200MIL Maleficent? Hens just need to bow down and kiss Angie’s non-gnarly, non-crusty toes.

  24. 149
    Tweet Says:

    @Passing Through:
    We are the Millers shoots until October than Jen has 2 movies to shoot meanwhile after Maleficent Angelina is UNEMPLOYED, Fincher just dumped her asss as did Burton for Maleficent as did the Ttitanic director..Brad cant get a role to save his life and has to resort to doing cameo’s..thats KARMA for what they put Jen through, now she has the last laugh HOT fiancee, boomin career, loved by many in Hollywood, banging body, very popular(her magazines are ALWAYS a blockbuster, in fact her Vanity Fair issue was the biggest seller EVER) sucks to be a JP fan

  25. 150
    To #181 Says:

    You don’t have to prove who the Jolie-Pitt’s associate with as friends. We fans have seen the types of people they associate with as friends and it goes beyond HW. Billionaires, multi-millionaires, execitives, well respected HW actors and directors, presidents, and etc. If they want to see who they know and speak with they can go search. Besides that the Jolie-Pitt’s don’t have time to hang out and be-seen to- be-seen scene. That is something those who need/or trying to stay relevant do.

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