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Vanessa Hudgens & Britney Spears: 'Gangnam Style' Fans!

Vanessa Hudgens & Britney Spears: 'Gangnam Style' Fans!

Vanessa Hudgens wears a camouflage hat with the word “faith” written on it as she heads to the gym on Tuesday (August 28) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress shared her new obsession that morning with the readers of her blog.

“I am so amazingly obsessed. GANGNAM STYLE!!!! Yeahhhh” Vanessa wrote about the K-Pop song and Internet meme by the South Korean rapper Psy.

The song has reached the top of the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart and is climbing the dance charts. Watch the video below!

Britney Spears also is a fan of the song! “I am LOVING this video – so fun! Thinking that I should possibly learn the choreography. Anybody wanna teach me?! haha,” she wrote on Facebook.

Psy – “Gangham Style”

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens going to the gym…

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vanessa hudgens obssessed with gangnam style 02
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vanessa hudgens obssessed with gangnam style 04
vanessa hudgens obssessed with gangnam style 05
vanessa hudgens obssessed with gangnam style 06
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# 1

I have faith , love my cutie

# 2

All that she does is go to the gym. It’s jj’s website but maybe they can do something shocking like post about her going to the gym like twice a week instead of every day of the week even though she does go everyday of the week. I don’t know maybe they’ll catch her working or something that’d be new. That hasn’t happened since earlier this year

# 3

working out so hard with no visible results.. and where are her boy-toy?
this music video is epically hilarious!

# 4

Vanessa used to dress so much classy and elegant when she was with Zac Efron.. This hippie thing it’s ugly.

# 5

her life sucks !!!!!!!!

# 6

@Anne D.: she’s going to the gym stupid. You’re ugly b!tch.

# 7

@r u sure do you think zac and nessa will get back together?

# 8

She is her mother’s daughter.

# 9

the video is hilarious.

She sure loves these dance classes! Bet she’s getting ready for Venice and possibly Toronto, and NYC for the charity award. Should be a whirlwind over the next few weeks.

@Anne D.: Because when you go to the GYM you wear a formal dress, right?


she has the cutest workout clothes.

kelly martineau @ 08/28/2012 at 5:49 pm

That’s a funny video. Good work out song. This is what she does all the time workout and hiking. V needs to do something else. Hope zac and V get back together.

kelly martineau @ 08/28/2012 at 5:50 pm

And going the the dance studio once a week. V is beinging to dress like a bunn these days.

kelly martineau @ 08/28/2012 at 5:52 pm


@kelly martineau: .ewwwwww nooo we dont want her with gayfron

it seems like she’s not happy these days :( Love her she have a good personality !!!

Amazing body, cute face, nice personality <33

Le Français @ 08/28/2012 at 6:30 pm

haaaa she doesn’t show some part of her body today !! are you sick V ?

Oh my goodness Vanessa why do I love you so much, you are smart, kind and important.

Shut up you a$$holes just shut up!!!!!!!
LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! Or I will call upon the powers of the universe to smite you all!!!!!

I got it all figured out. You know why JJ keeps posting pics of Vanessa going to gym classes, dance classes and working out? It is because of you haters always coming to her threads. Whatever, it is nice to see Vanessa in her gym outfits.
@Yawn, stating the obvious aren’t we? She’s also her father’s daughter just like you and I.
@ Mystery Girl, you come on the threads and start preaching. Where have you been all this while. We are not being disrespectful to that person. Whatever we said was in response to that poster’s taunts and jibes.Pls refermto previous threads.. By all means you have the onus of being a fan of as many celebs as you want. I happen to be a fan of only one for the past 6 yrs and I will fight tooth and nail to preserve what I believe in.

Uh I been here for a while, just not commenting because I don’t feel like commenting on either unless I really feel like it. And like you I been fan since hsm and earlier, so I get what you saying but sometimes people take things so far, that all I saying, I not preaching just making a point.

OK OK! The only reason i’m commenting here is because GANGNAM STYLE IS SOOOO FREAKING AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!!! (don’t care if vanessa likes it or not) I was hoping JJ to write something about this song because i’m a fan of KPOP. It’s great that people are starting to pay a little more attetion to this amazing kind of music. Kpop stars are very talented (sing, dance, act, host tv shows, etc.) and the young ones are great role models because even with all the work they have, they still go to collage!! That’s why a lot of people from all around the world admire them! (you could try listening to Girls’ Generation <3)

I'm glad with all the success of Psy' s Gangnam style! He deserves it :D I Hope Britney can maybe do this dance on one of her concerts just like Nelly Furtado did! It'd be awesome ♥

Oppa Gangnan style ♥

Vanessa has good taste in music and I’m glad that she helps out with little well known musicians in spreading the word.

That was a very entertaining video. K-pop is big in my country and their concerts are always a sellout. I gotta hand it to them , they’re class acts.

@BOJI: Where are you from BOJI? I love k-pop, it’s a nice change from the mainstream crappy pop. Rain (Bi) is very nice eye candy also lol

mmm it’s suspicious she is wearing ‘Faith’ hats at a time like this , it’s like she is asking us to have faith on her and zac . i don’t exactly like it , but my opinion doesn’t matter

I love Vanessa’s leopard sports bra & wrislet or whatever she’s carrying in her hand. I’m not a big fan of KPOP (except Kara & some SUJU at times) but, that song is addictive!

@Bo: “it’s like she is asking us to have faith on her and zac” WTF? I know you’re obviously trolling but, where do you come up with this ****?

@BO What do you mean at a time like this ? Do you think they are seeing each other secretly .There’s some speculation going on for a while now .

I think for the hell of it and for the character build qualities it will instill she should get a real job for a year or so, like selling vacuum cleaners door to door, Picking apples or fruit on a farm all day , or maybe even a meter maid job , how can she possibly have any character without the knowledge of what real work for low pay is all about ? she might smile more after the year of real work is over …

i don’t know whether they are seeing each other secretly or not. but i admit her behaviour is somewhat suspicious . both of their behaviour is suspicious .people on these sites don’t notice them

@the truth, so by your thinking ALL ACTORS should get a ‘job’ as you say. She has a job. Who in their right mind would give up a job that pays millions for a year in this economy?

Zanessa forever…Beautiful…


no not all of them silly just a bunch of them , hey it really is not my advice actually George Clooney was the first one to recommend this, im just borrowing from George …. ask George about it next time you run into him !

I feel she seems upset, hurt.
Baby V back to Zac …
Zanessa always …

Zanessafan @ 08/28/2012 at 11:16 pm

@BO You are killing me . I’ve seen your comments earlier .You seem to highly logical .Please tell me , why you are saying this all of a sudden . Do you think all these similar things they’ve been doing has more meaning .

@Bo2, I’d like to reveal more but I can’t as it will only give fodder to youknowwho. I’m an oldie but I appreciate certain genres of music. I like Connor Maynard, even bought his album. He’s British yet he’s got a lot of soul in his songs.i reckon better than Justin B. Ed Sheeran and of course, Adele is another fav. I have always liked Chris Brown, he is so talented.

Frankly, it would be nice to see Vanessa getting on with her ex but the Zanessa hopefuls are lurking around and will see more into their interaction. Sorry, but this speculation is all very much in the delusional mind of one who claims to be a V hater.

ewwww one wants her with that gay dudee

Just want to see Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens together at the same event … after so long away …
If the true love they felt for each other, will get complicated for people who are on your side.

Vanessafan , i believe you’ve noticed those similarities too from the way you talk . there are some people who think these things are happening inside our heads . such people don’t go out of this site hence don’t know much but think they do . but i think they could at least be friends . this relationship with austin looks fake .

@BOJI: Understandable BOJI. Besides, I must keep the FAITH in that everything I say is not just made up hearsay. I really do know how to read body language, OH and I am also a mind reader and I know what Vanessa and Gayfron..I mean Efron (ugh!) are thinking. I am the best, well my 12 husbands think so. Oh well, time to wash the shack floor with my toothbrush.

I am beginning to think I spend far too much time on these forums. What shall I do to kill time whilst I keep up the facade that I actually attend a real University. Wash my shack roof? Feed the cattle?

Same clowns on this thread. Lame. Vanessa looks a bit pudgy, but humpable nevertheless. Dont know what shes good for actress wise because kiddie stuff is over. Hello to the usual enemies Boji, Haters Suck! and the other psychotic defenders of Fudgens that live their lives on each and every one of her posts. Hello also to the many fake id’s you guys use here. Its like schizophrenia running amok here. ROFL

@intric8: Hello to you too you nut sucking camel toe eater.

Intric8, if we’re psychos what are you doing on her threads? You’re no better. Looking for some action eh? Not getting any lately?

If u impersonate others commenters names, thats messed up

@intric8: Will you please stop sending me messages. We cannot meet up because dear, we are in different continents!

That’s a good example. The name BO has now become a meaningless abstraction. Good job guys, though i ignore her anyways. That fact will still not prevent me from saying that pudgens is lame, though i would love taking a roll in the hay with her.

And for the record, i, intric8, am the only real commenter on these lame threads. Real in the sense that i don’t behave like the same cardboard cutouts that frequent a Pudgens post and chirping the same stupid nonsense. At least i make it interesting. Comprende? Naiindinihan mo ba? Hey one of you Vanessa obsessives, make yourself useful and set up a date with she and i.

You are such a pathetic excuse of human being. Your posts reek of excrement and your whole existence is based on the fact that you have this inane belief that your word is God. Sorry, you are just a low life piece of chewed and spat out piece of gum on the bottom of Vanessa sports shoes. It’s OK, we’d all trample over your limey greasy ball sack (notice the absence of a plural; because you are simply not man enough to have a full set) on any given day. You wouldn’t know interesting from mundane if it bit you on your lone low hanging sack. I hazard a guess in saying that Vanessa would probably feed your lifeless soul to Shadow than take a ‘roll in the hay’ with an inanimate camel muncher like yourself.

love you girl.

Yeah yeah. Blah blah blah. Why dont you go peck crap with the chickens loser. I can say what i want.

@intric8: Did I say you couldn’t camel muncher?

thank you for your interest! come in Korea, gorgeous Vanessa! :)
love you!♥

She just practicing and practicing. She better leave Butler-__-

She just practicing and practicing. She better leave Butler-__-
But the video is great * ___ *

@Bo: Yes, I’ve noticed the feather tatoo he got which is a favorite of Vanessa, the YOLO tatoo which is a favorite saying of hers and even the same location she has hers, the bracelets (there was more than Cartier bracelet), he wearing Vans hats, they even both loved Gotye’s song this summer, Somebody that I used to Know. So don’t think I haven’t noticed. Why don’t I think it means anything? Cause other than her wearing the Cartier for a while again, it’s all one-sided on his part and maybe it was him saying he was an idiot letting her go. At this point, none of it means anything.

Camel muncher? If you are going to be so lame, i suggest you dont do it in public.

to make things clear it wasn’t me replying to intric 8 and i’m the Bo from SL

maria , she was wearing that ash coloured bracelet and the black one with the letter z on it .zac was wearing the same one with the letter v on it . vanesa has been wearing that necklace same as zac’s and there are lot more .both of them have been displaying the similar things not just zac .

@intric8: You are beyond lame it’s no wonder you’re still a virgin

I want to eat Gayfrons sacks because I think it will clean out my trashy mouth better than soap ever will. Intric8 could do with the same method of cleansing his potty mouth too.

zanessa fans need to get a life. i have noticed those things to. but i not even in a million years believe that they will get back together or that they are sectrety meeting eachother or that austin is PR. if there is something to happent then it will happent When it does. again get a life. if you just open your mind a bit and look then you will see that they have both clearly moved on (no getting back) and can please you people stop bringing zac on vanessa’s posts. don’t get hung up on little things like that. its not happening.

@maria can you tell the cap that zac was wearing that was vanessa’s? i never noticed. you have i see.. Like where was he wearing it?

I love K-pop. I love K-pop singers, both men and women. I love their style and fashion!!!!!!

Zac and vanessa is done. never getting back together. i have been in relationships and i know. but most of the people who want them back together are 12 year old fangirls who has n idea how relationship works in real life. they were eachother’s first serious relationship. so no matter how much they fall in love with some other person they will always have a place in their heart for eachother. i am sure they have clearly moved on and have no bad feelings between. but i think there is some unfinished business between them. as in for a fact lot of couples who have been in serious relationship and broke up will always have some unfinished business between them. no matter how much they have gotten over eachother. its called life.
and for those who say that austin is pr, vanessa or nether zac is kind of people who would get in to a relationship without it being serious. so thats just bunch of bull. vanesa got lucky she met austin. zac still haven’t. i hope he will soon. and i wish all the happiness in the world for them.

I haven’t seen Austin in while. Is his new show Carrie Diaries shooting yet?

@Elendur, yes Carrie’sDiaries is shooting now.

Haters.. Fantards… we are all the same! we are all here for Vanessa Hudgens! woot! long live V!

and I also find the Gangnam Style vid hilarious, very catchy and fun! :D

LOL are you kidding me… Zac’s tattoos have nothing to do with Vanessa. His feather tattoo is her favorite? lol I thought betterfly was her favorite, no? Lots of people have feather tattoos and they’re not for Vanessa.
As for his yolo tattoo, his ninja friends have it on the same place. I don’t think they’re honoring Vanessa with that tattoo. lol
Wake up, girl. The world doesnt revolve around Vanessa Hudgens.

Funny some people think Zac wants to get her back. If he does, he’s not even trying. lol

He just loves being single and is not in a rush to get a girlfriend. He probably won’t get into a serious relationship until he’s like forty. Let him live his life the way he wants. Zanessa fans needs to move on.

Oh please god not until 40 maybe 30 i dont wanna see him alone that long.

Stupid chick @ 08/29/2012 at 7:26 pm

I am convinced this stupid chick just walks to the gym to be papped but doesn’t actually workout.I see no change in this chicks body regardless of how many time this chick supposingly works out?
She has officially beaten dim bulb Kate bosworth to hogging the top spot on JJ every week.

@hilarious: Well, you can poo-poo it, but some people obviously ARE reading more into those things. Feathers are indeed a favorite of hers, and she frequently wears them. As far as the Vans hat, I meant it was the Vans logo, not that it was actually her hat. And yes, he has always worn Vans items, but some may read into that. As you can see they do. Personally, I think none of it means anything, and is all pure coincidence. The only thing that puzzled me was both wearing that Cartier bracelet. That was a little weird to me. But whatever.

love the girl¡¡¡

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