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Chris Pine: 'Jack Ryan' Christmas Release Date in 2013!

Chris Pine: 'Jack Ryan' Christmas Release Date in 2013!

Chris Pine sports a cool pair of sunglasses while departing on a flight at LAX Airport on Tuesday (August 28) in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, the 31-year-old Star Trek actor was spotted showing off his biceps while cooling off with refreshments after a jog.

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It’s been recently announced that Chris‘ upcoming film Jack Ryan will be released on Christmas 2013. The story focuses on ex-Marine Jack Ryan (Pine) employed as a financial analyst, who discovers a plot by his employer to finance a terrorist attack to cripple the U.S. economy. Jack Ryan is the author Tom Clancy‘s favorite character.

10+ pictures of Chris Pine departing from LAX…

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chris pine jack ryan christmas release 02
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  • Eli

    That’s some massive forehead!

  • Dee or Deemebr you know

    OK JJ, great that you posted here these photos of CP departing on a flight at LAX… but you took so long to do this … that you could have shown Chris arriving at his place of destination ……………….. just kidding … ;-) :-)

    If he went to London to shoot Jack Ryan I wish all the best for the production of the movie … seems they start filming next Friday …

    CP looks LOVELY with a soft smile in his lips… saying this coz I can… And I’m out of here quickly … because I can and I should …

  • Mari

    Yeah, but all the fun has been taken out of this project. Keira Knightley will be in there. Why didn’t they cast a wooden stick…would have had the same effect.

  • Butter_Fly

    When is his one year contract with Domino up anyway? Didn’t Munster have a six month contract? I’ll pass on his movies. Thanks.

  • vitaminXXX


    hasn’t been a year yet, patience, grasshopper

  • perez H

    “…… it sounds like her next role may be the hardest yet- playing love interest to Chris Pine.
    Now, now. Be brave, Keira. Close your eyes and think of England. LOLz.”

  • Butter_Fly


    Never been called a grasshopper before.

  • vitaminXXX


    It’s just a saying ;)

    A tumblerer says Jack Ryan is filming in NYC. It does partly take place in NYC so I suppse a few days filming then off to London. But the fangurrllls believe this has to do with tru luv lolol. Jack Ryan and the beard are both work.

    Hey Dee luvsmoonwhoever you and your broken english are: you’re not half as clever as you think. But who is, non?

  • Dee or Deemebr I bother you

    @vitaminXXX: I’m totally relieved now … you just prove that I’m not the PR of CP as I was accused here before … Thanks anonymous … “english poison tongue” maybe … yeah you know a lot about gf, right?… and suffering

  • pesky paps!

    @ Dee or Demebr I bother you
    First- no, you don’t bother anyone. LOL
    Secondly, if anyone accused you of being Pine’s PR they were most probably referring to your never ending fangurling because with your level of English you couldn’t be anyone’s PR. Ever.
    You also like the word “suffering” a lot. too bad you forgot “jealous” this time around!! (in case you don’t get it, that’s called sarcasm. look it up.)

  • pesky paps!

    Talking of the Beard, I’m not sure how long this one will last. She has stayed on longer than the others, most probably because she’s the cheapest. Beards don’t lend their services for nothing. Usually they get paid in cash, TV/movie contracts, publicity and introductions to the right people. With DP who has absolutely nothing, anything would be a bonus! Think of all the publicity Ms Nobody got by clinging on to PrivatePine’s arm! Where on earth would she have ever got near a Cannes red carpet without Piney? And wow just wow! the press that got! If she was a HW personality dear Piney would have to work much, much harder to meet his bearding contractual obligations. Also she lives far far away and visits only on the random weekend! I’m sure Whiney Piney thinks she’s a Beard made in heaven!

  • CarolAnn

    @pesky paps!: you nailed it. I think that is why she has lasted this long, because she lives far away.

  • Butter_Fly


    Ha! I just thought it was funny. Patience is something I have never had, though!

    And I think your right again! Can you imagine being with that “great girl” day in and day out! LOL!

  • Butter_Fly

    That second sentence was for pesky_paps!

  • pesky paps!

    Closetcase Tinypiney’s Beard just wet her pants. why? she spotted a street named “Pine St” wonder what happens when she goes to the supermarket and sees the pineapples!!
    In a rush…gotta goooo!!!

  • Ontario
  • Keachick

    Maybe it is because Dee’s first language is not English. This is the WORLDWIDE web, you know. Anyway, whatever, Dee’s *imperfect* English is more pleasant to read than the slutty smut submitted by pesky paps and *her* legion of trolls.

    I usually enjoy reading the various comments on this site, but lately the comments have been so vitriolic and slanderous that I don’t see much point in coming here.

    Thankfully, Justjared has managed to post some really good pictures of Chris Pine working on his new Jack Ryan movie, otherwise this site would be dead to me. Chris looks great. Now if only we did have some pictures of Captain Kirk from the Star Trek sequel which is in post-production at the moment but we don’t.

  • pesky paps!

    Why do you always sneak in here when you think everyone has left to leave your stupid comment?
    If you have something to say, say it when all are here or bring it to the latest thread.
    OK so let’s get to your comment…..
    1. Have you read Dee’s comment at #11? And all you have to say is that English is not her first language?!! what about the rest of her comment? Are we supposed to ignore all of that because it suits you and YOUR legion of trolls?
    2. “…….smut submitted by pesky paps and *her* legion of trolls.”
    LOL I have a legion of trolls have I? Why? because we agree with what’s said? And you don’t like it?? VitaminXXX produced an excellent recap of CP’s relationship with DP. I agree with everything she said. So apparently did many others. No one held a gun to their heads. So what are you saying here? That we are all stupid? That our comments are smutty, slanderous and vitriolic? How exactly? Because we dislike Hollywood BS? Because we say Pine lies when he says he wants privacy in his private life? because we say he’s gay?
    Just who the hell are you Keachick? The way you relentlessly try to ram Pine down everyone’s throat is just ugly. There is NO excuse for it. If you want to worship at the St.Chris Pine Shrine go ahead but DON”T try to tell others what they should and shouldn’t discuss and call people names just because their opinion differs from yours. I don’t know what kind of backwater in NZ you come from, but I believe in everyone’s right to express an opinion. It would do you good to remember that everything said here is backed by fact before you come charging in here like an idiot. If you have something intelligent to say, say it or just STFU.
    As to whether you come here or not in the future, do you really think I care?? LOL

  • CarolAnn

    Wow…so now we are trolls because we see through pine’s bulls**t. Then i’d rather be a troll than a blind fangirl. I used to be his fan too until he started acting like his fans wouldnt see through his lies/bs. I dont care if he is gay, bi or straight, so long as he doesnt insult my intelligence as a fan with his bs about wanting privacy and then dating famewh****s..That is all..

  • Butter_Fly

    Exactly Pesky Paps! and CarolAnn.

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