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LeAnn Rimes: Birthday Celebration with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Birthday Celebration with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes holds hands with her husband Eddie Cibrian as they step out together on Tuesday (August 28) in Malibu, Calif.

The happy couple were all smiles as they enjoyed an intimate dinner at the new Nobu restaurant on the beach to celebrate LeAnn‘s 30th birthday – Happy belated LeAnn!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I’m loved,” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account. “Thank you all my family, friend’s and fans for all the b-day wishes!”

FYI: LeAnn is wearing an ASTARS Brazilian Long Skirt.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian in Malibu…

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leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 01
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 02
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 03
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 04
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 05
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 06
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 07
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 08
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 09
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 10
leann rimes birthday celebration with eddie cibrian 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ngallo58

    i really hope her pr team pays you a boatload of money to publish stuff about her

  • IGottaSay

    what kind of a purse is that?

  • IGottaSay

    it’s a pretty ugly purse…

  • dobbi

    If there’s one thing I know, Eddie is cheating on you.

  • sara

    Eww – with that flat hair LeAnn’s face looks really manly!

  • Anna

    She looks awful…look at that hair, look at that face, the body, the clothes…man…really awful…

  • AJ

    and this lil skank was home from dinner and on twitter by 9pm. Ed was done with her. In fact, Ed is done with her in every sense of the word. Her world as she knows it: OVER. You deserve all the misery coming your way witchy bitch.

  • lydia

    She looks like a younger version of the Duchess of Alba. Good Gawd, what has she done to her face and body. Looks like a drug addict

  • Mimi

    She looks great. I love her hair. All you haters really need to move on. They weren’t the first couple to cheat on their spouses (hello, Richard Burton and Liz Taylor in the 60s!) and they won’t be the last! GET OVER IT!!!!!

  • Xiolablu

    He may cheat but he will never leave his meal ticket.

  • mandy

    I love how she has to trump brandi glanville after brandi posted hottest celelb bodies on celebuzz being no. 31, and so leann follows suit & posts her celebuzz bodies on her twitter after that being #11. Her taunts and one upman ships towards brandi are so obvious, like when posted how the boys are such mini eddies, leaving brandi’s name out. She was taking a jab at brandi, and then protests against hate coming in her direction. I actually use to defend her, till i heard the phone convo w/ 8smileys. What a foul mouthed, gumsmacking waitress who works at a truck stop she sounded like. And so desperate for approval, and always trying to take friends from brandi. I would never acknowledge people who spew hate at me, let alone try to befriend them.

  • Anna

    My god that face ! I can only imagine what she looks like in 10/15 years

  • Maggie

    God, the picture that they are looking back at the camera. They are pathetic. Attention seeking whoremongers.

  • Ediot

    eddie is allegedly cheating on her and has been doing so since they were married

  • Nadya

    Whatever crap has and is going on in her personal life isn’t of any interest to me, but when people say she’s narcissistic and self absorbed, I have to agree. How many birthday celebrations is this vapid woman going to have? Do they really all need to be documented and disseminated to every friendly media source? Seriously, she’s turning 30, not three.The photos they released to a certain mag are ridiculous. Anyone who requires that amount of attention just because they are turning 30 definitely has stunted emotional growth or has way too much to prove, or both. Now if she were discreet about it I wouldn’t comment, but she’s so bent on making sure everyone sees how “blessed” her life is, she deserves all the flack she gets. The fact that she’s such a non-presence in country music now, just makes the whole situation more glaringly ridiculous.

  • Danielle

    @Maggie: It’s all a staged performance. Leann feels people hatred, Ed agreed to pose for her birthday. He’s just not that into her in reality. There is nothing he loves about Leann but her $$$ which pays for his side pieces. Leann picks out her own birthday gifts and pays for them. Ed just pays for his side pieces and their gifts on her coin.

  • Heidi Pie

    More staged pics from Big Head/Big Fat Sweaty Body pap Mike Kamara! If the mags didn’t want this whore in a bikini they don’t want her at all…

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Her face looks like melted plastic. Guess all that “dental” work really meant botox, eye lift and cheek/lip implants. What a joke.

  • Klaus Van Lagerfeldt

    White trash to the core.

  • sfg

    Wow that is a face no amount of makeup and plastic surgery can fix. How unfortunate.

  • elfsstilettos

    she looks like she was 40 year old

  • tryprivacy&regainyourdignity

    Is there nothing that this couple does that isn’t documented on Twitter or in painfully obvious staged photos on Leann friendly sites like this? They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I guess that’s why so many people call her mental. He seems to be happy to stand back and watch her dig a grave for what’s left of her career. She gets such a negative response, not from a few haters as she claims, but the majority of the public and she still keeps up the same behavior pattern, even though it fails epically from a PR standpoint. She either has PR people who hate her or she isn’t too fast on the uptake. Most celebs know when to call it a day and try a new PR approach. Here’s to a happy new decade, but geez lady, give it a rest. Have some dignity and live more privately. Until she does, she’s going to keep on losing fans and repulsing people. So many are waiting with bated breath to hear that he’s cheated on her and it’s her own fault.

  • snotty

    she is soooo ugly she look like a man

  • betty

    @Mandy Who cares what Leann has to say about Brandi kids.At least Brandi HAS kids to boast about having her genes and traits all Leann can do is talk about someone else kids. There are no genetic traces of her in them. No DNA in that “bonus”BS.

  • betty

    @Leann Rimes or PR person Why should anyone pay $12 for that nonsense you post and pictures on SSC when they can get it for free on these sites. Those of us that are not your fans are just as informed as your fans when you keep posting it … whether we are interested or nor not when you go to that site there you are. Just Sayin!!

  • Laura

    Wow, something is very off with her body language. Her posture looks so reticent and cautious. She is usually smiling with her mouth thrown wide open and clinging to her trophy husband. Is someone coaching her to be more reserved in public. Very curious! The other thing that’s OFF is her FACE. Good lord what has she done to it? She was a much prettier girl when she was married to Dean. Impossible to be truly happy when you know you’re living a lie.

  • Go Ask Alice

    If you cannot say anything nice, well, don’t say anything. Ok….but then I would not be ablke to post, LOL!!

    I am going to put it this way.
    LeAnn Rimes is pretty, young, rich, and has a God given talent in her amazing voice.
    Come on, give her that.

    Eddie is a god looking guy, two healthy , darling boys.

    People get divorced. Sometimes it happens.

    I am taking emoition and the beginnings of LeEddie out of my post.

    Thing is, they may last and it might work.
    Good for them and his sons if it does.
    If it doesn’t, well, it will no doubt be because it started, them as a couple, so ugly hurting other people, LeAnn, the lowest point was filing a lawsuit agaisnt Brandi Glanville, and still stuff she tweets and says about the kids…one time some tweet as if their mother was MIA half the time, drunk/drugged , some wild actress/singer or something.

    They , to me, did not start out their relationship good, free, clean, clear, easy, open. You know what I mean.

    Then , her career has TANKED because of it and he works odd jobs acting, really.
    Amy Grant and Vicne Gill relationship started out nasty, secret, unclean, unclear etc. to and they have been together for a long time…still STILL, I think if it doesn’t start out clean, clear, open, honest, easy, karma might intervene one day.. To me, Amy Grant/Gil, Trisha Yearwood/Garth Brooks, such hypocrites. I guess it is Eddie and LeAnn’s, more her gamble, because she has everything to lose and lost so much already in her reputation adn career.
    Speaking of career and reputation, maybe it is hard for her public, her fans, and others non fans to see because LeAnn was one of those young entertainers who seemed to be on the right track, sane!! She was un Britney Spears, unLynsday Lohan, Un Christiana Agurlair, un all of them

    ANd thenn the constnat tweeting. Gosh, everything they do, she tweets about. Weird to me.

  • Go Ask Alice

    With my no spelling self, you guys get what I am saying.
    they are just a werid couple, always tweeting her about their life, strange.

  • betty

    @Go Asl Alice Your essay on Eddie and Leann is not enlightening nor are you posting anything new or not already known.No one cares whether they stay together or divorce tomorrow as long as she respects Brandi and her children,

  • Steph

    @betty — you don’t even have to pay to see the ‘special’ photos on leann’s site.. just simply follow this link ::

  • Go Ask Alice


    You don’t ahve to be such a bitoch. Really!!!!

    I don’t know, don’t care LeEddie or Brandi. I was jsut posting my “essay” like everybody else.
    And no, Rimes nor Cibrian resepct Brandi, and by that I mean, why continue to slandar -like her. THey got their affair, their maraige, their world. Fine.
    I am sure Brandi is thrilled because she gets child support …since Eddie is broke…well, at least wifely has allowance to give Ed.
    Brandi is probably ok in that at least Ed is not with a different woman everytime you turn around

    Glanville, and good for her, has moved on with her life.
    LeAnn did her a favor because Ed had seerals affairs on Brnadi.

    Thing that gets everybody is , why slam the girl, Branid, still.

    And you Betty, go suck an egg. You probably approve of how LeEddie got togeher since ypou always have issues with my posts.
    It jsut seems to me, you are a hidden EddieLEann fans, always slamming my posts.

    You,like LeAnn, something is jsut off about you. I don’t know, jsut weird.

  • Steph

    @gwen — i think you may be right with your liz theory. leann’s bday party bash thats all over the internet was august 18..and wasn’t liz’s bday only 2 days prior. weird that leann wouldn’t have the party this past sat the 26th, closer to her actual bday.. not bff lizzie’s. hmmmm..

  • shnee

    LMAO! looks like someone is trying real hard to turn the public tide! Must be her time for her upcoming album to come out……..OH and also because her money is running low. Please Leann Rimes… one likes you or Eddie Cibrian……so seeing you together and ACTING like you are in love is a joke and makes people hate you two more. Eddie’s birthday gift to you was only $8,000? Every year that passes and every milestone you make (anniversaries and birthdays) the gifts and vacations get cheaper and cheaper! (last year her gift was worth around $20,000) HA! Also the Shitfire Social Club will not be a money maker…….12.99 with your HUNDREDS of fans wont make up for amount of money needed to pay the people on your payroll. I personally can not WAIT for her single to come out in December……..because WHEN it TANKS….. and it will…….the true desperation will come out and I will be sitting back and watching the delusional show to begin! ;)

  • Danny

    they really do make a sexy couple, truth be told.

  • betty

    GoAskAlice Brandi is entitled to child support regardless of who pays if it’s not paid Eddie will be in deep sh*t and what makes you think Eddie is still not having affairs? He’s rumored to already be cheating AGAIN!!! If you didn’t care you would not be posting this BS. I could care less about Leann and Eddie relationship I am a Brandi supporter and as long as things are working out for her and the kids after all she has been put through because she is deserving of all the happiness life offers.

  • gwen

    Oh look Courtney Stodden and Doug 2.0 are at it again. But is anyone surprised? When don’t Courtney and Doug 2.0 famewhore? Like Fox News said, only C and D listers set up back to back staged photo-ops like this. Her fans keep wanting people to move on, yet Courtney 2.0 won’t take that first step as she continues to set up these photo-osp to convince everyone that her husband is cheating because he holds her hand.

    Courtney 2.0 staged photo-ops are like “Where’s Waldo” only except for looking for Waldo, we point out the major blunders and flaws.

    1) Look who took these photos of Courtney and Doug 2.0. It’s the very same agency that was with Courthy and Doug 2.0 on those private beaches in Cabo. It’s the same GSI who also got candid photos from inside of Eddie’s birthday party. So why keep telling us that Courtney and Doug 2.0 are happy and in love when it’s all an act? It’s STAGED, meaning FAKE. What did Courtney 2.0 have to give Doug 2.0 to make him hold her hand? In the photos on People mag he was trying to run from her and he was drunk. So once again Doug 2.0 is drunk and he is driving.

    2) Of course they are “stepping together” and holding hands, the name of the game is to convince people that Doug 2.0 isn’t cheating on her. Why is Doug 2.0 holding that bag? Because that is what Courtney 2.0 had to give him just to get him to touch her.

    3) If Courtney 2.0 is so loved then can you please explain the photos on Popsugar where Doug 2.0 is flirting with Lizzy on the dock? If Doug 2.0 is happy, why does he look like hell? His hair is falling out and once again he is drunk.

    4) Nobu? Do celebs eat at Nobu anymore? We hardly ever see celebs at Nobu so the only reason these paps would be outside of Nobu is because LEANN called them. Didn’t she set up a staged photo-op at Nobu with Eddie last year too? Seriously why keep up this farce when they pulled the very same stunt last year?

    5) And the better question who did Courtney 2.0s single white female the outfit from because we all know that she doesn’t go out in public unless she copies something from one of Eddie’s mistresses.

  • gwen

    Courtney and Doug 2.0 are not celebrating her birthday, they are just trying to deflect from the fact that Eddie is cheating and these stories:

    1) “LeAnn Rimes blamed for influencing ‘RHOBH’ star Brandi Glanville’s followers” (August 28, 2012)
    -The Examiner

    2) “LeAnn Rimes Called Out For Stalking & Harassing Brandi Glanville Fans On Twitter! LeAnn Insists She’s A Victim Of “Treachery”!
    -Reality Tea-Aug 27, 2012

    3) “Leann Rimes Disappointed By Former Fan’s ‘Treachery,’ Says Attorney”
    From Huff Post-8/24/2012

  • gwen

    I see that someone is ASTROTURFING yet again.

    @MIMI: Are you using someone’s name to make posts?

    Even Dailymail is saying that Leann looks like hell and trashing her hair. Perhaps it’s Leann who needs to move on and get over it, why did she set up this staged photo-op seeing as how she has been famewhoring this entire month? So then by your logic Eddie must be cheating on Leann!

    @Danny: So that is why Eddie has to be drunk just to touch Leann or he won’t go anywhere with Leann unless Lizzy tags along? even Eddie does’t believe that he and Leann make a sexy couple! No wonder Leann has been single white femaling Lizzy so much!

  • gwen

    What do we learn from the exclusive interview that Courtney S 2.0 gave to Celebuzz:

    1) Leann lied. Eddie didn’t buy Leann anything for her birthday, she bought it herself. Why didn’t she just say right off what he got her? Why did she deflect and then answer the question?

    2) Eddie isn’t a ray of light in Leann’s life, he is more like a black hole that consumes Leann’s money.

    3) Just like Leann tweets from Eddie’s twitter account, she has written herself letters TWICE to make it look like Eddie writes notes to her. Eddie didn’t buy his kids cake and doesn’t even help Leann get his kids ready for school. So we know he didn’t write anything. Shame on Leann for lying.

    4) Eddie didn’t surprise her with anything considering that SHE bought the bracelet and on top of that she paid for it. Eddie doesn’t have a job. How did he pay for the bracelet? And aren’t the paps always following Leann and Eddie? So how come none of them got any photos of Eddie buying this bracelet?

    5) When doesn’t Leann burst into tears? She is HPD, so it’s obvious why she is crying all the time. HPDs have exaggerated emotions.

    6) Just like she didn’t expect Eddie to “buy” her engagement ring after he lowered his child support too?

    7) Because in her mind Leann seriously thinks that the ability to not take off the bracelet will convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating. How pathetic that she is now reduced to using a bracelet to convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating.

    8) Did Eddie also “buy” Lizzy the same bracelet and gift? You know he did considering how Lizzy was also spotted wearing the same dress that Leann wore in January.

    9) If Eddie’s heart is truly always with Leann, then why does Leann spend so much time single white femaling Brandi, Lizzy, SMJ, Josie D, Kim K, or any woman Eddie lusts after? Eddie’s heart is not with Leann, hence why she is using Celebuzz to cover up the fact that Eddie is sleeping with Lizzy!

    10) Eddie has to be drunk just to touch Leann. So at this point even her own dogs are better at loving her than Eddie is because she doesn’t have to buy them gifts or get them drunk just so that they show some affection towards her.

    11) Eddie shows Leann love every day? Well that explains why Leann spends so much time tweeting and arguing with strangers on important days like her birthday, honeymoon, and vacations. Eddie doesn’t show Leann any love, hence why she paid Celebuzz to write this nonsense article.

    12) Leann is depressed, when her husband is a serial cheater who makes her hang out with his mistress is anyone surprised?

    13) Once again, it’s LEANN, not the magazines who is talking about her getting pregnant.

    14) So the only way that Eddie would go out with Leann for her birthday is if she bought him a gift and allowed Lizzy to tag along, hence why Leann is now trying to save face by saying that Leann threw this party for her. The same Lizzy who was spotted wearing the same outfit that Leann wore in January?

  • leannbugs

    Totally agree with your last post. Curious as to where people came up with Lizzie as the mistress? I heard about a waitress and Divini the PB bunny but I dont think I buy Lizzie as his F#@ buddy. Her face is too messed up. Ed likes the barbie Playboy bunny look. Please spill what you know!

  • gwen


    Eddie slept with Leann, so as we can clearly see Eddie isn’t selective at all about who he sleeps with. Eddie doesn’t have a type, that’s just hype. Look at who Leann is single white femaling. SMJ, Brandi, Josie D, Kim K, Kate C, Lizzy. Go back and look at the photos of how Leann looked in 2009, Leann’s face was messed up and she didn’t have the Playboy bunny look, yet Eddie still slept with her.

    Eddie is sleeping with Lizzy, why Leann has been celebrating her birthday everyday of this month because it’s also the same month that Lizzy celebrates her birthday. Leann operates on single white female mode. So if she is copying Lizzy then it’s because Eddie is sleeping with Lizzy or pining over her.

    How did people come up with the fact that Lizzy and Eddie are sleeping together? Leann’s actions. If there was nothing going on between Eddie and Lizzy, why would Leann be acting the way she is?

    Leann had her birthday party the week of Lizzy’s birthday.

    Leann says that Eddie picks out her clothes, so why was Lizzy spotted wearing the same dress that Leann wore in January? By Leann’s logic

    We know that Eddie and Lizzy are sleeping together based on Leann’s actions and the fact that Lizzy is ALWAYS with Eddie and Leann no matter where they go.

    Lizzy was with Eddie and Leann when they were on their honeymoon. While Leann was arguing with people where was Lizzy and Eddie? Sitting next to her supporting her?

    Lizzy has been vacationing with Eddie and Leann as early as 2009, in fact last year, Leann took Eddie and Lizzy back to the place they vacationed together in 2009.

    Did you see the photos of Lizzy and Eddie on the dock on Popsugar? What woman is going do that in front of a man like that? Lizzy felt comfortable doing that in front of Eddie because she is sleeping with him.

    When Brandi was married to Eddie, I heard that Lizzy liked Eddie and was even flirting with Eddie then. Do you honestly think that those feelings that Lizzy had for Eddie went away now that Eddie is married to Leann?

    Leann tries way too hard to convince people that Lizzy is just her friend. Why would she keep have to emphasize that Lizzy is her friend if that was the case? If Leann is such her good friend how come she didn’t invite Lizzy to her wedding?

    Leann was photographed making out with Lizzy and Eddie watched and took photos. And then after the balcony photos Eddie resumed the staged photo-ops with Leann.

    Compare Eddie when he is spotted with Leann with Lizzy vs when he is spotted with Leann without Lizzy. Eddie is more likely to play the devoted husband to Leann when he has an incentive or knows that Lizzy will there.

    Lizzy is ALWAYS with Eddie and Leann. Check out the early photos of them at the soccer games. Who is in the background. Lizzy.

    Leann would tweet that Lizzy was at her house, but where was Lizzy while Leann was making over 100 tweets? Lizzy had to be off somewhere with Eddie.

    Lizzy sends Leann to the store to get cheese so that she could have that alone time with Eddie. Why didn’t Lizzy go to the store with Leann? Why didn’t Leann send Eddie to the store?

    There are photos of Eddie flirting with Lizzy when they were in Hawaii.

    There is also a photo of Eddie watching Lizzy as her husband is grabbing her butt. And then after watching that he grabbed Leanns.

    There are photos of Eddie flirting with Lizzy at Eddie’s son’s soccer game last year.

    Leann is now interested in the things that Lizzy loves: head scarves and tattoos

  • Tilly


  • Birthday Video LOL

    Dear People magazine. If Leann’s birthday bash was so heavenly, can you please explain why Eddie was DRUNK? In the photos, Eddie can’t even stand up. Leann is holding him up. Why do you keep insisting on misleading your readers? First you tell your readers that Eddie kisses Leann. And then in the video we see that it was Leann who kissed Eddie. And then in the photos that she gave you from her party, Eddie is SO drunk that he can’t stand up. Seriously how much is Leann paying you? It’s no wonder that sales are so low….

  • Birthday Video LOL

    Is this woman for real? I can’t think of any other celebrity who made such a big deal about themselves and turning 30. I’m sorry, A stupid photo spread with ridiculously staged photos, yet another weird cake and releasing videos of it all to People mag. She isn’t even relevant in country music anymore. Why she feels compelled to over share her every movement is beyond me. It isn’t like it’s selling her records or helping his lackluster career. She just seems completely bent on making her life a non-stop spectacle. Kind of sad to see.

  • Birthday Video LOL

    OH my goodness.. That was awkward… He does not want anything to do with her.. I don’t even think her friends were that enthusiastic.. I do not like her, but I kinda feel sorry for her.. I guess you reap what you sow… He did not even hold the cake for her, and quickly walked away.. Even her dumb frien ame looked liked he knew the gig was up.. God I would be so said if I had to invite twitter friends to my parties…

  • Birthday Video LOL

    He tried to coldly hi 5 his wife? He was NOT trying to kiss her AT ALL. It is so obvious. Wow. She forced affection. He immediately backed off & turned around and WALKED AWAY. Is she blind? If there was a spark between them, it went out a long time ago. No body language expert needed. He is not into her.

  • laura

    NOW leann’s body language makes complete sense- adderall withdrawal! Hope those 30 days in REHAB help!

  • Go Ask Alice–just-day-celebrating-30th-birthday.html

    Apparently she is in rehab for stress and anixety. Hope no one here, no crazed people here, if you are crazy, the police are comin’ to getcha’, …carazy fans have hacked her twitter acct. and even called her home.

    That is nuts.

    Even worse, how ,why, did she let these folks get to her.
    I would, as I am sure she , frightened. that is scary.
    If you have been robbed, and I have, it is an unsettling, weird feeling.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Running with the story she is in rehab for anxiety, stress.

    To me, what does she have to be stressed over??? Hmmmmmm…
    crazy fans? The police and her atty’s, a privat edect, handle that.
    There are laws.

  • Jeri

    It’s so funny how happy Eddie looks in these photos. You know he’s thinking “Yesss! She goes to rehab tomorrow!, I’m freeeee.”