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Miranda Kerr: David Jones Amex Press Conference!

Miranda Kerr: David Jones Amex Press Conference!

Miranda Kerr is white hot at the David Jones Amex Press Conference on Thursday (August 30) at the David Jones Castlereagh St store in Sydney, Australia.

The 29-year-old model helped promote the department store’s new Amex card and rewards program that will allow members to convert their points into the American Express program or Qantas frequent flyer miles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Spring has sprung in at David Jones Elizabeth street store,” Miranda tweeted along with an Instagram pic of some floral designs at the store.

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Willow dress, Miu Miu belt, and Lanvin shoes.

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28 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: David Jones Amex Press Conference!”

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  1. 1
    Shelly Says:

    Stunning head to toe wow

  2. 2
    sammi Says:

    So gorgeous!

  3. 3
    sookie Says:


  4. 4
    may Says:

    Qantas needs to keep it old school and not try to up market their brand. its not going to attract as many people as they think. plus their old commercial is iconic!

  5. 5
    @4 Says:

    No brand stays in business by remaining stagnant. Successful businesses know that they have to remain current, and that they always need to attract new customers.
    Using a well known, and well liked young celeb like Miranda in fresh new commercials is a very smart move.

  6. 6
    may Says:

    @@4: not really when australians like to keep things the way they were. and check out the qantas ad and the comments that go with it. qantas isn’t attracting anyone new by using miranda kerr.

  7. 7
    @6 Says:

    Speak for yourself.
    I love Miranda, and am bored by old commercials. If all Australians like to keep things the way they were, why make any new commercials at all? They should just run the old ones over and over. See how ridiculous that sounds?
    Miranda is very popular, and her presence is attracting a lot of positive attention to Quantas.
    Just look at this thread. A US based gossip site is talking about an Australian airline. That is great publicity for Quantas, and proves Miranda’s value as a spokesperson.
    Simple logic.

  8. 8
    may Says:

    @@6: it doesn’t matter if you’re bored or not. Australians are more into keeping things family orientated. it sells. this won’t.

    and make the same comment here and see how many ‘positive’ responses you get:

  9. 9
    @8 Says:

    But Australians consider Miranda part of their extended family. And she also represents motherhood and family, herself.
    Does a company like Coca Cola use 10-15 year old commercials? No. Then why do you think that Quantas should?
    You obviously know nothing about the business world, or marketing.

  10. 10
    may Says:

    @@8: we don’t consider her part of the family as it’s only her in the pictures, maybe if she was with her son it’d make a different impression — And i know nothing about marketing? whatever. unless you’re going to be mature i don’t really need to have this discussion anymore.

  11. 11
    em Says:

    Such a gorgeous woman..

  12. 12
    @4...May Says:

    No doubt the Qantas ad is iconic but they would have surveyed and tested this before deciding to change, using Miranda Kerr wouldn’t have been taken lightly by Qantas. She is high profile and was recently voted most admired by women readers of magazine so she is popular.

  13. 13
    may Says:

    @@4…May: she might be popular but this isn’t doing qantas any favors. the same way that putting bar refaeli’s picture on a southwest plane didn’t help the airline — I think (personally) that nicole kidman would have made a bigger impact on the brand

  14. 14
    @may Says:

    First you say that quantas shouldn’t change ANYTHING. Then you say that they should have got Nicole Kidman for the commercials.
    And I agree with #9. You CAN’T know anything about marketing. That statement wasn’t immature in any way. You stated your ideas, and those ideas would be the death of any company that followed them. Nothing immature about stating facts.
    Companies have to keep fresh. They do this by changing their target demographics. And going from an old John Travolta to a fresh Miranda Kerr is going to give them a big shot in the arm. If they had gone with someone like Nicole, their target demographics would have not changed. Which means that she would NOT have been as effective as Miranda.
    Miranda is extremely popular in Oz. Quantas would never have hired her if she wasn’t.
    Your determined denial, and unwillingness to acknowledge good business sense makes me think that you are just another hater looking for a way to deal with more evidence of Miranda’s success.
    Nothing else makes any sense.

  15. 15
    may Says:

    @@may: forgive me for not writing an essay on how i feel or why i made the comment — my point was that: FINE if they want change then nicole kidman should be in the AD because she has been an iconic actress for a while. not miranda kerr. whatever, it’s like arguing with a 5 year old. YOU give miranda kerr a bad name with your childish bullsh&t

  16. 16
    @15 Says:

    You get angry when someone disagrees with you, and then resort to vulgarity, and you have the nerve to call someone ELSE childish?

  17. 17
    sara Says:

    Such a beautiful girl!
    She looks very chic!

  18. 18
    may Says:

    @@15: who’s angry? you people seriously need help, i mean if you’re aloud out in public then i’m scared for….. everyone. instead of answering or replying to anything i said you just respond to the voices in your head? grow up!!

  19. 19
    @18 Says:

    If you aren’t angry, then why did you resort to vulgarity?
    And several people have answered and replied to your comments, so claiming that they haven’t is beyond ridiculous.
    And I’ve seen this before. A hater has no answer to people’s comments, so they claim that the other people must be crazy, and then they go off on a vulgar rant. Is that the new MO for you delphi gals?
    Oh, and by the way… it’s ‘allowed’. *eyeroll*

  20. 20
    allie Says:

    @@18: oh no a spelling mistake. heaven forbid

  21. 21
    allie Says:

    @@18: you people are bullies reading these comments makes me sick
    are u her P.R team reps? no
    shut up
    leave people alone. if anyone is a hater its u

  22. 22
    @21 Says:

    For having a differing opinion?
    I don’t think so.
    And you seem to ignore the fact that your other sock is the one who started calling us insane, and started using vulgarity.
    Poor baby just can’t handle someone disagreeing with you?
    Then you should stick to your own site where only one opinion is “aloud”. LOL!

  23. 23
    allie Says:

    @@21: bullying:
    making fun of someone who wrote the wrong word.
    you are indeed the bully
    you’re a disgusting person for attacking someone who had valid
    points.. and adding LOL doesn’t make you seem normal

    and stick to my own site? YOU OWN THIS ONE?

  24. 24
    @23 Says:

    Awww, poor little hater got her feelings hurt. I guess that you think that you should be able to call people insane and use foul language all you want, without anyone being mean to you right back? Hypocrite.
    And since when is disagreeing “attacking”??
    They gave their reasons why they felt the way that they did, and all you had was broad generalizations and a misunderstanding of how businesses succeed. They are right. You are wrong. And that has nothing to do with whether or not you like Miranda. That’s just common sense.
    Oh, and you have a right to state your opinion here, just like anyone else. It’s your belief that no one should be able to disagree with you that makes people think that you should go back to delphi. This site allows both sides. You seem to have a problem with that idea. Get over yourself.

  25. 25
    alli Says:

    @@23: you’re a c-nt
    simply put —

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