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Rachel Bilson: 'To Do List' Red Band Trailer!

Rachel Bilson: 'To Do List' Red Band Trailer!

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen pay a visit to a pal’s house on Wednesday (August 29) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress wore a shirt with the Batman symbol on it – cute!

Rachel celebrated her birthday just a few days prior on August 25. Happy belated birthday, Rachel!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

Rachel is featured in the red band trailer for her upcoming flick The To Do List. The film, which also stars Aubrey Plaza, Andy Samberg, and Bill Hader, is set to be released next year. Check out the trailer below.

FYI: Hayden is wearing Creative Recreation shoes. Rachel is wearing the MiH “Paris” jeans.

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen visiting a friend in Los Feliz…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 05
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rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 17
rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 18
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rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 20
rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 21
rachel bilson hayden christensen visit friend 22

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  • sara
  • Anne D.

    Hayden could play Christian Grey since Matt Bomer is off! Let’s wait for Ian, though!

  • JJ

    That Christian Grey character sounds like an idiot and a waste of talent.. But, it’s Hayden’s time to waste. I won’t bother seeing the movie if he does it.

  • lexy hates bilson

    On her “to do list” should be get some real talent and get Josh to give her boyfriend a job!

  • Effy

    That’s a BAT shirt, not BATMAN shirt, JustJared. I thought you knew fashion better than that.

  • minah

    Will Aubrey Plaza ever try to act? She plays herself in all of her roles.

  • aria

    It looks like Hayden has been letting his beard grow for the last month. Hope Hayden and Rachel had a nice time on her birthday! Neither one of them look like they are 31 years old.

  • Karina

    Hayden looks sexy no matter what he wears and Rachel is just as beautiful as ever. They both look like they are in their 20”s, I’d like to know HOW they do that! I’m waiting for Hayden’s new film, The Diplomat, it’s been cast with some great stars – Connie Nielsen, Joseph Finnes and Jim Broadbent.! Of course, I’m looking forward to Hart of Dixie in the fall!
    Just love this couple!!!

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    @ To-Do_List
    A DLister who plays a sidekick support to a much more irrelevant & never-heard DLister – what a career!

    Obviously you’be been lurking at his all FANfictional forums, Well goodluck to that FAN-made sort movie for the nth time around. Sit back, relax and bring a bottomless popcorn & drinks as you’ll never gonna know how loooooooooong you’re going to wait just like his all supposed to be incoming movies where it all starts & just ends in the press.

  • Just me

    @Karina: @aria: what couple? When one is still chasing other guys and using her ex for oublicity. other guy will be with her. Rachel is 31 and still acting like a teenager. No other guy will come out with. So she run behind hayden when he come to la. You know that he was not wirh her on her birthday. Other times she would be having a rough patch are about to split or something. She only do this for attention nothing else. She don’t have to babysit hayden when he is here. Jared don’t you see him running away from her in these pictures? Like he did not want to be seen with her. Racheo have done nothing but chase her ex boyfriends to get something out of them. That’s all she does for herself. She is 31 not 13. Women her age has moved on with other guys and started a life for themselves. She has not done none are that at all. So why Hayden has to be her boyfriend and the other guys her friend.? That is really using someone don’t you think. No one cares about their relationship anymore. Its not a real one anyway. It’s the same anyway. She go and hook up with guys rather he thete are not. That is not a couple at al. Only when she get lonely and no guy will talk to her anymore she run back to hayden. Other times she would have split wirh him already are something. Like someone said those movies are not going to happen at alo. And this relationship either. How long can Rachel keep.doing this? She is not getting any younger . Why she jkeep using him when she can do better. Natalie has a career and about to do movies. He does not. All he does is hang around Rachel so she can use him when she get ready to. She could have came out for her birthday if she wanted to. She wanted to make it a big deal because are hayden. She never goes to the premier of her movies anyway. So why Jared making a big deal anyway ? He has not made a movie since he been hanging around her. She follow him everywhere he go . Do you really know where they be going are you just make things up rwchel? Guess he didn’t he didn’t get a house there anyway. They was not wirh eaxh other at the same time. She went and followed him there. And he was still running ahead of her. Why don’t she just end this so called relationship? Its still not working out for the both are them. She stilo going to cheat on him anyway with other guys. She was jealous cause natalie was getting attention with her pics and she was not. When she could have came out on hwr birthday anyway. Raxhel still can’t do nothing without someone being with her. Still using! Hayden to make her somebody. Why couldn’t she come out with another guy? Stilk not going to make people see her movie she isco star. No one cares about her movie or who she with. Other people arw making movies and primoting them and starting new relationshipw. That’s.what rachel supposed to be doing then hanging around her ex Hayden do need to work on something. Hope that what he came there for. Because that’s all Rachel and jared think hayden come to see. Rachel only does this for attention anyway. She always hook up with other guys anyway. She could have came herself to seel this movie. Hayden is not in it. Why use him to sell it.? Rachel stil a nobody with him. Thought she would stop taking pics with hm. Its not making things better for her or him. You can’t turn back time. The relationship they had is over. The kight has goes out for hem. Rachel need to face that. His career is over and no care about.her or het ex anymore. Give it Rachel!

  • searlus

    Manakin’s remaining major, hardnosed & long-suffering fansite had just closed down (yes, yes, yes… been too long yet very well-deserved); but his remaining gullible &/or the middle age fartnatics don’t have to worry as there still always the ‘Just Jared Tabloid Blog – where he aptly belongs both personally & professionally.

  • whizbang

    Awww….look at the bff’s sour-faced again… :=/
    Did the tiny gff forget to pack some alcohol or even more cigarettes for him again?!

    BilPooo: “Oh great here’s the paps!
    Hey Hayden smile and look at me!
    Oh no wait up & dont walk a kilometer away from me again!
    Cant you see the paps are here please… damnit!

    HayPooo: Huh…… duh….. ?!?!?!


    must be a slow news day to have these to, non entity’s on here
    pity they dont more effort into finding work, then being papped and looking like you dont enjoy it.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I don’t care guys, she just looks sooooo pretty!

  • aberfitch

    Whoa… look at that “Pweeety Smelly Insect Looking Thang”…

  • @ just me

    Are you drunk? You sure type like it, ya make no sense!! If Rachel was seen dating another dude there would be photos of it on all the gossip sites. Same if Hayden dated another girl. These two have been together for over 5 years whether you like it or believe it. You don’t know what Rachel and Hayden did on her birthday quit acting like you have a crystal ball and watch everything they do. Get a life lady and don’t worry about what Hayden and Rachel do.

  • screwed

    Avoid or more like never argue with a FOOL (as obvious as you
    do it “consistently”), onlookers may NOT be able to tell the difference.

  • honestly…..

    I am sorry I had some hope that the To Do List would be an interesting comedy based on the cast it has. Instead it looks like one of the worst movies due out next year. Rachel should stick to TV because the movies she keeps ending up in lately are REALLY REALLY bad.,

  • gilmorie

    Nah… she must quit doing those acting jobs pronto & just stick to famewh0ring coz she simply cannot act at all.

  • cool

    Cute couple~I like their movies. Haters are funny.

  • a fan

    Rachel is so pretty, and Hayden is so cool and sexy.

  • screwed

    haters are funny at least but their tweeny fantards were fools.

  • jan

    @ screwed, gilmorie, aberfitch, etc, etc….all the same poster

    at least 7 of these posts on here are yours and you call other people a fool?? now that is funny!

  • screwed

    Real names or fake names?! Does it weigh even a bit when its just on a ^GossiP/TabloiD blogs^?! Most esp when the ^above^ commentor simply shows that she also belongs to an astounding generation that has finally devolved to the point that ‘mediocrity & futility’ is celebrated and rewarded.


    ‘There is some scandal looming for this couple. It will more than likely involve cheating with a co-worker. I honestly don’t know why Rachel Bilson is in this relationship with Hayden Christensen. I don’t see the benefits for her. At the moment in their relationship there is a battle concerning their wedding date, and if it will happen at all. I feel like their is some type of seclusion, isolation and a feeling of being stuck on both of their parts more than likely…not just Rachel’s.

    The relationship also isn’t based on pure love. There are some obsession, materialism or a “for show” mentality here.

    Nevertheless, there is no slowing down this train. They will get married no matter what and the decision on a wedding date should come in early December. ‘

  • Really?

    @ 25 —- Bull cr4p!!! Your comment is full of it!!!

  • StarWarsgonebad

    Let’s just put it this way, they are famous now for no reason like the Kardashians or the Hiltons they should try reality TV!! Maybe someone will watch it and remember who they were.

  • weddingindecember

    … in what ^decade or era”???!!!