Diane Kruger: Parisian Window Shopper!

Diane Kruger: Parisian Window Shopper!

Diane Kruger does some window shopping around the St. Germain neighborhood of Paris, France on Thursday (August 30).

The 36-year-old actress, who was accompanied by a pregnant pal, was seen checking out some flowers at an outdoor vendor and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Last week, Diane was spotted stateside sporting wet hair while leaving the James Perse store with bags full of goodies!

FYI: Diane is wearing Loeffler Randall shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger strolling around Paris with her pregnant gal pal…

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166 Responses to “Diane Kruger: Parisian Window Shopper!”

  1. 1
    london Says:

    Beautiful, i love her

  2. 2
    litify Says:

    Got to hand it to her…she’s FINE!

  3. 3
    tom Says:


  4. 4
    richie Says:

    that woman looks great in anything

  5. 5
    jojo Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous

  6. 6
    dean Says:

    Love this girl! She’s so natural looking and down to earth.

  7. 7
    zara Says:

    she is so fine

  8. 8
    sofie Says:

    this girl just makes me smile..love her

  9. 9
    kirk Says:

    She looks adorable and she’s talented!

  10. 10
    johny boy Says:

    This girl could turn me straight

  11. 11
    quinton Says:

    Beautiful. Always so classy and elegant.

  12. 12
    felicity Says:

    She has the most beautiful legs.

  13. 13
    george Says:

    She has no makeup on and is still beautiful.

  14. 14
    ellen Says:

    She looks like a doll! Totally.

  15. 15
    sophia Says:


  16. 16
    tamires Says:


  17. 17
    clémontine Says:

    Diane Kruger est tellement parfaite

  18. 18
    ashley Says:

    Diane Kruger is amazing

  19. 19
    tle Says:

    what wrong with this woman
    Hair honestly, she’s going bald
    his face is old and wrinkled and she looks weird
    her thin body skeletal
    his personality empty and futile
    his presumption to think that she is a movie star
    their lack of talent

  20. 20
    lance Says:

    Does Diane Kruger never age? She’s amazing.

  21. 21
    monica Says:

    Diane is a true fashion icon!

  22. 22
    redgrave Says:

    i like her casual outfit

  23. 23
    TZ Says:

    aw, she looks cute. but no josh? i missed them together already. cutest couple.

  24. 24
    CF98 Says:

    @TZ: Isn’t he filming Fringe?

  25. 25
    martine Says:

    love that outfit, and she looks so good

  26. 26
    TZ Says:


    oh yeah, that’s right! oops, totally forgot about that.

  27. 27
    casanova Says:

    I love it! The hat is great, and the skirt looks good!

  28. 28
    alicia Says:

    lovely again

  29. 29
    lora Says:

    His legs look like crooked sticks…

  30. 30
    patty crazy Says:

    more than twenty comments posted by the same person,this praise should go to the true goddess Nicole Kidman, who only has 10 comments

  31. 31
    kitty Says:


  32. 32
    emma Says:

    I love how she was in Vancouver like last week, and then three days ago in California or wherever, and now in Paris…
    What a life !

  33. 33
    Cassie Says:

    she looks great.
    she has the best style and best boyfriend ever!!!!

  34. 34
    leix Says:

    so cute, her face is so pretty

  35. 35
    koen Says:

    WOW, those supermodel legs. so damn fine

  36. 36
    hurenting Says:

    love her and josh. They look really happy together, hope it lasts for good

  37. 37
    luxx Says:

    I saw Farewell, My Queen and thought she was really, really good in it. I enjoyed her take on Marie-Antoinette…it was definitely fresh and different from the Sofia Coppola version. I may have liked Diane’s MA a tad more than Kirsten’s even. Anyway, she is certainly growing into a strong actress.

  38. 38
    eddie Says:

    love her outfit minus the shoes

  39. 39
    zoe Says:

    Definitely not one of her better looks.

  40. 40
    hardy Says:

    amazing body

  41. 41
    richie Says:


    i don’t hate it. i mean, if anyone is going to make that outfit look good it’s her, let’s face it.

  42. 42
    lewis Says:

    she looks pretty

  43. 43
    joshy Says:

    A very cute outfit.

  44. 44
    herman Says:

    She looks so…French. I like the beret on her. she wears it well.

  45. 45
    rose Says:

    surely this woman has the thinnest legs I’ve ever seen, she is very thin look a skeleton

  46. 46
    vixen Says:

    The flats are perfect! And what a testament to what great legs she has that she can pull off a mini-skirt with flats yet still look statuesque. Must be from her modelling days.

  47. 47
    gui Says:

    her legs are really horrible

  48. 48
    isabelle Says:

    Fabulous look!

  49. 49
    jenna Says:

    She just has IT doesn’t she?

  50. 50
    svelt Says:

    Her last outfits remind me of her older casual style. Very laid back. I love seeing her like this.

  51. 51
    billie Says:

    absolutely perfect!

  52. 52
    janelle Says:

    Such an elegant woman, love her taste point.

  53. 53
    weaslgrl Says:

    She is one very stylish lady!

  54. 54
    fact Says:

    i hate pregnant women. disgusting

  55. 55
    sea Says:

    Oh no, that outfit is awful, not chic at all.

  56. 56
    LYN Says:

    i hope diane never has a baby. kids are messy.
    diane, say NO to them babies!
    just enjoy your life with your hot, perfect boyfriend, travel and be free.

  57. 57
    aaron Says:

    she looks happy!

  58. 58
    joey Says:

    where is her dreamy boyfriend?

  59. 59
    amey dew Says:

    diane looks so young and fresh!

  60. 60
    romina Says:

    maybe diane is pregnant? she’s so cute!!!

  61. 61
    CF98 Says:

    @romina: Doubt it she looks way too thin

  62. 62
    LYN Says:


    oh no, please, anything but that. horrendous.
    diane is going to butcher her perfect body by having a baby, such a shame.
    i blame joshua for this mess. he wanted a kid so badly

  63. 63
    richie Says:


    victoria beckham is also very, very thin and older that diane. and yet victoria just had her baby daughter.
    so there is a possibility for diane to get pregnant even if she is that skinny.

  64. 64
    morris Says:

    natural beauty

  65. 65
    CF98 Says:

    @richie: Maybe but I’m trying to recall ever seeing Victoria pregnant(cue conspiracy theory)

    We’ll find out soon enough personally she doesn’t have much time left at 36 years old

  66. 66
    young Says:

    Diane Kruger is my new style inspiration.

  67. 67
    diane Says:

    hmmm, she has that pregnancy glow. i think she’s pregnant.
    joshua must be thrilled.

  68. 68
    FrG Says:

    I’m always f*cking wondering how the paps have those pics…!

    I’m French, the funny thing is that i was at that same neighborhood today.
    I’m just looking at the pics and i just dont get it. If i would pass just beside her, i would have never recognize her. And i know her quite well.

    I can’t not believe those celebrities are not an accomplice. They are paid for those 3 minutes shoots. Otherwise, it’s impossible to find her like that in Paris especially because she do not live there and that she is there for personnal journey and not for a movie premiere or a shooting.

    Do you agree with me?

  69. 69
    aaron Says:


    no, i dont agree with you.
    in fact, she is doing promotional work for her upcoming
    movie ” un plan parfait” (the perfect plan). that is why she is in paris right know.
    she is in france to do some pre tape interviews with her costar danny boon.

    and, she does live in paris and in los angeles.

  70. 70
    lage Says:


  71. 71
    lage Says:


  72. 72
    Morone Says:

    didn’t know she had posed for Playboy,small breasts not hot at all

  73. 73
    Morone Says:

    didn’t know she had posed for Playboy,small breasts not hot at all

  74. 74
    aaron Says:


    WOW, beautiful body. HOT

  75. 75
    Sheila Says:

    I think Diane looks pregnant. Normally her boobs aren’t that big (even after having them surgically altered) and she looks like she has a little pooch below her belt line. I’m sure Josh would be thrilled because “he’s at that age now”, I don’t know how Diane would feel about it. She loves her career and her lifestyle, children would mean giving a little something up, I’m not sure she’s ready for that. At any rate, she’s not getting any younger. She’s 36 so she better get on that soon if it’s in the cards.

  76. 76
    Renee Says:

    This woman is an absolute mess. I would like to extend a thank you for wearing the hat, it saves us from having to see that huge forehead of hers.

  77. 77
    ginger Says:

    She has a really great body.

  78. 78
    Wow Says:

    Is that really Diane? I’m gonna have to say she’s had some work done on her breasts, they don’t look that small anymore.

  79. 79
    rodry Says:

    When she was young she could use her body to get her holes,Now, neither dog deserves this bone

  80. 80
    V Says:

    I love her style

  81. 81
    Brenda Says:

    I can’t see Diane actually having a baby, but maybe her and Josh convinced this woman to carry their baby for them. I’m sure she’ll also talk her into taking care of it too, unless Josh decides not to follow his dreams and becomes a stay at home daddy.

  82. 82
    IKR Says:

    It has always been greatly rumored that Diane had to do a little work on her knees and back (posing) to get where she is today. She should ask for her money back, her career isn’t all that great.

  83. 83
    amelia Says:


  84. 84
    susan 9898 Says:

    She is too skinny , really bad actress and dresser

  85. 85
    taylor Says:

    she has the most beautiful legs in Hollywood.

  86. 86
    S. Says:

    Great post! I’ve always thought that Diane is extremely unattractive. She’s always had the face of an old woman.

  87. 87
    clémontine Says:

    j’aime sa simplicité! et puis elle est reposée et tout ça fait plaisir! et souriante!

  88. 88
    gizelle Says:

    Wow diane looks good. Does this woman ever age?

  89. 89
    monique Says:

    the only actress in hollywood without a stylist. amazing!

  90. 90
    johny Says:


    ALL the actresses in hollywood get on their knees. it’s no big deal in Tinseltown. happens all the time.

  91. 91
    richardsen Says:

    i want her life

  92. 92
    aqua Says:

    classic beauty

  93. 93
    MADONNA Says:


  94. 94
    zacv Says:

    it’s blatantly obvious that there is just one or two people here posting under different names. Do you work for Kruger’s PR team or do you just have no lives of your own?

  95. 95
    fruzz Says:

    style was great but only if you’re 20 something

  96. 96
    CF98 Says:


    Its possible to be friends with people who have kids or are about to then again wouldn’t they do the whole fake pregnancy thing instead?

  97. 97
    Vanessa Says:

    Someone here posted over 50 comments. They do it ALL the time. :(

  98. 98
    ellgy Says:

    diane always looks so good

  99. 99
    shems Says:

    Diane-Kruger Icon of Beauty and Fashion

  100. 100
    Lloyd Says:

    she is so stunning and does not look a day over 30

  101. 101
    becca Says:

    Diane Kruger really shined As Marie Antoinette In ‘Farewell My Queen’. it was totally awesome and fascinating to see her in this role.

  102. 102
    helen Says:

    elegant lady

  103. 103
    vera Says:

    diane kruger looks like a dream!

  104. 104
    julliet Says:

    She is absolutely beautiful and sexy. Georgeous woman

  105. 105
    lara stone Says:

    lovely and talented

  106. 106
    rodry Says:

    has many posting here saying that Diana is beautiful however few are agreeing while Nicole Kidman has about 50 agree that she is beautiful,accordingly most people don’t think she’s beautiful, she’s not very popular too

  107. 107
    rodry Says:

    has many posting here saying that Diana is beautiful however few are agreeing while Nicole Kidman has about 50 agree that she is beautiful,accordingly most people don’t think she’s beautiful, she’s not very popular too

  108. 108
    rosie Says:

    She has great taste in clothes

  109. 109
    kalamac Says:

    diane kruger is beautiful and extremely talented and it is wonderful to see that she is getting more roles in france and in america.

  110. 110
    juli Says:

    Diane is really beautiful she makes many movies as while her loser boyfriend does nothing, she is much more popular than he

  111. 111
    helen Says:

    She is amazingly gorgeous, but that short makes her look far too frail and thin.

  112. 112
    Chrysler Says:

    She is stunning as always, wish I looked that good!!! she’s a real beauty.

  113. 113
    gb Says:

    How unbelievably cute is she !!

  114. 114
    juli Says:

    she has some praise for his performance while josh does not receive any praise neither in series that he does, or in his B movies, that nobody watches

  115. 115
    candy Says:

    I love her, she is so beautiful and inspiring

  116. 116
    paul Says:

    She is one of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars

  117. 117
    juli Says:

    he is Pacey and will always be Pacey because he has no talent to be more than thathe will always be her shadow

  118. 118
    lauren Says:

    She looks great and it’s good to see her doing well for herself

  119. 119
    micheal Says:

    SEX ON LEGS! She is stunning! joshua you lucky git!

  120. 120
    suz Says:

    I have to say that diane and josh do genuinely look like a happy couple. He obviously knows how to treat her and make her happy.

  121. 121
    juli Says:

    she made some successful films while he made no hit movie him career is a failure, he is only known when she appears on red carpets with her he is always around her in search of the spotlight

  122. 122
    juli Says:

    nobody goes seek him, the paparazzi is only interested in her. he doesn’t appears in this site alone

  123. 123
    magdalena Says:

    she is the true definition of beauty and pulls off just about anything with elegance

  124. 124
    erin Says:

    she looks so lovely here, so fresh faced. Pretty girl.

  125. 125
    deby Says:

    poor josh he is always the shadow of someone he does not have himself brightness

  126. 126
    deby Says:

    poor josh he is always the shadow of someone he does not have himself brightness

  127. 127
    deby Says:

    poor josh he is always the shadow of someone he does not have himself brightness

  128. 128
    cher Says:

    Diane Kruger. Love the shorts, the hat & the vintage purse………..and her boyfriend. he is yummy!

  129. 129
    angie Says:

    Spectacularly beautiful woman who also happens to be a fantastic actress She was superb in “Inglorious ********” and deserves a Supporting Actress Oscar nod for “Farewell, My Queen”.

  130. 130
    clémontine Says:

    qu’est ce que j’aimerai bien voir Diane avec un gros ventre comme celui de sa copine. lol

  131. 131
    harold Says:

    question: what does Joshua Jackson have that keeps diane so enthralled with him?
    She’s an international film star, he’s on a low-rated US TV show.

    answer: he must be good in bed!

  132. 132
    tom Says:

    I am addicted to her face. Have been forever.

  133. 133
    criss Says:


    He’s lucky to have her. She’s beautiful, smart, talented and very sweet

  134. 134
    ross Says:

    she looks very nice without makeup

  135. 135
    BlackCloud Says:

    looks like something Taylor Swift would wear

  136. 136
    good grief Says:

    you PR trolls are pathetic. No matter how much you spam this site Diane Kruger is not going to become a suddenly popular and in demand actress. Give it up.

  137. 137
    ily Says:

    Love her. So humble and talented.

  138. 138
    nan Says:

    Wow she looks fantastic! She hardly ages!

  139. 139
    blah Says:

    She’s definately revered more in Europe…Stateside, not so much. Let’s face it, she has a niche career mostly doing film in France. She did not happen after National Treasure and she isn’t ever going to happen. I personally have nothing against her but I find her extremely dull in regards to looks, personality and talent. Not a fan of her boyfriend either although he is a much more interesting personality.

  140. 140
    GRETE Says:

    She has over 100 comments here while he isn’t appearing more here he is a loser nobody is interested in him, while Diane has many fans

  141. 141
    GRETE Says:

    Diane is a star he’s just a loser

  142. 142
    Emma Says:

    Diane is a fashion icon!
    Love her!!!!

  143. 143
    HEIKE Says:

    not good a woman so elegant as she be always seen with an idiot,rough as him

  144. 144
    jesse Says:

    love her and all her movies. she is a classic beauty. she is one of the few actors that have always looked like a real old hollywood movie star. love it.

  145. 145
    bar Says:

    Simply stunning! She’s sooo beautiful.

  146. 146
    stern Says:

    A great actress who is also incredibly beautiful, but like most non British European actresses is far superior in her own language.

  147. 147
    gwyneth Says:

    aw, she looks cute. i love her and her extremely hot boyfriend joshua jackson.
    they look so good together. the most cutest and happiest couple in hollywood. love them!

  148. 148
    juli Says:

    where is the loser of her boyfriend

  149. 149
    gwyneth Says:

    aw, she looks cute. i love her and her extremely hot boyfriend joshua jackson.
    they look so good together. the most cutest and happiest couple in hollywood. love them!

  150. 150
    GRETE Says:

    where is the loser of her boyfriend?

  151. 151
    GRETE Says:

    where is the loser of her boyfriend?

  152. 152
    GRETE Says:

    where is the loser of her boyfriend?

  153. 153
    GRETE Says:

    where is the loser of her boyfriend?

  154. 154
    alves Says:

    I thought she was one of the best things in Inglourious B*st*rds. She was also great in that french movie Farewell my queen.

  155. 155
    GRETE Says:

    where is the loser of her boyfriend?

  156. 156
    katie Says:

    What a magnficient woman! Love her beauty, love her style!

  157. 157
    rio Says:

    what a face. you seldom see this sort of beauty around.

  158. 158
    Marcos Says:

    this person who does it is desperate because his idol does not have much success, and his career is just declined mainly because of her age, does not think she will take off in his career because she don’t has talent, she is not great actress as Charlize Theron that is older she but a lot prettier than her Charlize is a huge star she don’t need that kind of troll since everyone admires she real

  159. 159
    The Phantom Says:

    She is absolutely stunning. And I have to admit, she and josh look very in love with each other even after dating for 6 years.

  160. 160
    michele Says:

    @Marcos: don’t think a fan of hers but the troll fan of JJ nor don’t even she likes her but if she feels good doing it let her do, up because she did not take their medications even

  161. 161
    goodger Says:

    I think this girl is the prettiest girl in the media right now.

  162. 162
    dylan Says:

    she looks fantastic! She hardly ages!

  163. 163
    alison Says:

    She seems like a truly likeable young woman and I wish her all the best for the future.

  164. 164
    Xiolablu Says:

    Love her style, love her man!

  165. 165
    hfbagajhavbf Says:

    I love reading this .I am an older successful single man at present .I need an older woman who can love me back .I also uploaded my hot photos on Ŵėalthyluv. Ϲ○М…under the name of Craig..the largest and best club for seeking CEOs, successful and sexy people.users over 30 .if you girls see this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one whom i’m looking for!!LOL

  166. 166
    sha Says:

    Love her bag. She’s adorable.

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