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Gisele Bundchen: Beauty Is Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin!

Gisele Bundchen: Beauty Is Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin!

Gisele Bundchen gives her adorable son Benjamin a lift at a local park on Thursday (August 30) in Boston, Mass.

The 32-year-old pregnant supermodel was spotted showering her little guy with kisses on the playground equipment before making the walk back to their house!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

Gisele recently returned from a trip to Brazil, where she was busy promoting the new dental whitening therapy Oral B 3D!

“Beauty is all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin,” Gisele recently updated on her Facebook page. What a great quote!

FYI: Gisele is using her Bob Revolution stroller!

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  • Lola

    Before all the haters start spewing their s**t out, I just want to say that you can hate on this woman as much as you want, but that doesn’t take away the fact that she’s STILL the world’s number 1 super model.

  • Olivia

    hat kind of corny quote is easy to say when you look great like her

  • Tam

    I hate it when supermodels make such statements. What do you know about being ugly, ah?

  • workoholic

    When was she pretty?

  • workoholic

    I think she knows many people think she ain’t that pretty zzz

  • dd

    she wouldn’t say that if she was ugly

  • Wall-e

    It’s funny people find the need to criticize her just because of her immense successes. Gisele is not one of those stuck up models who says she is so beautiful, trust me. She is really down to earth if you read her interviews (and not I dont mean excerpts from her interviews to make her look bad, because the media knows she is an easy target). Here is a quote I love from her. Quite the opposite of a stuck up model “I never really understood what people found in me,” she says. “I think beauty is about taste. Some may find me horrendous, and some can find me pretty. In the beginning it was hard. People said, ‘Oh, she’s too skinny, she’s got a big nose.’ I don’t have one of those plastic surgery noses, I have a German nose, but so what? I have a big personality as well, so that goes with it. I’m definitely not the most beautiful girl in the world.”

  • Livia

    the most beautiful brazilian in the world

  • Gisele Fan

    Looks like Gisele is gaining more weight with this pregnancy than her first one. Twins…. perhaps?

  • Curve-less

    Say whatever you want, even pregnant, she looks too masculine. She just gains a few pounds and she looks really average. I am glad that models with curves and feminine faces are making a comeback. I never agreed with the “marketing beauty” of Bundchen.

  • Shelly

    She is so beautiful. Looks like she got a trim hair looks healthier

  • Jess

    @Curve-less: You mean women with the same shape of bodies as boys? Yeah, it’s a lovely message we’re sending to the younger generation, that they have to constantly starve themselves if they want to be considered beautiful by society.

  • Dani Brazil


  • .

    And she’s the real proof of her statement :)

  • Holly


    And what do you know about being smart?

  • Holly


    Oh, so you think that models are who we should blame for teenagers’ dramas? No :) It’s their parents fault – they couldn’t build their self-esteem enough. If a girl was loved and cheered by her parents, she wouldn’t care whether she’s like models or not and what would “the society” think.
    And once again: fashion is about fashion, not about making beauty-trends. Cooking programs are about cooking, not about being fat.

  • Tam

    @Holly :

    You are missing the point.

  • Jess

    @Holly: Your response was about as brilliant as saying that news programs are about the news, not the people affected.

  • Lola

    @Curve-less: Nobody cares if you agree with her marketing beauty or not as long as the fashion industry, clearly, does. Look at images of her in a bikini and then again tell us she looks masculine.

  • Holly

    Let me ask you one question :) Do you really think it’s models’ and designers’ fault that teenagers have low self-assessment?

    I mean, when I watch a fashion show I think about the clothes, not about weight of the model.

  • sb

    no need to hate but a comment like that by someone that looks like her is like a billionaire saying ‘money is not that important’. Yeah, right.

  • uh

    shes brazilian by birth but both her parents are german so she is the most beautiful GERMAN

  • Luiza

    @uh: Her parents are not German, they are brazilian from German heritage!!!!!! STOP saying she is “brazilian by birth”…. She is Brazilian! THE END! It doesn’t matter her ancestry!!!! SHE and millions of Brazilians (except those who ONLY have indigenous ancestry) have ancestry from people around the World. Nobody says: “Pelé is brazilian by birth but he is African! Pelé is Brazilian, Gisele is also!

  • lucyinthesky

    that is a smart comment, and a good statement. I just hate when supermodels get all “to be pretty you have to do this and this and take care of your skin blablabla” (Miranda Kerr I’m looking at you) I like how she wasn’t being patronizing about it, confidence really is the most important thing case and point: Giselle probably wakes up and goes to bed feeling great about herself despite what the haters may say… love her.

  • Jasmine

    Yes, that’s why she got the nose job.

  • Tameka

    @Jess: What are you talking about?! Gisele has the body of a boy! Where are her hips?! and her waist?! I am amazed that she got pregnant! I always thought she was a boy on the inside! LOL!

  • Tameka

    Gisele is looking rather homely, but little Ben is really cute.

  • Chris

    How cute is this baby! Gisele always gorgeous, love her.

  • bl

    The girl with her seems to be her younger sister Rafaela

  • RAH

    Interesting… Jack is not with them, and hasn’t been with them since August 12th – only one week out of 4 1/2 weeks has he spent with Tom and Gisele. And that’s during the summer!

  • Fran

    @Jasmine: She never had a nose job. She even said in interviews that she has learned with time to take pictures to make her face look diferent ways . in paps pictures and depending on the angle you can see her nose is the same. She is beautiful though even with her nose being a bit big :)

  • Fran

    Benjamin is looking cuter every day !

  • mh

    Say’s the sheman with TONS of make up. I’m sorry folks she is average looking with a teenage boys body.

  • mh

    @workoholic: she aint

  • stream

    “Beauty is all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin”.
    Really Gisele? Marilyn Monroe was very uncomfortable in her own skin and totally lacked confidence. Did this make her ugly?
    And by the way, I fail to see the beauty of this over rated, masculine and self sufficient wannabe…

  • ivy

    @Gisele Fan: I was thinking the very same thing. It seems she was much smaller at six months when pregnant with Benjamin. If she is having twins, she will most likely not announce it until after the birth. I respect the fact that both Gisele and Tom try to keep family information just for thier own families and close friends and don’t feel the need to make big public announcements unless they chose to.

  • ivy

    @RAH: So, are you living with them and know this for a fact? Just because you don’t see papparazzi photos of Jack with his dad does not mean he has not been with him. It amazes me that people form judgements of people they have never met based on snipits they read in gossip magazines or on pop culture websites. The visitaton agreement in place for Jack is not public knowledge nor should it be.

  • Tom

    whatever what you guys think, say, feel… She IS UBER… Rich, happy, wife and mom. What the problem w you sick people who criticize WAR, HUNGRY, DEATH, but when you see a person just BEING HAPPY, you can’t accept that?

  • Rachel

    Gisele is brazilian by birth, Adriana Lima is brazilian by birth, Alessandra Ambrosio is brazilian by birth, Ana Beatriz Barros is brazilian by birth, Laís Ribeiro is brazilian by birth, Isabeli Fontana is brazilian by birth, Izabel Goulart is brazilian by birth… I WISH I HAD BORN IN BRAZIL (Victoria’s Secret is almost a brazilian brand then)! Stop being stupid. In all countries, all around world has people with different ancestry. PLEASE, GIVE ME A BREAK.

  • RAH


    Hmm, when say that they should mitigate the pap photos, people say that paps are always photographing them, standing outside their home, and it can’t be helped. But now, I get “just because they are not photographed together, doesn’t mean they arent…”. Which is it??? Do paps stalk the family or not???

    And I highly doubt that Tom would have Jack with him while Gisele was in Brazil because he doesn’t know how to take care of the kids without her, and Tom plays football all day. What would he do with Jack? Leave him with the nanny???

  • Laura

    How cute is this kid and her mommy with her beautiful belly.

  • nancy

    RAH: actually Tom has been with Jack without Gisele around (while she out of the country) on many occasions. But to your point yes he probably doesn’t have him now when she is not around due to his schedule.

    Regardless Jack is in NY (where his mother shoots her show), I’m sure when Tom was in NY this past week he saw his son and its also a quick flight or drive so I’m also sure they are together more than you think. They own a home down the cape and Gisele goes down there with the boys and is not photographed by the paps.

    As another poster said you don’t live with them so basing a mans visitation with his child on what you see online is absurd.

  • ivy

    @RAH: Gosh, You must be a real idiot if you think there is a photpgrapher outside every celeb’s house 24/7. If that were tha case, there would be thousands of shots. They pick places that people frequent hence the numerous shots of Tom & Gisele at the park near their home during times when most people go to a park. In addition, if you were familiar with the area they live in the Back Bay section of Boston,there are back entrances to all the homes with parking in the back as well.The homes are row type buildings so the back parking is for numerous units. Often the entrance for one home’s parking is not directly next to that particular home so it would be difficult to figure out exactly who was coming and going.It be trespassing to get on the property to photograph them. Finally, again unless you live with this couple, you have no clue as to Tom’s parenting skills ot the visitation agreement for Jack.

  • MK

    Gisele and her boy are beautiful!

  • am

    @Lola: calm down