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LeAnn Rimes Enters Treatment for Anxiety & Stress

LeAnn Rimes Enters Treatment for Anxiety & Stress

LeAnn Rimes has volunteered to seek help with personal and emotional issues, her rep confirms to

“This is just a time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and come back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be,” the country singer expressed.

“All the things in my life will be there when I get out, but you know what? I’m hoping they’re not going to affect me as much,” LeAnn continued. “I’ll have the tools to know how to deal with them.”

LeAnn‘s husband Eddie Cibrian plans on fully supporting his wife.

“My wife is the most remarkable and courageous woman I know,” Eddie said. “I am so proud of her for having the strength to finally take some time for herself. I will be with her every step of the way.”

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  • n

    yay, no posts about her for a month or two! until she gets out and there will be a swarm of them…

    in all seriousness tho, hope she gets help for whatever she is in for.

  • Pop

    Anxiety and stress? Thats not a proper reason to enter treatment. Oh my these poor little celebrities and their hard life. Get over it. She’s just another attention seeker.

  • eunice

    i feel bad for her. she was the woman who always tweeted and posted photos telling the world she has the perfect family, life, etc. and now we find out they’re all just pretend. hope she gets better though.

  • Athena

    I hope she gets her diet on track as well, she’s awfully thin.

  • Tis

    How is that a woman who does nothing but prance around in a bikini and goes on vacation almost every week have anxiety and stress? She does nothing, how the hell is she stressed out?!

  • roD

    HOMEWRECKING WHORE…no better than that Twilight Trampire Stewart.

  • DB

    Poor girl looks ghastly. She needs to become healthy and gain some weight and eat well.

    Does Eddie do this to everyone he dates? Screw them up and undermine their self confidence? Is he that demanding that they live up to his ideal of perfection?

    I hope her family comes to the rescue. Someone needs to get her back on track, and it doesn’t seem like Eddie is interested in doing that.

  • roD


  • Tilly

    Have to be honest – I thought she looked loaded in the earlier photos. Seeking help is a good idea….

  • Yoki

    Damn she’s only 30 and she looks that old?!?! She really does need to gain weight. There is a difference between being skinny and too skinny.

  • best served cold

    Remember when she and her friends attacked Brandi Glanville for her heavy drinking after her divorce, kicked her when she was down and even questionned her parenting skills. I do.

  • dobbi

    karma kickin in.

  • http://Justjarde Jen fan


  • Kaylee

    anxiety and stress translates into the blatant truth that she really bbeing treated for her eating disorder. anxiety and stress my as*s.

  • Aimée F

    this cleavage is a no go

  • Villain

    Poor girl with millions on her account, having a loving (stolen) husband and an army of help in her home.
    Definitely stressed to death. Probably because of all those set-ups she makes with paparazzis.

  • may

    @Pop: (this is in no way in support of that idiot) but anxiety and stress are reason enough enter a treatment center. i have since i was 13 — anyway, didn’t know i could ‘fix it’ in 30 days though 0_o

  • Carrie

    @best served cold:

    I always knew karma would come home to this skank. She needs help with her ‘crazy’ but I think there are some addiction issues, along with eating disorder.

  • celebrity news

    Get well LeAnn. Major props for the courage it takes to admit something like this publicly and to seek help for it!

  • Elisa

    Come on people, you’re so stupid ! Leave her alone, if she has to enter treatment for anxiety & stress, it means she has her reasons.

    You don’t know her life, what affects her and neither do I. But when it comes to health care, we have to be compassionate, no matter what she did in the past.
    Yes, she has millions on her account, but when illness come to you, no matter how rich you are, all you can do is fight.

  • wiggly

    Treatment for Anxiety & Stress… because of vacations? this sounds mean, but isn’t that a bit too indulging? maybe she’s stressed out by always being on vacation…

  • wren

    Ciprian is a dick, Rimes career is not all that hot. She’s insecure and he is probably wandering already. Her eating disorder is a sympton of emotional problems. Being wealthier than us, being in the public eye and needing to be in the public eye is a different kind of stress, but stress none the less. Not all it is cracked up to be.

  • jjjj

    She is one of the most annoying and gross celebrities in the world. Not sure anxiety & stress is about she does nothing but vacation.

  • Mimi

    Well, I hope all you nasty women are happy! Shame on all of you! I hope none of you ever make a mistake and then are judged for it for the rest of your lives!

  • SArah

    Screw you. You’re the loser on this website looking for people to taunt. She’s a homewrecker with a drug and weight problem!

  • Hunk

    Rehab is not gonna do anything..If she is suffering from anxiety, stop trying to be in the public eyes..Stop tweeting and get your acts together.. Thumbs down me if you want, but I believe it is the best way

  • Looselipz

    She’d help a lot more people including herself by telling the truth as to why she’s entering Rehab…my guess is Alcohol and Eating Disorders.
    People with stress and anxiety get therapists and medication, not Rehab.
    And for someone who clam ins to be stressed it’s fascinating how many vacations she takes.

  • Jocelyn

    This is yet another PR move to paint her as a victim.

    My guess is that there is bad news coming out re: the husband and this is a great way to hide from that humiliation.

    And I love Eddie’s line about “finally taking time for herself.” When has she ever NOT focused on herself??? If she has any problem it is that she has no ability to see beyond herself or empathize – traits in common with a sociopath.

  • elaine

    @Mimi since when did adultery, stalking,lying to spouses, gloating over ex wife become mistakes? A MISTAKE is adding figures wrong in checkbook or something similair.: guess we will be seeing this weekend what caused such stress, you go National enquirer

  • daniel

    stewart est 10000 FOIS mieux que toi idiote car il n’y a que les pauvres d’esprit et imbécile comme toi.
    rien n’est oire qu’une femme aigrie et haineuse.

  • srsly?

    stress and anxiety? seriously?
    she seems to be one of those who don’t do anything except going on the beach all year, every week she is somewhere else on vacation..i understand that must be *VERY exhausting*..
    nothing like my dad who goes everyday at hospital, directing his cardio service and working for others life.. he IS stressed and exhausted..

  • Chells

    She seems like she is a classic case of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Nicole


    Stealing someones husband isnt a mistake. It’s an intentional act that will be paid for. I dont feel sorry for her or her situation. lol at Eddie stuck with a miserable old hag.You thought the grass was going to be greener…NOT!!

  • lynne

    Try cleaning hotel rooms and working as a cashier, 50hrs/wk for 12 years straight, making just enough to get by…that ought to give you real anxiety and stress.

  • puuke!

    - all stressed out looking at that cleavage

  • DB

    Honestly – Blame It On Eddie!

    She did not start having so many problems and conflicts UNTIL she met Eddie. She was not perceived so negatively.

    He is RUINING the poor girl. Yes, she’s made bad choices, but HE has led her down that path, and it’s up to other people to help pull her back from the brink and dump that jerk so she can heal inside and out.

  • Toni

    @Tis: Chasing behind Eddie and trying to make sure he doesn’t do what he did to Brandy to her is how she can be stressed.
    I wish her well, but I bet this is her karma for the homewrecking her and Eddie did on their ex spouses.

  • ?

    I’m guessing : Attention Hoe who is bored and no longer fulfilled by the empty energy.

  • badd


  • Mikaela

    These so called celebrities don’t really know the meaning of stress. When you can’t pay your bills, doesn’t have a single day of the week to spend with the family, work overtime, no time to take care of yourself and still work with stupid people.
    Even though it hasn’t been clear why she’s “stressed and anxious”, seeing her pictures constantly on vacations, does’nt seem stress to me. Most likely eating disorder.

  • Lily

    LOL…well she has money, go fix her problem. More that I can say for a lot of us. What stress? She doesn’t know what real stress is if it hits her in the face hard.

  • buh buh

    The fix for too much “me time” is naturally, more “me time”

  • intric8

    Lookin kinda trailer parkish if u ask me

  • haha

    Admitting one has problems is the first step, others continuing to dog them after they have becomes others’ problem after that.

  • Lily

    @Tis: It is a lot of work and stress to keep her skinny boobs from popping out of the bikinis? LOL.

  • Tera

    I hope “Twitter Addiction” is part of the rehab package. She suffers from narcissism, not stress.

  • toobadsosad

    Gee LeAnn, I thought you had the perfect life. You have been gushing about the perfection of everything in your life for years now. Is being married to a serial cheater and proven liar causing you anxiety? Imagine the anxiety and stress his ex felt while you were stalking her and her family. Don’t feel sorry for you in the least. You are a narcissist who thinks you can lie and spin things and then can’t handle it when the public see through her charade.

  • sam

    Eating disorder and obsession with being thin. That does create anxiety.

  • Frances

    I would also be really stressed out if I had those unfortunately looking boobs and chest!
    Jokes aside, I wish her a prompt recovery.