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Leonardo DiCaprio: Mobbed By Fans on 'Wolf' Set

Leonardo DiCaprio: Mobbed By Fans on 'Wolf' Set

Leonardo DiCaprio gets mobbed by fans while walking down 52nd Street on the set of his new film The Wolf of Wall Street on Wednesday (August 29) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor is reportedly set to go nude in an explicit scene for the film, according to the New York Daily News.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

“There will be some pretty illicit sex scenes coming up,” a set insider told the paper. “It involves four guys and two girls.”

Earlier in the week, Leo hid under an umbrella while walking on set.

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Credit: JosiahW; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Psychics / Incogneato

    Please check latest blind items and throw some light if Leo is really marrying Erin ???

  • xXx

    someone needs publicity….

  • sourpatch575

    Omg he looks so handsome!
    The best he’s looked in a while
    I’m glad hes getting attention
    Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Subby

    Leo is 37?! Suffice to say I never thought he’d be around this long. With his great work, his extended Hollywood stay is warranted. Who knew a hyped-up teenage heartthrob would turn out to be a consistently great actor.

  • Dave

    Brilliant Actor. Love the Dicaprio/Scorsese collaboration

  • Guy

    King of the World

  • WolfWallStreet

    Love the pants and sneakers.

  • its true

    he could at least greet his fans

  • WolfWallStreet


    People always forget that he was a great actor before Titanic made him a heartthrob: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, This Boy’s Life, Basketball Diaries.

  • Briana

    @its true:

    He did. He took pictures and sign autographs with some fans after work.

  • By the way

    Leo is such a boss! This film is going to be great.

  • Cara

    Where’s Jonah? I haven’t seen one picture of Jonah on set since shooting started. Jonah, Leo, Scorsese and McConaughey making a movie. Please take my money now.

  • No Fame Whore

    @WolfWallStreet: I was about to post the same thing. Leo was a great actor long before his Titanic success and heartthrob status Some of his best work was actually when he was a child. I still remember seeing him in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and thinking they actually hired a mentally disabled boy to play the part. Only later when I saw him in other movies did I realize he was only acting. Leo is definitely born to be a star.

  • Nola

    If he’s going to appear nude I sincerely hope he’ll hit the gym. Hard.

  • Jasmine

    I wonder if he stopped to sign any of those for his fans…

  • XxXxX

    I’ll watch the film just for “the” scene

  • somali girl

    He is hiding his bloated ageing frog face again.

  • Anon

    sweet lord, he is gorgeous

  • Claus

    @somalil: you can see almost his face but the eyes and he looks handsome, def not bloated

  • Lauren

    @ #8 Once again don’t talk before you know.. okay twitter is full with pics of Leo with fans. A girl said he was even so kind to take over her camera and take a picture of them together.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Hottie Alert!

  • Anonymous

    Ha bloated? Yeah right, he looks super skinny in his own clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely like his own casual look so much better than when he is in character. It’s amazing how much they can change his looks with make up, and hairstyling and all that. He looks waaay more hot when he’s himself.

  • Helen

    His clothes is for a teenage from the 1980s

  • Melissa

    For your information, i was there, and it was crazy out there! I literally got run over by the paps and fans all wanting to catch a glimpse of Leo. He took several pics and signed, and then walked to his car, but people kept pushing and shoving camera’s in his face. He can’t go on with that all day long, it’s work you know?

  • Elodie

    shame on him!! why he don’t sign some autograph for fans!!!!!

  • http://JOYEZZ joy

    I can’t believe post #25 gets thumb down !!!!!! this really haters site lol

  • http://JOYEZZ joy

    Leo looks great and friendly :) can’t believe some people still complaining

  • anonymous

    @ #26 are you blind? You should read all posts before you say anything! he has signed for fans, and took pics with a lot of fans. Here he was walking back to his car, he can’t keep on signing and taking pics, otherwise there will be no end to it! he has a life too!

  • joy

    @Nola He is playing a stoke broker not a body builder

  • joy

    @ somali girl He doesn’t look bloated to me, I can even see his jaw line

  • joy

    @Helen ridiculous comment lol

  • joy

    @anonymous ,#26 is blinded by hatred

  • badd

    Can’t their fans see he hates the attention?

  • @Lauren

    Sorry but those twitter photos are not everything. There are numerous stories and tweets about disappointed fans who got turned down by him. He is not particularly fan friendly. I assume it depends on his mood. As Melissa said it can get really crazy for him and I assume that`s one reason but he is not always friendly to his fans…

  • Nola

    @joy: Well, I didn’t say he had to look like a body builder. Just tone up considerably. If you’ve seen the pics of him w his shirt off, you’ll know what I mean.
    Unless they’re doing a super realistic, independent style film where they strive to look like actual people instead of some stylized Hollywood film. Then he can look as saggy and pasty white as he wants and then he should also ditch the makeup. But I’m betting they’re not.

  • @badd

    An A-list movie star hates attention. Maybe he chose the wrong career then…

  • joy

    @ Nola I think they’ll go for realistic, the make up is to make him looks younger because Jordan is 26 at the beginning. Leo will hit the gym for roles like in the departed and blood diamond because he played a cop and a tough guy.He will do anything if the roles required.if this role require him to get naked while looking “fat” ,he will do it ;) in total eclipse he was super skinny,did not looks so good naked but he did it anyway.

  • joy

    @@badd he always wanted to be an actor and love his job

  • anonymous

    He is fan friendly. I’ve also seen hundreds of vids/pics of him smiling at them, taking pics, signing. Seriously what more do people want? You gotta know that he is just one person to us, for him there are millions of fans, it is impossible to please all of them. So he doesn’t even try to, and he is right. Cause you can never do good enough, he took a lot of time out yesterday i know for a fact, and yet people bash him for being a jerk. He has never been rude to anyone, and i have been “following” him for a long time. It’s not like he yells at them or slaps their camera away, sometimes he just walks by, well it is his right. After work don’t you wanna go home and rest and have some time for yourself? Well he does too. Only 8 year olds go cry about that, older than 8 you really gotta understand. Otherwise it says more about you than about him.

  • Missy

    Wow so many ignorant people. If you ask me, the only person being rude here is that fan shoving that camera in his face. He stays pretty patient and polite under it.

  • ++++

    The Dicaprio cyber bodyguards are hard at work!

  • anonymous

    He is a lot nicer than all of you would be being mobbed by strangers, that’s for sure. Easy to talk for you isn’t it! you all are probably in such good moods all day long, always smiling and talking to everyone…

  • Giuseppe

    Hi I am Giuseppe Lentini, London based actor. Never heard of me? Well I need a new agent then! Check my reel

  • anonymous

    @ #42 Lol, and the haters are not? Please they make a f****** dayjob out of it! they’re probably too retarded to work so they sit behind their computer all day talking badly about others as they have no life of their own.

  • Missy

    ^^ ROFL i know right? The more they bash him the more i feel sorry for him.. you can never win as a celebrity.

  • ++++

    I`m sure that`s it! You have got it all figured out.

  • anonymous

    And then that one sad person refreshing this page all day long, just to give all Leo fan’s posts that one thumb down… pathetic! lolol keep going on like this, i only love him more and more..

  • anonymous

    @ #47 seriously what else could it be?? you must be very happy with yourself.. thats why you spend so many time bashing people you don’t even know.

  • ++++

    Who did I bash? I read the comments and some of you are very eagerly defending Leo like he can do no wrong. Also it irritates me when people are analyzing others and their lives based on some comments.