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Leonardo DiCaprio: Mobbed By Fans on 'Wolf' Set

Leonardo DiCaprio: Mobbed By Fans on 'Wolf' Set

Leonardo DiCaprio gets mobbed by fans while walking down 52nd Street on the set of his new film The Wolf of Wall Street on Wednesday (August 29) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor is reportedly set to go nude in an explicit scene for the film, according to the New York Daily News.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

“There will be some pretty illicit sex scenes coming up,” a set insider told the paper. “It involves four guys and two girls.”

Earlier in the week, Leo hid under an umbrella while walking on set.

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Credit: JosiahW; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ++++

    Anyway Leo looks good and I love the clean shaven face.

  • anonymous

    Bull. “He can do no wrong”. Ofcourse he does, everyone does. But what did he wrong here exactly? He signed, he took pics, then wanted to go be by his own. Yeah bad Leo!! You accuse me of analyzing you and judging based on a few comments. On the other hand you all do the exact same to Leo. based on what? a few pap pics? That is what i am saying, you expect things from them while you all yourself can’t even do it.

  • ++++

    What are you talking about? The way you defend Leo makes me feel he can do no wrong and you just can’t accept opposing opinion. I didn’t analyze Leo or any pap pictures and I didn’t make assumptions about your life.

  • anonymous

    The problem with 90% of the people posting here are only looking for things they can comment on, so called wrong things. It’s getting very old and pathetic yes.

  • ++++

    Or maybe they just disagree with you? You are right there are people who pick on things and there are ones who simply disagree with you. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Missy

    we can not “disagree” with the haters either without being attacked, so why the other way around we should show respect for someone elses opinion. And they often aren’t disagreeing, they are often just wrong, and aren’t aware of certain facts. Simply because they aren’t even interested in Leo and don’t even follow the news, yet they come in here and make all kinds of allegations. Why come in here there?

  • ++++

    And you are always right? Sorry but you sound a little bit like a superior Leo fan to me. No offense really but I got that vibe! People might be his fans but less enthusiastic, ex fans or just people who don’t like him. All kinds of people come here with different view and attitude. Attacks are usual but sometimes I think it’s simply disagreeing and it gets blown out of proportion.

  • Apple

    So many Leo’s photos lately. Weird! There are none for months and than a bunch within a couple of days and it all happened after negative reaction on his first look from Wolf set.
    As I see his agents work hard to boast his image. Even on this site some comments seems kind of.. hm… Anyway good job, guys! I hope Leo will reward you right.

  • lia

    I have the impression that he will never marry! I think he loves lukas haas and he can not admit because of his career.

  • LOL

    Not everything is a conspiracy. Many Leo photos here because its open space and easy access in NYC for the paps unlike NOLA. Posted here because Leo news equals page hits for JJ. If people stop clicking they’ll stop writing about him. Simple as.

  • @LOL

    That was the same explanation for all those clear and close biking photos with Erin earlier this summer and even though they are in NYC again – open space, easy access for the paparazzi – there aren`t any new photos of them together recently.

  • LOL

    Apples and oranges.
    The Erin pics were staged right down to the lighting and the smiles.
    But that does not mean every picture of Leo is staged. On set pics for movies/T.V esp in NYC are common be it Men in Black, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City e.t.c
    There is no story in most of these pics Leo in costume, jeans, twitter goes wild yada yada. There are also Matthew McCounaghey (sp) set pics available and on here, not just Leo, but JJ probably writes more on Leo cause he obviously brings more hits.

  • Just me

    Why can’t Hayden. Christensen get movies like this acto instead of hanging with Rachel bilson. Hayden is not a movie star like leo!

  • Philly

    @LOL: Agreed. The twitter sightings and feeds alone in one week of the WOWS set is already more than the entire run of Django.
    Unless the public are in on the conspiracy too! * chuckle*

  • Apple

    From Apples and oranges.
    If it is not so why then to be so defending?
    I stand to what I said, and more to that, many comments like yours just assure me there is the whole group of people hired by Dicaprio’s agents thrown here to rehabilitate Leo’s bloated image. They woke up to late to do it for the first pics from Wolf set, so they are trying hard now.
    Come on, it is very well know technique which is used in politics and advertisement. And as I said they are doing good job, you are doing good job. Leo would be pleased.

  • @LOL

    I don`t think these are photo ops either, don`t get me wrong. But I see Apple`s point… People are usually so upset when the Leo&photo op topic comes up even though he is clearly up for it. So far pretty much that`s all that we saw of him and Erin – except for the Hawaii ones.

  • LOL

    How many people write with the nickname LOL? I’m confused

  • LOL

    Are you for real? A counter point to your post means I’ve been hired by Leo ? I guess there’s not much left to add then lmao.

  • Gilbert Grape


    He hasn’t done anything as good since. Titanic was the beginning of the end for DiCaprio taking risks and challenging himself as an actor and turning in performances of Gilbert Grape caliber. He’s on auto pilot playing tough guys and chasing awards.

  • hahaha

    He ever has been interested in something related to her? 7 months and we haven’t heard of any visit to HER family. With Blake and their scarce 5 months they went traveling ALONE , stayed in Malibu near her during the filming of Savages, visited her trailer, traveled to New York with her for GG, showed up on her father’s birthday gave him a present.
    With Erin he always accompanied by somebody else, , or wait for her during their stay in Mexico, preferred to go out with his friends to Vegas or somewhere else when Erin was in Ny and he didn’t even bother to go to her brother’s birthday.

    Blake wasn’t the one despite the numerous articles that claimed but neither Erin.

  • @70

    Why are so many Leo fans OBSESSED with who he marries/soulmate or not. Why not talk about his films or something else? I HOPE he marries Erin just so y’all can k ill yourselves!

  • Apple

    Hired by Leo? You are flattering yourself, honey. Of course not, he even does not know about your existence, but his agents or agents’ agents.
    Anyway, get over it. I said what I said – I found it weird to see so many pictures which justify his look and prove his still huge fan base.
    All last pics were aimed at proving he is still good-looking and have a lot of fans, the same is true for the comments under those photos.
    Look at the pictures of him from the first day at WOWS and look up the comments – “bloated”, “chubby”, “pasty” just some of many.
    Now, his agents woke up finally and start working hard proving by pics and comments the different.

  • 777

    i HOPE he does marry erin. he’s not going to find a better doormat.

  • Apple

    I also have noticed he lost some weight since. Vere quickly apparently, must be working hard too.
    Maybe he does not like attention, but he does care how he looks like and how we see him, sweet, beautiful, harmless creature.

  • Kosmo

    Don’t interrupt the DiCaprio stan fantasy, Apple. They have the same pr, but DiCaprio is no Justin Timberfake or rambling gambling Ben Affleck.

  • LOL

    Oh you’re wrong. I actually am the agent for James Bond. Leo was my secret client, I’ve been fired now. Felicitations. You’re deranged head has uncovered THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  • haha

    you are all so hypocritical. if pictures come out of leo and erin not being affectionate, you say its a real relationship, but they have no chemistry. but if pictures come out where they are being affectionate you call it pr and its all set up. lolllll you girls are crazy. I hope you all take pride in being psycopaths…the poor normal ones get the thumbs down because they don’t agree with your stupid and stan comments. Its ashame these leo threads have to be so crazy,

  • @haha

    Pictures of Erin and Leo being affectionate? Are there photos like that? lol

  • ka-blamo


  • http://JOYEZZ joy

    @Apple lol I’ve been reading this site for awhile and cant stand the haters,so decided to post to defend him,are you saying I am hired by his PR team haha (Leo has some fans,you know)

  • http://JOYEZZ joy

    @Gilbert Grape because in Gilbert grape he play mentally challenged kid.If He is offered this kind role again I am sure he can act as well as in gilbert grape

  • http://JOYEZZ joy

    @LOL I love my job ! haha

  • laura

    erin heatherton montreal london

  • laura

    erin heatherton at the opening of the new vs store aug30 2012 in montreal quebec

  • laura

    erin in montreal

  • luiz

    leo data kate holmes?

  • tinkerbell

    @laura: good she should stay there. I dont think she is an awful person just dont like them together, its a waste. He looks cute here kind of like an overgrown charlie brown.

    I went to 52nd but it was after work…..I saw this trailer but no luck, bummer. Tried again today in Soho same thing, just dont have the patience or time to hang out. I also dont want an autograph…..try and try again….just want to see him in person.

    I like the way he wears his pants, FREE WILLY!

  • tinkerbell

    you dont need a psychic to know that leo aint marrying borington. Not happening, but a better question is, where are the barfbots? No negative erin comments and the same old links posted 25 times?

    Wait until 4 am EST, that is when they usually wake up in Tel Aviv, then we will see.

  • @laura

    Erin is not in Montreal, she is in Laval. She is blowing kisses and waving padded pushup bras in another subarban shopping mall like she usually does for a living.

  • @tinkerbell

    Barf Alert – Tink you were right come in Number 89!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well…

    Looks like she wasn’t appreciated by everyone…


    So okay… Erin Heatherton today wasn’t what I had in mind… She didn’t even take a pictures with the employes or managers! #turnoff


    I think that’s how it is with famous people. They think that regular people around them are a piece of ***t!

    Another self-centered diva…yuck!

  • @91

    Would you now be so kind to seek out and post the ones that had nice things to say or that does not fit your agenda?
    And why is this in a Leo post anyway?

  • @92

    Why? The tweets with nice things fit your agenda and not everyone agrees with you.
    Do you remember the Page Six story of her at some charity event and she didn`t talk to anyone only passed notes to her publicist? Being Leo`s toy got into her head without any merit. Nice pick again, Leo!

  • @93

    How do they fit my agenda? Did I post them leda? And do the negative tweets you so love mean everyone here agrees with you?

  • Geez

    Don’t engage. A simple logical request like yours is enough to cause aggro for some. Same with pic spam as with the other post showed. Some here cannot understand when others raise valid points that don’t fit their views and then its a 100% aggressive b**hfest, cause JJ is their territory obviously.

  • @94

    Oh, it`s only about negative tweets that are out there whether you like it or not. Not everyone likes Erin so clearly they won`t post all the positive ones. So what?
    Who said I love negative tweets? Do you see anything like that in my post? Something I didn`t type but according to you it`s there? And how would that mean that everyone agrees with me? You don`t make any sense.

  • lol

    I haven`t noticed any valid points raised here. Clearly negative tweets don`t fit everyone`s views but that`s to challenge that.

  • julia

    erin honestly the nicest person you ever meet! she´s my role model i love her! oh and random piece of information she was drinking a passion tea lemonade from starbucks):

  • eva

    she´´s sooooooo tall and beautiful! so jealous

  • @96

    I don’t make any sense b8tch?
    You stated that “the tweets with nice things fit your agenda and not everyone agrees with you” and I asked leda you how me not posting any tweet showed MY agenda. You have to be proactive to show an agenda and I asked for the other side of the story. As it does not tally with your typical rants you went to your atypical aggressive mode f**face. And stating someone else does not make any sense.
    @Geez I know leda/lmao/spot on fights with lots of people cos she believes she owns JJ and dictates how it ought to go and the narrative cos Leo ‘s love life justifies her worthless existence, but I won’t take crap from her. Sorry to derail the thread.