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MTV Cancels 'Jersey Shore'

MTV Cancels 'Jersey Shore'

MTV has cancelled its once hit show Jersey Shore.

The network will be airing the sixth and final season this October before pulling the plug on the series, according to MTV News.

A retrospective called “Gym, Tan, Look Back” will be aired on Thursday (September 6) on the network as well, which will include a sneak peek at the upcoming season.

The current cast includes Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, Vinny Guadagnino, and Deena Nicole Cortese.

ARE YOU UPSET that the Jersey Shore is ending?

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  • Rachel


  • just me


  • somali girl


  • Eric

    As much as I like Jersey Shore, I think it needs to end. The past 2 seasons have been pretty stale and very boring. Lets hope Season 6 will be amazing!

  • Mars

    Thank you Lord!

  • Jazzmen

    Today is a great day in/for television

  • tSquared

    There is a god. Now if the rest of the reality shows and their so called “stars” would disappear–it would be a wonderful day. Bring back good solid television shows instead of the dreck they now show.

  • siennagold

    Finally! Definitely GREAT NEWS!!!

  • kaila

    This for the better of mankind. Thanks!

  • Roman


  • Just me

    Really? Need to cancel hart of Dixie.when it comes on tv to this fall and rachel needs to cancel being on just jared selling something that people don’t want to see. Also rachel need to being with hayden when he comes to la. It’s wrong.!

  • Candice

    THANK YOU GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yohji

    I had no idea the show was suffering. Next step: Kardashians. And then the Essex people. Other than that, I don’t care too much about the reality TV that is still on air because I don’t have to see them everywhere I turn!

  • sophie

    The show wasnt “suffering” in ratings. They have simply GROWN UP. Snooki has a baby. Mike & Pauly are over their 30s… it’s not the same anymore so why would they continue? Also everyone who WATCHES the show knew that this would be the last season since they even were thinking not to air 6th season, not a big surprise..

    Also I don’t get why the hate? LOL it’s a show about drinking, hooking up, being stupid and having fun. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but what do you expect from a show called “jersey shore”?
    Change the channel if you don’t wanna watch it.
    This goes for any other show there is- STOP WITH THE WHINING AND BE THANKFUL THAT YOU EVEN HAVE A FCKING TV.

  • :P

    more cultured shows like “Honey Booboo Child” have come along spelling the end for “Jersey Shore”

  • Teri

    not much of a surprise.
    Snooki and Jenny have their own show, so does Pauly and their the main ppl.
    Mike since Rehab has calmed down alot ( I watch CBB, don’t judge)
    no one cares for the others
    so where would it go, plus Snooki has a baby now
    I loved the first season, second was good but after the show went down, so much scripting. it was obvious
    Good luck to them all

  • Rocky

    THANK GOD! THANK GOD!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!! Next, the Kardasians!!

  • Rocky


    YES! Next the Kardasian!! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Rocky


    You took the words right out of my mouth. BRING BACK QUALITY TV!!!!

  • Rocky


    Honey Boo Boo Child? What’s that?

  • Charlotte

    Thanks god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacy

    Same, I started liking Mike much more after watching CBB, hes actually very nice.cute even. They all are pretty decent off the show, off MTV, juding from earlier interviews.
    (maybe besides Ronnie)
    I hope they separate themselves from MTV soon, reinvent their image.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    The show had its time.

  • Jesse

    The worst show in the world

  • kekwd

    @sophie: actually their ratings are slipping. Season 4 they started noticing numbers going down and its been going down ever since. But Lol someone’s really defensive about their show being cancelled. Don’t worry honey, we can still have the few brain cells you have left after being exposed to such corrosive garbage ;)

  • kekwd


  • kiss


  • Georgia

    @Jesse: I think you’re forgetting of Kardashians one…

  • Laura K.

    AHAHAHA!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine


  • minah


  • Lalique

    @Eric: The past TWO seasons? I’d say more like five.

  • Lalique

    @:P: Love the sarcasm.

  • Jen

    Praise Jesus!

  • lucyinthesky

    I don’t know why everyone is so excited, they’ll probably replace it with something worst… it’s not like MTV will suddenly start being about music again.

  • gina

    It’s about time that the Jersey Shore came to an end! As surprising as it is though, a lot of people are going to be upset about losing their favorite guidos. I know my roommates haven’t missed an episode yet, and definitely don’t plan to miss a second of the final season. It’s lucky for me that we upgraded to the Hopper DVR just in time, which gives us access to three independent tuners, so they can tune in to every GLT moment without affecting what I’m watching. If not, I would’ve ended up hiding out in my office at Dish every Thursday night. I’m so glad I’ll never have to listen to The Situation talk ever again!

  • josh burns

    the show was awesome especially season 1 & 2 but after season 4 it got boring and snooki has been pregnant for a while and snooki and Jenni have their own show and so does Pauly but i don’t think they should end the show they should bring in new people and start all over again and watch as the rating go up!