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Nicole Kidman: Swisse Campaign Images!

Nicole Kidman: Swisse Campaign Images!

Check out these new campaign images for Nicole Kidman‘s latest ambassadorship with Swisse, an Australian health supplement company.

“I love feeling healthy and fit. They are wonderful attributes of the Australian way of life and I am a very proud Australian,” the 45-year-old actress said in a statement. “[I'm] excited to be part of the growth of a small Australian family-built company dedicated to good health and well being.”

Nicole Kidman is a much loved Australian face overseas and we know Swisse will be Australia’s most loved health and wellness brand overseas in coming months and years,” Swisse CEO Radek Sali said.

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nicole kidman new swisse ambassador 01
nicole kidman new swisse ambassador 02
nicole kidman new swisse ambassador 03

Credit: Will Davidson/Swisse
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  • danielle

    Beautiful. Always so classy and elegant.

  • Frozoid

    Sorry, aging gracefully and naturally is to be admired. Hearing someone who has had massive amounts of plastic surgery burble on about keeping “healthy and fit” does not hold water.


  • anonymous

    She has the most beautiful hands.

  • tSquared


    Healthy and fit doesn’t have a lot to do with plastic surgery doe sit? Nicole exercises, eats well, and lives a healthy lifestyle. I hardly thinks she hides behind a computer like you do and make nasty comments on everyone like you do. You rarely have anything nice to say about anyone on this blog. Unfortunately health supplements won’t help you.

  • Frances

    She looks great in these pictures.
    She’s always have that old Hollywood glamour. To me she was one the most beautiful women in Hollywood, then she started messing up with her face. She seemed to hate her thin lips and kept filling them up until people noticed and started criticizing her. She also used botox so much that she ended up with an almost expressionless face. She still a great actress and looks really good, but I miss her old more natural face.

  • Mimi

    Nice v u l v a lips. Ick!

  • Rocky


    And you know this because you’re her BFF, yes?

  • Rocky


  • Rocky


    i do agree with you on some points, because watching her earlier movies and TV soaps she did have thinner lips. I never found them distracting thought, like Melanie Griffith, as I was more concentrated on her acting. She’s still a stunner though.


    I’ve seen Nicole is person and she is very beautiful and not fake looking at all. She had no makeup on and was still beautiful. Say what you want about her frozen face…’s just not that way. She looks nothing like the over botoxed faces of Melanie Griffith, Meg Ryan, to name a few. These photos are gorgeous.

  • somali girl

    They made her eyes appear young when in real life she has heavy upper lids.

  • thighmegatampon

    What a huge upgrade and contrast from her recent trashy magazine cover…

  • please

    @tSquared: Get a life loser, she admitted herself she has had Botox and its clearly visible her whole face looks frozen. Wax Statue.

  • tesalia

    Goddess! elegant woman beautiful and talented

  • rose

    Australia has the most beautiful women in the world


    Her hands are clearly digitally touched up – in person they’re red and wrinkly. Appears she has some condition.

  • JustTheFactsPls

    @Frozoid – “someone who has had massive amounts of plastic surgery”

    Nicole has a striking resemblance to her mom, dad and sister. Are you implying all four of them have had the exact SAME “massive amounts of plastic surgery” so they can have a striking resemblance to each other year after year? lmao!

  • tSquared

    Yes we all know she has had botox and a bit of plastic surgery, but what exactly does this have to do with taking supplements, exercising and being fit?
    she looks beautiful. How much is the cult paying you to say she does not?

  • Me3

    Gorgeous clothes. That first blouse is to die for. She’s beautiful in THESE photos.

  • Looselipz

    She just hardly resembles her old self…I find her another manufactured celebrity who went overboard with procedures.

  • ally

    I take it that you don’t know that botox go away from your face after 6 months. So, stop to say ”she admit to use botox, ” because,yes, it’s true, but she added that she never use it anymore.

  • Meg

    Beautiful woman. Great actress. Good person. Nicole is the complete package. Keith is very lucky.

  • Louise

    Beautiful, gorgeous, classy woman. I am 22 years older than Nicole and I do not have a wrinkle on my forehead. Leave this lovely woman alone regarding her Botox. Beautiful pictures. Keith and Nicole are so fortunate to have such love in their family.
    Now if you want to talk Botox……………compare pictures of Ann Romney. That is a Botoxed woman.

  • Mel Hope

    Nicole is a goddess. She is beautiful inside and out. To Nicole haters, leave her alone. We should all be thankful we see such perfection in our lifetime.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    i love her so much she is so beautiful

  • gore

    Nicole proves one more time she’s the perfect pick to play Grace Kelly. Go gurl!

  • Moh123

    Gorgeous lady

  • kary

    Yes, she admit to use botox, but she’s not using it anymore… please GET OVER IT… she’s beautiful and a great actress… ♥

  • Jake


    How do you know she is not using it anymore? There is not one person who has used Botox who has stopped using Botox. Once on that train, there is no getting off of it. Just because someone points out the obvious, does not make them a “hater” as people are so quick to say. Furthermore, she is without doubt pumping up her cheeks (tell-tale line under her lower lid) and she is continually pumping up her top lip; which now not only looks thicker than the bottom lip, which is unnatural, but looks hideous when she gives a full wide smile. Somewhere after Dead Calm and before Batman Forever, she acquired fake boobs. And more often than not, she wears hair extensions and wigs. These are facts! One need not judge her on it: she is an actress whose face is magnified a hundredfold on screen, and we all know, no-one likes to see women with wrinkles; sad, but true. So be it. Just stop denying it and denigrading people who point out the obvious.

    She may be a proud Australian as she says, and she IS fit and healthy; BUT, she does not live the Australian way of life. She is there only a handful of weeks a year and lives largely the American way of life; including all the fakeness. Yes, she is beautiful, and yes, she primps it up. As well, the substantial amount of photo-retouching that occurs with just about any mag picture. Just be HONEST.

  • JustTheFactsPls

    @Jake – “There is not one person who has used Botox who has stopped using Botox.”

    … and how did you come to that conclusion? Did you know every single one that has used botox and looked at their records?

  • Mia

    Beautiful and sweet !

  • http://Comcast Pat

    KEITH URBAN ADORES NICOLE –NICOLE KIDMAN ADORES KEITH !! I am sure they could care less what Frozoid (and her other names) have to say Nicole once said they do not read comments made about them. Keith once said articles in newspapers are just yesterdays fish wrappings, 90 percent untrue.

  • Jake


  • Jake


    oops, my bad!

    I meant to say that the expression is “couldn’t care less”, not “could care less” … can you see the difference?

    Otherwise, I agree with your comment. :)

  • dramageek

    Okay I would first like to point out yeah, maybe Nicole has had botox and plastic surgery or whatever, but everyone seems to be giving her crap when she doesnt even come close enough to looking as “monstrous” as say, Joan Rivers and some other celebrities. Maybe she doesnt have a wrinkle on her forehead and one lip is bigger than the other. That does not make her look like a plastic barbie doll as everyone states. So she’s done all of what we think she has. Who gives a rats a**. Its her life.
    Um saying a person who uses botox once never stops is like saying a person who has drank alcohol will never stop drinking or a person who smokes weed will never stop smoking weed. Common sense.
    The Australian way of life? I am sure Australians get plastic surgery just as much as Americans do. And just because she is only in Australia a couple weeks out of the year, doesnt mean she’s not living Australian. She could have customs in her home that are totally Australian that non of us even know about. We are not her family or her friends so we dont know what she and Keith do in their household.
    As far as the wigs and extensions, fake teeth, lips, noses, boobs and all that kind of stuff, um please, give an example of people that dont use/have one of the above in hollywood.
    Honestly it goes back to when we were kids. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. I may not like Lindsey Lohan or Miley Cyrus but you dont see me on here dissing their photos. This is a news site or a site for fans of a star that are looking for recent pictures. Think about how incredibly rude you look when you diss the star.

  • dramatize


    “Think about how incredibly rude you look when you diss the star.”

    “Think about how incredibly rude you look when you diss other commenters.”

  • Dina


    The Australian way of life is the outdoors way of life; Ms Kidman does not live an outdoors way of life … she is an indoor thespian. She may be Australian, but she most definitely does not live the Australian way, and neither does she live in Australia. Not being nasty, just being realistic.

  • Sofia

    Nicole è stupenda, la donna più bella del mondo.Grandissima attrice,donna di gran classe ed elegnza.

  • ..

    If Swisse were a company that manufactured Botox, then using Kidman in their advertising campaign would make sense. Nicole should be ashamed of herself … selling a false illusion with her false face and body.