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Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens hides her face under her “Faith” cap as she leaves her local gym on Thursday morning (August 30) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress showed off her svelte figure in a tiny pair of short shorts and tank.

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In case you missed it, check out this recently released clip from Vanessa‘s upcoming flick Spring Breakers, which also features James Franco, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson.

Spring Breakers
will premiere at the 2012 Venice Film Festival, which is currently underway.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her gym…

Just Jared on Facebook
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 01
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 02
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 03
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 04
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 05
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 06
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 07
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 08
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 09
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 10
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 11
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 12
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Candice

    You need a job !! Since June all she does is workout… no new projects except an animated movie… Poor V. :(

  • britt

    I love her but do we need to see her everyday come on give her a alittle break :)

  • Ron

    She’s so useless…

  • Bo

    Shut your faces idiots. How about you go make a website and post your own $hit. In the meanwhile your all still stinky rug munchers.

  • Jazz

    You’ve gotta be kidding me! AGAIN!?

  • Tina

    This is quite shocking. She’s never posted on Just Jared!

  • savannah

    Another go to the gym? Well good for her but these daily posts about nothing is ridiculous.

  • Sam

    I’m soaring, Flying!

  • Selma

    She has a really great body. By the way I love her !

  • The Truth

    the truth speaking this is the truth : she call and paid the paps everyday She love money and she want to be seen. they are a lot of person who defend her but she don’t care about you..this is the truth the truth speaking…WAKE UP

  • solecito

    Without a doubt, she has the most beautiful legs in Hollywood.

  • the french

    Vanessa épouse moi :) you are the one !!! i know you want to try a french guy haha i love her stay as you are !! they are always haters

  • Ash

    Hard work pays off, look at that body :)

  • Reality Check!

    @The Truth
    The only thing you are speaking is f****** nonsense. Ok, for the sake of argument lets say she calls the paps and pays them (according to you) PROVE IT!!! You should have no problem producing a tangible piece of evidence,(since more times than not),those types of actions will have some type of paper trail. So, come on “Detective The Truth” show us!!!!

  • Lola

    Different shoes again.

  • Rachelle

    I love how so many people defend her I don’t get it and talk about how pretty she is and how much they like her?? Come on she is average, a bad actress and her body is too muscular and stubby I know I will get all these negatives but I don’t get its the truth Miley gets all this hate and she is way better looking!! I swear this girl gets all her friends and family to come on here and pretend to be fans defending her! She’s lame sorry its the truth!! :/

  • dudeV

    Dude, VANESSA……. Go trail running outdoors… mountain bike… ANYTHING. You have so much f—– free time!!!

  • $$$$$$

    Jared don’t love her, he’s using her to get hits. to bad overexposure on famous site like this could affect her career very badly. everyday doing same thing.

    and jared you posted about this girl doing the same thing everyday but didn’t post zac arriving in venice here but rather post it on juniar site. hmmm

  • @Candice

    She’s out of work because she has become irrelevant… she was just a Disney girl but now she’s getting old for that, she’s almost 24. And no honey, she does not have beautiful legs… her legs are like tree trunks, might be because she’s so short.

  • Reality Check!

    Ok, so you don’t like Vanessa and that’s fine; nobody said you had to. I can’t stand Miley, but that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it just as you are entitled to yours.

  • Larry

    The truth is she can’t really act. and she don’t have the it factor to make it in industry. you can find girls like her on the sidewalk. just average on everything. and as far as i can say her going somewhere in this business is slim to none. her fans always come here and say how great she is but she isn’t. its obvious her 15 minuts is over soon, so i wonder where her fans would be when that happens. because i am sure jared wont be posting on her then.

  • Vanessa la Patetica

    she’s on jj every day in the headline for doing absolutely nothing of interest.
    a shopping or boyfriend pic once in awhile would be one thing, but this is ridiculous.
    paps don’t care about v hudgens enough to follow her all the time.
    she’s not a list or even b list celebrity at the moment. she’s c at best, just above low rated reality stars.
    paps have bigger fish to stalk. these photos are taken by stunt photographers tipped off by her publicist.
    jj has to be getting something out of it or he wouldn’t promote it like he does.
    there are much bigger celebrities to cover, but they’re not as cooperative photographers and sites like jj, and their photos are more difficult and more expensive to obtain.

  • bye

    she’s not talented…in 10 years we will not talk about this girls

  • The Game

    @Reality Check!:

    You don’t need proof in this day and age. Just ask the USADA. They have no proof that Lance Armstrong is doping, but they said it, so it must be true.

  • fellan

    Come on guys if zac can go without getting paped for months(who is a way bigger star than her, he lives in hollywood and sure he does not hide inside his house) then why can’t this girl. she is c list. come on get real here.
    The person on comment 22 is right.

  • Haters Suck!

    @the game
    You read my mind I was going to say the same thing and give the same example. It truly is a sad statement to say but things like proof, facts, evidence have gone out the window these days. All you have to do is blurt out a statement and you can make people believe it. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty. You are now guilty, well until proven guilty.

  • fellan

    That should say PAPPED not paped.

  • jerk’s paradise

    @The Truth: You are an idiot. She doesn’t pay the paps. She gets caught everyday going to and from the gym, yoga and dance because she hits those places around the same time each day. She doesn’t deviate from that routine. We do not get many pics of her anymore in other places. The paps know the gym routine is a sure thing and Jared will post them because she always gets a lot of comments and hits. She brings revenue. Use some common sense people.

  • Jr

    I’ve never seen so many judgemental know it alls in my life. Well while she’s out having a life traveling all over the world, you’re stuck behind a computer pretending you’re important and what you say actually matters.

  • jerk’s paradise

    @fellan: If he were going to and from the gym everyday instead of trolling in the clubs he’s get papped more. What does it matter? He never generates the number of comments that Hudgens does.

  • tina

    Let’s see Premium Rush- Joseph Gordon Levitt, The Butler- Alex Pettyfer. Just because they consider someone for a movie doesn’t mean they will make it. Vanessa people are just smart enough not to put it out until it’s etched in stone.

  • the truth love

    she’s a good person she don’t take drugs and she never drunk in public i love her Marry me V :)

  • ehryle

    Well the truth is Vanessa just doing her thing in her everyday life.. we are not in the position to stop her or either jj were not in-charge or controlling this site or V or the paps.. so just respect it! If u don’t like to see her everyday don’t go on her post or this site!! Chill guyz!

  • lolo

    Well aren’t you guys doing the same thing, sitting behind a computer and defend everything she does like you know it all.
    if tomorrow she turned out to be the complete opposite of what you think, then what will you do. you guys are here everyday. has no life what so ever. and having lot of comments make the owner of this site very happy but it does not make her famous.

  • tina

    @lolo over 30% of the comments are from people like you telling us what we should or should not post. Or someone comes to tell us what Zac is or isn’t doing. Can’t speak for the others but I’m on my tablet. You know one of those handy little devices that allow you to check the web while in the go? She really doesn’t need this site to make her “famous” she already is.

  • lolo

    Tina i was answering @jr on comment 29. i am sure %99 people here use phones and Tablets.

  • tina

    You mean 99%?

  • lolo


  • emhm

    nessa looks good next to the dumpster

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comyy BOJI

    The truth is Efron is not relevant on JJ. His so-called fans are busy posting on Vanessa’s threads trashing her and her fans here. So you out there know what to do right.
    Rachelle, what’s your problem? We happen to like Vanessa. The fact that she’s average looking or so some of you think so makes her more relatable. Beauty is only skin deep. What has adhered her to us is her beauty from within.
    Let me see, she has 2 true story movies and a not your average movie coming up. Okay, she’s not working now but she is working hard to maintain her fitness and physique. Welcome to Hollywood! Life goes on and this just what she’s doing until the next project. Love the girl.

  • Getting ready to see zac?

    @jerk’s paradise:
    You are absolutely right! The pics are always of her at the gym. Where has Austin been?

  • tina

    Working on Carrie’s Dairies?

  • Getting ready to see zac?

    Vanessa can do so much better than him! She needs to move on

  • intric8

    Nice butt on van in that one pic

  • Cole

    No one xcares about GAYFRON hahahaha puto

  • Cole

    She is gorgeous

  • TT


  • TT

    the fact that you know everything about her life and career just proves you are one of those obsessed zanessa fans, and THAT’S SAD! loooool

  • TT

    you are so useless, at least she has a career and millions of $$ behind her! what do you have?

  • TT

    ik, her body is amazing!