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Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens hides her face under her “Faith” cap as she leaves her local gym on Thursday morning (August 30) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress showed off her svelte figure in a tiny pair of short shorts and tank.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

In case you missed it, check out this recently released clip from Vanessa‘s upcoming flick Spring Breakers, which also features James Franco, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson.

Spring Breakers
will premiere at the 2012 Venice Film Festival, which is currently underway.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her gym…

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vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 01
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 02
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 03
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 04
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 05
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 06
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 07
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 08
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 09
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 10
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 11
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 12
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 13

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312 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!”

  1. 1
    Candice Says:

    You need a job !! Since June all she does is workout… no new projects except an animated movie… Poor V. :(

  2. 2
    britt Says:

    I love her but do we need to see her everyday come on give her a alittle break :)

  3. 3
    Ron Says:

    She’s so useless…

  4. 4
    Bo Says:

    Shut your faces idiots. How about you go make a website and post your own $hit. In the meanwhile your all still stinky rug munchers.

  5. 5
    Jazz Says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding me! AGAIN!?

  6. 6
    Tina Says:

    This is quite shocking. She’s never posted on Just Jared!

  7. 7
    savannah Says:

    Another go to the gym? Well good for her but these daily posts about nothing is ridiculous.

  8. 8
    Sam Says:

    I’m soaring, Flying!

  9. 9
    Selma Says:

    She has a really great body. By the way I love her !

  10. 10
    The Truth Says:

    the truth speaking this is the truth : she call and paid the paps everyday She love money and she want to be seen. they are a lot of person who defend her but she don’t care about you..this is the truth the truth speaking…WAKE UP

  11. 11
    solecito Says:

    Without a doubt, she has the most beautiful legs in Hollywood.

  12. 12
    the french Says:

    Vanessa épouse moi :) you are the one !!! i know you want to try a french guy haha i love her stay as you are !! they are always haters

  13. 13
    Ash Says:

    Hard work pays off, look at that body :)

  14. 14
    Reality Check! Says:

    @The Truth
    The only thing you are speaking is f****** nonsense. Ok, for the sake of argument lets say she calls the paps and pays them (according to you) PROVE IT!!! You should have no problem producing a tangible piece of evidence,(since more times than not),those types of actions will have some type of paper trail. So, come on “Detective The Truth” show us!!!!

  15. 15
    Lola Says:

    Different shoes again.

  16. 16
    Rachelle Says:

    I love how so many people defend her I don’t get it and talk about how pretty she is and how much they like her?? Come on she is average, a bad actress and her body is too muscular and stubby I know I will get all these negatives but I don’t get its the truth Miley gets all this hate and she is way better looking!! I swear this girl gets all her friends and family to come on here and pretend to be fans defending her! She’s lame sorry its the truth!! :/

  17. 17
    dudeV Says:

    Dude, VANESSA……. Go trail running outdoors… mountain bike… ANYTHING. You have so much f—– free time!!!

  18. 18
    $$$$$$ Says:

    Jared don’t love her, he’s using her to get hits. to bad overexposure on famous site like this could affect her career very badly. everyday doing same thing.

    and jared you posted about this girl doing the same thing everyday but didn’t post zac arriving in venice here but rather post it on juniar site. hmmm

  19. 19
    @Candice Says:

    She’s out of work because she has become irrelevant… she was just a Disney girl but now she’s getting old for that, she’s almost 24. And no honey, she does not have beautiful legs… her legs are like tree trunks, might be because she’s so short.

  20. 20
    Reality Check! Says:

    Ok, so you don’t like Vanessa and that’s fine; nobody said you had to. I can’t stand Miley, but that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it just as you are entitled to yours.

  21. 21
    Larry Says:

    The truth is she can’t really act. and she don’t have the it factor to make it in industry. you can find girls like her on the sidewalk. just average on everything. and as far as i can say her going somewhere in this business is slim to none. her fans always come here and say how great she is but she isn’t. its obvious her 15 minuts is over soon, so i wonder where her fans would be when that happens. because i am sure jared wont be posting on her then.

  22. 22
    Vanessa la Patetica Says:

    she’s on jj every day in the headline for doing absolutely nothing of interest.
    a shopping or boyfriend pic once in awhile would be one thing, but this is ridiculous.
    paps don’t care about v hudgens enough to follow her all the time.
    she’s not a list or even b list celebrity at the moment. she’s c at best, just above low rated reality stars.
    paps have bigger fish to stalk. these photos are taken by stunt photographers tipped off by her publicist.
    jj has to be getting something out of it or he wouldn’t promote it like he does.
    there are much bigger celebrities to cover, but they’re not as cooperative photographers and sites like jj, and their photos are more difficult and more expensive to obtain.

  23. 23
    bye Says:

    she’s not talented…in 10 years we will not talk about this girls

  24. 24
    The Game Says:

    @Reality Check!:

    You don’t need proof in this day and age. Just ask the USADA. They have no proof that Lance Armstrong is doping, but they said it, so it must be true.

  25. 25
    fellan Says:

    Come on guys if zac can go without getting paped for months(who is a way bigger star than her, he lives in hollywood and sure he does not hide inside his house) then why can’t this girl. she is c list. come on get real here.
    The person on comment 22 is right.

  26. 26
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @the game
    You read my mind I was going to say the same thing and give the same example. It truly is a sad statement to say but things like proof, facts, evidence have gone out the window these days. All you have to do is blurt out a statement and you can make people believe it. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty. You are now guilty, well until proven guilty.

  27. 27
    fellan Says:

    That should say PAPPED not paped.

  28. 28
    jerk's paradise Says:

    @The Truth: You are an idiot. She doesn’t pay the paps. She gets caught everyday going to and from the gym, yoga and dance because she hits those places around the same time each day. She doesn’t deviate from that routine. We do not get many pics of her anymore in other places. The paps know the gym routine is a sure thing and Jared will post them because she always gets a lot of comments and hits. She brings revenue. Use some common sense people.

  29. 29
    Jr Says:

    I’ve never seen so many judgemental know it alls in my life. Well while she’s out having a life traveling all over the world, you’re stuck behind a computer pretending you’re important and what you say actually matters.

  30. 30
    jerk's paradise Says:

    @fellan: If he were going to and from the gym everyday instead of trolling in the clubs he’s get papped more. What does it matter? He never generates the number of comments that Hudgens does.

  31. 31
    tina Says:

    Let’s see Premium Rush- Joseph Gordon Levitt, The Butler- Alex Pettyfer. Just because they consider someone for a movie doesn’t mean they will make it. Vanessa people are just smart enough not to put it out until it’s etched in stone.

  32. 32
    the truth love Says:

    she’s a good person she don’t take drugs and she never drunk in public i love her Marry me V :)

  33. 33
    ehryle Says:

    Well the truth is Vanessa just doing her thing in her everyday life.. we are not in the position to stop her or either jj were not in-charge or controlling this site or V or the paps.. so just respect it! If u don’t like to see her everyday don’t go on her post or this site!! Chill guyz!

  34. 34
    lolo Says:

    Well aren’t you guys doing the same thing, sitting behind a computer and defend everything she does like you know it all.
    if tomorrow she turned out to be the complete opposite of what you think, then what will you do. you guys are here everyday. has no life what so ever. and having lot of comments make the owner of this site very happy but it does not make her famous.

  35. 35
    tina Says:

    @lolo over 30% of the comments are from people like you telling us what we should or should not post. Or someone comes to tell us what Zac is or isn’t doing. Can’t speak for the others but I’m on my tablet. You know one of those handy little devices that allow you to check the web while in the go? She really doesn’t need this site to make her “famous” she already is.

  36. 36
    lolo Says:

    Tina i was answering @jr on comment 29. i am sure %99 people here use phones and Tablets.

  37. 37
    tina Says:

    You mean 99%?

  38. 38
    lolo Says:


  39. 39
    emhm Says:

    nessa looks good next to the dumpster

  40. 40
    BOJI Says:

    The truth is Efron is not relevant on JJ. His so-called fans are busy posting on Vanessa’s threads trashing her and her fans here. So you out there know what to do right.
    Rachelle, what’s your problem? We happen to like Vanessa. The fact that she’s average looking or so some of you think so makes her more relatable. Beauty is only skin deep. What has adhered her to us is her beauty from within.
    Let me see, she has 2 true story movies and a not your average movie coming up. Okay, she’s not working now but she is working hard to maintain her fitness and physique. Welcome to Hollywood! Life goes on and this just what she’s doing until the next project. Love the girl.

  41. 41
    Getting ready to see zac? Says:

    @jerk’s paradise:
    You are absolutely right! The pics are always of her at the gym. Where has Austin been?

  42. 42
    tina Says:

    Working on Carrie’s Dairies?

  43. 43
    Getting ready to see zac? Says:

    Vanessa can do so much better than him! She needs to move on

  44. 44
    intric8 Says:

    Nice butt on van in that one pic

  45. 45
    Cole Says:

    No one xcares about GAYFRON hahahaha puto

  46. 46
    Cole Says:

    She is gorgeous

  47. 47
    TT Says:


  48. 48
    TT Says:

    the fact that you know everything about her life and career just proves you are one of those obsessed zanessa fans, and THAT’S SAD! loooool

  49. 49
    TT Says:

    you are so useless, at least she has a career and millions of $$ behind her! what do you have?

  50. 50
    TT Says:

    ik, her body is amazing!

  51. 51
    TT Says:

    @The Truth: the truth speaking this is the truth: you are obsessed with Vanessa.

  52. 52
    TT Says:

    i completely agree with you!

  53. 53
    KissThis Says:

    Jared, you should change the site’s name to… seriously, it’s getting old.

  54. 54
    TT Says:

    are you serious? TOP COMMENT HERE!!

  55. 55
    TT Says:

    ARE YOU JEALOUS? you sound like one of those (as everyone around call them) gayfrons fans! kinda pathetic if you ask me.

  56. 56
    zac el trolo Says:

    @Vanessa la Patetica:
    ah… si?

  57. 57
    TT Says:

    why you changed your name??

  58. 58
    TT Says:

    @Getting ready to see zac?:
    Vanessa is always spotted (twitter, facebook,tumblr sightings) with her boyfriend, last sunday they were spotted at the church, yesterday at Ikea, on Tuesday n Panera, they are out everyday! they are always together, its really adorable!

  59. 59
    wow Says:

    @Candice: what is the animated movie called ? who will she be working with ?

  60. 60
    Getting ready to see zac? Says:

    Hotel Transylvania

  61. 61
    TT Says:

    @Getting ready to see zac?:
    selena gomez?

  62. 62
    TT Says:

    @zac el trolo:
    your name haha PERFECT

  63. 63
    minah Says:

    Okay I’m a huge Vanessa fan but, these daily gym posts need to stop! Once every other day is perfectly fine. Anywho, I am envious of her body!

  64. 64
    Bo Says:

    omg I just noticed it now , it’s just about a week ago that zac was seen exiting a Thai restaurant and day before yesterday vanessa wrote that she would love to go to thailand thing on her blog , she specially mentioned there about food . mmm now that tells me something or what ! good work vanessa ! keep on working out . zac would love to see you in your old shape ! lol !

  65. 65
    siennagold Says:

    I think she works out and attends music festivals more than working on her career.

  66. 66
    oscar Says:

    Many people commented on her thread, and you wonder why paps keep on following her and jj posting her pics? Funny! Go on comment, rant, bash all you want! I, for one, enjoy all these pics I’m getting…

  67. 67
    tammy Says:


  68. 68
    tammy Says:

    She is soo pretty! love her smile!

  69. 69
    tammy Says:

    And i so want her body!

  70. 70
    tammy Says:

    oh God noo! we dont want her with that guy! he is such a horrible person!

  71. 71
    ehryle Says:

    Check this out sweet Vanessa and Austin :)

  72. 72
    lu Says:


  73. 73
    lu Says:

    LOL-ing at the zanessa fans, No one likes zanessa! VANESSA FOREVER!!!!!

  74. 74
    lu Says:

    OMG!!! So adorable

  75. 75
    Which guy? Says:

    Don’t tell me you are referring to Zac as horrible in #70

  76. 76
    sara Says:


  77. 77
    BlackCloud Says:

    you know out of a sea of young hollywood tarts shes the only one tht stands out to me (in a good way)

  78. 78
    ST Says:

    Sorry, but Vanessa and Austin do not look good together.

  79. 79
    intric8 Says:

    JJ thanks for that butt shot of Pudgens. It is clearly her best feature. I would nom nom nom that all day if i had the chance.

  80. 80
    maria Says:

    @BlackCloud: I agree. She’s got more personality, spunk, and charisma than most others. Some think she’s “average” in looks, but I think it’s personality that can make a woman beautiful. And she’s got LOTS of personality and charm. And she’s got guts. Gotta love a girl who doesn’t curl up in a ball and cry over her mistakes.

  81. 81
    ashley Says:

    WOW i haven’t seen Austin BUT-Face in a while…. I hope they BREAK UP!!! hahahaha maybe vanessa will realize that she was stupid to let zac go

  82. 82
    hfbagajhavbf Says:

    I love reading this .I am an older successful single man at present .I need an older woman who can love me back .I also uploaded my hot photos on Ŵėalthyluv. Ϲ○М…under the name of Craig..the largest and best club for seeking CEOs, successful and sexy people.users over 30 .if you girls see this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one whom i’m looking for!!LOL

  83. 83
    BO Says:

    omg , life is so weird . they are showing HSM 2 on a tv channel here .it’s so weird seeing zac as that teeny weeny boy whilst he is all grown up and manly in AAP premiere.

  84. 84
    Haters Suck! Says:

    No one gives a $hit. Take that crap to a zac post it has nothing to do with this one.

  85. 85
    lola Says:


  86. 86
    lola Says:

    She looks fabulous and radiant as usual!

  87. 87
    lola Says:

    they are hiding from the paparazzis. poor bbs <3

  88. 88
    lola Says:

    Vanessa always looks so relaxed, comfortable and happy with Austin! i’m glad she is happy with him!

  89. 89
    lola Says:

    do you realize that no one cares about Vanessa´s ex boyfriend here? Im not a fan of his work, and i dont care about his life, and im sure everyone here doesnt care about him. He is out of Vanessa´s life, so he is out of our lifes too.

  90. 90
    ST Says:

    The idea of zac and Vanessa getting back together is awesome, but unlikely at this point. I don’t get Austin either. She should move on soon.

  91. 91
    Gaby Says:

    TT= 58 story of Zac and Vanessa Hudgens still has not finished … much unresolved … because they never meet … seem to be fleeing the inevital Zanessa … forever …

  92. 92
    BOJI Says:

    Uh uh, I don’t think so. Vanessa and Austin are still very much together.

  93. 93
    Justin Says:

    She’s quite unattractive.

  94. 94
    florence2 Says:


    In no way is Zac a much bigger star than she is his movies haven’t been all that brilliant and all he win’s is teen choice awards not excatly oscar material, and he has’nt made it as big as the hype that surrounded him in HSM he is just another Disney kid who enjoys making movies and acting just like Vanessa.

    His problem is that he has tired to grow up to quick in the movie world and hence why he does all the sex movies he does now and openly admitted he loved it. He is doing his kind of movies and loves bragging about the scenes and making out with his leading ladies on and off the camera and Vanessa is doing her kind of movies but just without gushing and baragging about making out with co-star’s so for me Vanessa has more class than zac hand’s down.

  95. 95
    BO Says:

    No .Zac is no bigger star than Vanessa . He’s only had two blockbusters this year – 1. The Lorax grossing over $214m in US and over $337 m worldwide getting itself included in the 50 highest grossing animated movies ever not to mention the bunch of other records it has established in the history of animated movies – 2. TLO which is the most mature role he’s done so far grossing over$60m in US and over $91m worldwide against a budget of just $25 m .He’s only had one movie at cannes so far competing for palm de or .He only has one film competing at Venice and two films at TIFF and one film at TFF not to mention all these movies revolve around his character and have garnered really good reviews about his venturing in to adult roles .He only has around six new projects under his belt and one of them has the producer of The Dark Night Rises attached to it and only 3 films to come out .He’s only won two TCA’s this year against Rob Pat , Tatum ,Timberlake , Gosling and only picked up 4 nominations and his movies picked up only about 11 nominations on the whole at this year’s TCA He has won only around 7 awards and carried only around 17 nominations for his work in films since his leaving HSM .He only has two endorsment deals -Penshoppe and John John both .Clearly , he is no bigger star than Vanessa.

  96. 96
    BOJI Says:

    what has Efron got to do with this thread? He has his own thread. Vanessa has been trashed there but do you see any of us regulars there? I think not. He can be the next Tom Cruise or Leonardo De Caprio for all I care, just not interested in the comparison.

  97. 97
    J Says:

    Posting about Zac here is a waste of time. We.Don’t,Care, but hey, if it gives V more hits.. then why not? lol give her more hits, more pics will be posted.

    Aaahh, so excited!!

  98. 98
    BO Says:

    ha insufferable people , they don’t pay attention . I wrote that in reply to florence 2 . If you have some problem about bringing him up in a Vanessa thread , you should deal with him or the poster #25 .

  99. 99
    tina Says:

    Why is it that when Vanessa is up for an animated movie it’s ‘a joke’ but his fan bring up The Lorax (because it was his only movie to ever break 100million) like it’s gold.

  100. 100
    BO Says:

    other thing is why don’t these people understand the no. of hits has nothing to do with the no. of posts of a particular celebrity on this thread . if no. of hits prportional no.of posts , jerad butler’s posts should be on the site every freaking day every freaking hour every freaking minute every freaking second

  101. 101
    maria Says:

    @BO: NEWSFLASH……WE…….DO…….NOT……..CARE……..ABOUT ……….him. He is a distant memory. PLEASE go gush about that lame, spineless excuse of a man somewhere else. We do not post on his threads. No reason for you to post here, cause you have nothing good to say obviously.

  102. 102
    BO Says:

    these people are so ignorant even on such minor things . if they don’t know they should keep their mouths wide shut. for the information of such people ,Hairspray grossed over$200M worldwide and close to $120 in US and is the 4th highest grossing musical film in US history to this date .”his only movie to ever break $100m ” my **** !

  103. 103
    BO Says:

    a r se == sensored word

  104. 104
    BO Says:

    also 17 again = $136m and NYE=$142

  105. 105
    tina Says:

    This last year?

  106. 106
    ST Says:

    It does not matter what his movies gross or how big of a star he is! They were an adorable couple, but Vanessa clearly wants nothing to do with him. If she did she would not continue to avoid him 2yrs later.

  107. 107
    tina Says:

    Sorry I meant in the US not worldwide. 100 domestic is considered a block buster.

  108. 108
    BO Says:

    ok then . Hairspray only ( prior to lorax ) . TLO is known a blockbuster as well , ’cause it exceeded expectations by far and against a low budget .

  109. 109
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What part of no one cares don’t you understand? There are at least 3 new posts of your douchebag why don’t you comment on one of them? Honestly his monkey fans seem to obsess more with what Vanessa is doing then what he’s doing.

  110. 110
    maria Says:

    Can we please stop talking about someone else here?????

  111. 111
    maria Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Thank you, Haters. That lamebrain doesn’t comment on his posts, but insists on gushing here about his dumba$$ movies.

  112. 112
    maria Says:

    I think she took a wrong turn out of the looney bin or missed the boat out of Sri Lanka. Read about a boat heading to Australia from there. Sounds like a great place to live if people are that desperate to get out. Don’t blame them if they’re all like the ones who got lost here.

  113. 113
    BO Says:

    clumsybrain calling me lamebrain .lol ! anyway i’ve told this clumsy brain’ I can’t remember how many times ‘ times that the reason i don’t post on his threads is because it’s boring there .there’s no fans trying to strangle haters’ necks via the net sortta fight there .also i’d like to add something here .i’d have willingly taken every pain in posting numerous times over and over again 24/7 on each of his post if the no. of comments meant anything at all . but it doesn’t . the no.of comments on some gossip site hardly has any effect on his career nor indicate he is more famous than those with lesser no.of comments .take jerad butler for example .he has over 1000 comments on almost every post but who is he in hollywood – no one almost . take rob pat as the other example . his posts have like around 10 ,20 comments . though he might have bunch of haters on his tail , it can’t be disputed that he’s extremely famous and has a career . in that sense , ranting over commenting or the no.of comments is just bullshit.

  114. 114
    nessa Says:

    i love her…so excited for her new project.

  115. 115
    BO Says:

    i’m sure if a boat leaves US , they’ll definitely book a seat in it for this one .of course who won’t be happy to see the back of a clumsybrain like this . lol ! i wonder how she gives psychotherapy to patients when her own brain is in this state , clearly not fully functional .

  116. 116
    Gina Says:

    @BO , Whatever u say she is waaaaaaaay more famous than that crap of an ex .That’s why the comments…

  117. 117
    BO Says:

    GINA , there’s no foundation to what you say . clearly she gets ‘waaaay’ more comments than stewart and jen lawrence against who she competed for the award at the tca. in that sense she should have won the tca .

  118. 118
    J Says:


    anyways, one of TIFF’s most buzzed about

  119. 119
    maria Says:

    @BO: Honey, I don’t do PSYCHOtherapy, but you need some for sure. If I cared about the number of posts here and thought it meant ANYthing, I wouldn’t ask you to stop posting here. You have more posts than any of her actual fans. I just think there is no point to your posts here. We do not want to talk about your lover. And his posts are “boring” , cause WE DO NOT GO THERE to cause trouble, like you do here. How do you not get that? Only a “lamebrain” would not. If I knew I was not wanted somewhere, I would get out.

  120. 120
    tina Says:

    There’s a new article in Variety about SB, also.

  121. 121
    J Says:

    This one?

  122. 122
    Haters Suck! Says:

    So you find efron posts boring? Well if you’d like I could go on one of his posts right now and make them way more intresting for you. But then again I’m not like you. I’m not interested in causing trouble, I’m not interested in starting fights.

  123. 123
    BOJI Says:

    I wonder if Vanessa has not already left for Venice.

  124. 124
    ST Says:

    So many work outs she should look good in Venice

  125. 125
    ehryle Says:

    wooh here we go again!! discussion but out of the topic!! Well again this is VANESSA’S POST I hope you guyz can read it correct and clear as simple as that get it!… Thank you!

  126. 126
    maria Says:

    I find this absolutely beyond hypocritical…..

    intric8 @ 09/01/2012 at 9:05 am
    I CANT WAIT to see this movie. And i am backing Kristen all the way. She deserves a second chance, just like we all do. FORGIVE.

    Such a jerk.

  127. 127
    ehryle Says:

    @maria lol

  128. 128
    BOJI Says:

    That was I intric8? 2nd Chance? And here he’s giving Vanessa a hard time. He’s nothing but a male chauvinistic biased Kristen/ twilight er fan. And he talks about booty and boobs all the time. E qualizer, he says. It makes me think.

  129. 129
    Bo Says:

    Everyone, I would like to apologise for my animal like behaviour. It is because I was raised by the family pet, an orangutan, therefor my behaviour mimics my rearing. Ofcourse I do admire Gayfron, he reminds me of something I can never be; beautiful, famous and most of all wanted. Same goes with Vanessa, she is the embodiment of everything I can’t be.

  130. 130
    BOJI Says:

    Forgiven, aahh but I do love Orang Utans( hint hint) They’re adorable creatures.

  131. 131
    BOJI Says:

    Am in Aus right now freezing my butt off on this cold winter morning. One of the hot water taps busted and so had to shut the whole hat water system down. It’s a weekend and the plumbers make a killing on such a day so one more day in sufferrence. Such is life….

  132. 132
    BOJI Says:

    That was Off topic, I know. Here’s hoping to see Vanessa in Venice on the next thread,

  133. 133
    italian mom Says:

    Wish she could enter the town coming from the open sea, in a sunny glittering morning ( just like oriental princesses did along centuries, eheh! ) and keep that dreamy glitter in her eyes on the red carpet.
    And also would very much enjoy hearing some words in my language.
    BTW the weather will be fine when she comes.
    I hope she will find everything marvellous and be happy at the maximum level all the time.

  134. 134
    Keel Says:

    She is so cute.

  135. 135
    maria Says:

    @italian mom: All that would be lovely! Haven’t seen you in a long time, italian mom. Nice to see you post again.

    @BOJI: Goodness! I always forget it’s winter on the other side of the globe! Hope your trip otherwise is going well, Boji! Really looking forward to pics from Italy, and it’s so nice to hear all the excited buzz about this movie!

  136. 136
    BOJI Says:

    @ Maria, it is and it is supposed to be the first week of spring. Yep, am excited too about Vanessa’s trip. Wonder what she’ll be wearing.

  137. 137
    BO Says:

    Before the day ends in US , I would like to wish a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ZANESSA, THE MODERN REPLICA OF THE ANCIENT FAIRY TALE LOVE STORY OF SHAH JEHAN AND MUMTAZ MAHAL .Shower upon the world with your love , inspire the young hearts ,reunite once more and never ever let go of each other hence heal the wounded minds of thousands who wept upon the break up of you and who looked forward to the reunion till their eyes hurt ,get married and have a kid every year to form a ”staircase ” lol !
    a faithful Zanesa fan / a loyal Zac fan / a loyal Vanessa hater
    P.S. I fear the golden day (Sept 1 ) has ended in US too .Stupid dial up stopped responding completely .

  138. 138
    maria Says:

    @BOJI: She will look stunning, no matter what! That first week of spring is always a bit dicey, being either lovely or raw. I’m sad that our lovely summer is just about over here, though it’s still very warm. We are still swimming, and enjoying our coffee at the pool every morning, but it will get cool soon. But we always look forward to sweaters and boots too around here! Hope it warms up for you soon. No fun to travel if the weather is not cooperative, for sure. We visited my family in Europe and it rained buckets EVERY day we were there, but we made the most of it! Safe travels to you!

  139. 139
    maria Says:

    @BO: All I can say to that is, you don’t know what you have til you lose it. He will never find another Vanessa, who is an amazing mix of beauty, charm, adventure, spunk, smart, sweet, and sexy. That is what most guys love, and she has it a million times over. Austin is no fool…..he knows what he’s got, and he makes her happy. Efron allowed his friends and PR to interfere in his relationship, and no surprise, they are all gone. As is Vanessa. She needs more of a man who has a backbone and a better sense of what’s important in life. She wants a career, but personal happiness too. She’s got it right.

  140. 140
    BO Says:

    why in the name of merlin’s pants should he find another vanessa when this vanessa is totally available . aus is no fool , he won’t let her go but vanessa is no fool either , she knows full well aus is no match for her , i’m sure she’ll happily let go of him when she finds a better match .

  141. 141
    BOJI Says:

    All I have to say is I can’t stand the extreme heat and the cold. Perth is funny that way. Maria, thanks for sharing. And did I see what I just read ie the poster before you? Seriously!!! Who in blinking hell is Shah Jehan and Mumtaz Mahal? Romeo and Juliet? Beauty and the Beast? Nutcase personified.

  142. 142
    lola Says:

    Is she off to venice or what? didnt get gym pics of her from few days. as people say there has to be something true to all these similarities they have. even after the break up. their destiny is telling them to get back together.
    maybe nessa is already in venice zac is there also.
    (secret hook up hmmm)
    go zanessa.

  143. 143
    BO Says:

    ah! can’t say i’m surprised , don’t know who SJ AND MM are and this person claims to be is asian . lol ! doesn’t even know what goes around oneself but claims to know everything of some silly actress. well ,on the other hand no wonder this one doesn’t know what goes round oneself , she is too busy defending some stupid actress even to lift her head to look round even at her own kids .good night

  144. 144
    ST Says:

    Definitely! Austin will not be around too much longer. I thought Zac already left Venice.

  145. 145
    italian mom Says:

    @maria. I know I am the most silent of fans but surely totally affectionate as you and Boji and many others. I love very much reading you all. I’m sort of shy and not so easygoing at fighting in general, and especially in English
    Let me try something now.
    @ BO.You seem insecure about stepping into your adult life. You probably feel that something is not right in the response you get to your attempts among your pairs.
    Underneath you feel that Vanessa has all what it takes and you are obsessed, curious but arsh.
    So…calm down, take a long breath and think about human nature, driving instincts, the miracolous chemical of falling for each other, happiness, unhappiness, tolerance, forgiving, understanding, misunderstanding,the strenght to survive sorrows emproving consciousness and deepness instead of angst and depression.
    Try to shake down all boundaries you get into while doing this mental journey.
    Discover yourself as a potential new enriched person and only when you are sure that you are able to give wellness and you see that the response on your giving is great …start to think about mankind.
    Otherwise you could make someone you want …a really unhappy man forever.

  146. 146
    maria Says:

    @BO: She would never want a man who lets others dictate his life again. She was right to let go of a relationship that only served him. His heart may have been in it, but his head was not. He let others interfere. A woman deserves to be the most important thing to a man, and she was not. Clearly, his career was.

  147. 147
    maria Says:

    For those of you who don’t understand why we like her, and support her, this article says it all. No matter what, she is always true to herself, is strong, and has a beautiful spirit.

  148. 148
    caroline Says:


    #11 Vanessa Hudgens
    Being cool is being your own self, not doing something that someone else is telling you to do.

    Vanessa Hudgens has a long resume for her short career, and she’s seen her share of scandal to go along with it, but through it all, she’s been honest, and held her head high, and that’s why we all like her. She’s the pretty and popular girl who isn’t afraid to be herself, or make mistakes. She’s the kind of girl from whom we could all learn a thing or two.

    Career-wise, Vanessa has done a little bit of everything. From commercials to print ads, to children’s television, TV movies and big screen dramas, studio pop albums to on stage musicals, she really has just about done it all. And her career path has shown a definite pattern of growth. She went from guest spots on shows like Drake and Josh to tween superstardom with the likes of High School Musical, and then, she used Disney as a launching pad to get into music and bigger films. Over the last few years, she expanded her resume to include action movies and dramas that had her almost unrecognizable, proving to the fans who saw her as the wide eyed Gabriella Montez who was romanced by Troy Bolton, that she can do more than waltz around on rooftops or high school gymnasiums.

    And through all that work, her style has evolved as well. She’s stopped putting on the clothes that people tell her to wear, and started pulling together ensembles that are fun and funky. She’s a little bit boho chic and a little bit punk rock, but she can turn on the glamor on the red carpets. And she does this all while buying jewelry and accessories supporting organizations that foster free trade programs, or organizations that are run completely by women in impoverished countries. She’s long been someone her fans can look up to, even when photos of her in various states of undress and provocative poses began circling the internet. At first, she refused to comment on what were clearly private moments caught by the flash of a camera, but eventually, when critics began calling for her release from the wholesome Disney franchise that made her famous, she released a statement, assuring her fans that what she did was private, and yes, she was embarrassed that someone had decided to show these images to the rest of the world, but hopefully, other people could learn from the mistakes she made. Vanessa found a way to take something that was traumatic for her, and help her fans make better decisions. Despite what her critics might want you to think, it’s hard to find someone classier than that.

    Why You Chose Her
    She keeps fit because she loves feeling healthy, is never afraid to be herself and is also comfortable in her own skin. She is not afraid of being different because she believes that it’s her one and only body and life, and she appreciates it every single day. She also never fails to help others. She loves fashion and shops for accessories that are for a good cause. She loves her fans and encourage them to do something good, even if it is small. She may not win this but her fans know that she has one of the biggest hearts ever. – Lyana

    i really love her <3 Thats so beautifully written, Thank You Maria

  149. 149
    BOJI Says:

    @ Maria, that was so wonderfully written and says everything about Why we love the girl . thank you
    Caroline, thanks for amplifying this article.
    @italian mom, you’re a spiritual person, I can see. Welcome to the fold. And please do not hesitate to post the next time. Practise makes perfect.

  150. 150
    BO Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m laughing , tears pouring outta my eyes ha ha ha ha ha ha ha omg this stupid dumpster is killing me ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m ROTF LMAO ha ha ha ha ha ha AUSTIN BUTLER HAS GOT A POST TO HIMSELF ON JJJR ha ha ha ha ha ha jjjr has lost his mind ! ha ha ha ha ha ha ….

  151. 151
    BO Says:

    what a nice list , hilarry duff , ashley tisdale , joe jonace , vanessa hudgens – a bunch of fading teen stars and a set of other barely even heard of sortta names . superb list . i’m so relieved zac isn’t included . btw , did you notice , vanessa is followed up by none other than ashley – the other star subjected to your bash -herself with a gap of less than 700 votes . now that gives tells me this list is a great one .

  152. 152
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Like most of the things in your life I see you missed the point of the list. You’re just a plain idiot. It’s for people who are beautiful outside and has a good heart inside and is a good person. Zac doesn’t belong on that list as he’s nothing but trash.

  153. 153
    caroline Says:

    weren’t you so happy because your idol won a dreamy award? lol PLEASE! his team wanted him on the list, HE WAS ON THE LIST (Zac uses his twitter to promote himself and when he is donating something, like donating clothes!) but no one voted for him!

  154. 154
    Lyss Says:

    @caroline: What list are you guys talking about?? Just curious.

  155. 155
    lola Says:

    *So she support them By buying jewelry from the organizations. That must be very tiring. LOL

    who the freaking idiot wrote this. must be flipped out of her mind just like her idol.

    *she has photos of her undressed on internet.
    and because of her releasing a statement she kept her head high. LOL

    *and we all can learn a thing or two from her, ah no thanks.
    but yes we can, don’t take naked photos of yourself and put it on places where others can find it, you know like sending it to a guy who you just barely started dating, specialy when you are only a minor (sick).

  156. 156
    lola Says:

    And zac never used his twitter to promote his charity work. he never did. prove it darlin.
    and where is this list you are talking about. that zac was so desparate to be in. thank god he isn’t.
    vanessa hudgens, ashley tisdale who you guys bash all the time and we don’t even ever hear of her doing charity. and debby ryan. truly one fine list joe jonas yah right..

  157. 157
    maria Says:

    @Lyss: Portrait Magazine has a list of the top 20 celebs that are beautiful INside and out, that are nominated and voted on by people. I had put the link in my comment on the previous page, and Caroline included the write up in her post. Figures someone like Bo would trash the list. There’s a reason Vanessa is on that list. Cause she’s the real deal, is genuine, and loving to others, inspite of not being perfect.

  158. 158
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Want proof zac uses his twitter to promote his charity work, ok here ya go.

  159. 159
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Can’t believe I went on zacs twitter that made me just feel sick. Mental note never to do that again. And it’s amazing how efron fans ask for proof when it suits them but has no problem throwing accusations at others with absolutley no proof.

  160. 160
    tina Says:

    Love it when Vanessa wins or is include in something, it has to be flawed. Get over it SHE WON. Zac was nomined HE LOST. Go back to his sad post and make your inane comments.

  161. 161
    BO Says:

    dreamy awards are awarded for his contribution to acting not for doing some stupid ”show off” charity events . he does his part of charitable acts as does ”every” celeb .just because we don’t hear anything about him doing any doesn’t exactly mean he’s not doing them . as the private person as he is , he’d def keep them hidden .needless to say there are loads of celebs doing charity work undercover and never ever get any recognition nor they need any and those celebs do better charities than those who get any recognition , lol .

  162. 162
    tina Says:

    As Haters Suck! pointed out (and back up with proof) some people feel the need to promote themselves in twitter. How many tweets has Vanessa made again? That would be ZERO.

  163. 163
    BO Says:

    i don’t think zac would ever care to be included in some stupid ” beautiful outside inside or whatever ”poll conducted by some magazine . a celeb going downhill in her / his career but needs to remain in the spotlight would love this type of attention – guess the list is perfect LMAO ! he doesn’t need this type of things to keep him in the spotlight , his career is enough to serve that job . no wonder he changed pr team ! lol

  164. 164
    tina Says:

    Who’s movie got booed in Venice?

  165. 165
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What the fu#k are you talking about? You’re rambaling along like a stupid idiot not making any sense.

  166. 166
    BO Says:

    it can’t be a tweet written by him . who would ever call his own name . it should be written by his pr team . again no wonder he sacked the team .

  167. 167
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Maybe efron fans will finally learn something about proof (I doubt it). But it did make me sick to have to go on his twitter. Feel like i got some of his douchebagness on me.

  168. 168
    BOJI Says:

    Nutcase and that includes you Lola, go back to your idol’s thread and stay there. Funny how the Efron fans on his thread try to pick a fight with a poster there by saying”, you sound like a Vanessa fan”. When all that poster did was make a criticism. We get posters here from his threads openly bashing V and defending him. Now what do you call this?

  169. 169
    BOJI Says:

    Well, Zac has A PR team hard at work, isn’t it obvious?!

  170. 170
    Melo Says:

    Well vanessa’s team promote her charity work on her facebook page.

  171. 171
    BO Says:

    ha ha so Haters Suck Something , I think in your books supporting 2 children’s organisations doesn’t make him a person ”with a good heart inside and a good person ” . It makes him ”nothing but trash ” .lol you are stupid . you write a comment then give proof to some other comment which contradicts your previous comment . lol

  172. 172
    tina Says:

    She promote her charities, not herself for giving to them. That’s the difference.

  173. 173
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Well that’s because zac is a piece of trash. It’s amazing you spend all this time Vanessa posts but none on zacs. Are you really a zac fan or just a dumb b!tch who likes to cause trouble and get attention?

  174. 174
    BOJI Says:

    Always must have the last say, eh. So when did you saying you were going to back to your higher learning college, nutcase? You’re pathetic you know that, Vanessa hater. A supposed learned person with a mind set of a demented.

  175. 175
    BO Says:

    btw who’s film was booed at venice ? and yes , i’m sure zac’s pr team is hard at work , i’m pretty sure zac wouldn’t be too happy to see them on ice .pr team is hired for” work” not for day dreaming.same can be said about vanessa’s .

  176. 176
    BOJI Says:

    @ Haters Suck, she’s a dumb b I tch and you said it is an attention seeker who has nothing better to do with her life than wasting it on being an official Vanessa hater and wears it like a badge. She’d be better off joining the klu klux clan.

  177. 177
    BO Says:

    so now when zac’s pr team promotes his charities on twitter , it’s promoting zac and not his charities . when hudgens’ team does it , it’s promoting her charities not her and she is a goody good girl who doesn’t use charities to get publicity . la ,what a joke!

  178. 178
    BOJI Says:

    @ HatersSuck ignore this persona non grata.

  179. 179
    BO Says:

    Haters Suck Something , as always your comebacks are utterly weak .You can’t break the point I made so you are uttering nonsense . I didn’t say exactly when i am going to my higher learning college , you blundering babboon. you accuse me of spending my day on vannesa posts , isn’t that exactly what you are doing , may i ask and you are supposed to be a mother with kids . lol i on the other hand am single

  180. 180
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You’re right all zac fans want to do is start fights. They start fights on here, they try to start fights on his posts. Whats with these people just trying to cause trouble all the time?

  181. 181
    elle Says:

    because he likes to be in a magazine´s list about her body, than being in one because he is a good person, or because people around the world think he is a good person.. right…

  182. 182
    caroline Says:

    probably because he only cares to be on the list about a “pretty body” or “gorgeous abs” or “Young Heartthrob”, superficial much?

  183. 183
    Haters Suck! Says:

    First off I’m a guy u stupid idiot. Second that’s not what I asked. I said are you even a zac fan or just a dumb b!tch trying to cause trouble? You’re always in Vanessa posts and never in any of his. You’re just a stupid b!tch.

  184. 184
    elle Says:


  185. 185
    elle Says:

    oh come on, you are not even a hater,you are a little girl obssesed with a relationship, and you are still mad at Vanessa, because she doesnt want to live your “dream life”, she doesnt want your idol, she is happy without your idol, she has a better life without your idol, and you know what WE ARE LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT! Go to one of your idol´ posts here and talk about his absss or how hot you think he is, and here we are going to talk about how happy Vanessa looks now, how gorgeous she is, how happy her boyfriend makes her, how happy she looks with her friends and family, how proud we are of her because she keeps trying and is always taking auditions not just using her friends and/or conections, we are proud of her. and thats never is going to change!
    … you know what, keep “hating on her”, we are here and we all love her! hahahah

  186. 186
    BO Says:

    haters suck something , i’ve given a well defined answer to ur question in #183 in the previous post ,.it’s no use writing the same thing again and again when clearly to whom those are written have not enough brain power to understand them or keep them in mind

  187. 187
    BO Says:

    elle , yes , he doesn’t care to get included in such lists because he knows he’s a good person and his and the other people very close to him knowing that is enough for him .

  188. 188
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Right u don’t go on zac posts because there boring I believe u said. I could make them more intresting you’d like but I don’t waste my time on little boy efron

  189. 189
    BO Says:

    HSS, why you selectively extract ? doesn’t the low capacity of your brain doesn’t allow the other part of my comment to be memorised ? lol

  190. 190
    BO Says:

    HSS, why you selectively extract ? the low capacity of your brain doesn’t allow the other part of my comment to be memorised ? lol

  191. 191
    BO Says:

    elle , yeah yeah yeah , vanessa is so happy with aus , he’s so supportive caring loving protective – the same mantra again , so insufferable . what kind of a low profile guy wouldn’t love , care , support , protect a walking bucket of millions and fame like vanessa these people are so stupid and i’m sure she has a lot of fans but not enough to make her win over jen lawrence at tca . lol

  192. 192
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him

  193. 193
    BO Says:

    HSS, you have got to be talking about yourself . now that’s quite appropriate i’d say.

  194. 194
    BOJI Says:

    Wish I had a cyber bug spray to rid us of this Sri Lankan Pest. So annoying.
    @ Elle, your analysis of her is spot on.

  195. 195
    Bo Says:

    Again I must apologise, it seems I have sucked on Gayfrons hairless suck far too often that all I’m getting lately is dried powder. I am a tool with no life and poor education because Sri Lanka is full of wannabe Westerners like myself. I just want attention guys, I’m lonely :((

    I just need someone to love me, a real life prince charming!

  196. 196
    BO Says:

    now that’s quite an astounding number of thumbs up and thumbs down for the 6th 7 th pages . mmm sounds like someone was suspended at the university ; sacked from the job ; kicked out of the house by the husband and the kids ! lol

  197. 197
    ehryle Says:

    @BO kindly read the above title post, I hope you read it correctly VANESSA HUDGENS: Thursday Workout Women! u r out of content so I hope u understand and get it..just saying.. hello Venice Spring Breakers premiere at Sept. 5, 2012! see yeah..

  198. 198
    Kevin Says:

    Vanessa’s boards are a joke. People fighting back and forth, wonder what kind of IQs these commenters have. And some are suspossedly mothers probably in their 40s heading to 50 or even 60. U think they would know better.( boji, maria, tina etc) would be ashamed if u were my mothers. As for Bo, girl u need to let go of ur zanessa obsession and hating on van for whatever reasons u think. Its not healthy. There is no competition with one another, they dont have to do the samethings, get the same nominations and recognitions, life doesnt work that way. No one is actually better than the other, so stop pitching them against each other. They are not the first to breakup, that is life. Its funny how some pple hate him becos of what they think caused the breakup blah blah, that will be becos they thot they will be together 4ever and some hate her for moving on with her life, what is she to do pine for a guy that is no longer there forever? So BO please stop go praising him on his boards and live her alone. And maria unless van is the girl for every guy on earth, which she is not i think zac will find the right girl for him and then he will not let her go. And she will(that if austin is not the one) get the right man for her, have kids and be happy forever. I do know that they will both be fine and do well in their careers and personal lives and becos i know that i don’t have to hate either one.

  199. 199
    Supreme Says:

    Kevin nicely said man. these people think zac can’t find some other girl who will love him for him not his money. like did vanessa tell them that she really loved him for him, not for his fame.
    and bo stop bashing that guy austing. poor dude getting lot of hate from the zanessa fans, because he and vanessa is fake. well then thats why they just celebrated their anniversary.
    if zac and van were truly in love then they would have never let go of each other that easy. Hope he finds the girl soon and hope ausin makes her happy forever. (i wanna see austin and vanessa get married, i think they are perfect together).

  200. 200
    maria Says:

    @Kevin: That’s rich coming from a Zac fan, telling us we are a joke. You have no business telling me where I can go online and who I can support. Her threads have recently come under attack by this Bo, a Sri Lankan nutcase. That is NOT because of us ‘fighting’. And notice, WE don’t go to his threads and cause trouble there. So what would you have us do? Sit back and not respond to blatant, bitter hate? This is HER thread, and we have every right to be here, no matter WHAT age. Last I looked, there is no age requirement to post here or be a supporter of someone. I find this much better than shopping online, or being a PIA on FB. Being a mother gives me better insight to life’s strange twists and turns. That’s why I support her and her choices. And I never said Vanessa is the girl for every guy. I said he will never find another like her, cause she’s one in a million, as they say. He will find some model, taller than him, that will show up for red carpets as arm candy, and then be hidden away, cause he’s ‘so private’. What a life.

    And sorry, but I would much rather see an award for being as beautiful on the inside, than a dreamy nomination.

  201. 201
    Bo2 Says:

    The Sri LAnkan Bo comes off as being a smart mouthed cheeky little Miss Know It All. If you’re so educated everything you write is a contradiction. I presume you understand what that means. If not, then your education is a farce. If you’re a Gayfrons supporter that’s fine, but to push your ideals onto Vanessa fans makes you a huge foul mouthed crawling contradiction.

  202. 202
    ehryle Says:

    @Kevin ok u have ur point in V past and present relationship but I dont think all mother here can be ashamed off do u know how to respect older people they did not do anything crime here so deal with it!

  203. 203
    tina Says:

    @kevin if you really think it’s joke,why add to it. Who died and made you judge of what people should or shouldn’t do? Don’t CARE about Zac never comment on his board, I sure he is happy with his life. Really just care about Vanessa being happy in hers. To have a successful career an actor needs fans of all ages.

  204. 204
    BO Says:

    alright , you bloody ******** so bash me ! btw , who was that supreme said celebrated their anniversary ? it was Zanessa’s anniversary day before yesterday ! not this silly stupid pr couple’s

  205. 205
    Melo Says:

    @maria zac is one in a million also. and she will never find a guy like her. lets see who’s gonna cry when austin dumps her.

  206. 206
    Melo Says:

    @maria zac is one in a million also. and she will never find a guy like him. lets see who’s gonna cry when austin dumps her.

  207. 207
    tina Says:

    @Melo: If Austin dumps her you think she’ll be crying over Zac? Kinda twisted there.

  208. 208
    lola Says:

    lmao at all the gayfron fans here, loving how we are never on his threads anymore!

  209. 209
    lola Says:

    I just remembered we don’t go to efron’s threds because we don’t have anything to attack him for. we don’t get daily pics of him doing nothing. and he actually has a acting talent. sorry i forgot.

  210. 210
    BO Says:

    What austin will dump her ? the mere idea is just crazy . i don’t think he’ll ever do that . van is just too good a catch for him .i bet she’s his richest and most famous catch he’s ever had and will ever have . he knows that , obviously .he was so fortunate to come along at a time when vanessa was not in her proper sense , otherwise what kind of a girl – a quite rich and famous one will drool over a skinny Mr .Sagging Lower Lip like him .

  211. 211
    tumber Says:

    Vanessa is one in a million LOL
    you can find girls like her on the sidewalk.

  212. 212
    BO Says:

    What austin will dump her ? the mere idea is just crazy . i don’t think he’ll ever do that . van is just too good a catch for him .i bet she’s his richest and most famous catch he’s ever had and will ever have . he knows that , obviously .he was so fortunate to come along at a time when vanessa was not in her proper sense , otherwise what kind of a girl – a quite rich and famous one will drool over a skinny Mr .Sagging Lower Lip like him without any career nor not much dollars to spare at least to buy few t shirts.

  213. 213
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Yeah you keep thinking I have nothing to attack him over. If I really wanted to fu*k with you guys on his posts it’d be all to easy. But I choose not to I have better things to do with my time then to give efron any attention. Unlike efrons monkey fans I’m not looking for a fight or to cause trouble. Efron fans are still stuck 2 years in the past some even further then that. While some of us are trying to move on.

  214. 214
    lola Says:

    GAYFRON, his name is GAYFRON! and we don’t go there because he is not even relevant here.
    yeah, he never get comments when he has his clothes on, kinda sad how he is always working just with his friends (and how some of his friends are using him too) but he probably deserve those friends. doesn’t he get any offers anymore? or is he too afraid to start taking auditions again? when was his last one? Hairspray? LOLOLOLOLOL.
    at least Vanessa doesnt have anything to hide, she has a healty life style, a present family with her, and a stable relationship, yeah, she doesnt have anything to be afraid of.
    and this is her thread, her post. looooooooooooooool

  215. 215
    BOJI Says:

    @Kevin, your condescending attitude makes me glad you’re not my son. My offspring/s and young relatives know I’m a fan and what I do. Nothing to be ashamed of for being a fan and hubby even acknowledges to friends that I’m a big Vanessa fan. I take great pains to tell anyone who care to listen why I’m a fan. I do not shove her down anyone’s throat but only defend her when I hear anything negative being said about her.
    And you Sri Lankan nutcase is just that. surprised that your parents haven’t confiscated your laptop already. Bet they don’t know what you’ve been up to.

  216. 216
    BOJI Says:

    And being a mature fan has its pluses. I can afford to treat a few to see her movies.

  217. 217
    tina Says:

    Ahhh, two lola’s, that explains it.She should be leave for Venice in a day or two. From there it’s Toronto. Sept 15 she’ll be getting her award. She should soon start promotions for FG. She took time to enjoy her life (only two months and stil manage to film yet another movie). When bloated celebrities disappear then reappear less bloated,hmm, can you say rehab?

  218. 218
    tina Says:

    @BOJI: So agree with you Boji, We can buy the ticket without asking mom or dad.

  219. 219
    J Says:

    I’m so happy that V will also attend TIFF! :)

  220. 220
    maria Says:

    @Supreme: Hate to break it to ya, but she DID love him LONG before he became anyone, before he was good looking, before he got ‘too cool’ for simple folk. So yeah, it certainly wasn’t his looks or his HSM carrer back then. She isn’t a shallow person.

  221. 221
    BO Says:

    these people obviously never go to his thread but b u t t in and talk absolute $hit with no basis what so ever . ” he never gets comments when he has his clothes on ” my a r s e ! Mo , Adam weren’t his in bornfriends , they became friends only after having him in their projects .now they’ve once had him in their projects and had them succeeded they are hungry for more of him in their projects .they’ve seen how having him in films garners appeal causing them to become box office hits . producers , directors don’t continuosly hire actors unless the actors make the projects a success , they only choose those who have the potential to make their projects succeed . sad , that same cannot be said about vanessa .they’ve seen his talent , so obviously don’t press for auditions and btw how can you be so sure he doesn’t audition ?

  222. 222
    maria Says:

    @BOJI: Exactly, Boji. My kids know I am a fan too. My son thinks she’s hot, and my daughters like her too.

    And tina, I totally agree an actor needs fans of ALL ages. It helps them have a longer career. How many teen actors, popular with just the teenies, make it as adult actors, without an older fan base as well?

  223. 223
    J Says:

    double standards I tell ya!

  224. 224
    BOJI Says:


  225. 225
    BOJI Says:

    @221 is a NutCase.

  226. 226
    BOJI Says:

    Another point in fact is mature fans are more stable and less likely to be fickle minded. We know our minds. Vanessa is truly blessed to have fans of all ages,

  227. 227
    Justin Says:

    OMG Vanessa has the WORST fans ever!! Listen to you guys, you all sound so freakin’ pathetic!!

  228. 228
    Haters Suck! Says:

    It’s gonna suck man. Ive been looking forward to seeing Vanessa in Venice and toranto for a while. But instead of getting to enjoy it for as long as I’d like too I’m gonna have to deal with the efron monkeys who are going come to start a fight. They’ll try and make everything about him again. Gotta try and block it out.

  229. 229
    BOJI Says:

    @Haters Sucks, I’m right with you.

  230. 230
    BO Says:

    #225 is a baboon

  231. 231
    J Says:

    Do not be quick in generalizing people.. it’s embarrassing…

  232. 232
    Kevin Says:

    All i waz tryin to say to the mothers is that they should know better than to exchange words with BO. But they do it probably becos they enjoy it. She would have been long gone. But as i said the board is a joke there is always an excuse to fight. It is obvious bo is delusional from the things she writes,there clearly no reasoning with her. For maria yes she is a girl in a million but she cant be for everyone and since it is clear she isnt for him, then she will get her right guy or she has found him and he his actual right girl even if she is a model. Is there anything wrong with models?

  233. 233
    ST Says:

    Enough with comparing her to Zac! It will be 2 yrs in a couple months. He is definitely hot, but there are a lot of hot guys and a string of actors right behind him. She will find the perfect guy one day and be thankful that relationship ended!

    Is she in Venice? Must be. I am sure she will look beautiful like she always does

  234. 234
    BOJI Says:

    Ok, playtime is over. Kevin, if you want to make your point kindly spell out your words correctly. Ok, if you had followed our posts we do try and ignore this poster but she keeps popping up like a zit and spoils it with her nonsense. Irritating you call it. I’m just here to support our girl and hate for the last post on her thread to be from an ignoramus.

  235. 235
    BO Says:

    how is that all of us get one thumb down and kevin doesn’t . now that should give us some idea who did the thumb down ! lol also kevin i’m telling ya , you could have done better than to b u t t in and destroy our ”fun” .

  236. 236
    maria Says:

    @Kevin: Let’s just say they are mostly pretty vacuous, shallow, and enamored of fame and money. That should be just perfect for him. She will find her guy, one who has a backbone, a sense of priorities, and a sensitivity chip. The ex lacked all those things. And again, I never said she was the girl for everyone, and especially not for him. She is strong-willed, honest, loving, and wants to live her life as normally as possible. He does not want someone like that.

  237. 237
    BO Says:

    now that’s a damn lie . they never ignore me not that i would go away if they did . well , kevin i think you got one point right .these mothers are having some fun .afterall just because someone is wrinkly , withering, trembly , humping doesn’t exactly mean you can’t have fun and in that sense this is the ideal type , you know doesn’t have to move about too much .

  238. 238
    tina Says:

    I agree with maria, when we ignore her she starts having a conversation with herself (in a different language).You obviously haven’t seen her on other post. I’m sure Zac will find someone for him, someone who doesn’t care what her spouse does because their both in it for the money.

  239. 239
    ST Says:

    Why are we still talking about Zac here? I am no Zac hater, but I can’t believe I keep reading about some dumb scene with Nicole Kidman peeing on him. That is just ridiculous and stupid! If he wants to be taken seriously he should do a movie which does not include him being matched up with a woman 20yrs older! Is that them trying to expand his following to middle aged women? Come on!

  240. 240
    tumber Says:

    Enamored of fame and money, thats why he keep doing indies. puh lease
    And she want to live a normal life getting pictured every second of the day and being plasterd on gossip sites everyday (its not that she can’t stop it) pretty normal life that is.
    ofcause he don’t want somebody like that who has no idea of privacy.

  241. 241
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I don’t give a $hit what zac wants. I don’t understand why his fans can’t move on or need to make everything about him.

  242. 242
    ST Says:

    She is mostly pictured going to work out. It is her routine and easy for them to snap some pics. How is that her fault? I doubt she goes out of her way to get these pics of her unshowered with hair back in workout clothes. Come on!!!

  243. 243
    BO Says:

    whatever you say Paperboy is a serious film- that’s why it competed at Cannes and zac was a part of it

  244. 244
    tina Says:

    @tumber: He’s doing indie because that is what he can book. That or RomComs he know this and has said so.

  245. 245
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I do not care about the fuc*ing paperboy. It has nothing to do with Vanessa. Vanessa remeber who’s post this is. Doesn’t say zac efron anywhere on it.

  246. 246
    BO Says:

    vanessa hudgens and katie holmes appear to me like two peas in a pod .both are extreme fame w h ores and both do it without class and both use people around them in their PDA’s – vanessa – sagging lower lip ,katie – poor little suri

  247. 247
    ST Says:

    It is clear people some people can’t separate the two! They don’t even hang out or talk! She has been with Austin over 6 mos now. Move on!
    I am still wondering when she arrives in Venice. Tomorrow?

  248. 248
    tumber Says:

    tina you maid me laugh so hard. so she’s getting better films than him, and doing blockbusters right hi hi
    she can’t even carry a film by herself. even in SB selena is the lead.

  249. 249
    ST Says:

    Why are you comparing her with Zac? so dumb

  250. 250
    tamina Says:

    Guys selena is in paris. when is vanessa going? do both of them have the same publicist? just saw some pics of sel there with nessa’s publicist. Or is she already there?

  251. 251
    ST Says:

    @BO: really? Now Katie Holmes is dragged to this? LOL How can you possibly compare them! You are so clueless!!

  252. 252
    tina Says:

    @tumber: You must be thirteen or fourteen it ‘maid” you laugh…well when you finish laughing pick up a dictionary. You’ve aready seen SB so you know who in the lead? Good to know.

  253. 253
    maria Says:

    @tumber: I was answering someone else’s question. I was talking about MODELS. And yeah, going to the gym, dance class, or to the market is normal stuff that she shouldn’t have to hide from, and she doesn’t, and she is NOT plastered in ‘gossip sites’ other than this one. There’s NOTHING to gossip about….she’s in a good relationship, enjoyed some time off, and is now off to promote some upcoming movies. What you see, is what you get with her. No pretense, no acting like someone she’s not, and no schmoozing/sleeping around. So nothing to gossip about.

  254. 254
    Jams Says:

    Yes guys, why are you comparing zac and vanessa? she isn’t even worth comparing with him.
    He is in a different league remember. a A lister with a real career, on the other hand vanessa is a D lister with a barely there career.

  255. 255
    ST Says:

    She should be in Venice soon!

  256. 256
    tina Says:

    @tamina: I saw that picture and seen Brit in the background. I don’t know, but he is there.

  257. 257
    lola Says:

    please, gayfron is just a hot guy, no one takes him serious, that’s why he is always working with the same people.
    just FYI this is a Vanessa´ post, and you are here, so you care about her and about what she is doing… mmm, you are another zanessa delusional fan! lololololo

  258. 258
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I’ll say it again zacs fan base is the most evil and cruel one there is. I thought that title belonged to bieber fans but I was wrong. I guess when you idolize an a$$hole you become one yourself. Efrons monkeys are stuck in the past and can’t move on with their lives.

  259. 259
    ST Says:

    l @lola: I agree!! What I don’t get is if you believe zac to be so much better and above V, why are you on here talking about her? Leave her alone!

  260. 260
    BEAN Says:

    All these people who come here to start a fight don’t care about vanessa nor they want zac and vanessa together again . believe me they don’t give a rat’s *** they are just bored . so they come here write things her fans don’t like , then they piss her fans off, and fun begins . its fun for everybody , don’t tell me her fans don’t enjoy it . and you don’t have to follow her as a fan for years to know things about her , just google her name and she’s everywhere on gossip sites for the same reason kardashians are . for doing nothing . all his fans know he’s way better off without her , they just come here to piss you off.
    Incase her fans are wondering why his fans come here.

  261. 261
    ST Says:

    If Vanessa decides to date Zac again one day because that would make her happy, good for her. The delusional fans like mentioned earlier – the ones who believe everything Vanessa does is somehow related to Zac is what annoys me!

  262. 262
    anon Says:

    @haters suck doesn’t matter you go on his threds and f*ck with his fans sure you did when they first broke up all you guys were there f*cking with his fans back then but the thing is you don’t have enough facts or reasons or for that matter evidence to start a fight . and his fans does her kissing austin right when the paps are around and literely dry h*mping in public is enough for them
    you don’t see him doing that she says she want to be taken as a serious actress but whose gonna take her serious when she acts like this. you guys don’t believe she call the paps but the other people in the industry knows how the game works and they know she’s playing it. and its obvious she don’t have much respect among her pears pears as in the adult actors who actualy has a reputation in the industry.

  263. 263
    tina Says:

    Brit’s in place, she’ll be flying out today or tommorow for sure.

  264. 264
    tamina Says:

    @ST i don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but even i feel some things they does are somehow connected, i think thats why all these zanessa fans haven’t lost their hope on them. like even look now they are both probebly in venice at the same time, weird but true. anyways i truly think all those things are just coincidences. and i don’t see her going back to him leaving a healthy relationship like she has with austin.

  265. 265
    ST Says:

    @anon: what other actors have stated she calls the paps? Please! These are things fans like you make up because you are stuck in the past and can’t get over Zanessa nonsense.

  266. 266
    tamina Says:

    If you look at it that way you can’t blame the zanessa fans. they are just so emotionally envolved in a relationship that they thought was forever. but it wasn’t.

  267. 267
    tina Says:

    Where do these people come from? It’s a sad commentary on the US school system. While it makes me laugh it also makes me want to cry . Pears (are you calling him a fruit?)lol. Of course you, who need to be hooked on phonics, know all about how the industry works. Next you’ll be “actualy” quote his pears (or do you “actually” mean peers) Love that she has a man you want to kiss he, you should find yourself one.

  268. 268
    ST Says:

    I would like to know if they are both in venice now. She was either there this am Italy time or heading out soon.

  269. 269
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Wow so you don’t like her because she kisses her boyfriend omg how horrible. So she can’t kiss her boyfriend, but zac can grope and kiss and “dry hump” another guys girlfriend right in front of him on a beach and that’s perfectly ok? It’s a backward ass world we live in.

  270. 270
    maria Says:

    @anon: Oh, please, quit the drama. She had A few vacation pics from private resorts splashed around and now she’s ‘dry humping’ all the time? She’s not doing anything wrong in her personal life. It’s better to be in a normal, happy, stable relationship, than being seen at Bootsy’s or Beecher’s all the time, walking out of burlesque shows with wet pants, standing naked on balconies or with your hands down your pants, or being owned by Arab playboys. I like the way she lives and no director would ever have a problem with her or her work ethic.

  271. 271
    tori Says:

    the only coincidence between Katie and Vanessa is that both of them were involved with a closeted gay.

  272. 272
    Haters Suck! Says:

    LOL!!! Good one. I had a few other comparisons in mind but I’ll keep them to myself.

  273. 273
    ST Says:

    @tamina: i will admit to being a zanessa fan to some degree. They were absolutely adorable!!!! I just don’t get the hate on Vanessa and love for zac for some – is it because she is in a relationship which is believed to somehow stand in the way of a reunion? She did not end it with him. He did. If anything she looks really good now. What did she do to deserve the anger?

  274. 274
    TT Says:

    i’ve been following Austin and Vanessa and i think they celebrated their 1st year anniversary ,the last week of august / the 1st week of september. So she has been with Austin for over 1 year now.

  275. 275
    tamina Says:

    @st even i don’t understand what the reason is. the fact that i don’t hate on them. i will never get it. why this much hate. Cant people just be happy that they ended their relationship without any drama. as that bean person said they are bord so they come here to piss us off. And have fun.

  276. 276
    tina Says:

    @maria: The mom in me is coming out. I couldn’t get pass the bad grammer and misspellings to even understand what @anon was trying to say. Some times I have no problem with it (I know a lot of people are from different countries) but this was just horrible. When she/he went on to explain “pears” well I just have no words.

  277. 277
    ehryle Says:

    Well Happy Anniversary to V & Austin!

  278. 278
    maria Says:

    @tina: The grammar, punctuation, and spelling drive me nuts too. But ” the pears” actually had me laughing!!

    So if the strategy of Efron’s fans is just to tick people off, then that tells us a lot about the lowlifes they are. No, we DO NOT enjoy it, Mr Bean. It’s disgusting that they are classless enough to enjoy hating that much.

  279. 279
    tina Says:

    @maria what got me was the way she explained “pears” in that condescending manor. Lol

  280. 280
    maria Says:

    @tina: It’s one thing to be critical of the ex, if we don’t like him, but it’s another to see the way his fans attack us personally, not just hate on Vanessa. They attack who we are, make ludicrous assumptions about our personal lives, and ALL because WE are on HER posts, defending her. They attack husbands, accuse us of being embarrassing to our kids, and completely insult our intelligence. Then, another smarta$$ thinks it’s not ok to defend ourselves. May I remind those people, WE are in the right place. YOU Efron fans are in the WRONG place.

  281. 281
    BOJI Says:

    @Maria, and I’m with you. Just because we are mature fans and Vanessa is a young adult doesn’t mean we cannot appreciate her as a person and an actress. We are also normal people with normal lives and have a shared interest.

  282. 282
    maria Says:

    @BOJI: Exactly, Boji. We don’t question others and why they are fans, or care how old any one is. We just have that shared interest, like you said. I have lots of other interests, as we all do. We are here for mere minutes of our days, and shame on those people who don’t think we have VERY full lives.

  283. 283
    tina Says:

    @boji, maria I agree.

  284. 284
    BO Says:

    Zac is at the Telluride .

  285. 285
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Zac can be in china for all I give a $hit. I don’t care

  286. 286
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @BO: Oh for goodness bl00dy sake, will you building a fcuking bridge already and the the hell over yourself, and stop acting like your $hit don’t stink.

  287. 287
    BO Says:

    ah! no . Zac did not attend Telluride , only Ramin and Quaid did . .Also I am so happy for him .His acting has got lot of good reviews . Almost all of them are good .They say perfectly acted , great form blah blah blah .He’ll be the next Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp .His own director said it !HA! bless you my boy !

  288. 288
    maria Says:

    He’ll be the next Cruise all right. He’s a nutcase who has to have potential GF’s audited and sign privacy contracts, is probably a closeted gay, and still can’t act, cranking out one lousy movie after another. His personal life is a mess too. Yeah, I’d say he’s there already.

    So, the SB cast is scheduled to have a private dinner tonight in Venice, and share some behind the scenes cast photos. So looking forward to this movie, as well as the others coming out. All so different, and so far from Gabriella. I love the way she challenges herself.

  289. 289
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Oh he’ll be the next cruise alright. An ego maniacal, self absorbed, maniac, who lets others dictate his life for him. Heck he’s already 3 outta 4 in those categories. The only thing left is the maniac part.

  290. 290
    Ray Says:

    Challenges herself ( you mean career wise) what a joke.

  291. 291
    BO Says:

    lousy movies , mmm let me see .
    1.Hairspray – $ 202 m / 4th highest grossing US musical film ever
    2.17 again -$136m
    4.The Lorax -$337m- one of the 50 highest grossing animated movies in the world(70 m)
    6.The Paperboy – competing at the palm de or at Cannes
    sure his movies are lousy .oh ! sure he’s had 2 or so box office failures – CSC grossing barely above the budget and MAOW -an extreme flop , but that doesn’t mean all his films are lousy or crap.
    let’s look at the movies of the person who does no-lousy movies
    1.Bandslam-$12m ( budget.- 20m )
    3.Sucker Punch-$89m (82m)
    sure zac’s films are lousier !

  292. 292
    __ Says:

    no matter how much her fans try to prove it she have no talent what so ever can’t act out of a paper bag is best known for being the girl zac efron ones dated and always will be and so far haven’t done anything to prove that she deserves to be in hollywood and never will although her fans are exited mark my words she wont be here in five years

  293. 293
    tori Says:

    he will be the next tom, “cooke” boy, aka gayfron will be the next tom cruise.

  294. 294
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I guess zac fans will never move on with their lives. It’s been nearly 2 years when are you going to move on? Like I said he has the evilest most cruel fan base out there.

  295. 295
    J Says:

    lots of fortune-tellers up in these posts, although, needs some spell-check on their

  296. 296
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I think I just did something stupid. I just went on a zac post and left a little comment. I don’t think I shoulda done that and something tells me I’ll regret it. Oops. Oh well its done now cant do anything about it.

  297. 297
    J Says:

    I think it’s not on who’s a better actor, who has more awards and better movies, who is more relevant etc..

    It’s who we think is a better person to be fans of. For ME, she is a a better human being and if she fades into oblivion in 5 years and Zac wins an Oscar, I really don’t care as she, RIGHT NOW, is being the celebrity I want to be a fantard for.

  298. 298
    luna Says:

    @Haters Suck!:
    please don’t go to his posts =( now he will get some comments! we are not like his fans! please dont go again!!

  299. 299
    J Says:

    Although, reasons for being a fan is relative… oh well, GO V! I cannot wait to see you at Venice!

  300. 300
    metoo Says:

    Zac is not the next tom cruise, he’s the next brat pitt and vanessa is the next angelina jolie. i want her to do a action movie like lara croft and kick some ***. and be the lead.

  301. 301
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You’re right. That was a stupid thing to do I just couldn’t help myself they are crying over people hating on zac and I just said his fans are the most hateful people there are. Bunch of hypocrites. Still I shouldn’t have gone over there and I won’t do it again.

  302. 302
    Justin Says:

    her career is done loser.

  303. 303
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Feel free to yell at me but I kinda went over there again. My bad. $hit I barley said anything but I got them all buzzing now. Oops.

  304. 304
    italian mom Says:

    How long waiting for some Venice photos??
    It’s 6 o’clock pm here. Maybe they all are just going out for a walk.
    In 2 or 3 hours I think we can see something.

  305. 305
    OMG Says:

    Vanessa just landed in Venice. There is a Twitter pic. The girl that is in the pic is the same girl that posed with Zac and posted it on her Twitter.

  306. 306
    Fan Here Says:

    “Spring Breakers screening has the longest line in Venice this year. Massive”


  307. 307
    Fan Here Says:

    The queue for Spring Breakers is Ridiculous. And this is me getting here early.

  308. 308
    Fan Here Says:

    this is a Korine film, i’m glad everyone want to see it, it will be another cult movie, just like Trash Humpers and Gummo! Im glad Korine doesnt give a **** about the critics and yet everyone is there!!

  309. 309
    Too bad..... Says:

    @OMG: I was hoping she had arrived early and spent a couple days with zac under the radar…. We can dream ;)

  310. 310
    Fan Here Says:

    yaaaaaaaayyy Austin is with her ♥

  311. 311
    ST Says:

    Aw, she looks cute but why is he with her! I wish she would move on from him already

  312. 312
    maria Says:

    @Fan Here: Lovin’ all the excitment over this movie! Great comments on Franco, Hudgens, Gomez!

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