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Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens hides her face under her “Faith” cap as she leaves her local gym on Thursday morning (August 30) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress showed off her svelte figure in a tiny pair of short shorts and tank.

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In case you missed it, check out this recently released clip from Vanessa‘s upcoming flick Spring Breakers, which also features James Franco, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson.

Spring Breakers
will premiere at the 2012 Venice Film Festival, which is currently underway.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her gym…

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vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 01
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 02
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 03
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 04
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 05
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 06
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 07
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 08
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 09
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 10
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 11
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 12
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • TT

    @The Truth: the truth speaking this is the truth: you are obsessed with Vanessa.

  • TT

    i completely agree with you!

  • KissThis

    Jared, you should change the site’s name to… seriously, it’s getting old.

  • TT

    are you serious? TOP COMMENT HERE!!

  • TT

    ARE YOU JEALOUS? you sound like one of those (as everyone around call them) gayfrons fans! kinda pathetic if you ask me.

  • zac el trolo

    @Vanessa la Patetica:
    ah… si?

  • TT

    why you changed your name??

  • TT

    @Getting ready to see zac?:
    Vanessa is always spotted (twitter, facebook,tumblr sightings) with her boyfriend, last sunday they were spotted at the church, yesterday at Ikea, on Tuesday n Panera, they are out everyday! they are always together, its really adorable!

  • wow

    @Candice: what is the animated movie called ? who will she be working with ?

  • Getting ready to see zac?

    Hotel Transylvania

  • TT

    @Getting ready to see zac?:
    selena gomez?

  • TT

    @zac el trolo:
    your name haha PERFECT

  • minah

    Okay I’m a huge Vanessa fan but, these daily gym posts need to stop! Once every other day is perfectly fine. Anywho, I am envious of her body!

  • Bo

    omg I just noticed it now , it’s just about a week ago that zac was seen exiting a Thai restaurant and day before yesterday vanessa wrote that she would love to go to thailand thing on her blog , she specially mentioned there about food . mmm now that tells me something or what ! good work vanessa ! keep on working out . zac would love to see you in your old shape ! lol !

  • siennagold

    I think she works out and attends music festivals more than working on her career.

  • oscar

    Many people commented on her thread, and you wonder why paps keep on following her and jj posting her pics? Funny! Go on comment, rant, bash all you want! I, for one, enjoy all these pics I’m getting…

  • tammy


  • tammy

    She is soo pretty! love her smile!

  • tammy

    And i so want her body!

  • tammy

    oh God noo! we dont want her with that guy! he is such a horrible person!

  • ehryle
  • lu


  • lu

    LOL-ing at the zanessa fans, No one likes zanessa! VANESSA FOREVER!!!!!

  • lu

    OMG!!! So adorable

  • Which guy?

    Don’t tell me you are referring to Zac as horrible in #70

  • sara
  • BlackCloud

    you know out of a sea of young hollywood tarts shes the only one tht stands out to me (in a good way)

  • ST

    Sorry, but Vanessa and Austin do not look good together.

  • intric8

    JJ thanks for that butt shot of Pudgens. It is clearly her best feature. I would nom nom nom that all day if i had the chance.

  • maria

    @BlackCloud: I agree. She’s got more personality, spunk, and charisma than most others. Some think she’s “average” in looks, but I think it’s personality that can make a woman beautiful. And she’s got LOTS of personality and charm. And she’s got guts. Gotta love a girl who doesn’t curl up in a ball and cry over her mistakes.

  • http://justjared ashley

    WOW i haven’t seen Austin BUT-Face in a while…. I hope they BREAK UP!!! hahahaha maybe vanessa will realize that she was stupid to let zac go

  • hfbagajhavbf

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  • BO

    omg , life is so weird . they are showing HSM 2 on a tv channel here .it’s so weird seeing zac as that teeny weeny boy whilst he is all grown up and manly in AAP premiere.

  • Haters Suck!

    No one gives a $hit. Take that crap to a zac post it has nothing to do with this one.

  • lola


  • lola

    She looks fabulous and radiant as usual!

  • lola

    they are hiding from the paparazzis. poor bbs <3

  • lola

    Vanessa always looks so relaxed, comfortable and happy with Austin! i’m glad she is happy with him!

  • lola

    do you realize that no one cares about Vanessa´s ex boyfriend here? Im not a fan of his work, and i dont care about his life, and im sure everyone here doesnt care about him. He is out of Vanessa´s life, so he is out of our lifes too.

  • ST

    The idea of zac and Vanessa getting back together is awesome, but unlikely at this point. I don’t get Austin either. She should move on soon.

  • Gaby

    TT= 58 story of Zac and Vanessa Hudgens still has not finished … much unresolved … because they never meet … seem to be fleeing the inevital Zanessa … forever …

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comyy BOJI

    Uh uh, I don’t think so. Vanessa and Austin are still very much together.

  • Justin

    She’s quite unattractive.

  • florence2


    In no way is Zac a much bigger star than she is his movies haven’t been all that brilliant and all he win’s is teen choice awards not excatly oscar material, and he has’nt made it as big as the hype that surrounded him in HSM he is just another Disney kid who enjoys making movies and acting just like Vanessa.

    His problem is that he has tired to grow up to quick in the movie world and hence why he does all the sex movies he does now and openly admitted he loved it. He is doing his kind of movies and loves bragging about the scenes and making out with his leading ladies on and off the camera and Vanessa is doing her kind of movies but just without gushing and baragging about making out with co-star’s so for me Vanessa has more class than zac hand’s down.

  • BO

    No .Zac is no bigger star than Vanessa . He’s only had two blockbusters this year – 1. The Lorax grossing over $214m in US and over $337 m worldwide getting itself included in the 50 highest grossing animated movies ever not to mention the bunch of other records it has established in the history of animated movies – 2. TLO which is the most mature role he’s done so far grossing over$60m in US and over $91m worldwide against a budget of just $25 m .He’s only had one movie at cannes so far competing for palm de or .He only has one film competing at Venice and two films at TIFF and one film at TFF not to mention all these movies revolve around his character and have garnered really good reviews about his venturing in to adult roles .He only has around six new projects under his belt and one of them has the producer of The Dark Night Rises attached to it and only 3 films to come out .He’s only won two TCA’s this year against Rob Pat , Tatum ,Timberlake , Gosling and only picked up 4 nominations and his movies picked up only about 11 nominations on the whole at this year’s TCA He has won only around 7 awards and carried only around 17 nominations for his work in films since his leaving HSM .He only has two endorsment deals -Penshoppe and John John both .Clearly , he is no bigger star than Vanessa.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comyy BOJI

    what has Efron got to do with this thread? He has his own thread. Vanessa has been trashed there but do you see any of us regulars there? I think not. He can be the next Tom Cruise or Leonardo De Caprio for all I care, just not interested in the comparison.

  • J

    Posting about Zac here is a waste of time. We.Don’t,Care, but hey, if it gives V more hits.. then why not? lol give her more hits, more pics will be posted.

    Aaahh, so excited!!

  • BO

    ha insufferable people , they don’t pay attention . I wrote that in reply to florence 2 . If you have some problem about bringing him up in a Vanessa thread , you should deal with him or the poster #25 .

  • tina

    Why is it that when Vanessa is up for an animated movie it’s ‘a joke’ but his fan bring up The Lorax (because it was his only movie to ever break 100million) like it’s gold.

  • BO

    other thing is why don’t these people understand the no. of hits has nothing to do with the no. of posts of a particular celebrity on this thread . if no. of hits prportional no.of posts , jerad butler’s posts should be on the site every freaking day every freaking hour every freaking minute every freaking second