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Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens: Thursday Workout Woman!

Vanessa Hudgens hides her face under her “Faith” cap as she leaves her local gym on Thursday morning (August 30) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress showed off her svelte figure in a tiny pair of short shorts and tank.

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In case you missed it, check out this recently released clip from Vanessa‘s upcoming flick Spring Breakers, which also features James Franco, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson.

Spring Breakers
will premiere at the 2012 Venice Film Festival, which is currently underway.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her gym…

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vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 01
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 02
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 03
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 04
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 05
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 06
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 07
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 08
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 09
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 10
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 11
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 12
vanessa hudgens leaves morning workout 13

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  1. 101
    maria Says:

    @BO: NEWSFLASH……WE…….DO…….NOT……..CARE……..ABOUT ……….him. He is a distant memory. PLEASE go gush about that lame, spineless excuse of a man somewhere else. We do not post on his threads. No reason for you to post here, cause you have nothing good to say obviously.

  2. 102
    BO Says:

    these people are so ignorant even on such minor things . if they don’t know they should keep their mouths wide shut. for the information of such people ,Hairspray grossed over$200M worldwide and close to $120 in US and is the 4th highest grossing musical film in US history to this date .”his only movie to ever break $100m ” my **** !

  3. 103
    BO Says:

    a r se == sensored word

  4. 104
    BO Says:

    also 17 again = $136m and NYE=$142

  5. 105
    tina Says:

    This last year?

  6. 106
    ST Says:

    It does not matter what his movies gross or how big of a star he is! They were an adorable couple, but Vanessa clearly wants nothing to do with him. If she did she would not continue to avoid him 2yrs later.

  7. 107
    tina Says:

    Sorry I meant in the US not worldwide. 100 domestic is considered a block buster.

  8. 108
    BO Says:

    ok then . Hairspray only ( prior to lorax ) . TLO is known a blockbuster as well , ’cause it exceeded expectations by far and against a low budget .

  9. 109
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What part of no one cares don’t you understand? There are at least 3 new posts of your douchebag why don’t you comment on one of them? Honestly his monkey fans seem to obsess more with what Vanessa is doing then what he’s doing.

  10. 110
    maria Says:

    Can we please stop talking about someone else here?????

  11. 111
    maria Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Thank you, Haters. That lamebrain doesn’t comment on his posts, but insists on gushing here about his dumba$$ movies.

  12. 112
    maria Says:

    I think she took a wrong turn out of the looney bin or missed the boat out of Sri Lanka. Read about a boat heading to Australia from there. Sounds like a great place to live if people are that desperate to get out. Don’t blame them if they’re all like the ones who got lost here.

  13. 113
    BO Says:

    clumsybrain calling me lamebrain .lol ! anyway i’ve told this clumsy brain’ I can’t remember how many times ‘ times that the reason i don’t post on his threads is because it’s boring there .there’s no fans trying to strangle haters’ necks via the net sortta fight there .also i’d like to add something here .i’d have willingly taken every pain in posting numerous times over and over again 24/7 on each of his post if the no. of comments meant anything at all . but it doesn’t . the no.of comments on some gossip site hardly has any effect on his career nor indicate he is more famous than those with lesser no.of comments .take jerad butler for example .he has over 1000 comments on almost every post but who is he in hollywood – no one almost . take rob pat as the other example . his posts have like around 10 ,20 comments . though he might have bunch of haters on his tail , it can’t be disputed that he’s extremely famous and has a career . in that sense , ranting over commenting or the no.of comments is just bullshit.

  14. 114
    nessa Says:

    i love her…so excited for her new project.

  15. 115
    BO Says:

    i’m sure if a boat leaves US , they’ll definitely book a seat in it for this one .of course who won’t be happy to see the back of a clumsybrain like this . lol ! i wonder how she gives psychotherapy to patients when her own brain is in this state , clearly not fully functional .

  16. 116
    Gina Says:

    @BO , Whatever u say she is waaaaaaaay more famous than that crap of an ex .That’s why the comments…

  17. 117
    BO Says:

    GINA , there’s no foundation to what you say . clearly she gets ‘waaaay’ more comments than stewart and jen lawrence against who she competed for the award at the tca. in that sense she should have won the tca .

  18. 118
    J Says:


    anyways, one of TIFF’s most buzzed about

  19. 119
    maria Says:

    @BO: Honey, I don’t do PSYCHOtherapy, but you need some for sure. If I cared about the number of posts here and thought it meant ANYthing, I wouldn’t ask you to stop posting here. You have more posts than any of her actual fans. I just think there is no point to your posts here. We do not want to talk about your lover. And his posts are “boring” , cause WE DO NOT GO THERE to cause trouble, like you do here. How do you not get that? Only a “lamebrain” would not. If I knew I was not wanted somewhere, I would get out.

  20. 120
    tina Says:

    There’s a new article in Variety about SB, also.

  21. 121
    J Says:

    This one?

  22. 122
    Haters Suck! Says:

    So you find efron posts boring? Well if you’d like I could go on one of his posts right now and make them way more intresting for you. But then again I’m not like you. I’m not interested in causing trouble, I’m not interested in starting fights.

  23. 123
    BOJI Says:

    I wonder if Vanessa has not already left for Venice.

  24. 124
    ST Says:

    So many work outs she should look good in Venice

  25. 125
    ehryle Says:

    wooh here we go again!! discussion but out of the topic!! Well again this is VANESSA’S POST I hope you guyz can read it correct and clear as simple as that get it!… Thank you!

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