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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: New Dog?

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: New Dog?

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri Cruise finish off another fun-filled day of activities at Chelsea Piers on Friday (August 31) in New York City.

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The mother-daughter duo was followed by what looks like their new dog. We hope it’s Katie and Suri‘s new addition to the family!

Just yesterday, Katie and Suri were spotted at Chelsea Piers again. Those two love that place – and we do too!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise at Chelsea Piers…

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katie holmes new dog suri cruise 01
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 02
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 03
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 04
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 05
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 06
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 07
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 08
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 09
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 10
katie holmes new dog suri cruise 11

Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE; Photos: INFdaily
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  • rachel

    let the kid wear some converse or nikes, for the love of god

  • TheMuffinMan

    that dog is super cute looking

  • krix

    cute dog. :-)

  • Pippa

    What the heck is Suri wearing? Those are probably pajama bottoms. Is that lipstick? Idk why I think it’s going to get any better when I see them. I guess i thought it might when she left Tom. But it’s always the same – jankey mis-matched clothes and something inappropriate is either being worn or being done.

  • joel

    Suri has a very pale complexion. She looks ill?

  • Hazey

    Cute, she looks like other kids her age. Never thought we’d see the day shed be in shorts.

  • Kaley

    OMFG poor doggy!!! I bet he will only get junk food like cupcakes and candy and icecream, and they will ignore the dog’s veterinarian needs.

  • michele

    this information just changed my life!!!
    sorry GT

  • Charlotte

    Oh my god, Suri with trousers O_O

  • Pat

    Katie is slowly transitioning her into shorts, next will be jeans….Tommy must not be a happy camper right along about now….She’s turning into a normal kid everyday, since being set free from that cult.

  • Grandma of Four

    PROGRESS! Suri in shorts and a funky T! Hopefully, the next outfit is jeans, sport shoes, and socks!!! OHHHHHH…cannot wait for that day! Suri is turning into a little kid! Wonderful! GREAT doggie! Hope it is Suri’s! :~ )

  • Georgia

    Look, seems a normal kid with this clothes.

  • Wow

    Long jeans.

  • Priya

    Geez, Katie please brush Suri’s hair and put on a pretty berette once in a while. Yeah, I agree, also give her some comfy running shoes so she can walk most of the time!

  • Sami

    There are many photos including just a few weeks ago of Suri wearing shorts.

  • kel

    Funny how certain celeb kids are always called adorabler by JJ. But some are not. Adorable is used TOO much on this blog, it is getting stale JJ.h

  • Jandie

    @Priya: She doesn’t brush her own hair, what makes u think she’ll brush her daughters.

  • LeeSeol

    @kel: Repetitive copy is the least of Jared’s worries (also see ‘so and so is rockin x clithing’ – so overused) when the content is totally wrong. His top priority should be a fact checker.

  • Xiolablu

    Love Katie’s jeans.

  • tSquared

    Looks like a labradoodle. If Katie did indeed buy this dog for Suri–she just paid a fortune for a mutt. People who pay for labradoodles and other designer dogs should ask themselves what happens to the puppies that don’t look like the designer dog intended. Some are adopted out, some are put to sleep since no one wants a labradoodle that looks like a lab or less than a poodle do they?

  • Go Ask Alice

    Does Kaite Holmes have any friends?
    She is always playing with her daughter.

    Does Suir have any friends? She is always playing with her mom.

    Does Suir have any clothes? Yeah, those Roger Vivter shoes ,custom made for her, cost what half of some our salaries , LOL, still..look at Micehlle Williams NORMAL looking kid.

    Suri looks pale because she eats sweets, junk food.

  • hfbagajhavbf

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  • Mickey12

    what a cute dog! :) great choice katie and suri!

  • JennG

    For a kid that just got a puppy she looks like an awfully sullen child.Btw,her shirt looks too small for her.

  • Xiolablu

    You people need to have a bitch fest at your church. Katie is brilliant! Her daughter is well taken care of.

  • Xiolablu

    @Go Ask Alice: you must know why she is pale,like you eat lunch with her, close personal friend you must be to know so much, lol which makes your statement PATHETIC.

  • Hamlet

    You’re an idiot, #10.

    Don’t compare kids, #21.

  • Blue Moon

    Katie is a hot mess of a person. She does not look like a good mother, why is she carrying stuffed animals for a 6 yrs old and dress her daughter like crap? I don’t think she bath or wash her hair. Her daughter is beginning to look gross like her. The red shoe and the boots, yuk! These 2 makes me sick!

  • Xiolablu

    @Blue Moon: Are you freaking serious? Since when does carrying stuffed animals make you a bad mom? I would hate to be as shallow as you. Get a life and some life experience before you make such absurd statements.

  • rubyz

    I sincerely hope, for the dog’s sake, that this animal does not belong to these two. They do not even groom themselves. Can’t stand this woman.

  • Blue Moon

    @Xiolablu: You are an idiot defending a filthy mother whose main concern is money and fame. It appears that Suri is just Katie’s ticket, why else is she not taking care of herself and the child? CPS should take the ragged child away or give the child to her real father to raise.

  • Xiolablu

    @Blue Moon: Listen here dimwit, you’re the idiot so until you know what a bad mom really is I suggest you shove it.

  • Mina

    The kid looks more into taking pictures than in the Dog. My brother was the same age as Suri when we got our first puppy and let me tell you he didn’t let anyone walk him and hold him.

  • Sophie

    You can see Katie’s trying to be a good mom. Let’s face it, if we were married to a dude like Tom Cruise (who I must admit is hella weird), we’d probably get hounded by photogs everywhere…

  • Bill

    Why won’t Tom give Katie the money to buy Suri a pair of sneakers?

  • Livvyloo


    Um, this is not a puppy, so don’t assume she didn’t adopt this dog. Or maybe it isn’t even their dog? Geez.

  • Hanna

    A dog is not a toy. I hope not ignore his needs.
    Animals need attention and affection, can not serve to satisfy the huge ego of some children.

  • I do not care if you disagree

    Poor dog, hope it is not used as a punching bag during the endless tantrums of Suri.

  • I do not care if you disagree

    This dog will be neglected or badly treated.
    Some people here think that stupid animals to be used as a bargaining chip to tantrums of children. Ignorant and poor people.
    I’m sorry for the dog.

  • ASS

    Suri wants a dog, mom Katie gives. Suri does not want the dog, mom Katie returns the dog. End of story. Nothing there is love and affection, it’s all about satisfying the desires of the girl.

  • ASS

    Note the expression of joy this lovely child. HAHAHAHAHA

  • nancyw

    Suri does not seem very interested in the dog. I guess because it is not the one that she wanted!

  • American Dreamer

    That is NOT Katie’s dog. That dog belongs to another resident of Katie’s apartment building. I’m guessing the owner of that dog let Katie and Suri babysit the dog so Suri could have some canine companionship for an afternoon.
    This is not the right time for Suri to get a dog because she is starting school this week and will be gone all day and will be busy with after school activities and making new friends after class lets out.
    I can’t imagine a worse time to add a dog to the family.
    Plus Katie and Suri can hardly exit their apartment building to make a quick pee run for the dog given their high profile status. It wouldnt be safe for either of them. I suppose they could have a security guard take the dog out but what’s the point in that?

  • Kindness Matters

    Nothing she does is right for you people.. Jeez. You don’t know what goes on- so why be mean? You wear jeans because you want to, even if it’s hot outside but nobody attacks you for it! Oh and do you ever think that she is carrying her daughter for her own safety? Can you imagine having 100 guys with cameras screaming your name? No, you cant. Just be kind & leave her and her daughter alone.
    What ever happened to “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it”…. ? huh?

  • Concepcion

    She looks like other kids her age. Never thought we’d see the day shed be in shorts.