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Kirsten Dunst Loses Shoe Outside Bootsy Bellows

Kirsten Dunst Loses Shoe Outside Bootsy Bellows

Kirsten Dunst loses a shoe after attending LA Lakers basketball player Metta World Peace‘s party at Bootsy Bellows nightclub on Thursday (August 30) in West Hollywood, Calif.

In an effort to ditch photographers, the 30-year-old actress and her gal pal dodged around a tree but her high heels got caught in one of the tree grates!

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Thankfully, a good Samaritan crouched down to help the actress put her shoe back on.

10+ pictures inside of Kirsten Dunst losing her shoe outside Bootsy Bellows

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kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 01
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 02
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 03
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 04
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 05
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 06
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 07
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 08
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 09
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 10
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 11
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 12
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 13
kirsten dunst lost shoe bootsy bellows 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Mary

    yuck! She’s a mess

  • Rita

    Elegantly wasted. Well, the second part anyway.

  • michele

    this news definitely changed my life I would sleep without knowing it

  • Adriana

    This is news worthy?

  • tSquared

    Ah, Jared, if you check other sites she is definitely wasted. Plus she is wearing two different shoes. One is a Louboutin with the red soul and the other has a beige soul. One is suede. One is leather. If I may point out, you didn’t post that picture. Is she paying you for this watered down version of her wasted evening wearing two different shoes?

  • amy

    Off her ti*ts — classy as ever.

    i remember reading an article saying that angelina jolie told her to settle the fu*ck down after k.d and her friends were screaming and drunk (i think they were at the Cannes film festival?)

  • Sam

    Thank goodness no one publishes pictures of me when I’m wasted like that. Although admittedly I don’t look half as glamorous as she does when I am.

  • Maria

    just lost some of my respect for her. ahhh learn to control yourself woman!

  • Perez Hilton

    Once a drunk always a drunk. I knew that her sobriety was all an act. She couldn’t keep herself away from the bottle for too long.

  • snap crackle pop

    Every few months my friends and I have a night like this and rip it up.
    Nothing wrong with that .
    (Hopefully, that is all it is)

    Nice to see a celebrity with a large group of long-standing non-celebrity friends.
    (Specifically thinking of an actress where her “Mom-ager” seems like her main companion).

  • GetOffURhighHorse

    @michele: Um, if you’re looking for life altering news…………………………..
    what the hell are you doing on a celebrity gossip site?

  • GetOffURhighHorse

    @michele: Um, don’t mean to sound snarky, but, if you were looking for ‘life altering news’………………….
    what the hell are you doing on a celebrity gossip site? O_o

  • GetOffURhighHorse

    @Adriana: This is weird. Why are people being snarky about this not being “news worthy”? Were you expecting Jared to do a report on Chicago’s crime rate or the problems in the middle east? Hellllooooo, you’re on a CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE. If you want the news, go to CNN. Simple.

  • sonia

    What a gorgeous and cool guy like Garrett Hedlund is doing with a stupid woman like her? She is disgusting. Dump her Garrett. You can do so much better. For real.

  • Meme

    I see Garrett in the background lookin kinda pissed lol

  • sonia

    @Meme Of course he’s pisssed. Who wouldn’t be? She is ridiculous, poor man.

  • krix

    To be fair, even if KD was a tipsy, I’m sure the papz lights flashing all in her face didn’t help. If she was really drunk, she would have been looking a hot mess face first on the pavement from the looks of the brightness of flashes in the pics.

  • j

    Shoe is by Isabel Marant.. called Poppy bow pumps.

  • Maria


    Adriana if you’re looking for “News” you’re on the wrong site.

  • Lou

    What a big deal!!! Kirsten might have had a few drinks… as everybody does once in a while (with the difference that she looks beautiful in that dress, wasted or not), and people comment she has no class. Come on! Having no class is being stupidly judgmental and jealous. This woman is talented, pretty, has a gorgeous boyfriend and is classy even with a few drinks.

  • Abfab

    @tSquared: She was a little bit drunk but so could any number of people on a Thursday night at this kind of party. And the heel stuck on the grill is from the friend, causing Kirsten to trip on it, lose her balance and her own shoe in the process. And then the pap put the wrong shoe on her because it was black too. And that’s the “different shoe” story. Btw, JJ also didn’t include the pics of Garrett grabbing Kirsten by the arm in a aggressive manner just so you know.

  • jessy

    No she is not classy AT ALL. She is a drunk. Period.

  • luv

    I saw the photos of Kirsten and Garrett. He is not being agressive, he is trying to avoid her from falling down, like the drunk she is. What a shame. Garrett is the victim here, get a grip morons.

  • Paula

    Geez, the beotch is embarraassing! Once a drunk, always a drunk. Go back to rehab urgently!

  • LeeSeol

    Wow piety police on here.
    So she’s wasted, so she had a good time.
    Like that’s a crime.
    Why are u all so uptight.

  • Eric

    I didn’t know she has substance abuse problems but even she does it’s not a reason to be snarky, in fact should feel bad for her and wish her well.
    Alcoholism is a terrible disease and most addicts do not want to be this way but it’s extremely difficult to stop, that’s why it’s called an addiction.
    It’s also used to cope with stress and depression.
    It’s a nice way to live.
    So she deserves sympathy not snarky comments.

  • Vera

    Garrett didn’t know what he was getting into. Leave her before she ruins your life, leave her man!

  • Fletcher

    @tSquared: Actually, her shoes do match. If you take a closer look there is a random third shoe. Clearly, someone else had their shoe caught in the plant grate as well.

  • Adriana

    @GetOffURhighHorse: How is this even GOSSIP? Lame gossip if you ask me. No I do not expect CNN-type news on here but at least most of the other posts talk about the artist or actor’s upcoming work or promotions. Not about them losing… a shoe. Wow, really?

  • katy

    What right slander, defame just have a fun night out just a little bit complicated end gecnin overdo it like Cinderella shoes


  • Lia

    heels ? Why would you wear heels if you’re planning to go there ? Makes no seense

  • Emma

    It was couple night.
    KIKI and Garrett was there with best friend Molly and her husband.
    Nice to see these two couple hang out together.Half month ago,they had brunch together.

  • c

    @Lou: um ive never had alcohol in my life, so not “everybody” does it. Come on, pick ya self up Kirsten, this is unsavory.

  • @

    garrett & kirsten happy couple moving at night, that’s all they

  • nan

    for garrett to hold her not by her hand but from her elbow in the other pics shows that she was tipsy/drunk and needed help. hes way out of her league, too beautiful and nice for her.


    @nan ITA, Garrett needs someone who deserves him. Kiki is just a drunk. Horrible situation for him.

  • Anna

    @Perez Hilton:

    Uhh… she didn’t go to rehab because she was an alcoholic. She went in because she was depressed!! And depression is no laughing matter. Glad she is doing better these days.

    Check your facts before you state your opinion.

  • any dream will do

    Time to go back to rehab, Kirsten.

  • vivi

    Kiki is RIDICULOUS. Run Garrett, RUN!

  • Emanele810

    If you check properly all of the pics, you’d notice the louboutin belongs to her friend! Or maybe they just their shoes as a joke, not that she went out intentionally like that, probably happened later on during the evening when they were drunk already. No big deal anyway, if only you knew the things i do when im drunk lol

  • Perex Hilton

    Shut-up! @38 Anna

  • Autobahn

    Saw a video of this on youtube and thought that’s it? All this brouhaha for nothing. The pics paint a much worse picture. And paps were awful as always.

  • Concepcion

    She is disgusting. Dump her Garrett. You can do so much better. For real.

  • kjk

    Kirsten Dunst is bellisima and great artist.