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Taylor Swift: Guitar Case Walk in NYC

Taylor Swift: Guitar Case Walk in NYC

Taylor Swift sports a cute blue and yellow varsity jacket and matching shorts while walking around New York City on Friday (August 31).

The 22-year-old country star carried a guitar case that read “Firefly” on the side.

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If case you missed it, check out Taylor‘s new “We Are Never Ever
Getting Back Together” video
. Still amazed that she shot that video in
one take with five costume changes!

The day before, Taylor filmed a live MTV First special to help premiere “Never Ever”. Taylor tweeted, “Times Square. @MTV made my dreams come true and put my video on the big screen.”

FYI: Taylor is wearing Joe’s 2 Inch High Rise Shorts in Gold.

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  • Villain

    Weird, the older she gets the worse her sense in style becomes. Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

  • Soup

    like the jacket not the shorts.
    kinda looks like she has camel toe in #1 & 3

  • hahahahaha

    That Kennedy’s she is with. That’s his jacket!

  • kk

    Taylor Swift is so successful and I can’t believe she’s dating that bum, barely legal Conor who can’t even graduate HIGH SCHOOL in time.

  • sweetness

    It’s 9000% degrees in NYC today (or it feels like it!) why is she wearing that hot ugly varsity jacket in August?!! Bananas this girl!

  • yawn

    Please….. Kennedy’s are irrelevant in the 21st century And Taylor will be soon also as people will tire of her immature music.

  • pattilee


  • Yohji

    All I”m seeing is hair.

    Nice wig.

  • ha ha

    weird girl, like her song tho.

  • Jaime

    Is that Conor’s lettermans jacket? Oh, Taylor, you’re one weird chick. You really are.

  • ex-fan

    We get it Taylor, you have a new bf who’s still a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL and you MISS HIM SOOOO MUCH that’s why your wearing that stupid jacket in 90+ weather in NYC. Yup.

  • creed

    OMG she is wearing a letterman jacket cause her BF is in highschool! Maybe she will get special permission to become an honorary cheerleader at his highschool!
    grow up.

  • Andy

    She is wearing the jacket and holding the guitar case because she was leaving a photoshoot!! SHE LOOKS FLAWLESS, deal with it!

  • Sam

    Haha it’s BOILING in New York right now. Interesting choice of attire here. Pretty girl, certainly, but doesn’t strike me as being all that swift. Ha, I slay myself.

  • Josie

    Here’s hoping that the connor Kennedy breakup song ends up in the Taylors red album (deluxe edition). Bet she even uses the word Camelot in the song too!

  • ahagahgaj

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  • leel

    She looks like a dude here

  • Love The Shoes

    I honestly couldn’t hum one of her songs if I tried. Know the titles of some but don’t know them if I heard them. That said, I like her because she’s independent. She loves her some love and until the right one comes along, she’s not letting the moss grow under her romantic feet. She’s young, cute, talented and smart. I ain’t mad at her.

  • Nina


  • Not A Fan

    Guess Im the only one liking this outfitt, and I’m happy for her and Conor.

  • Louise

    Her new song and video is so juvenile. Only tweens music. Any adult who listens to her music is as immature as she. Great publicist she has; a singer/entertainer she is not.

  • Ty

    She is a stage 5 clinger to the core.

  • Jessa

    @Soup: If ur straining trying to find such a thing u really have way too much time on ur hands.

  • somali girl

    Looks like a boy in a wig.

  • pickles


    She wasn’t leaving a photoshoot! Her whole life is one big photoshoot.

    Her hair looks like a cheap wig, and she always wanders around with 16 pounds of make up on.

    There isn’t a sane guy alive who would “beg” her to come back. Once a guy spends a little time with her, he runs the other way.

  • stan

    She looks flawless. lmao you better do some research bi tches before commenting. Deerfield jackets look nothing like this.

    I am so convinced this site is full on 40-something fat virgins…you would not know about good style if it bit you in the ass.

  • stan


    Jake was desperate to get back with her. Stop living in illusions.

  • pickles

    LOL! Right. That’s why Jake dumped her over the phone. You can’t have it both ways. Maybe some people don’t remember, but she made a big deal of it.

    There’s gotta be something wrong with Taylor that she is still talking about stuff that happened like what two or three years ago and only ‘lasted’ for about two months? I think her stories and songs have no connection to the reality of what actually happens. In her imagination, the guy is always begging to come back. What a joke.

    She is dating a famous 18 yr old because any guy who has credibility runs. In the opposite direction. What ever happened to Chord Overstreet or Garrett Hedlund? LOLOL!

    One thing people need to understand. She is NEVER without her bodyguard/driver, and she always has someone taking pictures of her. This “walking around NYC” or L.A. or Nashville is all staged.

    You rarely ever see real paparrazzi photos of her. lasted for maybe two months? I agree with whoever said she is a clinger and a stalker.

  • giuseppe

    Hi I am Giuseppe Lentini, London based actor. Never heard of me? Well I need a new agent then! Or u can help me and spread the word! Check my reel “Four’s a crowd” in which I am playing Luke:

  • DemiTasse

    Not a fan of her, and really, I think it is beyond gross that Taylor is going around with an 18 yr old high school student who’s mother just committed sucide in May. And there she is getting photographed all over the place with him!

    I even read that she actually crashed his cousin’s wedding even after the mother of the bride asked her twice please don’t come, and then asked her to leave when she showed up anyway! Other people who were there all said the same thing and the bride’s mother even did an interview and confirmed that it really happened. Of course Taylor’s PR said this wasn’t true and the bride was happy to see her. Right.

  • stan


    Haha. You are delusional. If it were not true Jake would have reacted by now. Get real. They were seen getting together numerous times after they supposedly split. Jake even went back to Nashville and they were photographed there.

    Overstreet and Hedlund- you have to be really naive to believe that every guy that Taylor says hallo to is her lover. lmao

    These pictures are in fact from a shoot. They shot outside so paps got piece of the action.

  • Ashley

    I am so over her already. Okay, maybe at first it was cute how she would get revenge on her ex’s in songs but now sh’ is just over playing the “victim card”. I feel sorry for her ex boyfriends more so than her. Time to grow up, please you are almost a 23 year old adult woman not some 17 year old child.

  • Olithée

    It seems that she wears a wig !
    pretty tough

  • lucy


    Jake G. only went back to Nashville after the “dumping by phone” incident because he’s getting a lot of heat from the public. Jake apparently have a “nice guy persona” and they can’t believe he’ll do something bad like that. That’s just a photo op to clean up his image/ mess.

  • flora

    seriously, people, she’s having a magazine photoshoot actually

  • chris


    Strange. People look at anything nowadays. Really, a camel toe. That’s stupid and trivial.

  • Concepcion

    She is wearing the jacket and holding the guitar case because she was leaving a photoshoot!! She looks flawless, deal with it!