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Hayden Christensen - He's A Gas!

Hayden Christensen - He's A Gas!

Hayden Christensen fills up his Audi R8 luxury sports car with gas on Saturday (September 1) in Los Feliz, Calif.

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The 31-year-old actor can be seen in the 3D release of Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones when it comes to theaters September 20, 2013. The flick, which was originally released May 16, 2002, also features Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Christopher Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Daniels, and Frank Oz. The 3D version of Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith will open shortly after on October 11.

Earlier this week, Hayden and his lady love Rachel Bilson were spotted visiting a friend’s house in Los Feliz.

15+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen filling up his gas tank…

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hayden christensen gas pump 01
hayden christensen gas pump 02
hayden christensen gas pump 03
hayden christensen gas pump 04
hayden christensen gas pump 05
hayden christensen gas pump 06
hayden christensen gas pump 07
hayden christensen gas pump 08
hayden christensen gas pump 09
hayden christensen gas pump 10
hayden christensen gas pump 11
hayden christensen gas pump 12
hayden christensen gas pump 13
hayden christensen gas pump 14
hayden christensen gas pump 15
hayden christensen gas pump 16
hayden christensen gas pump 17
hayden christensen gas pump 18

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • ivy

    He’s a gas? really? …

  • krix

    @ivy: agree..really?

  • person

    Not every title needs to include a pun.

  • notyourfriend

    I love the fact that he looks so young for his age, his girlfriend too!!

  • paparotz

    and in couple days he’ll refill. depends how he drives.

    nonetheless.. sw ep 2 in 3d? good thing. :D

  • Darth Sidious

    Hayden needs to get his career back on track, not a criticism, just an observation

  • adfdfd

    nice car

  • Annette

    Like him as an actor! Nice car!

  • ozzie

    i miss Hayden :( … if anyone hasn’t seen the movie Life As A House with him and Kevin Kline you should watch it … and bring tissues … it’s a tear jerker.

  • Bessie Bambo

    I thought it was Heath Ledger then I realised it’s not 2007 anymore. :(

  • KissThis

    really more pictures of him filling his tank? Does he work anymore?

  • StarWarsgonebad

    What a loser!! He can’t even get a job or do the ones that are listed on Too bad I wish he would.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Isn’t Rachel always yammering that she cares about the environment? Yet this car is quite the gas guzzler.
    It’s sad to be a has-been at his age. I bet Kendell & Kylie Jenner make more money than him and get more work!!

  • sivi

    Luxury sports car? LOL

  • gilmorie

    Hes a gas?!
    More appropriate would be that he’s a Lazy Azz W/ A Cursed!!!

  • periwinkle

    Plzzz & just straight FACTS!
    This SW dude is just so half 2005… still got some nerve to call him an (h)actor must now be a punishable crime.
    The only thing that apply to him for a very, very, very loooooooong time now… is that he’s bumming & sluggish free loader… all from Lucas’ (earlier) good graces, (still intact) SW residuals & among other things that were much considered small time/non-worthy/waste-of-space stuff.

  • Olivia

    it’s sad that the only news about him are a release of a 2002 movie and him at the gas station…again

  • phat-ruley

    I bet that I’m not the only one that’s not totally surprised why he’s unemployed for like on a default mode… he has an appeal & personality and not to forget to mention the talent of a piece of warped plywood.

  • wow

    Hayden is so handsome! He looks like he has been working out more, his shoulders are broader. Hayden and Rachel are a cute couple. It would be nice if they made Jumper 2.

  • just me

    @wow: Why do people think that rache and Hayden is couple? Rachel only use him when she needs him that’s all Jumper 2 is not going to happen at all. And the other movies too like someone said here. Rachel use hayden cause natalie got married and she wanted to be seem with him. I thought hayden didn’t like taking pictures on these gossip sites and having rachel to use him like this? Cause that’s what Rachel is doing with him. There is no love with them at all just attention for rachel. Rachel made this relationship up for herself and you all know this. No other guy would be with her and they denied that they ever be with her. When they was together the other day he was looking like he didn’t want to be seem with her running behind her. The only reason hayden is hanging with her because he don’t have anything to do but waste thing in la with her. Why can’t people tell the truth about this? Hayden didn’t have any work. Then when he tried to get a movie Rachel got mad because hayden had been with her and he got some work then she wanted to break it off with him. And that’s the truth about that. Rachel don’t want hayden to have nothing but her. She should not care about what he get. He is her ex -boyfriend that she still using . Making people that hayden is her boyfriend when she went to a pool party with other guys there.And when that didn’t work she out for her she fail back on hayden to fit it for her. She went to a man house when hayden was there in last july when she went shopping for food. Then she hook back up with hayden later on the next week. Nothing was said about what she did.But when someone else do something like that they talk about don’t they. Rachel is not hayden’s lovely lady at all She just somebody that like to use hayden for publcity and personal gain. There are no break up rumors about what going on with them. Cause Rachel can’t stand to lose hayden for her show or to keep her in limelight. She broke up Adam and she did not use him that way she is using hayden. She left him alone and never came around him anymore. She should do the same with hayden. All this talk about girlfriend and boyfriend.That’s all hayden is about right now. He use didn’t like hanging in la like that. He always got his work and left town. Now he stay cause he don’t have nothing and hang with Rachel all the time.He don’t need to fit things for her like that. Rachel don’t need hayden anymore like that. With a tv show and a movie. Hayden don’t need to be around her.She need to break up with him are something she did it with adam when he didn’t have nothing going for him. Do the same with hayden. Hayden has not worked in two years and she have not said nothing about it at all. I wonder why? If hayden get a movie she will get upset why not now that he is not doing nothing. This the time to break things off not when he get another movie! Something is wrong that she have not call off their so called relationship. She suppose to have broken up with him. when she went to that pool party and she was caught with being another man that jared did not show. And when she was with those guys at the pool party. Hayden is a fool for hanging with her again. She is no good and she has cheated on him two times. So why no break up rumors? They need to do like everyone else do. Stop seeing each in public and move on to someone else too. That’s what rachel needs to do with herself and stop depending on hayden to fit it for everytime she mess up. Be see with other guys. she 31 and won’t move on with other guys she really want. Getting tired are seeing them running behind each other this way. End it all like other people.

  • @just me

    tweet tweet

  • wow

    @ just me

    You think because Rachel went to a pool party by herself with other guys there, that means she is dating all of them? There were alot of girls at the pool party to, does that mean Rachel was dating all of the girls there, too? You are off your rocker as well as delusional LOL LOL!


    whats even sadder on here he the ones who read and reply to @just me,
    now you need to get a life.

  • Haydenimposter

    @MMMMMMM,: MMMMMMM is right? LOL

  • Ashley

    He doesn’t even smile anymore… What happened

  • Vanessa

    @no 25: Yeah, I noticed that, too. Ever since the end of STAR WARS he looks so unhappy. Depressed even. I remember seeing pictures of him from 2008/09 (or so, I could be wrong here) in which he looked alarmingly depressed. Of course these (the photos above) are just random paparazzi shots, no one expects him to look all smiles when fillig up his car or doing whatever. Especially when someone is holding a camera in his face. It’s just a general observation. Although he seemes to do better these days; he looks somewhat healthier.

  • sara