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Katie Holmes: NYC Errands with Suri

Katie Holmes: NYC Errands with Suri

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri head into their apartment building after running out for a bit on Saturday (September 1) in New York City.

The mother-daughter duo both looked fashionably chic in their sundresses as they exited the car.

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The day before, the pair was spotted at Chelsea Piers with what appeared to be their new dog.

It was recently announced that Katie‘s Broadway play Dead Accounts would be just pushed back by one day. The official opening is now on November 29 to allow for a longer previews period.

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Credit: Jackson Lee ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Ash

    Siri is really cute

  • Alice

    Kate.. those boots! please! what do we have to do to make you get rid of them?

  • Lea

    she MUST have some sort of a contract with that boots label… there is no explanation otherwise.

  • http://justjared POLO

    ugly face,ugly legs,ugly body posture………UGLY!!

  • rose

    this is child most overexposed of world

  • sa

    poor child!

  • have a seat


    She can wear whatever she wants even if it’s everyday. What’s it to ya?

  • awww

    Suri looks so pretty. when your child looks good, you look good.

  • yes

    Dude, maybe she wanted to wear one pair of boots she thought was really special, a pair that would go with anything, that she’d wear until their end. They aren’t that bad. Calm the F down.

  • yes

    @have a seat: Word.

  • Sooooo Funny

    At this point I believe Katie has read the comments about her boots and now wears them just to annoy those who hate them. I agree with them BURN THE BOOTS!!

  • Jessica

    Let her wear these boots! We all have our favorite boots which we love to wear & sometimes everyday.
    She is also just a woman who loves her boots.

  • Tam

    smelly boots.

  • http://none blondie

    Do the Bookies in Vegas bet the ranch
    that Katie will make The Talk Show Rounds
    to promote
    herself and her ventures???

    I shall always be Team Tom Cruise.
    He delivers the goods.
    He goes hard and pleases the audience.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Horrible tree trunk legs. Horrible mother from hell to pimp the kid out to the paps. The school should start next week, we shall see…

  • sa

    will this child has Internet Access by look your pics every day in site gossip, as is her head with all this, she has some psychological help?

  • Frozoid

    @Alice: Well, they do hide her “cankles” and Katie thinks they make her legs look slimmer.

  • Olive

    There is no reason for Katie to live on such a public street. She wants to be seen. No decent mother would put her child through this. All Suri knows is that the minute they walk in or out of the building, they will have paps in their faces. Home should be a peaceful place.

  • Pat

    Kate doesn’t give a rat’s a-s what you all think of her boots…..wearing them just to piss you off…… Kate Bosworth wore her Isabel Marant boots all summer long, practically every day. …no one batted an eye…Move on with the boots issue……

  • Xiolablu

    Katie and Suri look lovely.

  • ok……


    OK, so – Katie is reading these blogs, and just to “piss” everyone off, she is wearing these filthy worn out boots? hmmm….I hope you are not right, b/c that certainly, at least in my mind, gives Tom grounds to take Suri….i.e., Katie=Leann rimes

  • kel

    Katie seems mentally ill. Tom freed himself.

  • Jean

    I too, think Katie is suffering from some form of mental illness.

  • holly

    She forgot her pants.

  • tSquared

    I find it to be funny that in the last week suddenly several posters (or one posting many times) keeps saying Katie looks mentally ill. Xenu cult members!!! This is exactly what the cult did to Kidman. I don’t care for Katie, but enjoy looking at her non-style. she is dressing and looking absolutely no different than she did when she was with Tom. Xenu of course can’t let her get away with besting their most famous member!

  • Denise

    Tom did not want her crazy @ss.

  • Denise


    I am not from a cult, and I also think Katie is not right mentally.

  • Jean

    @tSquared: #25

    PUhlease. Just because a person thinks Katie might be mentally ill does not mean we are part of some conspiracy. I am just an ordinary person who posts on this blog all the time. And I have NEVER thought of Nicole as being mentally ill, so don’t drag her into this. AND nobody who post of this blog has ever said Nicole was mentally ill.

    This is strictly about Katie.

  • Hamlet

    Don’t be silly, #18.

    You’re an idiot, #28.

  • krix

    trying to avoid getting sidetracked by katie’s choice of footwear (security blanket aka isabel marant boots) and not trying to impinge on her freedom of choice..i’ll leave it there.

    fast approaching is the debut of holmes & yang fashion line at next weekends ny fashion week – i wonder if the papz will snap katie wearing anything from her line during one of katie and suri’s outings this week.

  • Stinker

    Those stinkin boots dont go with that crappy outfit she has on. She is too old to be wearing so short an outfit with those thunder legs. And she is a so called designer……. Hahahahahahha

    Its just hilarious

  • Xiolablu

    @tSquared: Yes I agree it’s very obvious.

  • http://com LOL

    These are paid Posters, from Sci-Fi.
    Tiny T is the nut with his phoney smile and maniacal laugh.
    If her boots are annoying you, more power to her.
    On the lookout for wife # 4, why don’t he married someone from the cult they’re brain dead already. ta ta.

  • American Dreamer

    Jesus Christ I think the media is causing irreparable harm to this little girl by constantly putting her on their pages.
    Katie Holmes has every right to raise her daughter in New York City instead of hiding in a gated community in a rich suburb.
    The media should not be photographing her unless she is at a public event where she expects to be photographed.
    You can tell from the look in Suri’s face that the constant media exposure has caused irrepable harm to her.

  • Olive

    The media/paps aren’t going away so Katie needs to put her child first and protect her from the paps. Other celebs manage to protect their kids. It would be better for Suri to have a backyard to play in anyway instead of growing up in an apartment building.

  • KissThis

    What’s the point of paps even getting photos of Katie and Suri?? They don’t do anything extraordinary. So why all the pictures every single day?

  • Random
  • Just My Opinion

    I cannot believe that Katie Holmes would be on the cover of Vanity Fair but here you have it. Of course it all coincides with her line appearing on New York’s Fashion Week and her performance in her Broadway show Dead Accounts. I think this was all part of her settlement with Cruise, throw her some connections to give her publicity to promote her fashion line and Broadway performance and he’ll be part of the photo op when Suri goes to school for the first time and she’ll loan out Suri for any future photo ops for his upcoming movie in Dec. I think the public has moved on strong interest for Katie and Cruise has seen his best days as leading actor in a major film. Suri? Who knows how her life will take shape. Time will tell. This Vanity Fair cover is a surprise. Pre Cruise, Katie didn’t appear on covers of major magazines. During their marriage contract Katie began to appear in InStyle, Elle, People, etc., but I think this is her second time on Vanity Fair, first time on the cover with Cruise and Suri and now on the cover alone. Wow! Still think the article is grabbing straws on the Scientology and Cruise’s way of getting a wife, that story is old and if that’s the leading spin the article is old news. That story of his auditioning women to be his future wife was already covered in Andrew Morton’s biography of Tom Cruise and a few other places. For that to the the “spin” on an article of Vanity Fair really is to lower the standards of VF and to give Katie publicity. That is what made her interesting to the public, her connection to Tom Cruise when everyone was saying theirs was a marriage contract and the never ending question “Who was Suri’s biological father because TC was sterile?” Vanity Fair’s issue with Katie resembles The National Enquirer. Can’t believe they could right that. They should have at least written what her plans are but they are alluding to Scientology, Cruise auditioning wives, and Suri’s clothes. How about writing about Katie’s talent in fashion or acting or something? Say something about Katie! At least pretend she’s interesting.

  • Just My Opinion

    Correction: Can’t believe they could write that. They should have at least written what Katie’s future plans are but they are including the spin on Scientology, Cruise auditioning wives, and Suri’s clothes. How about writing about Katie’s talent in fashion or acting or something? Say something about Katie! At least pretend she’s interesting. And the picture of Katie on the cover was when she actually cared about how she went on in public. I think that picture was taken on the red carpet when she was promoting Jack and Jill earlier this year. My, how the mighty have fallen. Katie now goes out in public looking very casual, sometimes depressed, she is clearly someone that wears her emotions on her sleeve. I just don’t see her having a big successful career in Hollywood. Good luck to her anyway.

  • Grandma of Four

    Suri looks (FINALLY!) like a six year old child! I do wish a little care could be put into brushing her hair! There ARE brushes out there that do not hurt! She looked adorable the times someone put braids in her hair! Katie…on the other hand…is just a mess! She is supposed to be showing her fashion line soon and needs to make a major effort towards some reasonable grooming and clothing choices! And, it seriously IS time to loose those boots! The only thing that makes sense is all her shoes must be in storage in California! Come on Katie, go buy yourself some new shoes…PLEASE! Other than that, I am definitely Team Katie for getting herself as well as Suri out of that marriage and back into the real world! And, BTW, How many of the posters here actually live in NYC??? You literally cannot go anywhere without walking or going from your home to a cab/car! I do not think Katie is deliberately placing Suri in front of the paps!

  • Tulip

    You’re an idiot, #28.

  • Kindness Matters

    Nothing she does is right for you people.. Jeez. You don’t know what goes on- so why be mean? You wear jeans because you want to, even if it’s hot outside but nobody attacks you for it! Oh and do you ever think that she is carrying her daughter for her own safety? Can you imagine having 100 guys with cameras screaming your name? No, you cant. Just be kind & leave her and her daughter alone.
    What ever happened to “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it”…. ? huh?

    I think they both look wonderful!

  • tSquared


    Can’t wait to read this for the Xenu aspect. Of course Xenu, Tom and Hamlet will be denying, denying, denying anything negative!

  • funny

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  • Olive

    Grandma, Katie’s building has underground parking that Katie can use to enter and exit the building to avoid the media. Her wanting to be seen and promote her projects are more important to her than Suri. That child will need a lot of emotional help at some point. Katie puts herself out there to be seen. If she didn’t make herself and Suri available to be seen, the paps would lose interest and move on to somebody else. If you’ve noticed, when they don’t want to be seen, they can disappear for weeks.

  • nancyw

    I cannot believe that with all of her money, she wears those ugly, crappy boots!! Especially with shorts and dresses!! Please Katie, buy new footwear!!!!

  • Just sayin’

    After reading the brief synopsis of the Vanity Fair article Conde Nast put out to preview the issue, all I can say is Katie Holmes must have been an utter and complete imbecile to have married Tom Cruise and stayed with him for 6 years. He’s a narcissistic, controlling, delusional nutcase involved with a sick cult.

    I’m glad she finally woke up, ditched the jerk and hopefully made life a little safer and saner for her daughter…that is if she would just learn to stop using the kid to attract the paps.

    Come to think of it, poor little Suri has TWO freaks for parents. Cult or no cult, her mother is only slightly better than her father in terms of caring more about herself than her child. Poor kid doesnt stand a chance in he!! of growing up normal.

  • Grandma of Four

    Olive (My dear mother’s middle name! and my very tall, skinny daughter’s nickname!)…I understand exactly what you are saying reference private cars or limos! You are right! Cabs are another story…not so sure they frequent underground parking! But, the most important thing is KATIE GOT OUT! WHAT she was thinking to marry a twice divorced, controlling man 17 years older, who knows! I am sure her father had an escape clause somewhere in the prenup as Tom caved some quick!

  • Stinky Boots

    Olive summed it up perfectly. At this point, Katie is 100 % responsible. She’s a selfish media whore mom.

  • Melanie

    @kel: Oh I see so he freed himself 3 times then? He seems so happy with his crazy church and going through women like a washing machine. Seen him with his daughter lately? Seeing him stopping brainwashing the adopted ones so they can get love from their mom Nicole? I don’t. Katie finally taught the almighty Cruise life is not a movie.