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Lena Dunham: 'Girls' Set with Shirtless Adam Driver!

Lena Dunham: 'Girls' Set with Shirtless Adam Driver!

Lena Dunham heads to the set of her hit HBO show Girls on Thursday (August 30) at Grand Central Station in New York City.

The 26-year-old star of the show was joined on location by her shirtless co-star Adam Driver, who found himself flinching while getting his makeup retouched!

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The shoot involved a chase scene between Lena and Adam directly outside of a number three subway train.

Girls season two is set to premiere in January on HBO!

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  • Jerry

    Adam went from my most hated to my favorite character on the show by far. Hannah doesn’t deserve him tbh.

  • Allucy

    one of the ugliest TV sows out there

  • Savior

    Worthless show. Would they have made a show about nothing and put it on HBO if the “girls” in question were black or Asian?

    Talk about white privilege raising its fat, ugly face.

  • Q

    People need to boycott this racist. If the show didn’t want diversity whatever, but they employ Black, Latina and Asian actors to play degrading and stereotypical roles.

  • A

    Please cancel this show!
    I don’t even know why anyone would want to watch a show about average to down right ugly, white hipster jewish “princesses” with too much time and money on their hands.
    So f_ing obnoxious. And please kick them out of NYC!!! They’ve officially ruined the city with their ugly pretentious asses.

  • Allucy

    one of the ugliest TV shows out there (sorry for previous mistype)

  • captainobvious

    Poor director, wanted to make another ‘gossipgirl’ and ended up having a worthless story with ugly people in it.

  • Mia

    what a pig…

  • Arie


  • yes

    Adam is awesome.

  • Sarah.

    I thought it was so weird in the beginning. But it isn’t that bad.

  • herms


  • Steph

    She is fkn awesome

  • Lulu

    I am so shocked reading the comments!
    I think this show is amazing and so realistic!
    Not everyone wants to watch GG and Sex & The City and dream about a stupid superficial life that doesn’t even exist and that is overall meaningless.
    I enjoyed Sex & The City but although I liked the whole “feminist” aspect of it, the characters were seriously pathetic and the show did no good the woman cause since it portrayed us as poor little girls whose only interests in life are mating and shopping.

    The women in Girls may not be perfect but at least they are human, the show doesn’t give all of us unrealistic life expectations because it helps us remember that happiness is not all about being thin and rich and having the perfect boyfriend.

    Lena Dunham is smart and talented and that’s what makes her attractive and beautiful.

  • Athena

    @Lulu: It’s not that, it’s the fact that there is no diversity in the show and NYC is probably the most diverse city in the world.

  • Yohji

    @Lulu: This is JustJared, don’t be surprised by the shallow comments. Ugliest TV show out there? And that seriously got 7 ticks. I guess it’s the same people that think One Direction and Cheryl Cole are talented.

  • Hello

    @Athena: Oh, please. People always moan when there’s the token Asian/black girl. Are you saying they should’ve just hired some black girl for diversity and not because she is actually suited for the role? I’m so sick of people screaming racist about everything. And the ironic thing is that it’s mostly white people who are complaining about the lack of diversity.

  • Red

    @Hello: NYC is one of the most racially diverse cities. Are you telling me people of colour aren’t suited for any role on that show? That if you substituted Adam or Lena for a person of colour the show would no longer make sense? Please.

  • ali

    She should connect with Tracy Anderson and get her body in better shape. She looks quite awkward in her skin, which makes the show odd. Tracy Anderson would get her into shape quickly, and she’d be healthier.

    ps: she spoke on FRESH AIR with Terry Gross bout the need to diversify her cast, which she said she would do this season. she seemed to have taken the criticism to heart.

  • Vanessa

    I love adam…he’s hilarious, best part of the show!!

  • Savior

    @Hello: I hope they NEVER hire any token black or Asian girl. I much rather a show has ZERO black people than token black people.
    Bottomline, this show is garbage.

  • A

    No one wants to see a show about some ugly white jewish hipster girl trying to “find herself” and who thinks she’s so “deep” and we just “don’t get her”.
    Why would I want to see this!? I’m younger than her and have more intelligent and deep things to say and I don’t need to resort to taking my clothes off either. But I would never get a show of my own because I’m not some famous persons daughter and i’m not white or jewish.
    I just can’t stand middle class hipster girls who think they are some kind of forward thinking messiah and everyone needs to listen to what they have to say because they’re soooo special.
    Girls like myself are 10 step ahead of them and it’s really sad that we are silenced because sshhhh quiet!! The deep hipster girl has something important to say that we have NEVER heard or experienced before, such as sexism!! ::major eye roll right here::
    The sad part is they actually think we don’t know anything and they’re the pioneers of everything, i’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.
    God give me strength to deal with these idiots…

  • NE1

    Happy to see they’re already shooting, I can’t wait. I hope Veep comes back soon too.

  • allie

    @Lulu: agree!! i love this show. im sick of people being pis*sed off because each character doesnt look like a super model. get over it. it just started out. and how is it racist?? she (lena dunham) just wrote it and wasnt sure it wld take off. and the only story line so far is based on the girls (obviously) and everyone else is a minor character.. there hasn’t even been enough air time to call it racist. whatever, i adore the show.. i think its witty and realistic and doesnt feel the need to add a coldplay song after every line. (u dont like it? dont watch it. im sure the vampire diairies WITH ITS PREDOMINANT WHITE CAST is more for u anywyay)

  • Lulu

    Fair enough. However I live in London and none of my friends are coloured people, not that I avoid them, but because sometimes life is as it is.

    Also I think we all tend to stay in our own ethnic group, it is not racism or anything, it’s just reality. And again, I am not racist AT ALL. I’d love to hang out with English people to start with (I’m not English) and I find it really hard to connect! Don’t you find it shocking that we never see interracial couples on TV? What do you have to say about that?

  • Lulu

    Not extremely talented but Harry Styles is quite cute! haha!