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Liberty Ross: American Rag Shopper & Salon Stop!

Liberty Ross: American Rag Shopper & Salon Stop!

Liberty Ross is all smiles after making her way out of a salon on Friday (August 31) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress and estranged wife of Rupert Sanders later went shopping at the American Rag store in Hollywood and left with a couple bags full of purchases.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

Earlier in the week it was reported that Liberty is high in demand for film roles after her husband’s recent cheating scandal.

30+ pictures inside of Liberty Ross out and about…

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liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 01
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 02
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 03
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 04
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 05
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 06
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 07
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 08
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 09
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 10
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 11
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 12
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 13
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 14
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 15
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 16
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 17
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 18
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 19
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 20
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 21
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 22
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 23
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 24
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 25
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 26
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 27
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 28
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 29
liberty ross american rag shopper salon stop 30

Credit: Dharma; Photos: INFdaily
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  • jay

    She is so skinny, it’s like Angie

  • Preeti

    She is beautiful!!

  • Aussie Surfer

    Looks like she is dunzo with her marriage

  • Hoe

    Everyone wins with scandal, exception Kristen of course: “Liberty is high in demand for film roles after her husband’s recent cheating scandal” Wtf now She is so happy, the best thing that ever happened to her was kristen. This is the reality people!

  • lilloo

    those legs!!!!!

  • Jake

    @lilloo: She has no legs -.-

  • Best thing for career

    Wow, since the affair, we all know who she is. Her husband is obviously a creep, so she is better off without him… this affair ended up being a win-win for her (end bad marriage and a big career boost).

  • Effy

    She needs to gain more weight. However, she still is ten times prettier than KStew.

  • notyourfriend

    Oh Liberty, we all know that this 15 min fame thing is going to be ova in 3,2,1… is still think that ur man is to blame but that does not mean that you should sell yourself as a future skank…remember you have kids!!!

  • She looks happy…

    She looks happy and content. Believe me, when you find out your husband is cheating on you, you don’t look like this when you’re unhappy.

  • Hoe

    Siempre he dicho que para triunfar en Hollywood debe haber drama, ella no seria tan famosa de no ser por la infidelidad de su esposa tampoco casi conocido en America con una “ídolo adolescente” por así decirlo.

  • Hoe

    No se porque siento que Liberty esta disfrutando de tanta atención recibida ahora por la cuestión de Rupert y Kristen. Cuando le preguntaron por Kristen ella lo que hizo fue sonrojarse, y al no usar su anillo de compromiso (que no tiene sentido ya que al final ella va a volver con Rupert) Liberty quiere generar como tema de hablar. En el fondo ella le esta sacando provecho a esto, ahora es mas famosa de lo que era antes, ahora los paparazzi le prestan atención cosa que muchos actores aborrecen ella lo esta disfrutando. Aunque les cueste admitirlo porque odian a kristen esto es verdad, aunque sea alguno de ustedes lo comprenderá.

  • Lola

    OMG she’s gorgeous!! WTF was Rupert thinking???

  • Jessa

    She has a model’s skinny body.
    But I think she as a model before actress.

  • Ben

    Too skinny for me.
    Her body’s def better than face.
    She’s not that pretty.
    Before I catch please take a look at milla jovovich and Charlize Theron.

  • lilloo

    @Jake: oh yeah then show your or have a seat please!

  • Rosie

    I don’t like Kristen Stewart at all, but this lady seems like an opportunist and is milking her situation for everything she’s got. None of these pics of her lately does she look heartbroken… Even if she was a British Vogue model (she doesn’t look like a high fashion model) nobody in the US at least knew who she was until this.

  • http://twitter jjto

    I’ve wondered if she and her husband didn’t have a plot to start with?

  • http://twitter jjto

    AND I think she is not pretty at all, kind of common looking. Except for being so skinny. Can she act?

  • http://twitter jjto

    That really funny Kstew is beautiful compared to her!!!

  • Guest

    Have to agree she looks awfully happy to be soooo devastated. She has a cold and scary face if you ask me. There is no warmth there. Haters can say whatever, but Kristen is a stunning beauty always has been always will be. She oozes sex appeal, she can’t help that most men are attracted to her.
    And stop with your she sleeps with everyone because you know as well as I do that Kristen does not have a reputation for sleeping around. Not even with this woman’s jerk of a husband. Not that he didn’t try.

  • creed

    I love how she owns him now. He is still wearing his wedding ring and chasing her like some lost puppy. Whereas she looks happy carefree and that she can totally look better.
    Liberty Rocks!

  • somali girl

    Eww. She is ugly and too old to be dressing like that. Plain eww.

  • Looselipz

    Hope she doesn’t take her scumbag cheater husband back…by doing so she’s telling him it’s okay to cheat, and he’ll just do it again.
    She’s beautiful, has a successful high fashion modeling career, good friends and her children.
    Run Liberty, run.

  • wren

    This woman sure knows how to make lemonade from lemons. Good for her.

  • Kaley

    U are jealous much? Ofc she was devastated by the scandal. But she has had tiime to melt it and deal with it. Why shoukd she go around being bitter and sad??? She has to continue, Wtf do u ppl expect of her? She walking aorund crying and angry??? If something good comes out of this, her getting roles then be happy for her. Jealous scums.

  • Sarah.

    Wow, she looks great!

  • ?

    it’s ridiculous, no one knew who she was before ! free publicity for her! it’s pathetic

  • anonymous

    @Jake: Are you kidding? Her legs are amazing!

  • jenna

    @Kaley: +1000

  • sam

    dayum those legs!

  • giuseppe

    Hi I am Giuseppe Lentini, London based actor. Never heard of me? Well I need a new agent then! Or u can help me and spread the word! Check my reel “Four’s a crowd” in which I am playing Luke:

  • ha ha

    how is she a model? ugly face

  • ha ha!

    She’s a model cause she’s gorgeous. Stupid Krisbians, you’re all way too obvious. Your little mouth breather got kicked to curb by two men. Rob’s moved on and Rup is begging for his wife. Deal with it.

  • libra

    You all like her,because you always hated Kristen Stewart. I’m sure you’ll forget about this woman when her 15 minutes of fame (emh…”famewhoring”) will come to an end.
    You’re cheering for her just because she’s considered Kristen Stewart’s “rival”,otherwise you wouldn’t even care about her.

  • Mark

    Why’d you cheat on that with Kris?

  • SS

    @She looks happy…:

    She’s loving the press, that’s why.

  • jenna

    I like Liberty and I didn’t know much about Kristen Stewart other than occasionaly seeing pics of her sullen face flipping the finger in mags. Kristen can stay home, whine about how unfair the world is and cry into her Ben and Jerry’s if she wants. Liberty is a woman, not a little brat. Her family has been irrevocably damaged, maybe destroyed, but she’s getting on with her life like adults do. It’s called maturity and Kristen’s teenage fans clearly aren’t old enough to understand that yet.

  • jenna

    @Lola: ha! Lola, he wasn’t thinking. Sounds like he is now though … and nursing a nasty mid-life crisis hangover, I’m sure.

  • aw

    Liberty is actually a better actress than Kristen! yet Kristen was the highest paid actress. let see what happens to kristen’s creative future.

  • pam

    Her family is destroyed? She’s really much enjoying it!
    Is her whole family (mom,dad,brothers,sisters) followed by paps because of this cheating scandal? Is her mom called a “s.lut” just because she’s getting a divorce from her dad as if it was a sin or something? The difference is that Liberty’s father or brother or whatever are talking to the media,instead all the private things in Kristen’s family (like the fact that her parents are divorcing) are becoming entertainment for people,against their will. Do you see the difference?
    And btw you don’t know how Kristen is reacting at home. The difference is that Kristen and Robert are very good at hiding if they want, We can’t say the same thing for Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross who are enjoying all of this.

  • jenna

    @pam: I said her family is damaged. You think not? lol You think this public humiliation is a good time? You keep saying Liberty’s “enjoying it” Based on what? Because she isn’t giving the finger to the papz or telling them to f*ck off? If the press is hounding Kristen’s family, they should’t. But what does this have to do with Kristen’s fans and PR team giving Liberty a hard time? And why should Liberty hid? Again, what did she do wrong that she shouldn’t go about her normal everyday business?

  • London gal

    I think she and her husband set up Kristen for this. They were unsuccessful unknowns, and now all of a sudden we’re constantly showered with Liberty Ross updates. This was all a stunt and they obviously think people are stupid. I bet you they’re not even getting divorced! This is all absolute bs!

  • jenna

    They weren’t unsuccessful unkowns though. I’m a film student and I’ve know about Sanders for years. Everyone in Hollywood has – everyone in the business, that is. He’s been talked about in the film community for awhile and his work is respected. Directors don’t care about being in the gossip mags. They want to make money off their films so the studios will give them their choice of scripts and actors.
    Sorry but your theory really doesn’t make any sense.

  • B

    @jenna: Actually everybody knows that SWATH was his first movie. He was an ad director! I even remember an interview in which they ask Charlize how did she feel to work with an “newcomer” director like Sanders.

  • pam

    @jenna: I know that a betrayed person has the right to walk with their head up after a situation like that,but I found very strange her beahaviour (and her hudband’s) since day 1.
    It’s not just “suffer” paparazzi pressure,it’s doing their game and gaining from it. Maybe “hiding” was the wrong word,but you can avoid it if you want. Do you really think Kristen and Robert never leave their home in a month? Nope! But we’ve seen Kristen just once in a month and Rob just for the Cosmopolis promo.
    And what hard time are Kristen’s pr team and her fans giving to Liberty? Everybody is cheering for her! She’s getting job offers!

  • LG

    She is beautiful!!!

  • jenna

    @B: Yes, it was his first film. So? His ad work, videos, and short films are excellent. He made a huge stir in the field with the ads. His Black Hole mini too. I don’t expect that the average person knows this stuff, my point is that in Hollywood Sanders was NOT an unknown. When your taking meetings with Ridley Scott, DiCaprio, Cruise etc about flm projects, you’re not an unknown. His name has been tossed about in industry mags for years. I’m not defending his personal life, but I fail to see why he would set KStew up just to look like an asss in the media. It does him no good.

  • jenna

    @pam: We also know that Kristen alerted the media before that one sighting so …
    Yeah, I think you can avoid it if you must but it’s difficult, requires a lot of help. Bodyguards, etc. I’m not sure Rupert and Liberty want or have the resources required for that lifestyle. Rob and KStew do. This is their game. Also they don’t have kids, which makes hiding out a lot easier. I’m not sure exactly how you expect Liberty and Rupert to respond to this mess? Rupert tried to throw the paps off his property and called the police when they were trying to take pics of his kids in the backyard pool, but all he got for that was twisted media reports of him “smiling and waving” to the photogs. He clearly doesn’t know how to play the paps and he got used. Liberty is getting a hard time. Just look at the posts on this site. Rupert is too, though he surely deserves it. Not sure he deserves being called a “predator” or accused of sexual harassment though.
    btw thank your the calm, intelligent repsonse. The story itself doesn’t interest me but public reaction has been intriguing to say the least.

  • miapocca

    no wonder her husband is cheating he got tired of shagging bones