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Maria Sharapova & Sasha Vujacic Split, End Engagement

Maria Sharapova & Sasha Vujacic Split, End Engagement

Maria Sharapova and her fiance, basketball player Sasha Vujacic, have called off their engagement.

“It’s been since the end of spring,” the 25-year-old tennis player said in a post match U.S. Open news conference. “I was waiting for someone to actually ask me that question.”

“I have never really been the person to announce things. I never announced when we were together or never announced we were engaged. I never have in any of my previous relationships, as well,” Maria said (via E! News).

“It was a really nice period of time for both of us, but our career schedules just made it extremely difficult to see each other with the traveling and especially his career move to Turkey,” she added. “But we have a tremendous amount of respect for each other. I still would love to call him as a friend. We spent really great years together.”

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  • Jas

    Why??? :(

  • Candice

    I KNEW IT!! cause i’ve seen her without her engagement ring for months! AND i haven’t seen them together in forever! it’s okay. she’s still young. good luck to the both of them!

  • O

    The sad thing is that they split but now his co Tracy is done in turkey and he’s back in la

  • O

    The sad thing is that they split but now his contract is done in turkey and he’s back in la but I guess to little to late

  • Stef

    @sara: You must have been rejected by one that’s why such a strong stand! you know THE Anja Rubik and Adriana Lima married one?! oh,sweetheart i am so sorry you are not worthy of a Serb man.

  • llws88

    I am by no means a MaSha fan but thats too bad lol I started to wonder myself if she was still engaged…never seen the guy at any of her matches :S Ah well….better to call it quits now, than after the marriage

  • daisy

    maybe that’s the reason she lost at wimbledon, go girl you can get a better guy

  • somali girl

    She looks older than 25. dafuk?

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    They Are PR By Her….Poor 4 HIM

  • XYZ


    I understand ure an American retard….

  • SayItLoudI’mSerbAndI’mProud

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    Why don’t you crawl back to the slimy rock under which you’ve crept out.

  • ana

    i know adriana lima but who’s anja rubik?

  • Courtney

    who cares the relationship ran it’s course and by the way Karl Malden mentioned above was only half serbian from his father he was also half Czeck from his mother. @Ana Anja Rubik is also a Victoria Secret model just not as often used as Adriana though she’s a muse of Karl Laggerfeld

  • Career done and over

    No one asked her because no one including the media cares. I don’t care, not sure why I even posted.

  • Career done and over

    @sara: Have you met any Russian men? talk about primitive and chauvenistic.

  • sara


    No, I am American, but I heard that Serbs are like the new Nazis of Europe, at least that’s what people are saying. My not you personaly, but is the general opinion.
    Those people you are referencing are probably all refugees who escaped from Serbia, and I feel sorry for them because they had to leave the place. Nikola Tesla was a smart gay man, that I respect.
    I am Jewish, my grandparents survived Holocaust and I don’t like nations that anihilate and kill other nations.

  • sara


    “Let me guess, you are of a Croatian/Albanian/Muslim-Bosniak origin? Circle the right answer.”

    So these are the nations? You hate their guts? You prove my point.

  • Lisa

    Maria is sooooooo B E A U T I F U L

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  • sara


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  • sara


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  • Savior

    Lol! I knew it.

  • zija

    He is from Serbiaaaaa!! Just like meee :)

  • kJ

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  • LMS

    He has SLOVENIAN nationality and he was born in slovenian town! His father might be serbian, but he’s slovenian!

  • http://lucy__luz luz mae s.

    aaaww!! i’m sad to hear that!! i love them both. they look so good together. was so happy when they announced their engagement. when i hear that sasha is playing in turkey, i was kinda worried about their relationship :( .. too much going on in tennis right now… maria’s break up with her fiance, kim clijsters retirement and of course my beloved andy roddick’s retirement :(

  • SayItLoudI’mSerbAndI’mProud

    @sara: @sara:
    Anyhow you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out that Milan Nedic was a “collaborator” and Belgrade was “free of Jews” not because of Serbs, but because of the fact that Serbia was occupied and RUN by the GERMANS! Serbia was an occupied state. Milan Nedic was forced to take the position by occupiers. He was not elected by Serbs.
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  • SayItLoudI’mSerbAndI’mProud

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