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Adam Lambert: Matinee Circus Disco Performer!

Adam Lambert: Matinee Circus Disco Performer!

Adam Lambert hits the stage at the Matinee Labor Day celebration held at Circus Disco on Saturday (September 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“Excited about the Matinee tonight at Circus Disco. Im on at 12:30 now. Ready to see all you I used to party with bck in the day.” the 30-year-old entertainer tweeted about the upcoming evening.

“And of course I don’t discriminate but this party is really for LGBT Brothers and Sisters. #justkeepinitreal” Adam added later about the party. “Haha hold up… Anyone is welcome. It’s just gonna be a VERY gay evening. Like… Sticky Fierce. Lol just want everyone to feel cumfy,” he clarified.

15+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert performing at Circus Disco…

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adam lambert matinee labor day performance 01
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 02
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 03
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 04
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 05
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 06
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 07
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 08
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 09
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 10
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 11
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 12
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 13
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 14
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 15
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 16
adam lambert matinee labor day performance 17

Credit: FayesVision; Photos: Wenn
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  • A

    What does that finger pointing up in the air sign mean? I’ve seen a lot of artists lately doing it.

  • Milli

    Hmm. So if a gay couple comes to an evangelical church and gets told to stay away because they wouldn’t be comfy there, it’s all good. Got it.

  • Glam > Talent

    He has talent, but his glam is overshadowing it. On Idol, we got to see the true nature of his talent… now, I’ve forgotten it. It’s like he’s trying to hide from his true self and that is what we like really.

  • anch

    I said it once and ill say it again. Gay people look Adam Lambert and call him a f@g.

  • anch

    Tinkerbell looks at Adam Lambert and just shakes her head.

  • adamfan

    @Milli: His fans understood what he meant. He is ALWAYS considerate of his fans and knows he has lots of straight women fans and was just letting them know what kind of event it was. You, on the other hand, are trying to make something of what he said. His tweet wasn’t intended for you, but rather for his fans. I personally would feel uncomfortable at an evangelical church and would walk out on my own. No help needed from you. Now run along and read about someone you like, if there is anyone.

  • adamfan

    Forgot to say, Adam was fantastic as always.

  • adamfan

    @anch: Do u know any or are u just being cute. #fail

  • Mingus

    He’s an idiot. He should have made a lead singer Queen deal work. We only hear of him in cheesy or not so great venues. Disappointed. It’s like a fierce talent who had an opportunity to be legendary that settled for a small cult following. Waste.

  • anch

    @adamfan: The fifth picture is classic!

  • barbls

    @Mingus: You are the idiot! Adam just performed at Summersonic in Japan along with Rhianna, Green Day, Kesha among others!! Was in Australia and performed to a select audience and had people pay over $5,000 to see him perform. So what the hell are you talking about. I just don’t get people commenting about an artist you can see they do not like, maybe hate, give erroneous information, but yet act like they are a fan, Please, do me a favor go be obsessed with someone else to put the down with erroneous information. You sure don’t know what the hell is going on in Adam’s career!!


    I don’t like straight people – except for myself, and that is questionable sometimes (whether I like myself as a straight person.)

    In any case, this is one chick who is much more comfortable around gurls and bois, so lets not wrap all str8t people up in neat little stereotypes shall we, though I am certain he was referring to those *other* straight people – you know, the other ones besides me.

  • barbls

    @Glam > Talent: You sure have not been at a live performance or else you would not have made that stupid comment. Trespassing has nothing to do with Glam and his music, his voice, his performances are out of this world. No one compares. Stop acting like you think he is great, but don’t like the glam. You aren’t a fan and never were one because if you were, you would have at least You Tubed and seen for yourself that Trespassing has nothing to do with glam, but with the music. Adam is the most exciting artist in the world today and his performances, voice and who he is as a human being are beyond compare. You should be ashamed of yourself acting like you were once a fan, but!!

  • http://YooTooFoo Jamus

    His hair looks better lighter.

  • http://WonderfulwomanK WonderfulwomanK


    My take is that corporate owned media (TV and radio) in the USA have shut Adam out (not his fault). Did you know Romney’s Bain Capital owns Clear Channel radio (800 + radio stations across the USA)? Have you heard Clear Channel stations playing Adam’s muisic? Did you know DJ Ryan Seacrest cut a huge business deal with Bain Capital? (LA Times). You might want to educate yourself about corporate owned media in the US (owned by very few–often very rt. wing and definitely all about money-making vs artistry), their agendas, and how they shape what we hear and see. RollingStone gave Adam’s Trespassing 4 stars, by the way. Listen to it yourself. Make up your own mind. I for one think it deserves several Grammy nominations, and I’m serious when it comes to music.

  • barbls

    @barbls:Here is Adam Performing a few of his songs from his performance at Summersonic Japan! Glam?? View to see the greatest artist of our times!!!

  • barbls

    @WonderfulwomanK: or this performance of Adam singing a cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love.” – So sick of people not even viewing a just talking this crap!!

  • WhatATool

    OVER RATED One Note Adam he belongs in Vegas

  • barbls

    @barbls: @Glam > Talent and @Mingus: the above two YouTube links were for both. View and then you will know why both of your comments have no point to them at all. Don’t know how @WonderfulwomanK got into my response!

  • barbls

    @WhatATool: You really are a Tool, good name for you!!

  • noplace

    barbls @ 16, 17 & 19
    Great stuff! Thank you!

  • noplace

    Talented and gorgeous. Go Adam!

  • Lee

    Get some facts so you don’t look like such a dope.

  • Jason

    Poor stupid uninformed Mingus.

  • somali girl

    The circus is where this fa**ot clown needs to be.

  • R

    This karaoke singer is just another one hit wonder and way too into himself. Also,he should have never performed with Queen. That was horrible!

  • KissThis

    oh god, I just love Adam! He’s an amazing entertaining. Hell of a voice. Biggots and haters go away.

  • KissThis

    @R: Are you effing kidding me? Karaoke singer? lmao. Why don’t you try singing even remotely well. Bet you can’t. Adam is beyond blessed with vocal ability.

  • ersa

    @barbls: you’re a old rude cow – in love with a gay man who thinks you’re trash. go sit yo stank fish ass down. you and all your old ass bitch friends who stan for a homey the clown lookalike.

  • Shay

    Note to Adam Lambert’s fans: Those fans attempting to get negative posters here to change their minds are wasting their time. To change your mind you must first have one that functions marginally well. It is obvious from the immature nature of the comments posted that these people have no capacity to process events or information in an intelligent manner. They are more to be pitied than blamed.

    Just imagine how scary YOUR life would be if this level of thinking is the best you could aspire to. These poor unfortunates search out internet comment sections like this for opportunities to put others down because it temporaily makes them feel better about themselves. Very sad, isn’t it. Even sadder is the fact that they have no capacity to recognize the truth of this message and learn from it.

  • Taylor

    I was a fan for a long time. All he cares about is his gay fans. Everything about him now is all about being gay. It’s like he doesn’t want mainstream success. Such a waste off talent.

  • Lena

    I still believe his boyfriend ruin his career. He became lazy when he got a boyfriend.

  • Annalee

    He’s such a flop. He will end up on a tour with all the other loser idols.