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Kate Bosworth: Paul Banks EP Discussion with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: Paul Banks EP Discussion with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth wraps her arm around fiance Michael Polish at Paul Banks‘ discussion of his new EP Julian Plenti Lives… held at Sonos Studio on Saturday (September 1) in Los Angeles.

Is that the engagement ring we see on the 29-year-old actress’ left hand!? We love it!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate was spotted the day before heading to the Ona Spa and Nail Salon.

It was recently announced that Michael is attached to direct the film 18 Wheel Butterfly, about a female trucker accused of a crime for which she is innocent.

FYI: Michael is wearing a Levi’s shirt.

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Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen; Photos: Getty
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  • Ash

    Omg her legs are so tiny

  • sinca

    Can you please stop posting photos of that Polish guy? He is so ugly. At least Kate is pretty.

  • Whycantipost

    Nice pose for showing of the rings. Not that they ever pose naturally.

  • Toni

    They both look like hard core coke heads. Yikes…look how thin they are. Yep, that’s the cocaine diet in Hollywood.

  • Jeannie

    She looked better in the ‘candid’ pictures from the last post.

  • jess

    These two are each other’s careers. BORING.

  • Blackcat9

    Hideous LEGS, Hideous Knees and WOW! what a Hideous RING!

    I feel so bad that MP has to constantly hold her drunken A$$ up!

  • WTMF

    @sinca: As long as he’s with her, you’ll be seeing a lot of him because she can’t live without the attention. He’s talented, it sucks that he’s willing to play along with her silly ‘need to be papped’ games.

  • huma


    she has the most beautiful legs in Hollywood

  • Texas Swede

    First of all Jared that is not the ‘ring’ finger that ring is on. Second, when you zoom in on it the ring looks like a piece from the Jewel Junk line. And she is not wearing her life partner’ ring either. Looks like a case of “Let’s try to fool the public.” to me.

    I still think they are leaking tidbits to the public little by little and it won’t be long til there is a secret wedding. All to cover the one that already happened a while ago.

  • Lucy

    this girl just makes me her

  • like

    Beautiful. Always so classy and elegant.

  • lo


  • Dana

    And isnt that her right hand ??

  • pp

    kate is amazing

  • vodca

    lovely again

  • joana

    so cute, her face is so pretty

  • sur

    amazing body

  • Lucy

    absolutely perfect! Such an elegant woman

  • bruni

    natural beauty

  • bruni

    kate is my new style inspiration.

  • Maki

    She is absolutely beautiful and sexy. Georgeous woman

  • juli

    lovely and talented

  • brenda dubois

    @WTMF: please. he’s just as into the attention.

  • love her

    She is one of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars

  • love her

    SEX ON LEGS! She is stunning!

  • love her

    she deserves an oscar

  • chelle

    WTF???? Trolls /Jasper talking to itself again….. I really think Sybil is on here today.

    @TS she has that stoopid ring on it’s just hard to see. I think the other one is from those machines at the store. Looks pretty cheap to me just like she does. If she really went to salon yesterday I would sue…. her hair looks awful.

  • mforman

    OMG, this is too funny and it just proves that she and her paid for inner circle read JJ, the ring on her right hand (not left, or even the correct finger), is from the September JM line. Also she is wearing her life partner ring but is keeping her hand down in these photos, instead of hoisting it in front of her face for the paps to get another shot of it. Like we haven’t seen it already, give us a break.
    The pose is ridiculous, does she know how to stand on her own without that stupid pigeon toe look. It looks like they have both had way too much to drink and are clinging to each other so they do not fall over.
    Also I find it interesting no mention of the fact she is wearing JM or who her dress is from. Well I guess it is from her closet, because Cher has much better things to do then waste her talent and time on her any longer.

  • WTMF

    @brenda dubois: I completely agree with you. I didn’t mean to give the impression that he doesn’t love it as much as she does.

    @love her – to my knowledge, they don’t’ have a best famewh*re category at the Oscar’s.

  • Macy

    Um, Jared that’s her right hand and I seriously doubt that’s an engagement ring. Like someone else stated, it looks like a junk mint ring. It’s just one of those fake diamond ball rings. I have one too though it’s certainly not from crapmint.
    She’s wearing her “life partner” ring just like always.

  • Macy

    Also, holy multiple aliases batman! Sheesh nice spam job.
    I see she’s keeping her hair a bit darker, it looks way better than the bleach job she usually has.

  • bosta

    What a magnficient woman! Love her beauty, love her style!

  • Texas Swede

    @chelle: I did not even notice it was the wrong hand. These really are good meds. ;)@Macy: I still have not figured out why she went to the salon. It wasn’t for a root touch up and it certainly wasn’t for a nail job. Oh yeah she is short on her pap quota. Silly me.

  • mwnt

    I think this girl is the prettiest girl in the media right now.

  • chelle

    @Texas Swede: aren’t meds great! I had some really really good ones for my knee injury…. make everything seem Ok… 2 more months and hubby will be home I hope (doing happy dance )

  • inev

    She’s beautiful, smart, talented and very sweet

  • Ali

    She looks like the blonde singer from The Mamas & the Papas (young, in the 70′):

  • mumu

    Love her. So humble and talented.

  • chelle

    @Macy: I’m telling you it’s freaking Sybil! Maybe the personalities will take a hit out on each other then we could really be entertained…. just a thought. Reminds me of when I was in nursing school we had to do psych hospital. There was a guy there tbat OD on LSD. He thought he was a glass of orange juice and would yell “No don’t touch me! I’ll spill “.Ok Sorry totally off topic but it’s funny so what the heck.

  • sarah

    that guy is so creepy looking.

  • JEN

    Geeze JJ are you on the same crack cocaine that Kate is? That is not her ring finger you nerd, and it’s on the wrong god da mn hand ffs.

  • strange

    What exactly do you do, sir? What exactly do you do, miss?

  • jayraj

    lovely and talent?????
    what???? who the heck is that ugly dude micheal polish wtf has he done.

    And kate bsoworth??? well i dont remember seeing her in anything except rules of attraction and some dawsons creek wannabe show in 1999

    why is she photographed?????

  • Fashionista

    Kate looks wonderful! I love her outfit and the shoes are fantastic. She was also with her friend, Helena Christensen, who’s another beautiful woman. I think this is a cute picture of Michael:
    He has a great smile. Somebody said, and I agree, he’s handsome in a Spanish way.

  • Duh

    No that cheap shitmint costume engagement ring that mp could only afford is not on her left hand that is her right hand …duh stupid writers

  • Has anyone seen my keys?

    Where was that first picture taken? It looks like someone’s attic! Car seat, broken lamp, random cr*p stacked against the wall, this was a high class event obviously.

  • mumu

    Kate Bosworth is much more important than KATE MIDDLETON

  • loju

    I envy your boyfriend he is so cute

  • Texas Swede

    @Ali: I am sorry but first of all Michelle Phillips did not look at all like KB. She was a talented woman and it is an insult to compare KB to her. And secondly I find it hilarious that the first poster after you is named MUMU. After all Michelle’s female partner in the Mamas and Papas, Mama Cass, wore them all the time. Is that how you guys come up with all the new names. RFLMFAO

    No insult to Mama Cass Intended. I am a fan of hers still today. Have M&P on my Ipod.