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Katie Holmes: 'Holmes & Yang' Fashion Show One Week Away!

Katie Holmes: 'Holmes & Yang' Fashion Show One Week Away!

Katie Holmes holds hands with her daughter Suri as they make their way through Hudson River Park on Sunday (September 2) in New York City.

The mother-daughter pair, who were reportedly joined by Uncle Martin Holmes and his pet pooch, headed towards Chelsea Piers.

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In exactly one week, Katie will be debuting her Holmes & Yang fashion show at New York Fashion Week! Katie‘s show is going up against Victoria Beckham‘s collection.

The day before, Katie and Suri were spotted running errands around the Big Apple.

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# 1

It’s cute how they are always spending time together :)

# 2


# 3

can’t wait!!!!! i know for sure it’s going to be a DISASTER and most likely the end of her TINY LITTLE career.

# 4

Okay, she still calls herself a fashion designer?

# 5

“Going up against”… seriously?
Fashion Week 2012 has a site with date and schedules for the lines showing. The schedule doesn’t show Holmes & Yang nor Victoria Beckham, yet.
Do we even know if they are showing the same day?
Looking at the schedule each day has at least 3 – 7 lines showing.
The show will be streaming live starting Sept. 6th
I like to watch fashion shows even if I can’t afford the clothes.
It should be good…I’ll have my popcorn ready!

# 6

You guys have the pics mixed up, need a recheck on the date, I know they can’t both be wearing the exact clothes the were wearing just the other day.

# 7
Andamentothat @ 09/02/2012 at 5:46 pm

Jared is just trying to generate traffic. Old pics, old info.. Sick!

# 8

Is it just me or does Suri seem more calm nowadays? Cute little girl, but I always thought she acted like a huge brat. Tom probably indulged, spoiled her too much whereas now that she’s primarily with Katie maybe she’s being raised better. I wish Katie the best.

# 9

@Ash: Katie doesnt have another thing to do.


I don’t think she is one of the main shows. She is in one of the tents or something.

BarneyLegendary @ 09/02/2012 at 7:09 pm

gosh, is that only the blue background or look this child really so pale??? that can’t be healthy…nevertheless I’m happy for her, that she is far away from scientology now

@tSquared: Not sure, People Style Watch site states that “Though designers are free to pick from a variety of venues for their runway shows — studios, theaters, libraries, even some outdoor spaces — the tents are considered Fashion Week central, a spot where heavy hitters like Diane von Furstenberg, Monique Lhuillier and Badgley Mischka show. ”
Furstenberg, Lhuiller and Mischka are listed at the NYFW schedule site.
It’s possible that the schedule is still being updated or maybe not all of the lines will be streamed.

ah ha ha ha @ 09/02/2012 at 7:39 pm


I love that she’s pissing people off with those shoes LOVE IT! Good. If you want to see her in other shoes go to her next stage performance or film. Ha ha ha ha

You can tell Suri is a ballet student. That posture. The elegant ways she’s been walking. Wonderful. Maybe Kristen Stewart should fill her free time with ballet classes to improve her posture

Looselipz @ 09/02/2012 at 7:52 pm

That Suri sure is cute…hopefully she will someday have a new normal father…

Maybe she could teach her own mother a thing or two — Katie has the worst posture in Hollywood.

Suri looks so cute and adorable with her hair like that.

Kate must be paying JJ for these count downs to her “fashion show” because he not doing a count down for the Victoria Bekham or any of he REAL designers.

She looks malnourished. Gwen Stefani, Ben Affleck and Brad and Ang have kids her age and they all look so active and healthy and smiley. Suri looks so pale and small, and weak. Not trying to be mean just an observation

But I have to say I am glad she is away from Tom’s Scientology influence. That can only help her.

@BarneyLegendary: I’ve always been a pale kid, and very healthy. Do you think tanning would be better? The sun can cause severe damage to the skin, and a sunburn as a child can give you skin cancer as an adult. Maybe you should think twice before posting?

By the way, I love that Suri’s now dressed as an ordinary kid, and not like a princess all the time. You can say what you want about Katie and the divorce, but Suri seems so down to earth and normal, now.

ah ha ha ha and Nano you’re my heroes – classic posts!! Made m’day.

Suri is looking more and more like her mother every day. She’s a beautiful child.

@ah ha ha ha: #13

She is not pissing people off by wearing those shoes. SHE LOOKS MENTALLY ILL.

@Peapo: #20

Dumbo she is not away from Scientology. Tom is still her daddy, just as much as he was before the divorce. He is just as much in her life as he was before he divorce.

@Marieme: #8

Katie is the one who indulges her, and Katie is the one who has been the primary parent for all her life. So just because there is a divorce does not mean the child has a different environment. NOTHING has changed.
She is NOT being raised better, because she is still with the same parent who has been raising her all of her life. Tom and Katie have not lived together for years. Most of their marriage they have lived separately. Your comment is stupid.

That child is as pale as a ghost.

@BarneyLegendary: #11

Silly, she is not away from Scientology. Tom divorced Katie NOT Suri. He is still her daddy and will be in her life for life.

The child is dressed so tacky. And Katie wears those dirty boots all the time. There is definitely some mental deficiency going on with Katie.

@Looselipz: #15

What a stupid comment.

@Seattle Mom Blogger: #24

Suri is pale and plain looking, far from a beautiful child.

Katie is always looking dead at the camera with her crazy @$$.

Looselipz @ 09/02/2012 at 7:52 #15

Thumb up Thumb down 0

That Suri sure is cute…hopefully she will someday have a new normal father…
What a stupid thing for you to say. Children’s daddy’s are not ex’ed out when their parents get divorced. Daddy’s don’t divorce their children. Tom is still her daddy.

Of course Suri is looking calm on those pics. But we can’t make an opinion with only some pictures. Of course, she is aging and responsabilities of her age is modeling her. I hope Katie isn’t spoiling her excessively, that seems not to be the fact. Also,if Suri is pale and seems to miss some sun tan, maybe we can blame on the paps, as required or not by Katie. If she doesn’t go outside and play in the sun oftenly, is maybe because of there presence that is still seem to scary her.

Jared i love your site, but i have to say i am totally disgusted by you jumping on the tabloid BS and pitting these women against each other, ESPECIALLY since its all LIES! The official schedule is out, and Beckham shows on the 9th, and KATIE WILL SHOW ON THE 12TH, SO HOW STUPID DO YOU FEEL NOW?!!

@denise: Um no, Katie divorced Tom, he didn’t divorce her. And Cruise hardly ever sees Suri, even while they were married he was always on set so lose the Cruise is Dad of the Year nonsense. The other kids never see Nicole because of him. So. Go. Katie.


jj has been on the take for years now..its just a site to push celebs…no news other than sheer publicity is reported here ..its a pr paradise and JJ gets paid…want some good witty commentary..try

You all must feel like big, strong men to pick on Suri. She is an adorable little girl with a wonderful Mom. They don’t dress to impress you, they are just going on with their lives.

It’s time for different shoes Kate. Everyone knows you can afford them.

It is just you, #8.

Quit playing doctor, #19.

Yeah, #20. Because his older kids are doing SO terribly…

It was Holmes that dressed her so nicely and I don’t get what is it to you that she did, #22.

You’re disgusting, #32.

Cruise is one of of the least prolific actors around, 337. And quit regurgitating tabloid nonsense about him not allowing his older kids to go see their mother.

Right, #39.

@Jean: mentally ill! That’s a stretch and no one really believes you besides sci cult. Nice way to out yourself.

@Melanie: finally someone who gets it.

Katie Holmes has the prettiest face out there. She is so pretty without any make up. All the rest of Hollywood actresses with few inches of make up need to learn a lot from her.
She is one down to earth actress and that makes her unique, pure, and places her above and beyond the entire Hollywood!

You’re so stupid. No one spoke in tanning. What is being questioned is the absence of color healthy children well fed. It has nothing to do with the sun. Maybe You Should think twice before posting

Nano, You’re so stupid. No one spoke in tanning. What is being questioned is the absence of color healthy children well fed. It has nothing to do with the sun. Maybe You Should think twice before posting

Melanie, Jean, Nano. Several names for the same person. And the person is really stupid, can not interpret the judge rashly. DELAYED

Another warning to retards. Vitamin D is produced only by sunlight. Pharmaceutical drugs do not bring the same benefit. A little sunshine never hurt. Since with sunscreen, the sun will only be beneficial. Especially for children. Go back to school, animal. Once again, the lack of color is not Suri lack of sol but lack of good nutrition. She looks sick.

Hamlet will get a child to defend you. It is the time coveting the Suri, and watchdog Suri. . I bet you would like to be her mother. You perverted

Hamlet licks the ground where Suri ****. Pervert, go get a child to defend you. Suri does not need you to be a watchdog for her.

Hamlet, glad you came. We love your comments are very funny hahahha retarded. Poor Hamlet brown nose

If Hamlet could, to eat the feces of Suri.
You have to stop questioning people for what they comment. Each write what you want, do not meddle in anyone’s comments. Pervert!

@ASS: Like your screen name it fits your personality.


Well Hammy, just who would you believe about Tom edging Nicole out of her children’s lives. His auditor, Paul Haggis and several other top xenu cult members have come out and said the cult waged a campaign against her with the kids. I’d call that pretty certain proof and not just tabloid lies.
But then of course you are a sci-fi member and your head is so far up David Miscavage and Tom Cruise’s er buttsky that you wouldn’t know the truth if it hit your over your indoctrinated brain.

Xiolablu, You must have Hamlet himself or another is perverted. You are more likely a pedophile who wants Suri to you and stays all day and guard dog in her sites.

@Anna: so ASS and Anna are the same person, very clever!

Suri is a very pretty little girl, I just can’t help but think about the issues she’s going to have as she gets older. A girl as spoiled as her doesn’t grow up without some issues.

Kors/Beckham Fan @ 09/04/2012 at 3:08 am

Maybe premature to divorce your biggest investor and/or supporter but guessing, Tom is hoping the mother of his child does well for the right reasons. Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors (love both!) are fantastic! Working women in any field have to work twice as hard to earn respect in business. Being pretty, rich, and having an expensive stylist and a make-up artist, and someone put extensions in your hair does not make Katie a designer. Biggest turn off? Business women don’t use a 6 yr old every day to get media face time to promote a business. People are begging for a job and Katie has play dates EVERY DAY!! She is oblivious about the “everday” woman who she claims to be targeting with her new designs. Respect has to be earned. Won’t buy Holmes & Yang ever.

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