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Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!

Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!

Liberty Ross and a male pal head into lunch at Le Pain Cafe on Saturday (September 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress and estranged wife of Rupert Sanders later went to the Balenciaga and Bally stores in West Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

The day before, Liberty hit the salon before heading over to American Rag to shop the afternoon away.

10+ pictures inside of Liberty Ross lunching at Le Pain Cafe and then shopping at some high end stores in West Hollywood…

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liberty ross shopping lunch 01
liberty ross shopping lunch 02
liberty ross shopping lunch 03
liberty ross shopping lunch 04
liberty ross shopping lunch 05
liberty ross shopping lunch 06
liberty ross shopping lunch 07
liberty ross shopping lunch 08
liberty ross shopping lunch 09
liberty ross shopping lunch 10

Credit: Brooks/Dharma; Photos: INFdaily
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  • ha ha

    not attractive

  • threesome

    go Liberty!!! slutsen can just go diaf!

  • anch

    First I want to say I dont like Kristen Stewart,but the more I see Liberty Ross walking around like she has no problem in the world, I ask myself why the in the hell is Kristen Stewart hiding out. Come on Kristen show the world you have moved on. Second who the f#ck is Liberty Ross?

  • guest

    Too many press don’t you think?
    Where are your children? Leave them to your husband? Ya…right
    good mother

  • sourpatch575

    Her husband may have cheated on her but at the end of the day she still gets the fame and glory…..

  • Lola

    OKAY I’m done with her. I defended her on the last article, but this is going overboard. Kristen made her a celebrity! -.-

  • mimi

    yeah…something so off. everybody is in hiding, but her. yeah not a fan of her style either.

  • jj

    Love this girl! She’s so natural looking and down to earth.

  • 3pm

    Too much of her recently. Please, go away along with Rupert from paps radars. And take Kristen with you, big happy ménage à trois.

  • Alice

    I don’t like kristen trampire AT ALL! but this thig with this woman is getting ridiculous! WTF is wrong with you Jared? this is not a celebrity!

  • lora

    She looks adorable and she’s talented!

  • Cali

    How much is she paying you to write about her ,Jared? You’re the only blogger that i’ve seen that’s been writing about her everyday lol

  • kayla

    Beautiful. Always so classy and elegant.

  • lele

    She has the most beautiful legs.

  • Nina

    Every day my theory will be stronger, I think that she and her husband were looking for a way to be more popular and they took advantage of Kristen and her fame

  • fiipa

    Before the whole thing happened people didn’t even knew who she was,and now all of a sudden we see picture of her everyday!!! kinda weird….

  • kk

    She has no makeup on and is still beautiful.

  • guest

    Does anyone else think she is trying to dress like Kristen? Much too thin also. Come on Kristen, we miss seeing your pretty face!!

  • deby

    She looks like a doll! Totally.

  • deby



    she is a true fashion icon!

  • ok


    I don’t think a woman out without her kids should be seen as a bad mother. Her children have 2 parents. So she can go out and about without her kids. MILLIONS of women do everyday. now having said that I am getting tired of the constant pap pics. before the Kristen Rupert thing this woman was a “Who is she” now we are seeing her everyday in heels and short shorts. OK her thing maybe, but she looks like she is loving all the attention. Reminds me of a guy that just hooked up with a known female celeb and is featured on this site when before he was a “who is that”.
    She needs to go about her business. She did nothing wrong, but she is getting famous for being hurt by her husband. Not for her talent.

  • sybil

    i like that she’s not using her children for public sympathy and support.
    (tom cruise bringing suri to disneyland?!! in what world would he ever do that except for image purposes)

  • Josephine


    And why would Liberty hide? It’s not like she is the one who cheated – she has nothing to be ashamed about, so why are you even comparing? I admit it’s weird that she gets so much attention now, but I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories. There are little kids involved and it would be the oddest and the most disgusting kind of PR game, plus it would be only beneficial for Liberty and Robert, and very harmful for the image of Kristen and Sanders, so why would they even participate? I’d rather believe Liberty has realized it’s a win-win situaton for her – she got rid of her sketchy husband whom she’ll divorce soon (as I hope), while she is still young and she gained more attention, so she have better chance to move on from him financially, that’s why she’s all open and smily “like she had no problem”.

  • Chace

    Liberty was actually a very famous High Fashion model in Europe – Vogue, ID, Burberry, Chanel e.t.c.
    She semi retired to move to LA to her husband for his career.
    Her family is old money rich.
    If she’s getting papped so much its because people are interested in her right now. It won’t last. But why should she hide? She did nothing wrong.

  • Guest

    OMG another picture of brokenhearted Liberty! She looks soooo sad.
    Where are you’re kids? She is a nobody who is a Kristen wannabe. No chance of that lady! I’d say you are really blowing it for yourself, sympathy for you is going out the window. I know you want to be seen as much as possible before people forget you exist again. Pathetic.
    Kristen will be out on Thursday and nobody will remember your name.
    Kristen didn’t ruin your marriage, your husband did. Go home and hug your kids.

  • Ali

    Clearly enjoying the attention. And why she dress like a 20 years old? Pathetic.

  • Duh

    Tell whatever you want, but Liberty is the only person who won this game. She got so much sympathy and attention. And now we her pics everyday!

  • CHO

    Again eh…its so odd that Kristen is hiding out, it prolongs the akwardness of it all. Just go about your day girl. Like Liberty and Rupie. Rob should as well. Just move on.

  • Guest

    You’re not a twenty year old. That outfit looks stupid on you! You’re not Kristen, so don’t even go there.

  • Jessica

    one thing i cant understand, why her husband cheated on her?? she looks so good for her age and has a very good body. In my opinion Kristen is not sexy or beautiful, with the same BORED face expression on every photo.. Please someone explain to me why people think she is pretty

  • Felicia

    She’s such a victim. She’s eating up the camera time. She and her husband are just RIDICULOUS. If they could get any more up and personal with the paps, they would be eating their lens. Your fifteen minutes are almost up. Soak it up.

  • someone

    Liberty Ross was well famous BEFORE Kirsten Stewart, she was a FAMOUS MODEL, perhaps not famous in the US but definitely in UK and Europe. She is well respected and know in the fashion crowd. Also the people calling her a bad mother are idiots, what is she suppose to do, stay at home and sulk while her children are at SCHOOL or is she suppose to go out with them and have the paps scream and question her about the scandal in front of here children. So many stupid people on the internet.

  • nmn

    why mediocre celebrities have many comments in this site?

  • Jane

    @Nina: If that were true than Kristen is an even bigger dumbass for falling for it.

  • well

    Yeah Liberty is a really well known high fashion model in Europe and over there that’s the only kind that counts. I mean the fashion people know her. Living in the US helps her a bit with anonymity but since her husband and what’s her face had their fun without regard to Liberty and kids, she’s gotten a bit more known.

  • well

    In the US Liberty’s more known as an actress though.

  • Lisa

    Is she TRYING to dress like kristen? nice try sweetheart but, no. Why is she smiling at the cameras? I really do think she’s trying to get attention..

  • RealRobFan

    @Lola: Behave yourself, she was already well known in the UK. Kristen made her well known in the US for the wrong reasons. Liberty should not have to hide her face, going about her daily life is something she did before Kristen made out with HER husband in public.

  • Kamy

    Am I the only one thinking that her husband and her tricked Kristen Stewart?
    They’re walking around like nothing happen, all a sudden she’s a star and papz follow her around and her couple seems to be ok.

    Something is fishy, I checked the pics and it seems he knew the papz were following KStew and him.

  • Amanda P.

    Feel like she’s using this whole situation to bring attention to herself, and get herself a career in hollywood – thats always how it starts. Liberty, go back to England.

  • LS

    I am sorry but that little smirk and her wearing the same shirt as Rob did in the Blackbook magazine. She is loving the fame.

    I don’t feel sorry for her anymore.

  • A

    @Nina: Yeah took advantage of poor Kristen and forced her to have an affair boo hoo

  • EweyDewey


    You’re not the only one, but you ARE one of a very small, VERY deluded minority.

    It is what it is. She has no reason to hide.

  • Not a victim…

    Honestly I think that a cheated woman has the right to walk with her head up,without being ashamed of anything,BUT this is getting ridiculous!
    I think it’s normal to be devasted in the first weeks about a cheating situation,expecially if your personal life is spread all over the internet,but she was already very smiley from the beginning! If you loved your husband,smiling at paps and doing the media games,would be last thing you should do. It’s not about hiding! It’s about not doing their game,like every wannabe celebrity!
    I don’t think Robert and Kristen never left their house,but I think that they know how to avoid the attention if they want,instead Mr and Mrs Sanders are really enjoying it! I mean,how many times have Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders being papped in the last month? SO MANY! And they were always fine with that,not even a little bit disturbed. It’s strange to me,considering they were okay with this paparazzi attention since day #1. Is this the way you protect your family and your kids? If you want to avoid paparazzi you can do it,as Robert and Kristen are doing! For this reason I think that Rupert and Liberty are enjoying theri 15 mins of fame.

  • Cglaze

    All that, and her husband still dipped out on her with a 22 year old. I know she feels bad. She needs a new man and a new life!!!

  • Guest

    Shes so ugly and desperate! Get a clue girl and go away. No one wants to see your face.

  • Lisa

    Kristen is not an innocent child.If you are a fan just say that you lover her but you simply can’t defend her actions.She cheated and then admitted it so now stop making such stories that she’s innocent and they took advantage of her and blah blah blah…….

  • Jeez

    That’s kinda creepy. She wore the shirt Rob wore in the Blackbook Interview and went to Balenciaga to shop. What is she trying to do? hard to believe it is not PLANNED.

  • A

    I think this is Liberty’s way of repairing her self-image and I don’t think she should be vilified for that.