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Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!

Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!

Liberty Ross and a male pal head into lunch at Le Pain Cafe on Saturday (September 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress and estranged wife of Rupert Sanders later went to the Balenciaga and Bally stores in West Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

The day before, Liberty hit the salon before heading over to American Rag to shop the afternoon away.

10+ pictures inside of Liberty Ross lunching at Le Pain Cafe and then shopping at some high end stores in West Hollywood…

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liberty ross shopping lunch 01
liberty ross shopping lunch 02
liberty ross shopping lunch 03
liberty ross shopping lunch 04
liberty ross shopping lunch 05
liberty ross shopping lunch 06
liberty ross shopping lunch 07
liberty ross shopping lunch 08
liberty ross shopping lunch 09
liberty ross shopping lunch 10

Credit: Brooks/Dharma; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Adriana


    Exactly! Maybe its her usual shopping destination. We never witnessed her shopping habits before the scandal.

  • http://JustJared lulu


    Geez girl, when you gave me the link I thought I have to eat some humble pie:) Liberty Ross is nothing but a regular wannabe model. There was no WOW factor on all her poses, it’s more like trying hard to look even sexy. Maybe you can give me a link where she was a cover of ANY mags? Even a dollar worth is better than nothing:)

  • blackBeauty

    @someone: i live in the UK and have never heard of her until this whole scandal thing

  • Drea

    @lulu: Well, it’s JUST Vogue, and I’m sure everyone is asked to have a featured blog on there, right? Like Tumblr? And I suppose brands like Burberry are just ho-hum, like a Sears catalogue? Liberty was never a supermodel, but she was never a famewhore wannabe. She never even worked as much as she could have because she already had family money so she never had to hustle to make ends meet. The woman already got cheated on by her husband, she already has paps following her around all the time, must you people add to all of it by questioning her every move?

  • Drea

    @lulu: Also, AGAIN Google. If you have time to come on here and comment, you have time to go look her up yourself. Why, are you afraid that you’ll actually like what you’ll find?

  • Ruth

    @lulu: Look at this Dior perfume ad. It makes \kristen’s Balenciaga ad look pathetic.

  • G

    All of you attacking this woman would do well to remember that Kristen’s first reaction was to want to apologize to Liberty. She knows she did her wrong. Why don’t you take a page from the person you idolize and remember that Liberty is the one who got hurt the most here? Why don’t any of you unleash all this nastiness on Rupert instead? Liberty’s just going about her business but all you people can think of is to look for her every flaw and find malice behind her every action. Shame on you.

  • http://JustJared lulu


    :) Slutty? Yeah, nothing beats that! She loves taking her clothes off, thanks gawd for google, lol.

  • sarah

    @lulu: If I had her body, I’d take my clothes off too.

  • D E E A

    why is she wearing the same t-shirt motive as Robert Patt. in Black Book mag?! is it some kind of solidarity form between the 2 of them that we don’t know?:)) she might have been famous in the european fashion world, but that doesnt get you internationally movies do, unfortunately it seems like this is all this family wanted: over-night fame.

  • http://JustJared lulu


    Maybe if she stop being a famewh0re and act her age I will have more respect for her. But the way she is conducting herself in public, calling the paps on her, going out braless wearing short appropriate for teenagers, wearing 5 inch heels and strutting at weird parking lots, smiling at paps, she is destroying herself. Her family might have money but it did nothing for her ambition_to be famous. Between her and the perv they orchestrated the whole affair, so she can a chance at being famous_how fleeting it might be. She is not acting heartbroken, and please LA is so big so many BIG stars didn’t even have her kind of press coverage.

    Would you like me to believe she is now like Lady Di, where her every movements are documented? Big NO!

    I did google her, not impressed. She got skinny body, which she loves to flaunt with hardly anything on. As I said not impressed. A wannabe.

  • sarah

    @lulu: That’s not too skinny, lulu. probably you’re just too fat.

  • LOL

    Why is anyone here bothering to respond to lulu shes’s just a crazed K-Stew fan. We’ll see if K-Sluts carer will have the longevity of any models’.

  • p

    @well: “known@well: ” in the US she was never known , there are a lot of famous model even from europe that are some what recognizable , but her never heard of her until now … and calling her an actress is reaching , she got that part because of her husband and she only had .. what … 4 lines maybe ??? so please don’t tell me that this Liberty person is an actor … having sympathy is all well and good but from the look of this she really doesn’t need anyone sympathy , but she’s definitely milking this whole incident ,,,, but no worries like they say ” here today , gone tomorrow ” so we may not have to deal with her showing off for the paps too long ….. anyway as far as i’m concern this whole thing “jumped the shark” a long time ago , it’s you people that won’t let it die !!!!!

  • http://JustJared lulu


    Do you have rich parents create you a portfolio so you can take off your clothes too? Or will you just do it for heck of it?

    I’m 120 lbs 5.4 short, yes I am fat, shoot me! lol

  • LOL….2

    @LOL: I’m not a crazy kristen fan , but i do like her and her movies , and comparing her career with this model/wannabe actress is kinda of ridiculous … but don’t worry about Stewart’s career she will be just fine and her career will also be fine it seems to me that some of you were just born yesterday … we are talking Hollywood here where any scandal is fine … robert downey jr love him ..this guy been to jail i don’t know how mnay times, drug addict and more look at him now “king of the world .. Angelina Jolie , Kirsten dunst , julia roberts… i could go on but i won’t so you see what you think doesn’t matter . the simple solution you are not a fan .. fine I’m sure she has plenty of supporters , thank god it is not up to you ..LOL..

  • sarah

    @lulu: I don’t have wealthy parents. i also don’t have Mario Testino begging me to model for him. Or have multiple model agencies trying to sign me up since I was 14. Why all the hate for her, lulu? She was a very successful model. There really isn’t any denying it.
    And, yeah, that’s a little heavy. But you can work on it, I’m sure.

  • http://JustJared lulu


    You are funny:) Surely, you exaggerates. You cannot use “very successful” describing Libery Ross modeling career. If she is/was she won’t be pimping herself like this, too Kardashian_too tasteless.

    I don’t hate her, I don’t know her. I am commenting on how she is/was conducting herself in public. She is losing the sympathy she gain when the scandal broke. Don’t you wonder what her agenda is?

  • sarah

    @lulu: i agree she’s losing sympathy. I think her agenda is very personal – her pride and self esteem were trashed by her husband and a friend in front of the world. Looks to me like she’s giving her bastard two timing husband the finger. Sort of like Kristen does the papz.And I agree with others who said she’s trying to show the world she isn’t an old fat housewife. It’s painfully obvious to me. Models tend to be very insecure undernealth a lot of hubris and exhibitionsim.Her husband really hit her where it hurts.

  • somali girl

    Too ugly and too old to be dressing like that. Eww

  • Looselipz

    It’s not like she’s tipping off the apps, give her a break…and she hardly needs the fame from her husbands infidelity..
    As its been said, Liberty is a top model, and comes from a creative well to do family…
    She should find herself a more classy man.

  • yeahj


    ha ha. um, notice, the Dior ad focuses on her body and NOT her face, you can barely (if at all) tell that it is in fact LIberty Ross—any skinny model could have done that photo shoot.

    in my mind, there is a similar “type” in both Kristen and Liberty, but both are equally tepid.

  • dn

    well said

  • daydreamer1

    I hope that outfit makes her feel better about herself. It’s a bit much. It looks like something Miley C. would wear. She’s a beautiful woman who is trying too hard, and it shows. Why is it that when a man in Hollywood finally makes it, and his wife has stood by him all these years, he starts acting the fool?

  • dn

    perhaps because great mind think alike she is sending on stament to the stupid and blindsided kscrew fans which is: she approved what Rob has done to get away from kscrew

  • http://JustJared lulu

    @sarah: @sarah:

    Occam razor, ring a bell? Why look for reason, agenda when the answer is right in front of us? That what we are seeing is the REAL Liberty Ross? That she is an exhibitionist at heart and the scandal gave her the best venue to bring it all out in the open, and retain some dignity_with the excuse she was the woman scorned?

  • sarah

    Yes, I know Occam’s Razor and you’re convoluted conspiracy theories don’t follow it. Occam’s Razor advises us to use what we know and abandon anything gained from inference.

  • sarah

    @daydreamer1: yes.

  • Hm

    I feel sorry for Kristen, forced to hide in a cave, limited to banging whoever comes to the door.

  • http://JustJared lulu

    The application of the principle often shifts the “burden of proof” in a discussion. The razor asserts that we should proceed to “simpler” theories until simplicity can be traded for “greater” explanatory power.

    In the case of Liberty Ross, time will tell.

  • cmgs


  • Guest


    No, she doesn’t need to stay home, but geez show some dignity. She is clearly flaunting her 15 min. of fame. If she used to be a classy model, then show it. In this pic you look like a skank.

  • d.

    Anyone notice she is wearing the same tshirt Robert Pattinson was wearing in the BlackBook photo spread? Just sayin….

  • Guest

    Are you telling me that shirt wasn’t a calculated move on her part?
    She wanted to make sure she wasn’t overlooked. Such a player, just lost all respect for her. Wouldn’t pay a penny to see her in anything. No class whatsoever. And yeah, Kristen rocks that look, but you look ridiculous. Act your age.

  • Lily

    Some comments are disgusting. She did nothing wrong, she’s not gonna stop her daily routine because of the scandal, besides she didn’t ask Kristen to make out with her husband so she could be famous, she did it because she wanted and now the paparazzis are following her, simple as that. She’s a famewhore because she continues with her life???? I guess Kristen is a coward because she continues hiding showing she’s not the badass she always claimed she was.

  • hello

    @ha ha: I’m sure YOU are, haha. She is very pretty, but a little too skinny.

  • Deal

    All that matters is that K-Stew is banished into Cheating Hoe Hell and we will not have to hear from her for quite a while. : )
    No one will remember Liberty a year from now.

  • thumb me down

    She’s getting lame papped now like vanessa Hudgens, kate bosworth, jessica alba, etc. PIctures of her doing nothing. lame. And attention-seeking.
    Great legs thoigh.

  • yesiam

    The paparazzi are the one staking the photos. What is she suppose to do? Hide? Why the hell should she? To me, she’s not doing anything that she wouldn’t have done before. The difference is that the paparazzi is there now.

    The KS/RP scandal will continue to go on until way after Breaking Dawn is out and done with. KS reclusiveness has help keep the talk alive. When she surfaces again, the talk will revive. When BD is out, the talk will explode. We are going to keep reading about this until no one cares. Judging by the comments, people still do.

  • Tina

    She must *really* like those shoes! This is the fourth time I see her wearing them.

  • dn

    because liberty has not done anything wrong and the paparazzi are following her because kscrew f****ed a married man (liberty husband) liberty should walk with her head high in the meanwhile kscrew is hidding behind her PR groups to clean up her mess I wonder what kind of strategy they are going to work for the canadian films festival

  • rubyz

    Meet the next Jennifer Aniston. Her divorce will prove to be a lucrative career move.

  • ge


    These kscrew comments just show that you’re the same person who keeps commenting over and over to defend that pathetic woman. Kscrew is exactly how the bitter Rpattz fans call her . That woman is a famewhore who is dealing with that scandal like a desperate famewhore. It’s sad because she’s still not gonna happen . I am an English person , i live in the UK but i never heard about her before the scandal. Her 15 mn of fame is almost up because she’s boring and too hungry for fame to impress. Go take care of your kids lady and cover these freaking legs

  • Y you mad tho?

    @ge: OMG talk about the ignorant coming out in droves. You just set feminism back by a few decades. And ya, I’m so sure you’re really an English person……. we’re all just trolls here “lady” so get over yourself.

  • over

    The only person milking this situation is Kristen Stewart who knows that by hiding out like some scarlet woman her silly fans will make excuses for her behavior. Liberty is just doing what she’s always done except now the paps take photos of her doing it. Kristen is not some poor little victim here! Liberty is just getting on with her life.

  • Kaylee

    You can’t tell me she’s not LOVING the attention she’s been getting. She’s famous now in a way she never was on her own and she certainly doesnt look like she’s hating the attention she’s getting. Meh

  • okk

    These Kristen fans are VILE. They have been negatively commenting about Rob and Liberty in their attempt to take attention away from Kristen. In their eyes, KRISTEN is the Victim so they try desperately to villify everyone around her.
    All these RIDICULOUS Conspiracy Theories.
    Get a Clue and ACCEPT that Kristen did a really Sh!tty thing.

  • Jay

    I didn’t read all the comments before mine, so…did anyone notice that Liberty Ross wears the same Balenciaga t-shirt that Rob Pattinson wore in his photoshoot for BlackBook? For those who don’t know, K. Stewart is the face of new Balenciaga parfume. Same t-shirt of Rob, same brand of Kristen. Joke of fate?

  • okk

    Isn’t it funny that Kristen fans complain about her bad press when they are crucifying Liberty for walking down the Street smiling.
    If she wanted to milk it, she would go on TV crying and explain how Kristen took her kids out for Ice Cream and formed a friendship with her.
    Be thankful thus Woman isn’t calling your girl Kristen out and making these much worse for her now.
    Shame on people thinking that they would put their children through this hurt for Tabloid fame when both Rupert and Liberty have REAL jobs.
    They have no need for Kardashian fame whoring stunts.

  • jane

    recognize the shirt? that’s the same shirt rob wore on the blackbook magazine