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Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!

Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!

Liberty Ross and a male pal head into lunch at Le Pain Cafe on Saturday (September 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress and estranged wife of Rupert Sanders later went to the Balenciaga and Bally stores in West Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

The day before, Liberty hit the salon before heading over to American Rag to shop the afternoon away.

10+ pictures inside of Liberty Ross lunching at Le Pain Cafe and then shopping at some high end stores in West Hollywood…

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Credit: Brooks/Dharma; Photos: INFdaily
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186 Responses to “Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!”

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  1. 176
    lulu Says:


    What are you talking about? I was not here to defend Kristen on her choices. She cheated, period. It’s not my place to make her into a hero or blameless. It always take two to tango, sometimes three_but who the fck cares what these HW stars does with their lives? I am not playing God nor judge or jury in this drama. If you want to think Kristen should be burned at the stakes, that’s your prerogative. If you want to be vindictive it’s your choice. I chose to support Kristen no matter what she does with her body. I enjoy her movies, I love watching her and reading articles about her. It’s my time and my money, who are you to judge who I love and admire.

    You think this woman is a saint? Nobody is! As appearances goes, she seems to be enjoying her life, she’s all smiley going shopping all the time. Give her more time, the more she expose herself like this to be pried upon by us we will see what she is really made of.

    Who knows what’s behind her marriage, on every secret there’s dust to be had. If her marriage is so perfect why did her husband cheated? Yeah, alwasys blame the woman for a relationship break-up.

    The only thing I can comment about this whole cheating business is Rupig is a 41 year old married man of 2, who cheated with a 22 year old girl. He is the one who swear to God and law he will be faithfful and true to his vows. He broke his vows. Of course, 99% can’t see that! Got to blame the woman again for man’s mistake. Point me to any post here where the pig got blamed. Not one. Because all Liberty’s woes are all caused by Kristen Stewart and her poor husband was seduced by a girl old enough to be his daugther. Does it make sense to you?

  2. 177
    dn Says:

    @Thinking: bravo agree 100% BTW I think that liberty looks great she is not old lady she was dress casual normal she wanst showing any part of her body and we have seen kscrew worst showing a lot of her and I dont think that there is anything wrong in showing but kscrew does it in porpose one more thing kscrew was into ruperv in spite of her denyel she wants to has liberty body why do you think she is going to gym huh

  3. 178
    Thinking Says:

    Lulu, you are deeply irrational. You have said that Liberty set up Kristen. YOU are the one who is creating a saint and a victim.

    “She was a nobody until her and perv planned K’s humiliation so she can have a career in HW.” – Delusional Lulu

    “A publicity stunt by the Rupervs and Kristen was their victim. They sold their soul for free PR,”

    You have nothing to go on but your insatiable need for Kristen to be flawless. One day she’s badass, the next day she’s an ingenue, seduced by a buck toothed, middle aged, first time director when she supposedly has Robert, her fawning epic lover, at home. Whichever story sticks, right?

    I don’t want her burned at the stake. Look up “hyperbole”. It Kristen’s second greatest abuse of the English language after her penchant for profanity, and before her use of the word “dude”.

    I’m serious. You have had a break with reality. You should not be entrusted with small children or with animals that aren’t venomous. You should never be put in the position to hire or fire another person. With some training and medication, you may be capable of bussing tables, or collecting tolls. I don’t give up on anyone. I got your back.

    Also, THIS is priceless:

    “I did google her, not impressed. She got skinny body, which she loves to flaunt with hardly anything on. As I said not impressed. A wannabe.”

    And what did you see when you Googled Kristen’s body? I’d say he has a type. Boys.

  4. 179
    lulu Says:


    Funny, you are more emotionally invested with Kristen than I am, lol. You took my theories as facts, they are not. In HW it’s either you use ppl or you get used and too sad Kristen are being used/been used by the pervs. Would I be surprised if the pig seduced Kristen, told her to pick him up and feel her up in broad daylight, at the same time he got the paparazzis all set up in strategic locations to capture the moments?
    No. Who else can give his aging wife a chance at fame than Kristen Stewart_just named then highest paid actress of last year, young and with a hot boyfriend, who is the star of one of the biggest franchise in history? A stupid/naive 22 year old girl who fell for his charms_which I can’t see any proof of. Would I be surprise if the wife was on it too? No. Just look how she is enjoying her new found fame. Dressing up like a teenager and calling then paps on her.

    Kristen is not flawless. Her fans are not delutional thinking she is perfect, but we love her the way she is, warts and all.

    If you don’t want her burned at the stakes then why the fck are you upset her fans are sticking by her inspite of? You are contradicting yourself. And does insulting me makes you feel better? I will not stoop to your level because you mean nothing to me but a bully in the internet.

    Try convincing yourself I had a break with reality when it is very obvious YOU ARE THE ONE who lost it. Poor you, Kristen own your @ss, can’t stop thinking about her.

    Someone told me to google her and I did! Big mistake! As I said not impressed with her modelling stints. Should I lie and say I love her when all I felt was indiferrence?

    I I don’t have to google Kristen, she it too famous. I only use google for unknowns and if I want to shop.

  5. 180
    fact checker Says:

    Just to set the record straight with a few facts:

    “Liberty said the marriage was troubled but recovering.”

    Liberty said she found the move to LA difficult. She was 6 months pregnant, her husband was very busy and often away from home, she missed working etc. She did NOT specifically say the marriage was in trouble. She said they had gotten through that difficult adjustment period and were, in her then opinion, all the better for it. She said life was “amazing” and she had grown to love LA, particularly life at the small Malibu trailor house they purchased a few years ago in a quiet, friendly neighborhood.

    “this time meeting a strange guy for dinner?”

    His name is Simon and he is the fashion editor for Elle US. They are longtime friends. This is the same man she was seen having lunch with the day she left Rupert standing forlornly on the curb with his lonely pastrami to go.

    “No Vogue, no parties, no glamour.”

    Actually quite a lot. Liberty has many Hollywood and fashion insider connections and friends. If you check out her Vogue blog you’ll see her with friend and neighbor Orlando Bloom, partying with Madonna and Elton John, her friends Jeremy Stewart, Stella McCartney, Kate Moss, Jade Jagger etc She models much less than she before the kids, but never stopped entirely. She was recently named spokesmodel for a Euro lingerie line, Damaris (there’s a vid on youtube) and has a layout in this June’s Elle. Also, if you live in the LA area you might have caught a few billboards with Liberty modeling for Solange jewelry. Lola, I know you will appreciate these pics. ;)

    Oh, and about those shoes! Blue suede heels might look odd to the average housewife from Peoria but they are quite popular at the moment among the LA celebrity and fashionista set..

    Moral of the story: It’s silly to make judgment calls when you have either no info or the wrong info.

  6. 181
    Mama Mia Says:

    @Dilutional Lulu – Kool aid is not bad at all, the family loves it, as long as we don’t mix it with alcohol + depression pill. Have you taken yours? You sounds you need one right now, asap! Stop reading about Liberty, she knows how to take care of herself, your group has to nothing to be afraid of her, unless when KS middle aged lover will “tell all” if he does’nt get a job directing, I am sure he can get a big money out of it.
    if only KS middle aged lover proclaim her deepest love for your sex starve KS your friends will be more victorous and your campain will be because KS has something that Liberty does not have. But it did’nt happen that way….too bad for KS. She needs to work very soon and find a new boyfriend from the movie set or she can go back to her old short boyfriend otherwise Angelina… your man KS is on a hunt!

  7. 182
    lulu Says:

    @Mama Mia:

    You talk like a noodle soup. Too much slurping, he he he he…..

  8. 183
    Thinking Says:


    So that is how you respond? I point out flaws in your obsession and you twist it around to say that I am the one with the problem? In all honestly, I generally read things once. My strength is my logic and that is what you cannot seem to overcome. You are childlike, petulant, and daft. I understand the attraction to Kristen.

  9. 184
    Thinking Says:

    @fact checker:

    Liberty’s direct quote:

    “I would never say out loud that I am raising my children alone, but a lot of the time it has felt like that. I went from the glamour of working with Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano to living on an isolated hilltop, with my husband gone most of the time.”

    “But that’s why everything feels so amazing now. We rode through the really hard times and we stuck it out…”

    I concede that she did not directly say that her marriage was in trouble, just that she felt like she was rising her children alone and that they came through “really hard times”. Those truly are two different things.

  10. 185
    fact checker Says:

    @Thinking: Kristen’s self appointed defense team has been so busy spreading unfounded rumors concerning the state of Liberty’s marriage, I thought I’d try clearing the air a bit.

    Lola, you didn’t enjoy my link? I thought the photos were lovely.

  11. 186
    yin Says:

    If the rumors are true and Kristen and Rupert are holed up together in Malibu I’ll feel really bad for Liberty

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