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Reese Witherspoon: Baby Bump at Malibu Beach House!

Reese Witherspoon: Baby Bump at Malibu Beach House!

Reese Witherspoon and her son Deacon head into their beach house on Saturday (September 1) in Malibu, Calif.

The 36-year-old pregnant actress showed off her growing baby bump in a white sundress. Deacon held onto a panda stuffed animal while walking along the sidewalk with a pal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Reese Witherspoon

Earlier in the week, Reese and her husband Jim Toth visited a doctor for a checkup after a brief medical scare a few days prior.

FYI: Reese is carrying a Yosi Samra Ezra Tote.

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon at her beach house…

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reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 01
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 02
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 03
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 04
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 05
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 06
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 07
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 08
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 09
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 10
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 11
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 12
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 13
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 14
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 15
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 16
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 17
reese witherspoon baby bump at malibu beach house 18

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  • Aussie Surfer

    Hanging with “the girlfriend” instead of “the husband”

  • O-o

    “head into their beach house”, you mean “her girlfriend’s beach house”


  • Bill

    Isn’t her dumb a** suppose to be in bed resting?

  • E! Offline

    So why isn’t she at her “Ojai Ranch” where she said she is raising the kids, letting them play in mud and giving them that upbringing that she had as a child when she lived in TN? Just more lies spewing from her mouth as always!


    EVERYTHING that comes out her mouth is lies @E! Offline. Fake A** Beotch!

  • Roger Dodger

    She is just as interesting as a slice of white bread.

  • Toth Takes It Up The Ass

    WTF? No pictures of Toth this time? Did he get his widdle feelers hurt because everyone made fun of his idiotic attire and what a d*ckwad he is? Ah, poor widdle Jimbo!

  • Yellow

    As a pregnant woman, she seems nice.

  • Hold Up Wait a Minute

    September 1, 2012 the day Reese Witherspoon got out of car, held her own bag, walked down the sidewalk with her and Ryan’s son, their son’s friend, her girlfriend in the back and walked into a house. Mark your calendars peeps because it is a day in history that none of us ever want to forget!!!

  • Production Assistant

    Pregnant or not, she is still and will forever be, a total biotch!

  • Legally Brunette

    So now that she had herself papped in Malibu at a beach house, I suppose we will see her papped throughout the next few days in Malibu at a beach house.

  • lola

    Why do so many of you, posters dislike her?
    I’ve never heard anything horrible about her.
    Are you just into her ex husband?

  • Hot Diggity Dog

    DAMN! Who is that fine female specimen that is walking behind b*tchface? I would get Malibuie with her sweet a**at the beach house!

  • nicole

    Checked her in, when I worked at the Ritz Carlton, in NYC. She was a doll, so sweet! It was around Christmas(she may have even been there over Christmas) and she had treats from Serendipity sent over for the staff, to make working during the holiday a little more pleasant.

    Can’t say that about many of the other celebs I’ve come across. Especially now that I’ve been transferred to our hotel’s South Beach location. Celebs come here on their off time and to party, and that leads to even worse attitudes.

  • captainobvious

    She almost came into the labor not so far ago, and now she’s back into sporting in front on paparazzis with her huge baby bump.
    I wonder when she will get tired of all this fame wh….ing.

  • Losa

    @lola: I’m always asking the same thing but no one gave me a normal answer so far.

  • Mitch

    @nicole-I don’t know what Reese Witherspoon you are talking about but I work at a restaurant that she frequents in Los Angeles and she is a total diva b!tch! and then when she brings her “husband”, we end up having two total diva b!tches! She must of had a momentary lapse of her c*untness when she send over treats to you all. Lucky you!

  • Pattycake

    @lola: You haven’t heard anything because you read the stuff her husband and her PR team write for this and other sites. Don’t you ever get suspicious as to why she is hyped so much as a down home loving mother, wife, and actress? She’s as much a product of her carefully controlled media as the Kardashians and other talentless celebs. And she’s just as phoney. Hypocrite much?

  • Jean

    The same jealous hags who talk trash about Reese, can’t get enough of Nicole Kidman with her sneaky, fake pregnancy tail. Who tried to blame it on Tom because she did not wear high heels when she was with him. And the facts are Tom had nothing to do with her not wearing heels, since we always saw Katie and Penelope with him wearing high heels. AND Nicole still does not wear high heels, even with Keith. So she was just lying.

  • lol

    Jim’s ex-girlfriend is back. Can’t face that he’s successful and married an A-lister.

  • You’re Stupid

    @lol and you must be Jim Toth that keeps coming back talking about your ex fiance….

  • Courtney

    some of you are incredibly imbecilic Nicole Kidman never lied about her miscarriage around the time Mr Cruise divorced her nor her pregnancy with Sunday Rose she showed later because she was tall. @Bill there are different levels of bed rest and considering the false labor scare was after Reese was considered full term anyway she’s on modified bed-rest which means she can still go out if she wants to. Stars don’t have just one residence maybe her kids wanted to spend the last unofficial weekend of summer in Malibu not ojai. that would be like Nell Newman taking her Nephews Peter & Henry to Big Sur if they were staying with her over february break to escape the harsh winters of New England. granted she lives in Santa Cruz and big sur is up near San Franscisco

  • Who Cares

    Don’t know why everyone places conspiracy theory blames about who is posting what. Say your sh!t and leave it at that! This my definition of….

    R etarded
    E gomaniac
    E goistical
    S tupid
    E gocentric

    She is all ego related…..

  • Alice

    I don’t understand why so much hate for Reese?! She’s a really beautiful woman and she seems to be a “normal” person, always smiling and happy with her beautiful children

  • the captain

    When you’re this invested in sh it talking someone you need to step back and take a look in the mirror.

  • the captain’s assistant

    Not needed.
    Reese stares in the mirror enough for all of us!:-)

  • KissThis

    I don’t understand what everyone’s issue is with Reese. To me she has always seemed sweet and down to earth. I bet none of you have even met her. Just making up sh!t to make yourselves feel good and because you want her ex husband. Pathetic.

  • Dirkstar

    I´m always happy to see Reese! She looks osssom!
    Malibu beach is also a fine place for relaxing. She makes it right!
    And the panda bear is fine!
    R elieable & romantic
    E nergizing
    E mpathive
    S ensual
    E legant
    And so much more!
    SHE IS SO ALIIIIIIVE! She can make my heart jump in the same
    rhythm, when I hear her singing the song JUKE BOX BLUES!

  • Kate

    it said she went their with her son, so its his mothers house and also in some way his!

  • IamKevinSmith

    @KissThis STFU you are all over the sites!

    @Kate WTF Cares what these sites write. They are never factual just fantasy written by their camps. For the record, RW don’t own a beach house but her girlfriend does, so it diesn not make it her and Ryan’s sons house! Flipping idiots all up in here! lmao yuck yuck yuck yuck…

  • Dirkstar

    Of course, I wanted to write reliable and not “relieable”. I wrote to fast.
    One billion sorries!
    If Jim´s heart beating so much for Reese like my heart does, then he´s the right guy for her! And I think, that their hearts are beating in the same rhythm, since they are together.
    I just want the best for Reese´s heart, because I love her, what else?

  • Lexi

    Oh brother…..Dirkstar you need help. There are a few nice stories about Reese but overwhelming, she has horrible interactions with many other people. I know of a time when she checked into a fancy hotel in LA and everyone hated her guts. She was very demanding, helpless little hoe. I am sure she has a c/section already scheduled. Why c/section, almost everyone in Hollywood has them so they have ultimate control. No pregnant patient is “rushed” to the hospital for contractions this close to her due date. Everything is so over the top with her.

  • Dirkstar

    I think your point of view is very exaggerated, Lexi.
    And it´s just a story without any evidences.
    Anyway, to have a c/selection and to be a bit demanding in a hotel – IF IT REALLY WAS THAT WAY – does not reach by far to judge about her so negatively! And good hotels have the function to fullfill the guest´s wishes. And as she has to organize a lot of things, she has no other choice than to give some orders to other persons. That´s quite normal!
    So she cannot do everthing allone. Nobody´s perfect, what
    did you expect?! THAT MAKES HER HUMAN!

  • Dirkstar

    I wish Ava a happy 13th birthday!
    Perhaps the new baby will be born at the same day, who knows?
    That would be a magic DOUBLE-BIRTHDAY!
    It´s important, that both – Ava and Deacon – must not get jealous of
    their new brother or sister. Especially for Ava, because she is becoming adolescent. But Reese and Jim will handle that.
    And Ryan, too.
    I bet they have both read T. Gordon´s book “Parent Effectiveness Training”. It´s a classic. And/or the book “Parents – Friends or enemies”, of R. Dreikurs.

  • @Dirkstar

    WTF are you on??????? Seriously??????? and you are a day early for Ava Phillippe’s birthday.

  • Dirkstar

    The birthday-wish was for the next day, of course!
    Better one day before than one day later.
    I wish just the best to all of you, including Ryan, too,…seriously!

  • Dirkstar

    And I wish you a happy birthday, too, Ryan! (10.9.)
    it´s not to late,
    let YOUR best wishes be your fate,
    without any kind of hate!
    I know you´re not a P. Diddy,
    cause´ you´re a GREAT DADDY!
    With a GREAT HEART for your kids!
    Just like the MAGIC MOON,
    that I call Reese Witherspoon!

    Jim cannot be beamt away,
    coz´ with Reese his heart wants to stay,
    So if you´re sad about that, in fact.
    you can drink per month 1 “Jim Beam”
    if it helps you to take friendship to that fact.
    And to let go away the f*cking steam!

    But maybe there´s no longing for Reese anymore.
    A Dirkstar cannot now the truth.
    Just f*cking speculations and not more!
    So let your heart get rhythm, If you get the blues!
    If it can pull up the black shoes & dance Reese´s blues.
    Or let it be & find another GREAT LOVE.
    Make your heart free like a white dove!

  • Dirkstar

    TO AVOID A MISUNDERSTANDING, RYAN: GREAT DADDY shall have the meaning, that you´re a GREAT DAD! It shall have nothing to do with the “slang-meaning”! I hate double-meanings. It developed because of the rhyme and as I realized the double-meaning, it was too late to change it!
    Too many people are used to think in double-meanings and if they wanna´ see something negative, they always look at the negative meaning! So 1 billion apologies for you, Ryan!
    Of course, I believe, that Jim will develope to a GREAT DAD of his baby! And Reese will be a GREAT MUM!
    Like I said it before: I wish just the best to all of you!