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Zachary Quinto Comments on Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech

Zachary Quinto Comments on Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech

Zachary Quinto and boyfriend Jonathan Groff hit up a local farmer’s market together on Saturday (September 1) in Los Angeles.

The cute couple bought a bouquet of flowers while also perusing the other selection of goodies.

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Earlier in the week, Zachary took to Twitter to comment on Clint Eastwood‘s Republican National Convention speech.

“is clint eastwood meant to instill confidence in republicans?! i am legitimately scared of his talking to imaginary obama.” he wrote about the televised address. “apparently clint eastwood didn’t watch the pilot of newsroom.”

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  • Hoe

    Aunque sea gay sigue siendo raro regalarle rosas a un hombre..

  • Kate Austen


  • t


  • Roger Dodger

    Clint really made a fool of himself as did the Republicans. Let’s see, the “family values” party had Clint speak for them. Clint has had 7 children with 5 different women and only been married twice. Thank “god” he didn’t bring up the sanctity of marriage bs they always talk about. LOL

  • hello

    Who are these two fruitcakes? In what exactly do their opinions count? Both belong in a mental institution.

  • Segovia Banderhander

    Like I give a SHEET what he thinks? How is this marginally employed so called “actor”‘s opnion relevant to anyone?? BTW: totally UN-SEXY.

  • d.c.

    @hello: @hello: The one you’re typing from? Fruitcakes? Really?

  • uh huh

    I stopped caring about politics a long time ago. It doesn’t matter who you vote for at this point, you will get nothing but crap from both sides.

  • Clarencem

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  • mrd2

    It was a light-hearted attempt to cover some very important points. Lighten up people – take it with a grain of salt. He made some VERY good points in a slightly different manner.

  • LDuck

    @uh huh:

    Holy crap I couldn’t agree with you more! You hit it on the nose.

  • LDuck

    Wow I lost a litte respect for Zach. “Hey Zach..? Stick to acting buddy, leave the politics to smart folk!!”

  • sky

    I’m not a democrat or a republican but if clint’s speech is all that Americans are focused on America has way more issues than either democrat or republican’s can solve. People please, before you start judging, get your heads out of the clouds, stop being brain washed by the media and way up because whatever Obama has done for the last 4 yrs clearly has not worked. Look an the unemployment rate, did the stimulus packages create more job? Drive through your neighborhoods, how many families have lost their homes.

  • LOL

    WTF is adorable with two gay guys??? This world is sick.

  • Chris

    @LOL: This world is sick because of ignorant and homophobic people like you!

  • Sabrina

    Adorable couple! And yes, Clint Eastwood is a fool.
    @hello: You’re the one who belongs into a mental institution – BADLY…
    @LOL: The world would be less sick without people like you.
    @Chris: I agree!

  • zach

    Used to love this couple until they show nearly everyday in gossip site, need some press huh?

  • sarah

    did anyone NOT find the chair thing weird?

  • yep

    All I know for sure, is gas is up to $4:00 and not one TV station is saying anything. Had that been a Republican President; the media would be ALL over it! President Obama didn’t go to New Orleans/Mississippi again the media said nothing! 23 lives lost and some areas worse the Katrina! The media is so bias toward the Democrat Party that people are getting sick of it too! President Obama and Hollywood have taken shots at the Republican Party and their leaders EVER since he has been President. President Obama even made a comment about Matt Damon movies not doing so well at the Box Office because he called out President Obama. I don’t want a hand out! President Obama changes his core values or should I say supposedly core values for Hollywood and votes! At first he was going to make the military people pay for their insurance and he realized he was losing votes so he backed off and has been more gracious to them since however when will he change his mind again! Don’t know what HE really stands for when it comes to getting votes – he will sell out!

  • OMunn’s green, green dress!

    Another episode of Zachary Quinto’s very public private life! Dude, who do you think you’re fooling? But then again, only the gossip blogs say Groff is Quinto’s bf. Not Quinto or Groff. Odd, no?
    Eastwood is a senile idiot.

  • KP

    uh, is JG wearing a bra??!!!

  • sarah

    Newsroom? Dude, that’s a tv show. Get in touch with the real world – you know, our debt hitting $16 TRILLION, 23 million unemployed, and record poverty and people on food stamps. Talk about scared…

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    He gets a pass this year. But I am worried about some things next year. Hopefully the FO won’t sit on their hands again.