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Prince Harry: First Post Nude Pictures Scandal Appearance!

Prince Harry: First Post Nude Pictures Scandal Appearance!

Prince Harry goes fully clothed for his first appearance since his Las Vegas nude pictures scandal while attending the WellChild Awards on Monday (September 3) at the Intercontinental Hotel in London, England.

The 27-year-old royal has laid low ever since the photos surfaced a week and a half ago, but he is determined not to let them stop him from his everyday life.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Prince Harry

Harry is a frequent attendant of the WellChild Awardscheck out pics of him at the event last year!

10+ pictures inside of Prince Harry‘s first post nude pictures scandal appearance…

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48 Responses to “Prince Harry: First Post Nude Pictures Scandal Appearance!”

  1. 1
    POLO Says:

    i’m sorry but i’ve all my respect for harry.Now i don’t see the royal family the same way i use to.

  2. 2
    Kia Says:

    He doesn’t seem very bright. He’s the Charlie Sheen of the royal family. The stupid things he’s said and done in the past does not bode well for the future. More scandals to come, I fear.

  3. 3
    Luiza Says:

    He looks good with chothes and without it.

  4. 4
    Mulliii Says:

    Look at that smirk! Pathetic. I’m sure his mum would be disappointed in him. Yesterday was 15 years after her untimely death.

  5. 5
    c Says:

    I think Diana would love her son as he is. plus he’s the most interesting. all the others are so boring. who cares about them! go harry!

  6. 6
    jan Says:

    Harry is getting a little too old to be partying like a college kid. What was once cute and funny now makes him look like a fool.

  7. 7
    Lori Says:

    Diana would be dismayed if she could see her son’s drinking problem. She loved having a good time and a laugh, but she would have expected him to behave appropriately and not like a drunken buffoon.

  8. 8
    blake,vanessa Says:

    Hes stupid.

  9. 9
    DanaJ Says:

    Common, people. Now we all know he’s got good body. No harm done))

  10. 10
    Raluca Says:

    Come on,leave him alone! He is young.

  11. 11
    Lori Says:

    The problem is, that a large part of the British population wants to get rid of the royal family, whom they see as worthless and just using up taxpayer $$. They don’t want drunken fools representing their country. Whether they are right or wrong about that, the royals need to be careful about how they behave if they want to keep their jobs.

  12. 12
    tre Says:

    Raluca, a lot of young people have job titles that do not allow for running around naked and drunk. He’s one of them.

  13. 13
    Kirsten Says:

    I’m going to ignore the negativity in this post and focus on the charity work Prince Harry is active in. Look at the smiles on those adorable children’s faces. Harry has always been extremely involved in the community. Naked photos aside, I applaud him for that. I think Princess Diana would be very proud of both of her sons.

  14. 14
    Lisa Says:

    Prince Harry is sooooo A W E S O M E

  15. 15
    Elizabeth Says:

    Everyone is bashing him for know reason. He is young an allowed to make mistakes the only reason why anyone even cares is because of who he is. If he was some regular celeb this “news” would have been done with by now. An I am sure everyone has done something they regret in there past that they would not want broadcast forever. Also there is always more than one side of a story besides the parts of the “story” we have been getting I’m sure are just to sell papers an give everyone there 5 mins of fame.

  16. 16
    trina Says:

    he is gorgeous and funny! adorable!

  17. 17
    solecito Says:

    We all make mistakes. Time to move on.

  18. 18
    Prince Harry Says:

    It’s true what the rumors say, everyone. I am extremely well-endowed.

  19. 19
    diandra Says:

    I love Prince Harry, I want to marry him, he is incredibly sexy and seductive, he is the man most eligible bachelor in the world . he’s a real prince.

  20. 20
    diandra Says:

    @Prince Harry: el lleva las joyas de la corona britanica entre sus piernas

  21. 21
    diandra Says:

    @diandra: He carries the British crown jewels between her legs

  22. 22
    danni Says:

    He’s human, he makes mistakes, at least he didn’t try to deny it or cover it up like most ‘fake’ people would. I wouldn’t call him stupid or immature, just real, he likes to party, so what? Yes, he’s royal, but he did not ask for that. And since when does ‘being royal’ mean: not having fun once and a while?

  23. 23
    UGH Says:

    I find it funny how every one can comment about how disappointed his Mum Diana would be over those photos but who the hell are we to judge him. I’m not God so I will not pass judgement on him since I’m no where innocent nor will I ever assume his mother would be disappointed in him. She is not here and maybe if she was she might just be the shoulder that he needs to lean on. The most important thing Harry should take away from that whole mess is next time trust no one not even your handlers. He is young this will be a learning experience for him. I’m just glad that his first outing is to support an events that he has always supported and to see him bring some joy to those sweet children’s life.

  24. 24
    andre Says:

    He may have not asked to be “a royal” but as long as he is enjoying the priviliges it gives-the best education, private jets, penthouse suites in the best hotels, status, everything paid for, etc., he has to behave to a certain standard and be very careful with any partying. It’s just the way it is.

  25. 25
    Lona Says:

    Love you Harry! Keep going!

  26. 26
    Not Impressed Says:

    I think he is extremely overrated in regards to looks although I never have found him attractive in the least. He also seems dumber than a box of hair. Countdown to when he starts to age horribly in all of his ruddy glory. He will marry and get involved in a sex scandal. I feel extremely sorry for his future wife.

  27. 27
    Anna Says:

    “goes fully clothed”??? Is he supposed to go naked, Jared? He’s not an animal. Those nude pictures were leaked. He didn’t ask for it.

    I have to agree with all the others; he is the most interesting not just out of the two brothers, but out of the entire family. Love you Harry you hottie!!

  28. 28
    florence Says:

    looking good Harry… NOW TAKE IT OFF! just kidding lol love him.

  29. 29
    Andy Says:

    I admire Harry for all the charity work he’s involved in, plus he always does what he’s supposed to when it comes to reporting for duty or representing his family at those insipid social events. Plus everyone who’s saying he’s the most interesting one is right, he’s not pompous and robotic like the others… just a real guy. GO HARRY!

  30. 30
    sarah Says:

    people see pictures like this: and are still able to curse him out? seriously?

  31. 31
    Soraya Says:

    Love his attitude of nonchalance :)

  32. 32
    mmm mmm Harry Says:

    Harry is the most well liked out of the bunch.

    Rock On Harry!!

  33. 33
    Go Brittania Says:

    @Kirsten: Kirsten, too right and well said. he is a young man who was on a private holiday, and that should not diminish the good work he does.

  34. 34
    maevy Says:


    Oh friggin puleasse .Who cares if we saw him in his birthday suit. once everyone was born nekked Adam and Eve was naked in paradise. HE’S HUMAN like us.

  35. 35
    Amanda Says:

    You know that’s a lie, don’t you? I’m British and support for Monarchy currently stands at 75%, with the Queen’s personal approval rating at over 80%. Can any of your politicians boast that?

    Harry is a great kid. He works hard (you don’t become Apache pilot for nothing, whoever you are) and parties hard. Fair play to him.

  36. 36
    ok Says:

    He looks good as usual!!!!!!

  37. 37
    Lori Says:

    Amanda, he’s not a “kid”. He’s a grown man with tremendous responsibilities and privileges. If he were a kid, his behavior would be much more forgettable. I agree that he works hard, and I think he is great with people and the charity work that he clearly cares a lot about. I’d much rather hang out with him than any of the other royals, lol! But he has to learn to keep his partying discreet out of respect for the rest of his family and his title. He is 3rd in line to the throne!! It is very fair, and he can party all he wants in private!

  38. 38
    Lawrence Says:

    A stupid act doesn’t negate the charity work he does but you won’t hear that here, just the negative idiots who think their little opinions mean anything.

  39. 39
    elle Says:

    HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!!! He is a single guy in his twenties who went to Vegas and partied. So what? HE has a whole lifetime of responsibility ahead of him with his family and future wife and kids. There is nothing wrong with him enjoying himself and partying with some ladies or getting drunk or having sex. these are all healthy things for a single man in his twenties to do. The fact that someone photographed him nd sold the photos to the press indicates that the person who did that has something wrong with them- they are nkind. HArry didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t ask to be photographed. SOmeone did that TO him.

  40. 40
    Frenchy Says:

    Aww this is so cute. JJ should put this up. Here’s the link to the video of this event:

  41. 41
    Andamentothat Says:

    Harry is cool and he needs to show KStew that hiding ain’t gonna get anyone anywhere… Go Harry.

  42. 42
    Melanie Says:

    He’s in the armed forces and having had the chance to spend a ski season in the same resort as an army ski training group he is only doing what they all do all the time to let off steam. They get drunk, they behave badly, and they chase girls. Then they go off and perform very heroic feats for the benefit of all of us. Leave them to it.

  43. 43
    Anne Says:

    Harry is the only interesting member of the British royal family. Diana would love him and be proud of him.

  44. 44
    oy Says:

    Was anyone else relieved that the frolicking photos weren’t of Camilla and Charles?

  45. 45
    Ola Says:

    I dont think Harry has done anything wrong! i mean he s single ,young ,has worked hard ,Apache pilot !he was only cooling off,afterall he s a human,people you cant even imagine do all these things even worse, like someone said, he did not chose to be a royal anyway. pls allow him, at least hes not the future king ,so wy not,the only lesson for him is TRUST NO ONE AND BE CAREFUL NEXT TIME,people are out for your downfall!

  46. 46
    Patti Says:

    @Lori: Lori – Its not tax $$$ in the UK and most of us like Harry for behaving like a normal person who is in the army and has served on the front line. He is allowed to let off steam but needs to pick better playmates. The Royal family is actually very popular in the UK at the moment so I don’t know where you got the idea that a large part of the population wants rid of them.

  47. 47
    Mjforlife Says:

    The Vegas thing has to be the most annoying non scandal ever poor guy it’s like a hang over some won’t let him get over nearly THREE WEEKS latter…seriously leave him alone!!! Move on!!!

  48. 48
    he is cute Says:

    whats so wrong about it ???? he is young and did nothing wrong . who does not like to have fun??? next time please keep your hand up , i would appreciate the photo more:)

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