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Beyonce & Jay Z: Yacht Vacation in France with Blue Ivy!

Beyonce & Jay Z: Yacht Vacation in France with Blue Ivy!

Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z vacation on a yacht with their adorable baby girl Blue Ivy through the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday (September 4) in the South of France.

That same day, Beyonce celebrated her 31st birthday!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

Other celebrities also sent their birthday wishes on the singer’s special day.

Over the weekend, Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted at the Made in America Festival, where he performed “Ni**as In Paris” with Kanye West.

35+ pictures inside of Beyonce and her family on a yacht…

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beyonce jayz yacht vacation france 01
beyonce jayz yacht vacation france 02
beyonce jayz yacht vacation france 03
beyonce jayz yacht vacation france 04
beyonce jayz yacht vacation france 05
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  • niko

    such a cute little family :)

  • sam..

    hey america, what recession?
    private yachts are so cheap, don’t worry.

  • Seriously

    So sick of them…

  • derpina

    How does Blue Ivy feel without blanket wrapped around her head? Must be strange for her to see the world around.

  • Victoria

    @Seriously: Not a good site/article to be on then….

  • Rachel

    Cute. Blue is starting to look more like Beyonce.

  • Leenah

    I’m frustrated when I think about all those kids that don’t have a family and not even a toy..and these celebrity kids that have more than they need..but who said life’s fair?

  • amensister

    are they always going to dress her in BLUE>>>>>>> giving a kid such a definitive name could prove problematic in the future, if she grows up and HATES the colour BLUE

  • me

    @Leenah: It sucks that some people have nothing, but people that do have should not made to feel ashamed. Everyone should be able to live like Jay Z and Beyonce but the fact is this world NEEDS poor people so others can be rich, true yet sad reality. Also it is every parent’s dream to afford to give their child everything in the world. Beyonce and Jay Z have made their money legally and through hard work.

  • lol

    The baby is changing fast into looking like his dad.
    @sam..: This is whytaxing the rich a little more would not harm them very much.

  • sam…

    @lol: except the rich don’t want to pay more then the poor. they think they should be taxed the same amount which is disgusting (im not american, i just care for people who are living on the streets, who once had a home)

  • Renee


    Its not a celebrity’s fault or responsibility to provide for poor children. The real question is, why do poor people keep having kids?

  • Lia

    hey , some of us are poor other richer , that’s just the way it is . If you want to change your situation change it instead of complaining . We all know that jay and beyonce are SO RICH . It’s not shocking !

    Anyway they look happy and relaxed :)

  • Renee


    You are right. Its not a recession for talented people who work their asses off. They are not flaunting their wealth. Paps are creepishly stalking them and taking pics.

  • Leenah

    I didn’t say it’s wrong being rich..but they have so much money,a small percent of that money could change the lives of so many,why not do it? People that have more money than they can spend in 10 lifetimes should give more to the others..I would.

  • Lia

    @Leenah: i see … :)

  • sar

    ivy looks like her dad..

  • Isha

    I was taught that the poor will always be with us and is everyone’s duty to help aid them, not just the super rich. I have seen a growing trend where entertainers are opening schools and offering education to those who would not have the opportunity to afford a decent education. As the saying goes…“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”.

  • Georgia

    Baby monkey like her father.

  • Ferani

    Why do so many people forget that the two of them do a lot for charity..??? Think about that before you post irrelevant comments!

  • Nicole


    You’re a sick-o.

  • Charlotte

    I understand that you can fall in love with an ugly man like this. But come on, have kids with him is something very different. Why she did not think in the posibility of that her kids would have dadda´s face??. That is what it happened…

  • Georgia

    @Nicole:I’m just realistic darling :)

  • allz

    @Ferani: firstly, the comments are actually coming from people that seem mature, a surprise on this blog.. secondly, they use Charity as a take ride off. all celebrities do.. think about that before you post.

    @me: yes all parents want to give their kids the best but remember that your country is struggling, perhaps not the best time to be spending millions.

  • Rachel

    @sam…: Not true with every rich person/celeb. Jay Z has said he has no problem paying more taxes especially if they go to improving communities and schools. They’re also going to indulge because they’ve earned their money. Wouldn’t you? Beyonce spent her entire childhood and teen years working to be successful. They don’t have to apologize for it.

  • allz

    tax ride off**

  • Rachel

    @Charlotte: Have you seen pics of Beyonce as a baby? Blue looks just like her. She’s adorable.

  • Rachel

    @Georgia: Don’t be mad that a baby is living the life you so desperately wish you were living:)

  • sam…

    @Rachel: yeah, ok!! unless you’re their P.R team i’m going to call bull sh< t.
    I don't indulge in million dollar yachts. even if i had the money i wouldn't do that. i work in public schools around the world and could never image spending that much money when children are sleeping on the streets.

    And no one asked them to apologize but how about a little sensitivity for their own country that's a mess right now?

  • Rachel

    @allz: You need to take that up with the President and all the politicians. They didn’t put this country in a recession and they’re spending THEIR money.

  • allz

    @Rachel: doesn’t look good when they’re on a million dollar boat and america is essentially in a depression -x- i can’t argue with ignorance. think what you like, but when you grow up i’m sure you’ll think differently.

  • Nessa

    Jay actually looks super cute with his daughter.

  • Rachel

    @sam…: It’s not their responsibility to right the wrongs of this country. Tell that to all the people who f’d up the economy. If you wouldn’t indulge in million dollar yachts that’s your choice. They can and do. What’s the problem? They’re not harming anyone. Stop telling other people what to do with their earned money.

  • Rachel

    @allz: It is NOT Beyonce and Jay Z’s fault this country is in a recession. It’s not a good look for them to be on a yacht? They’re entertainers not politicians. They didn’t put America in depression. Get over yourself. It’s their money that they earned and they can live their life the way they want to.

  • sara


    You act as if they can’t use THEIR money and should be ashamed of THEIR money. And about tax ride off.. So what! They are still doing something for the less fortunate..

  • allz

    @Rachel: grow up

  • Isha

    Speaking on the subject of giving, maybe the rich should give millions and the rest of us give hundreds or thousands. Many of us who are working and have savings are still taking vacations in this economy. It might be a trip to the beach, mountains, etc. but we do it based on our budgets and income… why not the rich and famous. I still take vacations, but I have to be smart about it because of the economy. I work hard, 55 plus hours a week; so when I need a break I take it!

  • lola

    It’s not their fault they’re so rich. People are willing to pay for their albums, concerts, fragrances, want to see them on TV – they are smart enough to get paid well while they can. Besides there are so many much much richer people but are out of the spotlight spending on yachts, cars etc.

  • Isha

    @lola: I agree 100%.

  • omg

    This man is so ugly! How can she kiss his mouth!? But I guess she desperately wanted to be part of the power couple. There’s no way that she could fall in love with him. NO WAY!

  • princessofjodhpur

    omg….so much self-hate !! guys, leave her alone. She couldnt care less what you think about her baby. Also – YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK ! its a BABY for crying out loud. how can you pass such nasty comments about a kid….

  • Sal

    cute <3


    LOL at people who are mad at this family! HAHAHA like what the fcuk, kids? You are the ones who need to grow up, jealous! I’m coming from middle-low class, i’m not as rich as this couple, not even a fan of these two -_- but i feel OKAY seeing this pics. Like, whats the matter? They’ve been working their asses off since they were young, is it SO WRONG to have a little fun with ur family? Using your OWN money?? It’s not like they’re corruptors who steal ppl’s fcuking money! No wonder there are TOO many crimes happening in this world, the amount of JEALOUS and UNGRATEFUL ppl are waaaaay too much -__-
    So what should they do then? Buy their own sea and hangin out there so that there wont be any stupid papz taking their pics?? And believe me, this couple have done many charity, more than you could imagine.

  • morgaine

    @Renee: @Renee: Now that is a damn good question! If you cant even support yourself how you gonna go ahead and bring yet another mouth to feed?!

  • Lisa

    @Leenah: when thye try to help the poor you people say its all for the wrong reasons that its for publicity sake. Honestly I don’t hear half the comments like this when it comes to brad and angelina. black success seems to always garner some type of hate. sad but true…

  • Georgia

    @Rachel: Sorry but no. Im very glad to say that my mom is normal. I’m absolutely happy with my life, would not change it for nothing.

  • Mary H.

    Well, if a woman is raped, she can’t help but a bring a child in this world, but you’re right. Why have you kids if you can’t/won’t take care of them?

  • LILO

    Omg! Is that King kongs Baby?

  • somali girl

    Gorilla baby.

  • Laurei