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Katie Holmes: First Apperance Since Tom Cruise Divorce!

Katie Holmes: First Apperance Since Tom Cruise Divorce!

Katie Holmes hits the stage in Carolina Herrera at the 2012 Style Awards in her first public appearance since her divorce from Tom Cruise on Wednesday (September 5) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress presented the designer of the year award to Carolina Herrera at the event held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Stage at Lincoln Center.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

During the event, Katie sat at a table with designer Joe Zee and Smash actress Katharine McPhee.

Katie‘s fashion show for her Holmes & Yang line will be held next week!

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Photos: Mike Coppola/Style
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  • DB

    I sort of wish she would just go away, at least for a long while

  • Kate

    She looks great.

  • hey

    she looks nervous

  • dean


    do you blame her? first she was tom cruise wife, so everybody was kissing her ass for that. and now she is just katie holmes. she has to start all over again.

  • Tam

    The outfit is not nice at all.

  • Lisa

    creepy woman!

  • Lalala…… boring

    @Tam: The Girl was married to tom cruise, like she has good taste. PLEASE!

  • Jessica

    I like her outfit but she should wear her hair in another way. It looks to much like freetime for a glamorous event.

  • pinkydoo

    She always looks so bottom heavy to me

  • Subby

    Katie Holmes & Kate Middleton…for some reason, whenever I see one, I think about the other.

  • Anne

    Her casual style is bad, but this outfit is beautiful and classy.

  • an opinion

    I like the outfit. But not the hair. I bet a hairdresser spend hours with that simple ponytail.

  • notyourfriend

    She will forever be Suri’s mother and Tom’s ex… Next!!

  • Mimi Rogers

    Hope they bug her at her fashion show how she was the one handpicked
    By Scientologists to be Tom Cruises wife! Ha blame MIMI ROGERS
    For the whole Scientoligist she was the one that got him started not
    David so have Tom marry his first wife! Wow a table with unknownpeopke where is Caroline! At the table no seen with Katie giving her the award
    No…Who is the Chinese dude

  • Melinda

    Why does she act like a teenage nanny? Earth to Katie!

  • Kate

    I live with the butterflies and fairies where I create a clothing line and practice dance steps. My mind is a blank but I feel amused.

    *smile I guess*

  • awww

    Better looking than Angelina Jolie for sure. Looks like poor baby is missing Tom Cruise.

  • http://justjared MaryAnn

    Her fashion picks would make more sense if she’s actually is rather butch in her private life. Even this Herrera number and her hair/makeup are not terribly feminine. Maybe her years with the Cruiser turned her off to men?

  • mkM

    made me laugh :-)

  • Susan

    @awww: Only in your world, not the real world, as if.

  • Cecelia

    So this was a show for people who LACK style? Wonder how long she can ride the Tom Cruise divorce thing before her true lack of talent overpowers her PR machine.

  • http://justjared MaryAnn

    Didn’t mean to offend above. This girl is an oddity which makes me want to see the next contradictory thing she does. I’ll give her credit where she made a gutsy play to rescue her daughter from a cult school. That took guts to slam an agreement at Cruise which convinced him to back off controlling their daughter’s intellectual development! And Katie has slowly acquainted the little girl to the world of SP’s where she will now have to fit in…nice pics in the park Jared. Hope you’ll give it a rest once the girl starts school. Suri doesn’t like being photographed when she’s trying to figure life out…that stare when she spots the paps shows it. I dearly hope Katie will lay off calling paps to alert them where she’ll be!

  • Armenia lover

    Katie is living her Life and looks content. Her outfit is presentable but she could have gone glam since this is a Style award fete.

    Gotta say just getting Suri out of her Scifi cult makes this woman admirable and pardon her off the cuff daily style.

  • Lottie

    I am finding it really hard to feel sorry for the likes of Katie and Kelly Preston who get in to contractual relationships. It’s not like they didn’t know what they were getting in to….

  • Xiolablu

    Katie is classy, smart and a loving mom, what is there to bash?

  • Xiolablu

    98 percent of haters on here are a part of the sci cult. The jig is up!

  • JillyRo

    I don’t dislike her, but I do agree she will not be known as a great actress, but forever as Tom’s Cruise’s ex and as Suri’s Mom.

    This is a slight improvement (although does make her look bottom heavy). She has HORRIBLE fashion style. Especially in her everday style. :Poor thing always gets at least one thing wrong (this time it’s the casual hanging-at-home hairstyle). I shake my head everytime I hear she’s linked to fashion. Fashion for who, people who like the sloppy, messy, just-got-out-of-bed everyday look?!!

  • Suri_the_meal_ticket

    What happens to the first day of school for the world’s most famous meal ticket?
    My thoughts and prayers go to whoever so unfortunate to have this challenged brat in her class.

    KHo looks very uncomfortable and stiff there for she knows she doesn’t belong nor deserve the occasion and company.

  • Natural Beauty
    Good luck with that Bobbi!

  • danielle

    Katie in the US Weekly interview–trying to be cool and a great mom. I mean really, this is a normal childhood? Your mom spray painting shoe racks?

    “When she’s not working, Holmes is doing her best to provide Suri with a normal childhood. “I spray-paint shoe racks, because, why not?” the crafty star explained. “[Sometimes] I think, ‘Oh, I’m a great mom’ — and then it doesn’t really pan out the way I think it’s going to. But the intention’s there. I’ve always painted and done crafts at home — I have to stay creative in every aspect [of my life]. My sister teaches art, and she gives me a lot of ideas.”

    Read more:

  • Bobbi Brown VIDEO

    Interesting how Katie is such an authority on everything:
    I find it hard to believe that NO ONE had a brush they could loan to Ms. Holmes.

  • marina
  • janet

    I’m tired of being told my blogs and magazines that these celebs are so wonderful and well dressed, etc.. We have eyes and we can see that she is nothing special.

    I’m also completely tired of hearing what about what a victim and a hero she is. She entered a business relationship and was just as evil and he was when deciding to bring a kid into the picture. I think that neither of them should have custody of that child.

  • Baby Nasty

    The legs of a Lithuanian potato farmer’s mother-in-law.

  • http://justjared MaryAnn

    Baby Nasty, you are funny!! You know what? Some women, Hill. Clinton included, develop a condition after childbirth which leaves them with cankles and thick legs. That is why Mrs. Clinton favors pantsuits. What is weird about Katie is that she seems to favor clothing that accentuates the negative. This was such an unfortunate choice of clothing for an award event…why? I would gladly write to What Not To Wear and beg them to have Katie on their show!! They’d break through that teenager’s mirror she dresses in front of everyday, lol! Suri has developed an un-Katie sense of fashion and who can blame her!?

  • Hamlet

    Don’t believe everything you read, #22 and #24 and #33.

  • Just My Opinion

    The number of posts for Katie alone with and without Suri have dropped. I think she was once interesting as a package deal (Cruise, Suri, and Katie) but that was back in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Their number of posts began to dropped and will continue.

  • Just My Opinion

    Victoria Beckman is in New York to attend Fashion Week and promote her line.

    I doubt we will see Victoria and Katie getting together to dine at Nobu or some other New York eatery. I think Cruise got custody of the A – List friends. And yeah we the public don’t always see them privately but Victoria Beckman, Eva Longoria, and Katie Beckinsale along with Ken Paves always get time to dine together when they are in the same city.

  • Melanie

    Katie rocks. Kudo’s to her. Show them all girl.

  • krix

    @Just My Opinion: Thanks for the link of Victoria her orange dress design. JJ posted pictures of Anna W and Victoria wearing the dress, but it didn’t have back view or the shoes. Love the overall look? Love the cut and color of the dress! and Love the pairing with shoes (color and style are on point). Victoria has the look, carriage and overall presentation of a fashion designer; Katie –not so much.

  • Melanie

    Please Just My Opinion change your name to ScientologistSupporter…you’re TOO obvious now.

  • guest6

    Dreary … as always!

  • rubyz

    SICK to death of Katie Holmes. She has pimped her meal ticket (oops, I mean daughter) relentlessly for her own gain, which I find reprehensible. Eventually, as someone else has said, her complete lack of talent will outrun the power of her PR team.

  • Marion

    Katie is ambitious and pretentious. Never trust anyone who switched personalities so easily. Before Tom Cruise, she was a tomboyish, bubbly young girl. When married to Tom Cruise, she became, or at least tried to be, reserved, sophisticated and kinda robotic. Post Tom Cruise, she suddenly became strong, free-spirited and outspoken. There must be something stagy and unreal about this woman.

  • Sailorman

    Dont believe anything hamlet says

  • danielle

    So, just a question. Katie is showing her fashion line this week. Why don’t we see pictures of her going to and from wherever she is going to and from from. She can’t seem to protect Suri from the paps (and neither can Tom it appears), but when both Tom and Katie want to move around on their own they seem able to do so without getting photographed!

  • Blue Moon

    She has no class! Just a big woman with huge legs trying to look it but fails. She is butt ugly, dress terrible and not very bright. Her PR tries as hard as they can to paint her like something better but she really has no glorifying looks, characters or brains. I’m sure even Waly World won’t accept her garbage clothing line. She is pitiful, just pitiful. Oh, and no, I am not a Scientology member so go f yourself Katie’s dad!

  • Tax Man

    Katie tried to pull a fast one as if we had her low IQ. Suri is not Tom’s! Tom is sterile for crying out loud! The plan to fool all only backfired, see what happens to people like Katie who are cunning and a cheat. Payback will be a beaotch and we wait with anticipation bc that karma will be bad for Ms KH. Poor Suri, a true victim of KH’s rich plans.

  • angie hart

    i think she looks great. i love this skirt. i think her hair and makeup are fine, things like that really depend on what look one is going for as well as what the stylists are promoting at the moment. good to see her out.