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Kristen Stewart Heads to Toronto Film Festival

Kristen Stewart Heads to Toronto Film Festival

Kristen Stewart wears a pair of glasses as she heads through security at LAX Airport on Wednesday afternoon (September 5) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress is headed off to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of her new movie, On the Road.

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A new trailer for Kristen‘s upcoming flick The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will be premiering tomorrow night during the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Make sure to tune in at 8/7c on MTV to check it out!

FYI: Kristen is carrying an AllSaints Rixey Leather Bomber jacket.

30+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the airport…

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231 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Heads to Toronto Film Festival”

  1. 1
    Steph Says:

    Trampire is back

  2. 2
    Anna Says:

    wearing rob’s shirt. color me shocked. you’re not fooling anyone kristen, he dumped you. stop wearing his clothes, it’s sad.

  3. 3
    xo Says:

    Wearing Rob’s shirt again…. seriously. rme

  4. 4
    gillian Says:

    why is she even famous? there is nothing appealing about her, she isn’t talented and her personality and looks are boring, not even a cheating scandal made her seem interesting to me.

  5. 5
    Sarah. Says:

    She messed up big time. But I have to say, she looks good.

  6. 6
    Din Says:

    It must be really hard when the whole world knows you cheated with a married man.

  7. 7
    fran Says:

    she looks beautiful!! good luck with your film at the Festival!!

  8. 8
    alexis Says:

    oic she’s playing the games. again… shocking! -_-

  9. 9
    Henri Says:

    She’s not 23 she is just 22..

  10. 10
    OwayedQ8 Says:


  11. 11
    teehee Says:

    The cat’s out of the bag!

  12. 12
    holdupwaitamin Says:

    Maybe they’re still together. :)

  13. 13
    CHO Says:

    @Din I agree.

    She just needs to move on. There is nothing more she needs to say about it to anyone especially ‘us’ so just go about your life and do your job.

    Gotta be tough but life goes on. Like it or hate it!

    She looks hot though not gonna lie. :)

  14. 14
    Shannon Rutherford Says:

    She looks skinny.

  15. 15
    UGH Says:

    on to the next one

  16. 16
    WTMF Says:

    Is her middle finger broken from overuse?

  17. 17
    justsaying Says:

    @CHO: yeah, but it’s kinda made it the public’s business by releasing a public statement about it and saying how much she loved Rob. I’m not saying people should be involved in it. It is their business. But, through that statement she invited the public in.

  18. 18
    jaymes lover Says:

    Kris looks beautiful… as always!
    i think it’s all fake about her… you’ll see!!!!

    i will always support her….

  19. 19
    Helena Says:

    Awwww she’s back! Love her, missed her and proud of her for getting on with her life. Screw the idiots who will no doubt post multiple messages about her, y’all are obsessed with her :)

  20. 20
    pink Says:

    This tramp has no shame wearing Rob’s stuff. WTF is wrong with her trying to garner sympathy? I wish she’d go away!

  21. 21
    Bee Says:

    Homewrecking *****. All she cares about is fame, image, and attention.

  22. 22
    woot woot Says:


  23. 23
    Lailah Says:

    Even if they are still together (which I doubt), wearing his clothes? Seriously, that’s just a pathetic way to feed her fanbase. Grow up!

  24. 24
    Lailah Says:

    @Helena: no, I think that would be you.

  25. 25
    CHO Says:

    @justsaying and she did what she ‘had’ to do for the public and now its done so there is nothing more for her to say.

    That is what I am saying.

  26. 26
    Cali Says:

    Ummm she was caught cheating in PUBLIC and she made a PUBLIC apology. Rob’s sources said she told him about the affair through phone right before Us Weekly called him and gave him a notice that they will be publishing the pictures and story. She probably even slept with her touchy bodyguard too behind Rob’s back.

  27. 27
    Simone Says:

    Oh wow she looks hot. I love her, i don’t care what people say 0.^

  28. 28
    IvyLea Says:

    Wonder how many directors/producers/costars she’s slept with.

  29. 29
    CHO Says:

    @Lailah I was always confused, how do we know they arent her clothing? Like the hat and everything…this always confused me. They could be her clothing he wore…which is odd but HA I dunno

  30. 30
    Trampire! Says:


  31. 31
    CHO Says:

    How is she gonna tell him over the phone when they lived together and were with each other Sunday night. I assume she told him Sun night or Mon morning.

    I am just nosey so I am really into the details of it all. I know its horrid of me. But nosey noo I am.

  32. 32
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    This chick is so fake. LOL

  33. 33
    Cluebot Says:

    Wow this trash is going to TIFF? What an insult to the film festival.

  34. 34
    sarah Says:

    out AGAIN? What a famewh*re. She should keep a low profile instead of calling the paps everytime she walks out the door.

  35. 35
    blueberry Says:

    @CHO: It said that she left their home and told him over the phone. Apparenty Rob left the house right after and told her to get her things out.

  36. 36
    sarah Says:

    @IvyLea: Jake Scott

  37. 37
    Diana Says:

    @pink: She’s never going away darling!!! Deal with it

  38. 38
    Diana Says:

    what are you talking about? She always wears his clothes, why should she change? Seriously, stop with the craziness and get on with your own life!

  39. 39
    CHO Says:

    @blueberry ew really how odd. What kind of relationship was that if it went down like that.

    That is very cowardly…I really dont want to believe that version :( Yikes!

  40. 40
    Fiona Says:

    @<a href="/2012/09/05/kristen-stewart-heads-to-toronto-film-festival/comment-pa@sarah: No , that’s Liberty’s favorite thing to do, Kristen doesn’t have to, she is actually famous :)

  41. 41
    cris Says:

    She’s gorgeous, a great actress and a sweet girl, sorry haters: Kristen but this above all this crap!!
    Who has mirror should look up more often and see how much you are able of hypocrisy!!

  42. 42
    TRUTH Says:

    Kristen always wore Rob’s clothes, everybody knows this, so all the idiots trying to pretend like this is a new thing to get attention, you know you are really desperate. Why are you so threatened? If you really think they have split up then why get SO angry? I think you fear the worst :)

  43. 43
    NinjaStar Says:

    She seems like a very ugly person inside out. She can’t even act and doesn’t have half of the talent Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence have. She’s extremely overrated and hungry for fame. A Vogue cover right after she was caught cheating? Amazing. How can anyone be a fan of this trash?

  44. 44
    Carolina Says:

    I’m kind of sick of seeing her face everywhere now. Plus she’s on all types of taloids sucking face with that directors. She should let it die before coming out or something. It’s not like she’s not getting enough fame and attention right now.

  45. 45
    KristenForever Says:

    Move on people! Just leave her alone… it looks like people who are so judgmental are the ones who needs moving on coz they can’t accept the fact that KRISTEN will always be around no matter what and they will never be famous and rich as her that is why they are still not letting go of the old facts. You GO KRISTEN… It’s about time you prove this people that your not going anywhere and nobody can’t stop you from making movies you love to do.

  46. 46
    Louise Says:

    She’s beautiful and I really love her! Good luck Kristen, have all deserved success!!

  47. 47
    BB Says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s slept with Jake Scott, Giovanni, and that very clingy/touchy bodyguard of hers. Rob probably has no idea how many other dudes she’s cheated with on him.

  48. 48
    facepalm Says:

    Judgemental? The only judgemental person here is Kristen Stewart who has constantly bashed her peers for being “fake”, for selling themselves (LOL the girl is selling a perfume and selling herself for 35 magazine covers), and their upbringings. Remember when Kristen bashed LIndsay Lohan and said she will never be like that because she had the best upbringing? Well her parents are getting divorced and she was caught having an affair with her married director. Nice.

  49. 49
    EE Says:

    I know! Get it right!

  50. 50
    Moreen Says:

    i’m so over Kristen Stewart!!Not that i was ever interested in her but at some point i thought that she knew what she was doing…obviously she doesn’t!!

  51. 51
    LaCroix Says:

    kinda sad & desperate to still be wearing your EX -boyfriend clothing in public.. looking for sympathy much Ms Stewart? No worries we still can see through your rouge.

  52. 52
    Jay Says:

    She should really stop famewh0ring around for fashion shows and covers and perfumes for now. She seems very desperate for attention. As if the cheating scandal hasn’t brought in enough attention for her already!

  53. 53
    Karina Says:

    I think Rob forgot his shirt when he was moving out of the house, haha…Anyway, Kristen looks great…can’t wait to see her on the red carpet tomorrow at the Festival!!!!

  54. 54
    sarah Says:

    @BB: She’s famous for developing crushes on her directors. It’s just that Rupert got caught.

  55. 55
    Michael Says:

    Looks like the crazy robsessed has arrived. Seriously how demented can you get its like she cheated on you. Sick world we live in that fans are so crazy to hate on a celebrity they don’t even freaking know

    Leave the girl alone. Kristen does not deserve this hate

  56. 56
    Awesomeness Says:

    The slvtpire is here!

  57. 57
    Val Says:

    She seems so fake to me. Such a hypocrite for trashing other actors and even Lindsay Lohan and her parents. I’m so disgustng with her.

  58. 58
    sarah Says:

    @Fiona: yeah, you think that works? Give that papz a call tonight and tell them you’re heading out. See how many show up at your front door.

  59. 59
    Flower Says:

    @gillian: When you’re not interested then why are you here and on top of it comment?
    *facepalm* and *shakinghead*

  60. 60
    lynn Says:

    The Cheater/Fake/Liar actress is out again! Married guys should stay out of her way!!!

  61. 61
    Jared Says:

    Oh please, this happens in Hollywood all the time. Young Hollywood actress who grew up in the business, who was dating her equally famous costar, was caught having an affair with her married director with children. And that she was also friends with his wife and kids. Heard this way too many times. Please move on.

  62. 62
    Lol Says:

    Maybe she didnt even know he was married and he lied to her

  63. 63
    Not lol Says:

    @Lol: What do you mean she didn’t know her director was married? You know his wife played her biological mother in Snow White right? She was on set. Their kids were also featured in the movie. She took their kids out for ice cream. She knew who Liberty was.

  64. 64
    Carlotta Says:

    Wow – you know she’s depressed when she’s not doing that shirt thing where she ties up one end. You know, cause its awesome looking and was a real fashion coup. HA HA! Ok, I can’t keep that up with a straight face. With what this World is coming to, this girl will get plenty more chances, i.e. work. Altho, I’ve never seen a fanbase shift so quickly to such hate. That might dry up the work. ‘shrug’

  65. 65
    yin Says:

    @Not lol: That was cold how she did that. Stabbed Liberty in the back.

  66. 66
    jenna Says:

    who thinks that’s rob’s shirt? it clearly hits right at her belt line..if rob wore that it would show off midriff lol….that shirt is nowhere near his size

  67. 67
    Lailah Says:

    @CHO: It was confirmed that a “hysterical stewart delivered the news over the phone right before news broke”

  68. 68
    Lailah Says:

    @Diana: Hmm…idk…maybe…probably because she cheated, publicly humiliated him and broke his heart?

  69. 69
    Lol Says:

    @Not lol: @yin: then Kristen is a strong woman. She knew that if this was going to be public then she would lose many many fans.

  70. 70
    Sam Says:

    SO PRETTY!! Eat it Haters.

  71. 71
    nina Says:

    she is lovely.poor haters lol stupid women

  72. 72
    dave Says:

    That is 22 JJ. Why can’t you get anything right?

  73. 73
    Mal Says:

    Tanya1 hour ago

    I blame her parents. Knowing the business and still pimping her out. Letting her live with the first boyfriend at 16 and smoking pot infront of the house at 17 as if nothing.

    But considering her mother looks a little trashy and apprarently left the husband for her business partner, Tom Wright, seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  74. 74
    popcorn Says:

    Homewrecking trampire has no shame. Still selling her image for magazine covers and a perfume. I thought she was anti hollywood and real? LOL

  75. 75
    WTMF Says:

    @Lol: She worked with his wife & his kids on set..uh, yeah, she knew he was married. Not to mention all the international premieres & pictures that she posed with Liberty.

  76. 76
    Bianca Says:

    I think she’s fab even she stays true to herself and her own style,no matter what has happened everyone makes mistakes!

  77. 77
    Just Think About It Says:

    She looks gorgeous. Oh, and guys? Yeah she made a mistake – a gargantuan mistake – I’m not saying she didn’t. But instead of focusing on the 23-year-old who was raised in the industry – and we know what that can do to people, hello Lindsay Lohan – and who a lot of you probably already hate, why don’t we all save the hate for the 41-year-old man who cheated on his wife – with whom he has two small children – with a MUCH younger girl that he would’ve helped hire, and was seen smiling and waving to the paparazzi as if he was proud of what (or more appropriately, who) he’d done? In all honesty, it looks like the only thing for him that’s been affected is his marriage, which obviously wasn’t that strong in the first place. Kristen… well, time will tell how this is going to effect her. The sufferer is Rob, the villain is Rupert, and Kristen is the girl who made a HUGE mistake – but she’s also the one who’s really paying for it. But then again, everyone always blames the woman, and the man gets off (relatively) free. Think about it.

  78. 78
    la isla bonita Says:

    The cheating I could understand. Cheating with a married man who on top of that has 2 little kids would be a stretch but oh well… It’s the knowing his wife, actually having met her, greeted her, been around her on several occasions, chit chat, maybe even having met the kids, been to their home that I find unforgivable.
    It shows a whole other level of entitlement, selfishness and insensibility (or even worse, ‘sadism’). It’s especially hard to swallow when you’ve been acting like you’re too cool for school and better than anyone.
    I still think she is hot and she has ‘it’ and I don’t think this will affect her career, if anything it will increase the public curiosity and contribute to her fascinating tortured/bad girl aura.

  79. 79
    Lol Says:

    Ok how did she? She always seemed so quiet, calm and with a very nice personality. I could have never imagined that from her. I really liked this type of women.

  80. 80
    yin Says:

    @Lol:What kind of morally depraved sicko are you? f*cking a married man behind your bf’s back doesn’t make you strong. It makes you a lying sneaky coward

  81. 81
    yin Says:

    @Just Think About It: The excuses are getting sooooo tiresome

  82. 82
    Lol Says:

    @yin: leave me alone pls

  83. 83
    Mal Says:

    blocking out the world,… how about a bag on your head?

  84. 84
    Crystal Says:

    How do people know that it’s Rob’s shirt?

  85. 85
    KStarve Says:

    I see an eating disorder developing.

  86. 86
    snap crackle pop Says:

    She actually has a lot of make-up on, though it is trying to look natural- nude lipstick, etc.
    Why is she wearing glasses all of a sudden?

  87. 87
    elle Says:

    people should just move the girl made a really big mistake, there are a lot of people who have made worse mistakes..and it’s not like she’s the only one who did something horrible, nobody’s perfect.

  88. 88
    Abe Says:

    I know i’m probably the only straight guy on here, but she’s such a little cutie.

  89. 89
    sarah Says:

    it would be very unfair and so mean if they didn’t ask her about her indiscretion , while they did bring up the subject with rob when he’s promoting :(

  90. 90
    poor thing Says:

    KS looks so …hmm…tortured… but that ‘s nothing new

  91. 91
    excuses, excuses Says:

    For those defending her — I think it’s not just the cheating, it’s that the cheater is such a smug, self-righteous person who constantly criticizes everyone in the industry as being less genuine that she is. Have you ever read her interviews? She has no modesty whatsoever and accuses everyone of being fake when she has one of the most calculated, “too cool for hollywood,” schticks that I have ever seen.

  92. 92
    CHO Says:

    @Sarah while I dont want them to, I must fully agree. It was on her end and while I think it needs to be put to rest, the one sided-ness of Rob getting the grilling for something he didnt even do is unfair.

  93. 93
    Nope Says:

    I can’t find it in me to feel bad for either Rupert or her. They’re both adults that chose to be unfaithful to their partners (in public!) and not care about the consequences. In every interview she talks about how original she is, yet, she’s the epitome of the Hollywood cliche’. Please stop making excuses for her, she’s been in HW long enough & she’s old enough to know the difference between right & wrong. Considering she’s more well known than him, she didn’t need to do this for a part either. As for him, this was his first “real job” in HW, so I guess we’ll see if people want to work with him after this.

  94. 94
    Leo Says:

    Beautiful girl!!!

  95. 95
    EminSC Says:

    Attagirl, put your big girl panties on and face your mistakes. WE ALL MAKE THEM. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I wish you would try to smile, it will make you feel better. Thinking of you and Rob..

  96. 96
    aquarius64 Says:

    The press has already been instructed not to ask questions about the affair at TIFF. Yeah good luck with that. Some reporter will lob that grenade at her just to get a reaction. The question is how will she handle it, and given her past with the paps & press the outcome doesn’t look good. One bad exchange between Kristen and the media and it’s the lead story Friday; the movie will be on p. 20. Even news of the new Breaking Dawn 2 trailer will take a back seat to Stewart having a meltdown at TIFF.

    Kristen’s PR team better have prepped her well for TIFF’s red carpet interviews and the sit down with MTV. The fact that people still believe with certainty that she had sex with Rupert, despite a denial, shows the team’s poor handling of the mess she created. (Yes @Just Think About It, she is equally wrong; she’s 22, not a child.) Many will be watching her tomorrow, especially the suits at Summit, Universal, the studio for “Cali” and other studio heads that are potential employers. The road to professional salvation and wide public absolution starts in Toronto. In the end it is she who has the keys and is behind the wheel in this car called her career. How she starts tomorrow will determine if her career will drive carefully and safely, or be reckless again and go straight off the cliff.

  97. 97
    Ben4 Says:

    I will never tire of the term TRAMPIRE!
    Makes me laugh every time.

  98. 98
    barf Says:

    I thought she was going to do us all a favor and stay in hiding for good!

    Desperate much! wearing Rob’s clothes for attention!

    Robert Pattinson: Find a honest woman! No more S_K_A_N_K_S.

  99. 99
    tufenuf55 Says:



  100. 100
    tufenuf55 Says:

    You need to move on if you don’t have something nicer to say.

  101. 101
    LOL Says:

    Hey Look! TRAMPIRE came out in daylight. Is she meeting up with Rupert Sanders??!

  102. 102
    Georgia Says:

    Freedom to do what you want with your life without pathetic judges. Some of you seems don’t know it…

  103. 103
    tufenuf55 Says:

    I sincerely hope all you haters never have anything half as bad happen in your life that you have to face and move forward. And could you face the world? Not just people you know, not just people in your home town or state, but the entire WORLD. We fans do not know Kristen or Rob personally. Accept it. You are just a fan or non-fan and have no right to judge anyone but yourself. Try to keep that in mind and have some compassion. Kristen has paid for her mistake over the past six weeks or so in a most public way. It’s time for fans to move on. Support their movies or don’t, but be humane.

  104. 104
    OH The Shame Says:

    She would have been better off tunneling to Toronto.

  105. 105
    Jaszy13 Says:

    Why don’t you all mind your own business. She doesn’t owe you anything. Who made you judge and jury. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her movies don’t follow her career, you people are so obsessed its sick. I think she looks great and I hope nothing but the best for her and her boyfriend

  106. 106
    but Says:

    her boyfriend is Rupert

  107. 107
    Jaszy13 Says:

    Her boyfriend Robert pattinson

  108. 108
    rikki Says:

    even if i never saw a video of her or anything like that, i could still tell she’s very awkward just from looking at pictures.

  109. 109
    TackyZacky Says:

    She lost weight – but she still looks gorgeous. I like this girl – she looks down-to-earth and totally naturally attractive even without make up.

    Keep wearing Rob’s clothes, Kristen – show him you will always love him.

    Everyone makes mistakes but because of your fame, you will pay for yours infinitely much more dearly than everyone else.

    But don’t lose heart. Ignore the vicious tards, pick yourself up and move on.

    As the saying goes, “This, too, will come to pass”. You just have to survive it.

  110. 110
    wren Says:

    She does look good. Love the glasses. But still behaving like an immature 23 year old. I think she loved ‘their’ clothes and would have worn them regardless. But the paps are going to hound her until she learns how to work them.

  111. 111
    Kijo Says:

    Hang in there Kris- no one has the right to throw stones at you unless they want to be judged themselves.

    By the way you look great- go get girrllll

  112. 112
    Alison Says:

    That is sad she still wears Rob’s clothes ( I always thought that was weird though) after what she did to him. No sympathy for her at all.

  113. 113
    Jen Says:

    Yea! Go Kristen !! She looks great. Love the shoes!!!

  114. 114
    lol Says:

    Hmm so I suppose she was showing Rob she loved him when she photographed making out with Rupert. Yea, I am so sure she was thinking of Rob when she was wearing his ring and hat while Rupert was going down on her. LOL

  115. 115

    Hey idiot, she’s not only wearing his tee shirt, his ring with Rob’s name on it, the Cartier bracelet he gave her, and the necklace he gave her. If Rob had walked away u think the girl would be decked out in head to toe Rob?? Get a life u sorry beyatch, lol. Hahaha what’s a matter, will your world end if u find out not only are they together, but they NEVER broke up?? apparently you missed the part where Rob called the media and rags evil monsters who lie, and his director, Cronenberg said, ‘people think they know what’s going on, and they don’t know anything of the sort!’. you, are who he was talking about Einstein. Lol

  116. 116
    Walk of Shame Says:

    Bet she’s been sneeking around still doing Rupert Sanders …Robert Pattinson get yourself check for any STD’s! A cheater never stops cheating.

  117. 117
    lol Says:

    Again, she wore all that stuff when she cheating on him too. Wearing his stuff is for the fans not for Rob. You are naive if you think otherwise. Fact is Rob immediately left for London when Cosmopolis promo was over and only just returned for VMA promo duties. If he really wanted to work it out with her, he would have.

  118. 118
    amanda Says:

    I feel like you people have no comprehension of size…THAT ISN’T ROB’S SHIRT….if he wore that shirt it would stop above his belly button…get a clue

  119. 119
    Steph Says:

    @tufenuf55: Hahahaha

  120. 120
    SUG Says:

    Why is she using a finger splint ?

  121. 121
    chaca Says:

    she dirty
    no sit on plane next to her
    she may have diz ees

  122. 122
    mimi Says:

    i dont know why I still dont believe they were actually together for some reason..oh well time will tell I guess.

  123. 123
    xD Says:

    hey twihards what happened to your claims that it wasn’t her on the cheating pics huh? the alleged photoshoping all explained with red arrows, .gifs and slowmos LMAO what happened to those who swore to god it wasn’t her? that the public apology was not true? now it WAS her but it’s all Liberty’s fault and set up and Rob has forgiven her anyways and look how like cool she looks like in his clothes and like stuff HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fangirls never cease to crack me up

  124. 124
    SUG Says:

    You haters are really stupid! She is sorry ! We are humans, we make mistakes and sometimes we deserve a second chance!

  125. 125
    what? Says:

    Why does she keep wearing Rob’s things?

  126. 126
    SUG Says:

    Maybe you should see the pictures where he shows up with the t-shirt ;)

  127. 127
    SUG Says:

    Shut up stupid!!

  128. 128
    sander Says:

    fake trampire!!

  129. 129
    the banging rule Says:

    last one banged is your boyfriend = RUPERT

  130. 130
    Rose Says:

    She looks medicated… Why is she famous? She can’t act… well I take that back because she acted like she loved someone then cheated on them. She was convincing even to him… SMH! Exile her from Hollywood. I feel like Jared should promote the classy people of celebrity not the scum…

  131. 131
    yesiam Says:

    Well, she does look skinnier and the oversized shirt emphasizes it.

    And funny thing about the shirt. Looks like she’s still wearing the ring as well. I’m sorry, but what the hell is she trying to accomplish with this? It’s just weird. Screams PR whether she intended it or not.

  132. 132
    Nope Says:

    @SUG: Oh please, there’s a HUGE difference between a mistake & a choice. They made it public when they decided to apologize via People Magazine. Why are we stupid? I didn’t chose to have an affair with a married man with kids. I didn’t chose to have a life in the public eye, which therefore makes her subject to gossip & all that entails. If she can’t handle it, she needs to find another career.

  133. 133
    satchi Says:

    Plz KSTOOL, wearing eyeglasses wont make you get any bit of class & sense; you’re STILL forever & ever trashy,sex-starved, arrogant, stupid celebritard.

  134. 134
    Shirt Says:

    Here’s the shirt.

  135. 135
    starsh Says:

    Let it go weirdos and leave her alone! Its so over and done with.

  136. 136
    KS a Pathetic Cheater Says:

    Wearing Rob’s T-shirt is so Pathetic. If he does takes her back he is a total laughing stock!

  137. 137
    mojos Says:

    I cant wait to see pics and vids of her at TIFF… when KStew walks onto the red carpet scene and all the TwiTards start throwing all kinds of sh/tz directly at her stoney-b/tch face – so excited for that!

  138. 138
    Patricia Says:

    I wish Kristen best luck in the Toronto Film Festival ^_^. GO KRISTEN!
    Haters: We all make mistakes, that’s life. Deal with it!

  139. 139
    sweetness Says:

    Wonder why the producers would want her there at this premiere? She’s not well received in these social media sites lately..It’s too soon. She should really lay low. she can afford to take off for a few months. maybe go to school.

  140. 140
    njk Says:

    we.dont.know.anything. they could be together, they could not be. we don’t know, so stop making snap judgements about what she is doing and what she is wearing.

    that being said, she looks beautiful. this is a good hair color on her.

  141. 141
    Andamentothat Says:

    She is a young single girl, Who made a mistake and apologized. Time to give her a second chance. The director sure is getting away scot free. If she is wearing Rob’s shirt and if they are together, God bless them and wish them all the best.

  142. 142
    ok, so Where's Rob? Says:

    Ok if they ARE together shouldn’t Rob be by her side for support? Publicly showing his love for his woman? If he’s letting her go through public scrutiny and ridicule alone and they are together then that dude is a horrible boyfriend.

  143. 143
    intric8 Says:

    Forgive, asssholes. Don’t be the first to throw a f*cking stone lest you not be forgiven yourself.

  144. 144
    Rose Says:

    @Andamentothat: who has to give her a second chance? indeed “we” do not have to give her anything, it’s up to her. It is out of place to use the argument of “young girl” who made a mistake. Once again, it’s up to her if she sleeps with a married guy, if she is careless and does it in her car in a public place, if then issued a statement publicly apologizing to Rob, etc.
    The reality is that the people she disappointed the most with her actions are, mostly, and in this case truly very young girls. So, Kristen is free to act as she want and make with her life what she want, but her young “fans” are entitled to feel defrauded too.

  145. 145

    @lol: you dumb hoo, dont know where Rob has been, or what he’s doing. get a life. oh and london? pics or it didn’t happen beyatch. like no one in LO town can snap a cellie pic. u bitchez is cray.

  146. 146

    waaah, why does she keep wearing Rob things, maybe because sh eloves her boyfriend and it’s what she always does???? Oh, and because she wants to see hater heads explode. muhahaha. lol

  147. 147
    MegCH Says:

    @ROBKRISUNBROKEN: “…and his director, Cronenberg said, ‘people think they know what’s going on, and they don’t know anything of the sort!’.”

    Well someone is deluded…How about taking Cronenberg’s advice yourself? I could misconstrue quotes just like you to back the idea that they are broken up. What you wrote means nothing. Just because that’s the way your chose to interpret things, it doesn’t make it the truth.

  148. 148

    oh and to the numbskull who keeps writing that she was wearing all Rob stuff when the Rupig molestation occurred?? Yeah, and so what? She was Rob’s girlfriend then, and now as well. Now go take a valium and lie down, since your sad lonely loser world is crumbling over the relationship status of two movie stars you will never know in life. hahahaha.
    Oh, and this is for Jared — hey love, it’s pretty easy to find out Kstew’s correct age, she’s only been a kid actor and in the public eye, and had birthdays celebrated on ET since she was like 11….why is it so difficult to Google?? Or Wiki?? Kristen Stewart is only 22, she is NOT 23, she won’t be 23 until NEXT YEAR (April)

  149. 149
    Postwatcher Says:

    Shame on you ladies. The one that should be vilified is Rupert who is the married one and twenty years her senior. So tired of women blaming women and letting guys get off scott free. Plus I never thought Kristen and Robert were a real couple anyway.nseemed fake from the get go.

  150. 150
    Lizzie Says:

    @ROBKRISUNBROKEN: “when the Rupig molestation occurred??” oh lord! is time to take your pills, you’re hallucinating or you’re just a f*cking loser.

  151. 151
    !!!! Says: know she’s on drugs. this cheater doesn’t seem to have any friends …she’s not welcomed and you know the other actors at the premiere will be faking they have her back, but underneath wish she wouldn’t be there taking the spotlight off of them.

  152. 152
    WhyNot Says:

    I still get the feeling she was set up. She is only 24, only had one main love in her life, and at the end of Twilight, that romance explodes when she is caught necking with a man almost old enough to be her father, because he manipulated her to feed his ego. He may be known, but she was far more powerful. He was making his name known at her expense and using his **** to fuel his sagging ego. What a loser! Move on Liberty! You can do so much better.

    Meantime, Pattinson needs to suck it up instead of playing the drama queen. It is making him look like Kirsten was the only thing that made him a man.

  153. 153
    KissThis Says:

    Not really sure that is Rob’s shirt. It could be her’s. But one things for sure. She looks miserable.

  154. 154
    Deb Says:

    Kristen’s STILL wearing Rob’s T-shirt.
    Kristen’s STILL wearing Rob’s cap.
    Why is she so annoying?

  155. 155
    MD Says:

    I think she looks great!

  156. 156
    MD Says:


    That’s mean!

  157. 157
    Natasha Says:

    Kristen looks effortlessly gorgeous and pretty!
    And she’s so slim.. makes me jealous!
    Not all can achieve it including me.
    Love her!

  158. 158
    Natasha Says:

    @Shannon Rutherford: Skinny is Liberty. Lol!

  159. 159
    bip Says:

    i can see that the stupid people are out… again !
    don’t you have anything to do, something else than insulting a young girl you don’t know, who owns you nothing,.. pretty sure you don’t do that with any other celebrity you don’t like
    it’s pathetic ! stfu and find someone else to harass !


  160. 160
    Rupert Sanders Says:

    She looks great, but haters gonna hate.

  161. 161
    Sara Says:

    Kristen suffered from anorexia nervosa to be all skin and bone.

  162. 162
    Tata Says:

    it’s not easy to confess what the biggest wrong u do before on public..
    but she did it…
    she is public figure but she ignore it just because she still loves Robert

    why we don’t support her ???
    eventhough if they’ll not become a couple again *I hope not*
    but just give her spirit , so she can continue her life..
    “Robert” is not the end of her life, right ?

  163. 163
    Tata Says:

    test it

  164. 164
    Sabine Says:

    Good to see her. Everybody can start to finally move on to the next crime scene. Seriously – let them sort out this stuff on their own. And she’s wearing his shirt?? What if he was wearing hers all the time and gave it back to her. haha

  165. 165
    ha ha Says:

    who cares if she looks good. her very handsome ex boyfriend doesn’t care if she is “beautiful”…he dumped this low class cheater. after all he doesn’t want sanders sloppy 2nds! yuck!

  166. 166
    gracey_vel Says:

    go kristen! just don’t mind the haters! there are fans that are still loyal to you.

  167. 167
    Sabine Says:

    @SUG: I believe the haters mainly enjoy being judgemental and dramatic about it as if it would affect their own lives. I can only imagine it gives them a better feeling about themselves and their mistakes. I dont feel satisfaction in it either…

  168. 168
    Paula Says:

    I’m sick of people saying she made a “mistake”! Cheating with a married man whose wife and kids you knew is NOT a mistake. Going to the middle of nowhere to hook up with yoru director is NOT a mistake. It’s a choice. Yes she’s 22 but she’s not a kid. 22 year olds in real life have jobs, college depts, bills to day, bosses and supervisors to answer to, etc. I would understand if she was 16 or 18 but she’s 22! The same age as Aaron Johnson who married his director twice his age and adopted her children and has two more children with her. Same age but what a difference.

  169. 169
    Jolie Says:

    I will never understand why anyone can be a fan of hers still. You know, I thought she was a different type of actress and I had respect for that. She did her own thing but overtime it seems like the Twilight hype, SWATH success, fame, and designers kissing her feet got to her head and all that was building her ego. Suddenly she became a completely different person. I would like to see one her fans try to contradict me on this. She said she hates people who sell themselves while she’s selling herself to a lot of magazine covers for no reason and even selling a perfume which is ridiculous. All of a sudden she’s showing up to fashion shows to get her pictures taken and promoting designer for free publicity. This is not a girl who hates fame or attention. In fact, she had us all fooled and loved and craved it. I think even her boyfriend didn’t realize what a different person she had become. The affair with the director and endorsing fragrance was just the beginning. It made me wonder why she hated the paps so much but now I understand. They just aired her dirty laundry. I say she deserves ths reality check and wake up call. I hope she looks at herself and becomes a better person. Stop hating on other actors, flipping the finger in public, and havin such a nasty attitude. I wish you all the best.

  170. 170
    Anna Says:

    I used to find this girl annoying before all this scandal and I would never watch even 5 minutes of Twilight, because it is obviously commercial crap (even though I liked Rob P. clumsy interviews). But, after reading so many overdramatic and, worse, overly judgmental comments about this girl, I have decided to follow her future career and support her. Who the hell this brainless Twilight fans think they are??? What she did was wrong, but she has learned her lesson painfully. We all do mistakes? Are you living her life? Oh! Maybe that is actually the problem! Your admiration was after all… jealously… and now you are all actually happy for what happened to her. But you know what? Her life will be always more interesting than yours, even after this scandal. Get over it and leave her alone.

  171. 171
    claire Says:

    She got a new bodyguard which is weird because I remember her saying that he was her best friend. I believe she totally slept with him too because she spent 24/7 with him, especially when Rob wasn’t present. I think she fired him right after she was caught having an affair with Rupert. Wow.

  172. 172
    me Says:

    Shameful attempt at publicity and fake contrition. And she has all the money in the world yet she can’t be bothered to comb her hair? And before any of you Slutsten fans defend her that she doesn’t need to look the way people expect her to be, then you are accepting the fact that your “girl” looks like a dirty tramp who hasn’t showered in days and just rolled out of bed without even washing her face. I guess she’s trying for the hillbilly look! Well, mission accomplished. Her parents also have that look down pat. Clap!Clap! Trailer trash!

  173. 173
    missP Says:

    Poor TRAMPIRE. LOST all respect for you, pathetic ***** !!!

  174. 174
    Kristen Stewart is smart Says:

    Kristen and her PR team know what the “Robsten” fans want and they act as per it. I think its really interesting how she decided to pull out her necklace (supposedly given by Rob a.k.a epic token of love) out of her shirt to ensure that paps get the clear shots of it lol. This girl has a plan and she also know that her stupid fans will def fall for it. I mean she also wore his shirt that he was seen wearing last year to show ” LOOK WE STILL SHARE CLOTHES BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!” Ummm no Kristen if everything was fine you would’ve wore one of his latest clothing item to send your “message” but still I will give you B+ for the effort ;)

  175. 175
    Kristen Stewart is smart Says:

    Have you noticed another interesting thing about this pictures? She looks normal and healthy as compared to Rob who looked visibly thinner during the Cosmopolis promo. Remember how “sources” from her camp spread the rumors about her being devastated and refusing to eat much? Well played,Kristen.

  176. 176
    Zileuton Says:

    not much difference between the two i guess

  177. 177
    Sun Says:

    @blueberry: Their house? LOL They have never lived together. No pictures of them leaving a house. Even not exist photos of them when the sun is out or alone as a couple. Everything is a circus to sell Twilight. They have never been a couple. This TRAMPIRE needs attention. This is not Rob’s shirt. She is a famewhore! Call de paps *****. call them.

  178. 178
    A Says:

    A Kristen’s fan’s perspective

    Liberty Ross steps out wearing a shirt that Rob wore for a mag shoot: OMFG! She deliberately wore it insult Kristen.She likes to call paparazzi because she is more malicious and manipulative than Cruella de Vil!

    Kristen wears one of Rob’s old shirts: TRUE LOVE! So what if she was holding his cap while kissing doesn’t matter because she is a 22 years old kid who tripped and fell on Rupert’s lips and other body parts but still ROBSTEN IS UNBROKEN!

  179. 179
    SNORT Says:

    @Kristen Stewart is smart:

    Well played? Well, “played” being the operative word there, then I guess you’re right. Kristen Stewart is Smart? bahahaha. No wonder the world is in chaos if people think like you do. Because cheating on you boyfriend with a married man who has two kids and have worked with said man’s wife is a VERY SMART thing to do. You whoresten fans are truly relentless in your pathetic fantasies.Well, if it helps you sleep at night, then by all means, delude yourselves! Hope the nightmares gets better!

  180. 180
    Jenna Says:

    Wow, what a wreck! So what, she didn’t even have time to comb her hair?? Why do young girls think it’s fashionable to look as if you’ve just fallen out of bed?? This I’ll never understand…

  181. 181
    kallu Says:

    who says that shirt is Rob’s? as if you know everything.
    she’s just lovely in every suits.
    goodluck for you K-Stew :)

  182. 182
    A Says:

    @SNORT: Are you illiterate? I’m not a Kristen fan and when I called her ‘smart’ I meant that she was selfish and manipulative to core.Did you even read my whole comment before replying? I don’t think so tsk tsk

  183. 183
    blackBeauty Says:

    @justsaying: i still don’t think she personally released the statement,think her pr released statement for her.on another note,people have got to stop hating on do you know her and rob didn’t buy the same t-shirt?

  184. 184
    blackBeauty Says:

    @NinjaStar: she did the vogue shoot before the cheating scandal and they are just releasing stuff from the interview now

  185. 185
    jaymes lover Says:




  186. 186
    Isobel Says:

    Deep down all that happened is the best (in a bad way) for them. I still think that they were not really a couple in the first place, even both could have had relationships with another people but Kristen was caught.

    Now both are free to do what they really want to do, and to be with the people that want to be with.

  187. 187
    Renee Says:

    This is a young lady who made a stupid mistake. I guess the rest of you NEVER did ANYTHING stupid when you were 22. Enough with all the venom.

  188. 188
    sara Says:

    She has lovely skin.

  189. 189
    v Says:

    She looks lovely. Can’t wait to watch OTR.

  190. 190
    v Says:

    Haters….you all complaining about how she looks….show me a picture of you…and let’s see if you are actually worthy of judging Kristen in such a way. Get over it. Rob will never be yours.

  191. 191
    hohoho Says:

    She will always be labeled a HOE.
    Now as a basher of KS I expect to be fully foregiven for my comment, it’s just a mistake I’ve made and everybody makes them. Thank You.

  192. 192

    To the hater who says Kristen looks unhappy, bahahaha – sure loser, look at her being all unhappy here: Hahaha. Kristen looks like she always looks when making her way thru an airport and throng of papz (who by the way, will never in life care what YOU do in an airport – go ahead, scratch your buttt while waiting for baggage and see what happens, lolol). Also fans in TO have already started freaking out w/ happiness on twitter because she came over and talked w/ them and shook their hand and was so sweet! See meli1518′s twitter.
    Already TIFF is lighting up on their twitter feeds that Kstew is there – this would be a snoozefest if she wasn’t this year – no one big like Brad or Angelina this year…so it’s all Kristen Stewart madness, and they are loving it and eating it up.
    Oh and if you don’t think the only reason why Rob is at the VMAs with Taylor is because his bb is only a 45 minute plane ride away in TO, where they will soon meet up after – then you are bonkers!! Muahahaha. I’m sure you losers will be hoping and wishing for Rob to walk within 2 feet of a bagina so you can start writing fan fic about his new woman, lololol — hey haters try a katie perry hookup for the 357th time that no one believes. muahahahah. even have rob fighting john mayer and russell brand for her. hahahahaha. meanwhile watch, we’ll get our first sighting of them TOGETHER soon after. muahaha.
    hahahaha. i love it when haterzzzz lives go sooo wrong despite getting what they think is their most fondest wish (they never did)…and what’s the bestest part ever, and why your lives suck even more…is that his being with her, despite your hate, despite what the lying tabloids say, despite the crap that’s made up out of whole cloth, is that HE LOVES HER THAT MUCH. Are you loved that much?? Is your precious Bella?? Hahahha. Kristen IS.
    Man, if you’re like this now, what will you be like when they’re married, and having little bbs of their own. YIKES.
    I know, you’ll probably be like those freak sad old spinster jen aniston fans who attack angelina and her babies with Brad. just sad, angry wretches.
    well, get ready bitchezzzz. hahahaha

  193. 193

    um, so because Liberty Ross wears a shirt that 1 million other people have and buys Kristen’s perfume, it means the same as a girlfriend wearing the EXACT same shirt her boyfriend has?? Do you think Rob mailed Liberty the shirt, or did she break into his house and steal it — mjaybe she just bought it, like the 1 million other people bought theirs, eh genius?? Just because liberty ross has no life except shopping and getting pap’d which clearly thrills the nobody to no end, what does that have to do with a gf wearing her boyfriend’s stuff?? hahahahha, haters are coocoo for coco puffs.

  194. 194
    CLUE, get one Says:

    anyone ever thought Liberty whatever her name is, was giving a sign by buying Kristen’s balenciaga perfume and wearing Rob’s shirt? Maybe she’s saying she forgives and hopes they’re happy…seems like a sign to me. I mean especially if it was nothing more than those pics, Im sure she’s well aware what a pig her husband can be, and figured Kristen was taken aback by his busting a move on her in the street.

  195. 195
    princessofjodhpur Says:

    she’s such a loser. can’t act, doesn’t look great. she’s only there because of silly fangirls who are under some delusion that she’s pure & loves robert pattinson.

  196. 196
    Candi Says:

    FACT: 1) Haters attacking Kristen Stewart have ALWAYS hated her with the heat of a thousand suns for being the girl Rob Pattinson loves, THIS little incident just gives these same haters what they THINK is a rational reason for their hate. So they will cling to it, embellish it, make it what it never was, make it worse, make it a dastardly affair instead of a pervy director crossing boundaries in a split second outside. I don’t blame Kristen, she is young, he was her director a man whom she thought was someone she could trust, who she depended on to keep her safe while filming dangerous stunts, to direct her to a good performance – and she liked him a a friend, she respected him – suddenly though, he’s crossing a line, taking her aback – my guess is she didn’t know what to do, and decided to appease him rather than accept what he was doing as wrong. It was a few brief seconds of bad judgement, she certainly doesn’t deserve to pay the rest of her life for it. I mean really – what is wrong with you women? Let’s not pretend you care about this on ‘moral’ grounds – this was a minute in a car w/ a besotted tool going thru a mid life crisis – there was no affair – it was a hug and a kiss in a car. Grow up. ..and most of all STOP pretending that you wouldn’tt be here hating on Kristen AS USUAL, regardless, you sad bags of angry wind.
    2)OBVIOUSLY, if she’s wearing her boyfriend’s ring, STILL, he forgives her – whatever transgression she conveyed to him. Maybe he thinks it was nothing – it would certainly jibe with what he’s saying to the press, that people don’t know what’s going on, that they know nothing and that tabs and mags lie and event what they want. Pattinson seems to be trying to tell you idots something — right down to the K over his heart on the shirt he’s worn twice now, and his black converse shoes, right down to the baltimore orioles cap he had on in NYC, that Kristen was wearing just a week later. They’re together. I hope all of you hateful people have a real anxious nervous angry time wondering when and where they will show up next, and when you will have to stop lying to yourselves…it’s so sad.
    FACE IT, that is why you’re still here hating on her and attacking her, if Rob was truly toast and out of the picture – you wouldn’t care, you’d think she was sad and this thread would be maybe two posts long. INSTEAD it’s 8 PAGES long and you cows are losing your dammn minds!!

  197. 197
    TIFF Says:

    “TIFF_NET: RT @ETCanada Photo: Kristen Stewart sports a leather jacket and dark glasses on her arrival to #TIFF12”
    TIFF is so happy Kristen stewart is there, they’re tweeting out ET Canada pics of her arrival.
    Sorry haters, it would seem she rules all and still has Robert Pattinson.
    Oh well, move on to whoever else you’re crazy batshittt jealous of.

  198. 198
    hey-ya Says:

    She`s pretty and smart (but young!). I like her!

  199. 199
    A Says:

    @Candi: 1.Listen sweetie,an affair is not a mistake.Its a choice,the level of intimacy depicted in those pictures showed that they were very comfortable with each other.Kristen held his face while kissing,hugged him,laughed while he did something similar to dry humping and most importantly kept her hand on his hand when they were standing by the railing.That’s why you cannot tell me that they were not lovers and Kristen is a victim in this case because she is not.

    2.Kristen wore that ring when she went to meet her married lover so yeah that ring obviously means a lot to her *eyeroll*.Rest of your comment is really absurd so I’m not gonna bother about explaining real facts to you because I know you’ll call me hater and stick to your incorrect facts and delusional assumptions/thoughts

  200. 200
    xo Says:

    “um, so because Liberty Ross wears a shirt that 1 million other people have and buys Kristen’s perfume, it means the same as a girlfriend wearing the EXACT same shirt her boyfriend has?? ”
    Then why did the Kristen fans give her such a hard time for wearing the shirt? And how do you know Liberty bought the perfum? Balenciaga sells a lot more than perfume and Liberty has modeled for them several times.

  201. 201
    Useyourbrain Says:

    LOL I love how some people are like “OMG! Kristen wore his T-shirt and ring which means that they are back together.Yea!!!!! ROBSTEN IS UNBROKEN!!!!!” Umm how about we some facts
    1.Kristen wore THE ring when she hooked up with a married lover in broad day light.
    2.She smiled and held onto Rob’s cap while Rupert buried his face in her neck
    3.Kristen was photographed wearing Rob’s shirt when she went out to play golf with her dad,this was 3-4 days before her infamous cheating pics were released which means that she loves wearing clothes that belong to the guy she was betraying.Sharing clothes didn’t stop her from cheating.

  202. 202
    Useyourbrain Says:

    And also if they are really back together then why is she wearing an old washed up T-shirt that he was seen wearing in 2011 and not one of his new T-shirts?Food for thought right there ;)

  203. 203
    daaaaa timah Says:

    KStewpit fans are downrightretarded..ughh…the dopey comments.. lol.

  204. 204
    A is FULL O SHITE Says:

    1) Dear dumb A, there was no “affair.” There was no romance, no sex, period. This was a brief moment captured by papz, of a mid life crisis from a director who overstepped his boundaries with a kid who thought he was a respected affectionate friend. Are you stupid? 12 years old? Or just your every day jealous cow? It was a ‘momentary indiscretion,’ — look up those two words. then get back to me once you calm down about a relationship that you’re so overinvested in, you’re making up your own fictitious sordid details. lolol
    2) When will you irrational haters creating your own sci-fi realize you’re only proving the fans point. That’s right, Kristen was wearing her Rob ring and Rob hat when she met Rupig to give him a lift, that in and of itself tells you what HER state of mind was when she did, that a) she was not planning an affair in sweatpants and her boyfriends stuff, and b) that she was just meeting her director, who unfortunately went rogue and perv on her – she appeased him. Quite possibly because she didn’t know what else to do.
    You pointing out that she had on Rob’s stuff then, SAME as she does NOW — only proves my point, and also the following Einstein: That, HELLO?? YES – she DID have Rob’s stuff on then because Rob was her boyfriend THEN, and she has it on NOW, because Rob’s her boyfriend NOW. He’s always been her bf. See how LOGIC works. lol
    You acting like judge and hang em high jury creating your own worst case scenarios about what Stewart described as momentary and an indiscretion – displays you for the overinvested jealous bitter tool you are.
    Now, get a life hater and leave this girl alone.

  205. 205
    Billi Says:

    Why are you studying pics of some teen kid actor being perved on by a creepy director dude?? Seems overinvested to me. Instead of trying to figure out what Kristen’s feelings were for her boyfriend from a papz shot (they take 60-80 shots in 60 seconds or less – so you can see why there’s plenty of room to structure a tale that seems more sordid than it is) – but why do you care so much? Who are you to say what her boyfriend’s ring, and hat and shirt mean to her – she very obviously still wears them and he knows it and has no problem with it. Why do you have such a problem if Rob doesn’t??
    You believe the tabloid narrative that has him telling Stewart to get out of his house, but not that he’d have ballz to tell her to stop wearing his clothes, his promise ring, his jewelry, etc.?? You make no sense.
    Maybe give Rob the benefit of the doubt, respect him like you claim Stewart did not, and be sure in the knowledge that if in fact he’s still with his gf and maybe never left — that perhaps the situation isn’t what YOU think it is, Amazing Kreskin.
    Oh, and maybe go get your own bf, husband or at least a vibrator since you’re so obsessed with what Kristen and Rob are doing between the sheets and seem determined that they not wind up together. Good luck with that, looks like you’ll need it.

  206. 206
    E. Castle Says:

    What’s with all the hate on this chick? She just had a make-out session with a married man. She did not shoot up a movie theater or sell drugs to kids.

  207. 207
    anna Says:

    i like her eyeshadow

  208. 208
    NE1 Says:

    Have to admit I like the look.

  209. 209
    Death to ZOG Says:

    I wonder if Tiger Woods or Jessie James got this much criticism when their infidelity was made public. What a pack of low-life f*cking hypocrites you all are.

  210. 210
    puss-e juice Says:

    man her panties must have been drenched in that fence and car sesh

  211. 211
    ms. o Says:

    She really needs to stop wearing these shirts that we have seen before on RPatz, it makes her look desperate.

    she looks Awful, poor thing.

  212. 212
    Billi Says:

    @ms. o:
    Obviously Rob WANTS her wearing his shitt, don’t think she’s the type of girl to be wearing the shitt of a guy who’s kicked her to the curb. She’s got a ring on that Says Rob on it, his necklace, his bracelet and his t-shirt – and he has taken to wearing a blue shirt with a K over the breast pocket (heart) — as well as black converse chuck taylors (hello kristen). get over it losers.

  213. 213
    stalkers=biggest losers ever Says:


  214. 214
    myehe Says:

    Life is šō lóñêlý,I am a single biker woman,I’m seeking someone who can love me and share the passion for speed, so I joined ~ b¡kèrlōv¡ñg. cōm ~under the name of arcosmom. it is the best place for biker men and women or biker women and men to get in touch with each other. I hope you can check it out.

  215. 215
    Sara Says:

    she looks great here

  216. 216
    FrG Says:

    Have you seen her injured finger??
    I totally see her hit a wall or furniture by nervousness… Don’t you agree?
    She is pissed off and totally regret this situation.

    Thats what i see.

  217. 217
    someone Says:

    @A: 1.she didn’t have an affair 2.she got caught kissing a married man,which is wrong but no need to hate her for it

  218. 218
    Geez! Says:

    @stalkers=biggest losers ever: Yep! Make sure to add ROBKRISUNBROKEN to that potential stalker list.

  219. 219
    Sara SWEDEN Says:

    People tell you that Robert Pattinson has also been
    cheating a few years ago against the Christian, is not it
    statementet Meeting on him then? once
    unfaithful, always cheating. Does Kristen can get a
    second and last chance. Everyone does in fact…?

  220. 220
    SWEDEN Says:

    People tell you that Robert Pattinson has also been
    cheating a few years ago against the Christian, is not it
    statementet Meeting on him then? once
    unfaithful, always cheating. Does Kristen can get a
    second and last chance. Everyone does in fact.

  221. 221
    aquarius64 Says:

    To all Stewart apologists:

    She CLAIMS she didn’t have sex with Rupert. Well the 50 pictures on the internet destroys her crediblity on that statement. She supposedly loves Rob but yet she did this. Why should anyone believe her now? She’s been accused of being with other men on Rob’s watch before this incident; she coped to Rupert because of the photos going public. If she did sleep with Rupert she should own it; because if evidence surfaces that she did Rupert or other men, her career is toast.

    That aside, apparently Stewart barely got off the plane in Toronto and she stepped on the PR rake. Well actually her bodyguard did. A fan wanted to get her autograph at the airport and the bodyguard shoved the fan away. It’s not clear if the fan was a clear and present threat to Stewart, but Stewart issued an apology. This is the first I heard her apologize to a fan at this level, but then again she knows this can look bad in the court of public opinion right now. She can’t afford anymore incidents like this. Her team better come up with better yet safe strategies in dealing with the public. The next fan that gets shoved may not accept an apology and may have the law deal with it. More bad PR for Stewart. She’s not out of this yet.

  222. 222
    Wanna be Hipster Says:

    She looks like a wanna be “hipster” nerd glasses that are worn for appearance sake alone, trying to look more intelligent than you are, baggy shirt, on washed hair. Yep yep it is that desperate hipster look.

    Fits the desperate girl she has become. Desperate for attention, desperate to cheat on her boyfriend ,trying to further her career, desperate to get boyfriend and her career back now… Yep.

    Good luck with that one but look on the plus side she will always have her old bfs shirts to still wear, the dirty hair and the faux eyeglasses to keep her company….

  223. 223
    yesiam Says:

    @aquarius64: I think her staying hidden (I mean, completely avoiding seeing DAYLIGHT like the Earth swallow her up) until now ultimately helped into getting the media frenzy to this level. I think it was smart for Rob to get his first appearance after the whole deal in a respectable amount of time because that helps people move on the focus to something else. By remaining hidden, the speculation continues and people are just as interest to see what the hell will happen, how will the crowds react to her and how she’s going to deal with it. In a way, people are still making a huge deal out of this because she also acting like it IS a big deal. A lot of the stuff she’s done seems to me like PR strategies looking for damage control, something I would have never expected out of her. Scandal aside, that’s also disappointing and contradictory to the kind of “celebrity” she presented herself as.

    The best she can do is to finally face the music. Not everyone is gonna be nice to her, not everyone is gonna be awful to her. Dealing with it is a consequence of her actions, like it or not, the good with the bad. Better do it now than at the Breaking Dawn premiere. That one is gonna be awkward enough for everyone involved as it is.

  224. 224
    Sarah Says:

    Who let her out again?
    And people defending her should open their eyes & have a reality check. If it weren’t for twilight books/series she’d still be in the dark hole, she was in since ages. No one knew about her or her work before the twilight series… Anyone could have done that role wayyy better than her and gotten equal or more success, its the books/characters that have made her big (just LUCK) and then she showed her true personality and colours. Sleeping around with married men twice her age just to get more roles.

  225. 225
    aquarius64 Says:

    More PR headeaches for Stewart:

    As much as this is pretty foul she provided the ammunition for the paps to open fire on her this way. The sound you hear is Summit execs cracking open a jug of Pepto Bismo now. Promo tours and premieres are going to be logistic and expensive nightmares in order to prevent incidents on the red carpet. You know there’ll be a photog there shouting similar stuff at her (is she’s there). What’s the chance a Twihard, or Twihards, would lose it and get into a scuffle with the pap? The next day premiere pictures that are released with include snaps of Twihards getting loaded in the back of a squad car on its way to juevenile detention or city jail. I’m surprised the Summit execs aren’t losing their hair over this.

  226. 226
    CHO Says:

    I just watched that video and ugh thats hideous. As wrong as what she an Rupie did. Thats disgusting.

    But I get this is what the paps do.

  227. 227
    yesiam Says:

    @aquarius64: Completely agree.

  228. 228
    vera Says:

    For the love of God! stop judging others.
    You guys are fans of who?

    WHAT false morality. FAN celebrates, VIBRA, IS JOY AND DISEASE IS NOT.





  229. 229
    MegCH Says:

    @vera: The same person who said “VERY EASY FINGER POINTING TO ANOTHER PERSON AND JUDGE” just called the people who think differently than her “CRAZY PEOPLE”. See the problem here?

  230. 230
    Uhhhhh Says:

    haha. maybe she’s wearing glasses so this time she can see the paps!

  231. 231
    RiseRebelResist Says:

    Ok enough is enough! Quit hating on Ms Kristen Stewart. She cheated we get it it’s not like she murdered someone or started shooting the whole neighborhood. Leave her alone! Trampire? Homewrecker?really? It take two to ppl, c’mon and she’s famous because she probably did more movies awesome (mostly independed) than you can ever dream of,. You Haters are just Jealous so go fcuk urselves and MOVE ON!!!!!

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