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Kristen Stewart Heads to Toronto Film Festival

Kristen Stewart Heads to Toronto Film Festival

Kristen Stewart wears a pair of glasses as she heads through security at LAX Airport on Wednesday afternoon (September 5) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress is headed off to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of her new movie, On the Road.

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A new trailer for Kristen‘s upcoming flick The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will be premiering tomorrow night during the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Make sure to tune in at 8/7c on MTV to check it out!

FYI: Kristen is carrying an AllSaints Rixey Leather Bomber jacket.

30+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the airport…

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kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 01
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 02
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 03
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 04
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 05
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 06
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 07
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kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 12
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 13
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 14
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 15
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 16
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 17
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 18
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 19
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 20
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 21
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 22
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 23
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 24
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 25
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 26
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 27
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 28
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 29
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 30

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  • LaCroix

    kinda sad & desperate to still be wearing your EX -boyfriend clothing in public.. looking for sympathy much Ms Stewart? No worries we still can see through your rouge.

  • Jay

    She should really stop famewh0ring around for fashion shows and covers and perfumes for now. She seems very desperate for attention. As if the cheating scandal hasn’t brought in enough attention for her already!

  • Karina

    I think Rob forgot his shirt when he was moving out of the house, haha…Anyway, Kristen looks great…can’t wait to see her on the red carpet tomorrow at the Festival!!!!

  • sarah

    @BB: She’s famous for developing crushes on her directors. It’s just that Rupert got caught.

  • Michael

    Looks like the crazy robsessed has arrived. Seriously how demented can you get its like she cheated on you. Sick world we live in that fans are so crazy to hate on a celebrity they don’t even freaking know

    Leave the girl alone. Kristen does not deserve this hate

  • Awesomeness

    The slvtpire is here!

  • Val

    She seems so fake to me. Such a hypocrite for trashing other actors and even Lindsay Lohan and her parents. I’m so disgustng with her.

  • sarah

    @Fiona: yeah, you think that works? Give that papz a call tonight and tell them you’re heading out. See how many show up at your front door.

  • Flower

    @gillian: When you’re not interested then why are you here and on top of it comment?
    *facepalm* and *shakinghead*

  • lynn

    The Cheater/Fake/Liar actress is out again! Married guys should stay out of her way!!!

  • Jared

    Oh please, this happens in Hollywood all the time. Young Hollywood actress who grew up in the business, who was dating her equally famous costar, was caught having an affair with her married director with children. And that she was also friends with his wife and kids. Heard this way too many times. Please move on.

  • Lol

    Maybe she didnt even know he was married and he lied to her

  • Not lol

    @Lol: What do you mean she didn’t know her director was married? You know his wife played her biological mother in Snow White right? She was on set. Their kids were also featured in the movie. She took their kids out for ice cream. She knew who Liberty was.

  • Carlotta

    Wow – you know she’s depressed when she’s not doing that shirt thing where she ties up one end. You know, cause its awesome looking and was a real fashion coup. HA HA! Ok, I can’t keep that up with a straight face. With what this World is coming to, this girl will get plenty more chances, i.e. work. Altho, I’ve never seen a fanbase shift so quickly to such hate. That might dry up the work. ‘shrug’

  • yin

    @Not lol: That was cold how she did that. Stabbed Liberty in the back.

  • jenna

    who thinks that’s rob’s shirt? it clearly hits right at her belt line..if rob wore that it would show off midriff lol….that shirt is nowhere near his size

  • Lailah

    @CHO: It was confirmed that a “hysterical stewart delivered the news over the phone right before news broke”

  • Lailah

    @Diana: Hmm…idk…maybe…probably because she cheated, publicly humiliated him and broke his heart?

  • Lol

    @Not lol: @yin: then Kristen is a strong woman. She knew that if this was going to be public then she would lose many many fans.

  • Sam

    SO PRETTY!! Eat it Haters.

  • nina

    she is lovely.poor haters lol stupid women

  • dave

    That is 22 JJ. Why can’t you get anything right?

  • Mal

    Tanya1 hour ago

    I blame her parents. Knowing the business and still pimping her out. Letting her live with the first boyfriend at 16 and smoking pot infront of the house at 17 as if nothing.

    But considering her mother looks a little trashy and apprarently left the husband for her business partner, Tom Wright, seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • popcorn

    Homewrecking trampire has no shame. Still selling her image for magazine covers and a perfume. I thought she was anti hollywood and real? LOL

  • WTMF

    @Lol: She worked with his wife & his kids on set..uh, yeah, she knew he was married. Not to mention all the international premieres & pictures that she posed with Liberty.

  • Bianca

    I think she’s fab even she stays true to herself and her own style,no matter what has happened everyone makes mistakes!

  • Just Think About It

    She looks gorgeous. Oh, and guys? Yeah she made a mistake – a gargantuan mistake – I’m not saying she didn’t. But instead of focusing on the 23-year-old who was raised in the industry – and we know what that can do to people, hello Lindsay Lohan – and who a lot of you probably already hate, why don’t we all save the hate for the 41-year-old man who cheated on his wife – with whom he has two small children – with a MUCH younger girl that he would’ve helped hire, and was seen smiling and waving to the paparazzi as if he was proud of what (or more appropriately, who) he’d done? In all honesty, it looks like the only thing for him that’s been affected is his marriage, which obviously wasn’t that strong in the first place. Kristen… well, time will tell how this is going to effect her. The sufferer is Rob, the villain is Rupert, and Kristen is the girl who made a HUGE mistake – but she’s also the one who’s really paying for it. But then again, everyone always blames the woman, and the man gets off (relatively) free. Think about it.

  • la isla bonita

    The cheating I could understand. Cheating with a married man who on top of that has 2 little kids would be a stretch but oh well… It’s the knowing his wife, actually having met her, greeted her, been around her on several occasions, chit chat, maybe even having met the kids, been to their home that I find unforgivable.
    It shows a whole other level of entitlement, selfishness and insensibility (or even worse, ‘sadism’). It’s especially hard to swallow when you’ve been acting like you’re too cool for school and better than anyone.
    I still think she is hot and she has ‘it’ and I don’t think this will affect her career, if anything it will increase the public curiosity and contribute to her fascinating tortured/bad girl aura.

  • Lol

    Ok how did she? She always seemed so quiet, calm and with a very nice personality. I could have never imagined that from her. I really liked this type of women.

  • yin

    @Lol:What kind of morally depraved sicko are you? f*cking a married man behind your bf’s back doesn’t make you strong. It makes you a lying sneaky coward

  • yin

    @Just Think About It: The excuses are getting sooooo tiresome

  • Lol

    @yin: leave me alone pls

  • Mal

    blocking out the world,… how about a bag on your head?

  • Crystal

    How do people know that it’s Rob’s shirt?

  • KStarve

    I see an eating disorder developing.

  • snap crackle pop

    She actually has a lot of make-up on, though it is trying to look natural- nude lipstick, etc.
    Why is she wearing glasses all of a sudden?

  • elle

    people should just move the girl made a really big mistake, there are a lot of people who have made worse mistakes..and it’s not like she’s the only one who did something horrible, nobody’s perfect.

  • Abe

    I know i’m probably the only straight guy on here, but she’s such a little cutie.

  • sarah

    it would be very unfair and so mean if they didn’t ask her about her indiscretion , while they did bring up the subject with rob when he’s promoting :(

  • poor thing

    KS looks so …hmm…tortured… but that ‘s nothing new

  • excuses, excuses

    For those defending her — I think it’s not just the cheating, it’s that the cheater is such a smug, self-righteous person who constantly criticizes everyone in the industry as being less genuine that she is. Have you ever read her interviews? She has no modesty whatsoever and accuses everyone of being fake when she has one of the most calculated, “too cool for hollywood,” schticks that I have ever seen.

  • CHO

    @Sarah while I dont want them to, I must fully agree. It was on her end and while I think it needs to be put to rest, the one sided-ness of Rob getting the grilling for something he didnt even do is unfair.

  • Nope

    I can’t find it in me to feel bad for either Rupert or her. They’re both adults that chose to be unfaithful to their partners (in public!) and not care about the consequences. In every interview she talks about how original she is, yet, she’s the epitome of the Hollywood cliche’. Please stop making excuses for her, she’s been in HW long enough & she’s old enough to know the difference between right & wrong. Considering she’s more well known than him, she didn’t need to do this for a part either. As for him, this was his first “real job” in HW, so I guess we’ll see if people want to work with him after this.

  • Leo

    Beautiful girl!!!

  • EminSC

    Attagirl, put your big girl panties on and face your mistakes. WE ALL MAKE THEM. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I wish you would try to smile, it will make you feel better. Thinking of you and Rob..

  • aquarius64

    The press has already been instructed not to ask questions about the affair at TIFF. Yeah good luck with that. Some reporter will lob that grenade at her just to get a reaction. The question is how will she handle it, and given her past with the paps & press the outcome doesn’t look good. One bad exchange between Kristen and the media and it’s the lead story Friday; the movie will be on p. 20. Even news of the new Breaking Dawn 2 trailer will take a back seat to Stewart having a meltdown at TIFF.

    Kristen’s PR team better have prepped her well for TIFF’s red carpet interviews and the sit down with MTV. The fact that people still believe with certainty that she had sex with Rupert, despite a denial, shows the team’s poor handling of the mess she created. (Yes @Just Think About It, she is equally wrong; she’s 22, not a child.) Many will be watching her tomorrow, especially the suits at Summit, Universal, the studio for “Cali” and other studio heads that are potential employers. The road to professional salvation and wide public absolution starts in Toronto. In the end it is she who has the keys and is behind the wheel in this car called her career. How she starts tomorrow will determine if her career will drive carefully and safely, or be reckless again and go straight off the cliff.

  • Ben4

    I will never tire of the term TRAMPIRE!
    Makes me laugh every time.

  • barf

    I thought she was going to do us all a favor and stay in hiding for good!

    Desperate much! wearing Rob’s clothes for attention!

    Robert Pattinson: Find a honest woman! No more S_K_A_N_K_S.

  • tufenuf55



  • tufenuf55

    You need to move on if you don’t have something nicer to say.