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Kristen Stewart Heads to Toronto Film Festival

Kristen Stewart Heads to Toronto Film Festival

Kristen Stewart wears a pair of glasses as she heads through security at LAX Airport on Wednesday afternoon (September 5) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress is headed off to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of her new movie, On the Road.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

A new trailer for Kristen‘s upcoming flick The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will be premiering tomorrow night during the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Make sure to tune in at 8/7c on MTV to check it out!

FYI: Kristen is carrying an AllSaints Rixey Leather Bomber jacket.

30+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the airport…

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kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 01
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 02
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 03
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 04
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 05
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 06
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 07
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 08
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 09
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 10
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 11
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 12
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 13
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 14
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 15
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 16
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 17
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 18
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 19
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 20
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 21
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 22
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 23
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 24
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 25
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 26
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 27
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 28
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 29
kristen stewart heads to toronto film festival 30

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • !!!! know she’s on drugs. this cheater doesn’t seem to have any friends …she’s not welcomed and you know the other actors at the premiere will be faking they have her back, but underneath wish she wouldn’t be there taking the spotlight off of them.

  • WhyNot

    I still get the feeling she was set up. She is only 24, only had one main love in her life, and at the end of Twilight, that romance explodes when she is caught necking with a man almost old enough to be her father, because he manipulated her to feed his ego. He may be known, but she was far more powerful. He was making his name known at her expense and using his dick to fuel his sagging ego. What a loser! Move on Liberty! You can do so much better.

    Meantime, Pattinson needs to suck it up instead of playing the drama queen. It is making him look like Kirsten was the only thing that made him a man.

  • KissThis

    Not really sure that is Rob’s shirt. It could be her’s. But one things for sure. She looks miserable.

  • Deb

    Kristen’s STILL wearing Rob’s T-shirt.
    Kristen’s STILL wearing Rob’s cap.
    Why is she so annoying?

  • MD

    I think she looks great!

  • MD


    That’s mean!

  • Natasha

    Kristen looks effortlessly gorgeous and pretty!
    And she’s so slim.. makes me jealous!
    Not all can achieve it including me.
    Love her!

  • Natasha

    @Shannon Rutherford: Skinny is Liberty. Lol!

  • bip

    i can see that the stupid people are out… again !
    don’t you have anything to do, something else than insulting a young girl you don’t know, who owns you nothing,.. pretty sure you don’t do that with any other celebrity you don’t like
    it’s pathetic ! stfu and find someone else to harass !


  • Rupert Sanders

    She looks great, but haters gonna hate.

  • Sara

    Kristen suffered from anorexia nervosa to be all skin and bone.

  • Tata

    it’s not easy to confess what the biggest wrong u do before on public..
    but she did it…
    she is public figure but she ignore it just because she still loves Robert

    why we don’t support her ???
    eventhough if they’ll not become a couple again *I hope not*
    but just give her spirit , so she can continue her life..
    “Robert” is not the end of her life, right ?

  • Tata

    test it

  • Sabine

    Good to see her. Everybody can start to finally move on to the next crime scene. Seriously – let them sort out this stuff on their own. And she’s wearing his shirt?? What if he was wearing hers all the time and gave it back to her. haha

  • ha ha

    who cares if she looks good. her very handsome ex boyfriend doesn’t care if she is “beautiful”…he dumped this low class cheater. after all he doesn’t want sanders sloppy 2nds! yuck!

  • gracey_vel

    go kristen! just don’t mind the haters! there are fans that are still loyal to you.

  • Sabine

    @SUG: I believe the haters mainly enjoy being judgemental and dramatic about it as if it would affect their own lives. I can only imagine it gives them a better feeling about themselves and their mistakes. I dont feel satisfaction in it either…

  • Paula

    I’m sick of people saying she made a “mistake”! Cheating with a married man whose wife and kids you knew is NOT a mistake. Going to the middle of nowhere to hook up with yoru director is NOT a mistake. It’s a choice. Yes she’s 22 but she’s not a kid. 22 year olds in real life have jobs, college depts, bills to day, bosses and supervisors to answer to, etc. I would understand if she was 16 or 18 but she’s 22! The same age as Aaron Johnson who married his director twice his age and adopted her children and has two more children with her. Same age but what a difference.

  • Jolie

    I will never understand why anyone can be a fan of hers still. You know, I thought she was a different type of actress and I had respect for that. She did her own thing but overtime it seems like the Twilight hype, SWATH success, fame, and designers kissing her feet got to her head and all that was building her ego. Suddenly she became a completely different person. I would like to see one her fans try to contradict me on this. She said she hates people who sell themselves while she’s selling herself to a lot of magazine covers for no reason and even selling a perfume which is ridiculous. All of a sudden she’s showing up to fashion shows to get her pictures taken and promoting designer for free publicity. This is not a girl who hates fame or attention. In fact, she had us all fooled and loved and craved it. I think even her boyfriend didn’t realize what a different person she had become. The affair with the director and endorsing fragrance was just the beginning. It made me wonder why she hated the paps so much but now I understand. They just aired her dirty laundry. I say she deserves ths reality check and wake up call. I hope she looks at herself and becomes a better person. Stop hating on other actors, flipping the finger in public, and havin such a nasty attitude. I wish you all the best.

  • Anna

    I used to find this girl annoying before all this scandal and I would never watch even 5 minutes of Twilight, because it is obviously commercial crap (even though I liked Rob P. clumsy interviews). But, after reading so many overdramatic and, worse, overly judgmental comments about this girl, I have decided to follow her future career and support her. Who the hell this brainless Twilight fans think they are??? What she did was wrong, but she has learned her lesson painfully. We all do mistakes? Are you living her life? Oh! Maybe that is actually the problem! Your admiration was after all… jealously… and now you are all actually happy for what happened to her. But you know what? Her life will be always more interesting than yours, even after this scandal. Get over it and leave her alone.

  • claire

    She got a new bodyguard which is weird because I remember her saying that he was her best friend. I believe she totally slept with him too because she spent 24/7 with him, especially when Rob wasn’t present. I think she fired him right after she was caught having an affair with Rupert. Wow.

  • me

    Shameful attempt at publicity and fake contrition. And she has all the money in the world yet she can’t be bothered to comb her hair? And before any of you Slutsten fans defend her that she doesn’t need to look the way people expect her to be, then you are accepting the fact that your “girl” looks like a dirty tramp who hasn’t showered in days and just rolled out of bed without even washing her face. I guess she’s trying for the hillbilly look! Well, mission accomplished. Her parents also have that look down pat. Clap!Clap! Trailer trash!

  • missP

    Poor TRAMPIRE. LOST all respect for you, pathetic ***** !!!

  • Kristen Stewart is smart

    Kristen and her PR team know what the “Robsten” fans want and they act as per it. I think its really interesting how she decided to pull out her necklace (supposedly given by Rob a.k.a epic token of love) out of her shirt to ensure that paps get the clear shots of it lol. This girl has a plan and she also know that her stupid fans will def fall for it. I mean she also wore his shirt that he was seen wearing last year to show ” LOOK WE STILL SHARE CLOTHES BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!” Ummm no Kristen if everything was fine you would’ve wore one of his latest clothing item to send your “message” but still I will give you B+ for the effort ;)

  • Kristen Stewart is smart

    Have you noticed another interesting thing about this pictures? She looks normal and healthy as compared to Rob who looked visibly thinner during the Cosmopolis promo. Remember how “sources” from her camp spread the rumors about her being devastated and refusing to eat much? Well played,Kristen.

  • Zileuton

    not much difference between the two i guess

  • Sun

    @blueberry: Their house? LOL They have never lived together. No pictures of them leaving a house. Even not exist photos of them when the sun is out or alone as a couple. Everything is a circus to sell Twilight. They have never been a couple. This TRAMPIRE needs attention. This is not Rob’s shirt. She is a famewhore! Call de paps bitch. call them.

  • A

    A Kristen’s fan’s perspective

    Liberty Ross steps out wearing a shirt that Rob wore for a mag shoot: OMFG! She deliberately wore it insult Kristen.She likes to call paparazzi because she is more malicious and manipulative than Cruella de Vil!

    Kristen wears one of Rob’s old shirts: TRUE LOVE! So what if she was holding his cap while kissing doesn’t matter because she is a 22 years old kid who tripped and fell on Rupert’s lips and other body parts but still ROBSTEN IS UNBROKEN!


    @Kristen Stewart is smart:

    Well played? Well, “played” being the operative word there, then I guess you’re right. Kristen Stewart is Smart? bahahaha. No wonder the world is in chaos if people think like you do. Because cheating on you boyfriend with a married man who has two kids and have worked with said man’s wife is a VERY SMART thing to do. You whoresten fans are truly relentless in your pathetic fantasies.Well, if it helps you sleep at night, then by all means, delude yourselves! Hope the nightmares gets better!

  • Jenna

    Wow, what a wreck! So what, she didn’t even have time to comb her hair?? Why do young girls think it’s fashionable to look as if you’ve just fallen out of bed?? This I’ll never understand…

  • kallu

    who says that shirt is Rob’s? as if you know everything.
    she’s just lovely in every suits.
    goodluck for you K-Stew :)

  • A

    @SNORT: Are you illiterate? I’m not a Kristen fan and when I called her ‘smart’ I meant that she was selfish and manipulative to core.Did you even read my whole comment before replying? I don’t think so tsk tsk

  • blackBeauty

    @justsaying: i still don’t think she personally released the statement,think her pr released statement for her.on another note,people have got to stop hating on do you know her and rob didn’t buy the same t-shirt?

  • blackBeauty

    @NinjaStar: she did the vogue shoot before the cheating scandal and they are just releasing stuff from the interview now

  • jaymes lover




  • Isobel

    Deep down all that happened is the best (in a bad way) for them. I still think that they were not really a couple in the first place, even both could have had relationships with another people but Kristen was caught.

    Now both are free to do what they really want to do, and to be with the people that want to be with.

  • Renee

    This is a young lady who made a stupid mistake. I guess the rest of you NEVER did ANYTHING stupid when you were 22. Enough with all the venom.

  • sara

    She has lovely skin.

  • v

    She looks lovely. Can’t wait to watch OTR.

  • v

    Haters….you all complaining about how she looks….show me a picture of you…and let’s see if you are actually worthy of judging Kristen in such a way. Get over it. Rob will never be yours.

  • hohoho

    She will always be labeled a HOE.
    Now as a basher of KS I expect to be fully foregiven for my comment, it’s just a mistake I’ve made and everybody makes them. Thank You.


    To the hater who says Kristen looks unhappy, bahahaha – sure loser, look at her being all unhappy here: Hahaha. Kristen looks like she always looks when making her way thru an airport and throng of papz (who by the way, will never in life care what YOU do in an airport – go ahead, scratch your buttt while waiting for baggage and see what happens, lolol). Also fans in TO have already started freaking out w/ happiness on twitter because she came over and talked w/ them and shook their hand and was so sweet! See meli1518′s twitter.
    Already TIFF is lighting up on their twitter feeds that Kstew is there – this would be a snoozefest if she wasn’t this year – no one big like Brad or Angelina this year…so it’s all Kristen Stewart madness, and they are loving it and eating it up.
    Oh and if you don’t think the only reason why Rob is at the VMAs with Taylor is because his bb is only a 45 minute plane ride away in TO, where they will soon meet up after – then you are bonkers!! Muahahaha. I’m sure you losers will be hoping and wishing for Rob to walk within 2 feet of a bagina so you can start writing fan fic about his new woman, lololol — hey haters try a katie perry hookup for the 357th time that no one believes. muahahahah. even have rob fighting john mayer and russell brand for her. hahahahaha. meanwhile watch, we’ll get our first sighting of them TOGETHER soon after. muahaha.
    hahahaha. i love it when haterzzzz lives go sooo wrong despite getting what they think is their most fondest wish (they never did)…and what’s the bestest part ever, and why your lives suck even more…is that his being with her, despite your hate, despite what the lying tabloids say, despite the crap that’s made up out of whole cloth, is that HE LOVES HER THAT MUCH. Are you loved that much?? Is your precious Bella?? Hahahha. Kristen IS.
    Man, if you’re like this now, what will you be like when they’re married, and having little bbs of their own. YIKES.
    I know, you’ll probably be like those freak sad old spinster jen aniston fans who attack angelina and her babies with Brad. just sad, angry wretches.
    well, get ready bitchezzzz. hahahaha


    um, so because Liberty Ross wears a shirt that 1 million other people have and buys Kristen’s perfume, it means the same as a girlfriend wearing the EXACT same shirt her boyfriend has?? Do you think Rob mailed Liberty the shirt, or did she break into his house and steal it — mjaybe she just bought it, like the 1 million other people bought theirs, eh genius?? Just because liberty ross has no life except shopping and getting pap’d which clearly thrills the nobody to no end, what does that have to do with a gf wearing her boyfriend’s stuff?? hahahahha, haters are coocoo for coco puffs.

  • CLUE, get one

    anyone ever thought Liberty whatever her name is, was giving a sign by buying Kristen’s balenciaga perfume and wearing Rob’s shirt? Maybe she’s saying she forgives and hopes they’re happy…seems like a sign to me. I mean especially if it was nothing more than those pics, Im sure she’s well aware what a pig her husband can be, and figured Kristen was taken aback by his busting a move on her in the street.

  • princessofjodhpur

    she’s such a loser. can’t act, doesn’t look great. she’s only there because of silly fangirls who are under some delusion that she’s pure & loves robert pattinson.

  • Candi

    FACT: 1) Haters attacking Kristen Stewart have ALWAYS hated her with the heat of a thousand suns for being the girl Rob Pattinson loves, THIS little incident just gives these same haters what they THINK is a rational reason for their hate. So they will cling to it, embellish it, make it what it never was, make it worse, make it a dastardly affair instead of a pervy director crossing boundaries in a split second outside. I don’t blame Kristen, she is young, he was her director a man whom she thought was someone she could trust, who she depended on to keep her safe while filming dangerous stunts, to direct her to a good performance – and she liked him a a friend, she respected him – suddenly though, he’s crossing a line, taking her aback – my guess is she didn’t know what to do, and decided to appease him rather than accept what he was doing as wrong. It was a few brief seconds of bad judgement, she certainly doesn’t deserve to pay the rest of her life for it. I mean really – what is wrong with you women? Let’s not pretend you care about this on ‘moral’ grounds – this was a minute in a car w/ a besotted tool going thru a mid life crisis – there was no affair – it was a hug and a kiss in a car. Grow up. ..and most of all STOP pretending that you wouldn’tt be here hating on Kristen AS USUAL, regardless, you sad bags of angry wind.
    2)OBVIOUSLY, if she’s wearing her boyfriend’s ring, STILL, he forgives her – whatever transgression she conveyed to him. Maybe he thinks it was nothing – it would certainly jibe with what he’s saying to the press, that people don’t know what’s going on, that they know nothing and that tabs and mags lie and event what they want. Pattinson seems to be trying to tell you idots something — right down to the K over his heart on the shirt he’s worn twice now, and his black converse shoes, right down to the baltimore orioles cap he had on in NYC, that Kristen was wearing just a week later. They’re together. I hope all of you hateful people have a real anxious nervous angry time wondering when and where they will show up next, and when you will have to stop lying to yourselves…it’s so sad.
    FACE IT, that is why you’re still here hating on her and attacking her, if Rob was truly toast and out of the picture – you wouldn’t care, you’d think she was sad and this thread would be maybe two posts long. INSTEAD it’s 8 PAGES long and you cows are losing your dammn minds!!

  • TIFF

    “TIFF_NET: RT @ETCanada Photo: Kristen Stewart sports a leather jacket and dark glasses on her arrival to #TIFF12”
    TIFF is so happy Kristen stewart is there, they’re tweeting out ET Canada pics of her arrival.
    Sorry haters, it would seem she rules all and still has Robert Pattinson.
    Oh well, move on to whoever else you’re crazy batshittt jealous of.

  • hey-ya

    She`s pretty and smart (but young!). I like her!

  • A

    @Candi: 1.Listen sweetie,an affair is not a mistake.Its a choice,the level of intimacy depicted in those pictures showed that they were very comfortable with each other.Kristen held his face while kissing,hugged him,laughed while he did something similar to dry humping and most importantly kept her hand on his hand when they were standing by the railing.That’s why you cannot tell me that they were not lovers and Kristen is a victim in this case because she is not.

    2.Kristen wore that ring when she went to meet her married lover so yeah that ring obviously means a lot to her *eyeroll*.Rest of your comment is really absurd so I’m not gonna bother about explaining real facts to you because I know you’ll call me hater and stick to your incorrect facts and delusional assumptions/thoughts

  • xo

    “um, so because Liberty Ross wears a shirt that 1 million other people have and buys Kristen’s perfume, it means the same as a girlfriend wearing the EXACT same shirt her boyfriend has?? ”
    Then why did the Kristen fans give her such a hard time for wearing the shirt? And how do you know Liberty bought the perfum? Balenciaga sells a lot more than perfume and Liberty has modeled for them several times.