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Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: 'Spring Breakers' Venice Premiere!

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: 'Spring Breakers' Venice Premiere!

Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson go super glam for the premiere of Spring Breakers for the 2012 Venice Film Festival held at the Palazzo del Cinema on Wednesday (September 5) in Venice, Italy.

The three co-stars were joined at the event by their cast mates James Franco and Rachel Korine, as well as Vanessa‘s beau Austin Butler!

This upcoming Friday (September 7), Spring Breakers will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival!

FYI: Ashley is wearing an Alberta Ferretti dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Dana Rebecca jewels and dalla nonna rings. Selena is wearing a Versace Atelier dress, Sergio Rossi shoes, a Judith Leiber clutch, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels. Vanessa is wearing a Temperley London dress and a Le Vian ring and bangle.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and more at the Spring Breakers Venice premiere…

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# 1

love them just love them!!!

# 2

Flawless cast!

# 3

V looks stunning! The entire cast looks so good. Not feeling Selena’s dress though :/

# 4

proud of them and love the fact that they came from disney to this!! amazing

# 5

Vanessa looks gorgeous, her dress is PERFECT

# 6

wow Ashley Benson is stunning!!!!

# 7

Selena <3 James <3

# 8

they r perfection!!

# 9

OMG!!! Ashley’s dress is amazing!

Selena looks AMAZING! Proud of her. Great god looking cast.

Toxicccccc @ 09/05/2012 at 5:20 pm


OMG, Vanessa looks FLAWLESS! I wish she’d wear her hair down, though

Selena looks stunning love her dress

this movie gonna be huge even better than twilight mark my words

Is there a better cast than this? i don’t think so

They actually look.good for the first time.

feel sorry for pooor ashley tisdale filming scary movie *her carrer is OVER*

low rent trashians

@lola: No need to talk about ashley t here… really.

kelly martineau @ 09/05/2012 at 5:28 pm

V look stunning in that dress.

MoreThanWords @ 09/05/2012 at 5:30 pm

Bl00dy amazeballs at how glam they look, James looking hot s3x on legs! Vanessa looks stunning.

“is this the best cast ever” ehh yeah batman. wtf stupid question.

They all look gorgeous!

what’s the big deal with vanessa? And why is she in front of the other girl?

Selena looks so gorgeous!

Dave Franco @ 09/05/2012 at 5:57 pm

All gorgeous & stunning girls, but this movie will flop and most likely get ****** reviews. Mark my words.

V looks #flawless end the benzo #stunning are the best cast ever and selg. Look great too
But the v’s dress look like one of jlo wear in this oscars or i crazy???

@Dave Franco: The movie and the girls have gotten great reviews actually, so…..

Why is vanessa infront of rachel? can’t they be like selena and ashley. james looks pissed. because of that i guess.

They all look beautiful!

Vane looks flawless and the benzon to stunning and selg are so great too all looks PERFECT!!!!

Selena looks absolutely stunning as usual. She has some of the best sense in Hollywood when it comes to choosing clothes. Deserves to be on someone’s Top 10 Best dressed list!

The four girls look amazing but, Selena knocked it out of the park, gorgeous. Franco cleans up nice. Props to you korine great cast. Can’t wait for it to hit theaters all over. Congrats, spring breakers.

Selena looks the best out of the 3, james is perfct, vanessa could have fixed her hair, not crazy about ashleys hair and makeup

I’m not trying to be a hater – but in my opinion, Selena looks terrible.

Vanessa <3

I’m not a big (or small) Vanessa Hudgens fan, but her dress is a-mazing!

why is Vanessa covering the other poor girl? lol

Vanessa’s dress is beautiful, but she’s wearing her hair the way I wear mine whenever I take a shower and don’t feel like washing it.

I think these dresses are a little too fancy but I know nothing about the Venice Film Festival soo don’t mind me. They all look stunning & Vanessa’s dress is to die for.

Baby V sempre bonito! Pena que pegou a mala no Austin bagagem …

Ashley Benson all the way! She looks stunning!

Vanessa is beautiful … Too bad it mate does not help ,
now if Zac Efron surely they would raze more …
Zanessa always …

I think they ALL look great! Personally, I preferred Vanessa’s look from earlier today. I feel like I’ve seen a different version of this dress on her before. I don’t think it makes the most of her figure. But, she still looks beautiful and radiant. Stunning, actually. Just not a favorite dress for me. Super excited about all the good things coming out of Venice on this movie! Congrats to them all!


VANESSA *__* what a lovely girl …all the girls looking good

they are very beautiful, but in my opinion the dresses are very fancy

My 2 cents @ 09/05/2012 at 8:04 pm

The cast looks amazing. They are not overdressed at all. It a black tie affair. Gowns and Tuxes are the norm.

oh vanessa, you beautiful girl why did you put your hair up in that ugly go-to-the-gym bun? why? her hair was so pretty at the photo call and press thing.

what is the name of the actress in yellow? she is a perfect dress, very elegant discreet!

Selena and Ash!!!!

i work there! i saw them from just an inch away…ashley was flawless

I dont like selen’s dress it makes her look bigger than she already is but make up and hair look flawless.

I love her dress! I can’t wait to what these girls will be wearing in Toronto! That pic of Austin sitting next to Vanessa make me want to hit him! I still can’t stand him! ;)

James looks perfect like always <3

The girls are absolutely stunning. Not picking a favourite here. FYI all of them including James Franco have their own stylists for such an occasion. Me thinks you only really see their style or fashion sense when they are out not on official duty.
I agree that I’d prefer V to have a more form fitting outfit as she does have a good figure, but she looks great anyway. I bet Austin is just so proud of his girl. Love seeing them everywhere together.

vanessa doesn’t look classy, which isn’t surprising because she can never fool anybody. selena and ashley benson(who is she?) look really pretty. franco is creepin as usual

vanessa look so pretty but i prefer her earlier looks

You know what ,I initially thought it’s silly of Vanessa to take Austin with her to an official and important event like this , you know this is like the most important festival she ever has represented and all , but I don’t think that way now .I think it’s wise of her .What she wanted was to make him realize the difference in standards between them -money ,fame ,career etc. to make him realize how lower he’s than her in those aspects .Sure he feels like a fish outta water here , he’s irrelevant and more than above I think what will make him embarrassed more is him being no one in the industry.She clearly wanted to make him feel that . She’s indirectly sending him a message – you are no match to me and if you think you and I are gonna end up married , you are such a dumbass , you are just a fling no matter I show the world otherwise nor how much I kiss , frolick ,or gyrate around you in public . Well , now you chose the ideal moment to send the message Vanessa , clever of you !

She did not bring Austin to Venice to “send him a message” ! That is absurd! She is young and having a great time. Although, maye he is as crazy as you and he will break it off so we can get past this ridiculous relationship and she can move onto a more mature guy. Good idea BO lol!

@Haters Suck!
LOL! Love it!!!!

Haters Suck! @ 09/05/2012 at 10:12 pm

Thank you. I dont know why but everytime bo speaks that video comes to mind so i thought id post it.

@Haters Suck!
I believe the same will be true for me from this point forward ;)

Tonight was one of the most amazing nights I’ve ever had. Our film got a standing ovation at the Venice film festival! I couldn’t stop crying. Being apart of such an amazing project was such a blessing. From Wizards to tonight.. I’m truly so blessed. Im still in shock! I hope you guys enjoy Harmonys film making. He truly is amazing. Note: this movie is not for my littles ;) it’s rated R! I just wanted to share this night with y’all! Love you!

“it’s spring break y’all!”

- Selena’s Facebook

Vane look stunning!!!! The only bad there is Autin because is a busybody…

'nessa's cleavage @ 09/05/2012 at 10:23 pm

teenage boy lol

@BO: LMAO. That HAS to be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. Those things mean nothing to her. If they did she would still be in her last relationship, with a guy who clearly wanted career, fame, and fortune more than he wanted her. If that’s all that mattered to her, she would be dating someone more famous, with more money, and more power. I think Austin makes her happy by being present, supportive, loving, and adventurous. He looks damn good too.

vanessa is quite ugly and always has been. Selena looks beautiful as always! never fails to impress me!

@ST: you can say whatever you want , but i think she wanted to give him a message and make him feel embarrassed .what kind of a girl would make her beau wear the same thing he wore when he landed in the country to the dinner that night and it’s that same grey t shirt that he’s wearing evreywhere he goes .

A guy who is after fame and fortune, thats why he get pap’d every day right LOL

@Adam: Funny how one is ugly and the other is beautiful when people constantly say they look just alike. RME

@BO: Maybe because this is one of the biggest moments in her career and she wanted to share it with someone she loves? He’s been a constant support for her since they got together. She’s constantly bringing her family and friends to important events with her. Not because she wants to show them that they’re ‘beneath her’, because she loves them and wants them there. She wouldnt be with him if she thought like you do.

she has said in the past that she’s a private person and that she don’t wanna be known for her personal life and that she wants to be taken as a serious actress and everything. wonder what happen that she’s doing the total opposite. if she is focused on becoming a good actress then she shoudn’t be parading her relationship around the world but i guess she knows she don’t have what it takes to make it here (talent) so i think what she is doing is right. fame is fab, so get as much as you can from it when you have the chance.

@#63 , hahahha, Haters Suck, that was priceless. Every time she comes up with her idiotic comments and opinions, you should keep on posting the link. Nice one, buddy.

XO , constant support – pushing grocery carts , carrying yoga mats , opening doors – well, considering these things i won’t deny he’s supportive .

“parading her relationship”
the same person here, Twitter and JJJ always uses the same term.. mmm… wonder why this girl is always using differents names.

She is just there with the man she loves AND HE LOVES HER BACK! Zanessa fans needs to stop with the hate, that relationship is over, and Vanessa looks radiant with Austin, he is the one for her now, he makes her smile, he is the one sharing his time with her , her family and friends. She is happy, she has never talked about her relationship, if by “parading her relationship” you mean HAVING THE ONE YOU LOVE BY YOUR SIDE AT ONE OF THE MORE IMPORTANTS MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE, then she is doing it. Maybe when she said that (about being “private”) she didnt know she would be as miserable as she was in her past relationship, so why would she wants to live her present as the same way she did it in her past FAILED relationship?. it makes no sense. She is happy and all of you zanessa fans are just jealous and can’t stand her happiness.
sorry for my bad english.

ha , what’s in that video ?

@ 77 what do you expect her to do, hide him in her closet? She’s just like any normal person In a normal relationship. She’s just lucky she’s got a supportive boyfriend who shares her interests and is not afraid to be seen in public with his gf whether she’s more famous than him or not. What I like about him, like Vanessa he goes about doing what he always does irrespective of the presence of paps and that includes showing some PDA towards his GF.

@Andrea: She wanted everyone to see what a piece of trash she is. Why didn’t she go topless. It wouldn.t be so bad if she had something up there. those pimples do not need covering.

That video is the Sri Lankan girl who can’t keep her big GOP shut or should I say can’t restrain herself from posting Trashy, incomprehensible comments on Vanessa’s threads.

@Yawn, you again? Funny that there are more Efron fans posting here than on his threads. Hating on Vanessa cause she broke up with Lover Boy? Get over it. They’ve both moved on. His hardcore fans always thought he was better off with out her and that he could do better. Well, you got your wish. Go scout for his next gf like what Scientology did for Tom Cruise.

Haters Suck! @ 09/05/2012 at 11:55 pm

Ha ha. Maybe i will. I’ll have that video on stand by from now on.

Pudgens is on the outs. This is her last decent flick. The other girls will carry it, but Van was lucky to get casted.


“Go scout for his next gf like what Scientology did for Tom Cruise.”

i think the ppl who hated v being with z are the ones who are mad they split. go figure.

@BO: More like visiting her on two different movie sets, going to the premiere of J2 with her family, helping her get in shape for Machete Kills, and sitting next to her as Spring Breakers got a standing ovation at the festival. He’s by her side with a big, proud, smile on his face. Who wouldnt want that?
Like I said before, if she had the mentality that you do when it comes to relationships she wouldnt have lasted a year with Austin and she sure as hell wouldnt have lasted 5 years with the ex.

Go Go Go V!!!Blessings are beginning to come your way…see haters,the more you hate,the more she will be blessed.That’s how life is!So give her more and she will soar even higher.

BTW people…analysis,explanations and points of view about Austin’s presence in the festival are not neccessary.She wanted him there PERIOD!Haters will always hate no matter what!!

@.: How is she not private? Sure, you see her going to the gym almost everyday, but other than that what do you know about her? She doesnt put her personal life out there on twitter like the rest of young hollywood (Austin hasnt used his since last year) and they’re constantly seen out by people without the paps around. Her focus is obviously where it needs to be if she’s getting the reviews she’s getting.

Haters Suck! @ 09/06/2012 at 1:11 am

What makes me sick is you know if she was still with her ex and he was in Venice with her all we’d hear is, how sweet HE is, how supportive HE is, what a good boyfriend HE is but the same rules don’t apply to Austin it’s absurd. And I guess when they were together I guess he liked to parade their relationship around and not be private about it considering when try were together Vanessa did not miss a single one of his events, not one. Talking with his fans is like play checkers with a 4 year old, they like to make up and change the rules as they go.

just admire Austin for being there w/ her.

MoreThanWords @ 09/06/2012 at 1:23 am

@BO: Hey Donkey! Fancy seeing you here, mind you it’s no surprise considering it’s highly unlikely you could keep your trap shut for a solid 24 hours. It’d be like cutting off your air supply. Enlighten us, when did you become a body language interpreter?

MoreThanWords @ 09/06/2012 at 1:27 am

@Haters Suck!: The video is pure GENIUS!

Haters Suck! @ 09/06/2012 at 1:36 am

Thanks I’ll definitely have to hang on to it and post it again when appropriate.

They are all look great and elegant!! Congrats to all the cast & crew :)

@xo: they look nothing alike. simple as that.

James Franco is an ass.


How shallow can u be to call someone ugly? I dint see u parading ur face up the Venice film festival did I? Now stop posting UGLY comments….

@Vamp: geez I think I have the right to say whatever I want. if you don’t like it just move along and state your opinion and get along with life.

@Vamp: there is so much hate on Selena on jj. and hardly anyone stands up or compliments her even though the article is also about her. yet, when someone says some thing about Vanessa every one jumps to her rescue.

KeepItJustice @ 09/06/2012 at 3:02 am

Each of them look beautiful but each of them also have their own flaws.

Selena: Great makeup but the dress is too weird, it looks like the wearing her, not her wearing the dress.

Vanessa: I wish the dress will be more tighter and she supposed to let her hair down or make a ponytail out of it

Ashley: The dress is too tight and the makeup is too edgy, she looks like 40 in here

Rachel: The dress not look good and her make up need to toned down a little bit

Greetings ,Patent ! What’s in that video , no one told me . I don’t have time to watch it .It takes ages for youtube videos to load in my cmptr . XO ,You are funny man , seriously .Of course he would visit her on sets , go to her every premiere , help make her body shape to fit for a movie role – devise her lunch recipe , measure the girth of her waist everytime she returns from gym – sit beside and laugh stupidly while his gf gets a standing ovation ( what else would he do , he’s not in the cast and it isn’t as if he’s ever gonna get any standing o. ever , so enjoy while your gf gets it kiddo ! )’ cause he’s as free as a lark .He doesn’t work that much . what else would he do . Wouldn’t it be much better to go to those places with his gf , enjoy the luxuries at no expense and of course PDA much and get his photo pasted all over the net .Wouldn’t these things be much better than sitting on his a s s alone in his apartment .What sort of a guy would like to miss out on such things . You are nuts .

MoreThanWords @ 09/06/2012 at 4:20 am

@BO: Greetings! You would actually benefit from the video.

Sorry, but they all look as if they are going to attend the junior prom – with J. Franco as their date. Ridiculous!!

Girls are too heavily made-up which makes them look trashy. But kudos to J. Franco for putting up with these hens!

Haha, Jenna and you are one female who would trash other females because you idolize a male. Catty or b I t c h y you call it. I thought their outfits and makeup appropriate for such an event.

@Adam: We’re not the ones “trashing” Selena, so why trash Vanessa to make her look better? I don’t happen to like Selena, but I wouldn’t trash her either.

Standing ovation… it!

spring breakers premiere venice film festival.MOV – YouTube

@adam: you’re kidding me right? So you’re trashing vanessa coz selena isn’t getting defended on her post? Well the obvious reason would be…Who cares!!! We aren’t selena’s fans, so we don’t go to her posts. We’ve no business there. I like selena but not a fan.but that doesnt mean i need to trash her just so as to put vanessa in a high pedestal. Don’t blame vanessa for having supportive and protective fans. Go to selenas post and defend her. I urge you to if you really are her fan

@Arjay and that sets us apart as fans doesn’t it!?Thank you. Maturity goes a long way.

Why is Vanessa standing infront of the girl in yellow dress. That’s a bit rude

They all look lovely although not quite feeling Vanessa’s hair. She is still beautiful always. This movie got a standing ovation at Venice….I think it went above and beyond expectations. Can’t wait to see the reaction at TIFF.

Nevermind about the hair. I think the updo bun was appropriate for the dress. I think Selena and Vanessa must share a stylist.

@Adam: Honestly, these women got a standing ovation for their work on this film. I doubt they are petty enough to worry about who has more fans, etc. They are not in high school although something tells me you are based on your comments.

MoreThanWords @ 09/06/2012 at 9:25 am

Vanessa is a very confident public speaker, well done Vanessa :)

MoreThanWords @ 09/06/2012 at 9:35 am

Yay standing ovation!!
Oh no Vanessa wardrobe malfunction!!
Yay Austin to the rescue LOL

Toda vez que eu verificar o JustJaredJr. site, estes dois são sempre próximo.
Isso é uma piada? Ou eles gostam de me fazer sofrer? Ou talvez eles querem Zanessa volta, também?
Quem sabe ..
eu sou o único, que percebeu isso? Por favor, me diga que eu não sou!

Every time I check the JustJaredJr. site, these two are always close.
Is this a joke? Or they like to make me suffer? Or maybe they want Zanessa back, too?
Who knows ..
I’m the only one who noticed this? Please tell me I’m not!

@Chells: just let him state his opinion. This post is not just about “Baby V”.. I am not trying to be a hater but Vanessa is not a goddess. She looks awful in that dress and does not have class.

If you are not pleased with what people think about her just ignore the comments. its a free country.

MoreThanWords @ 09/06/2012 at 9:57 am

@Taylor: You must be reading backwards. You do realise this is a VANESSA thread, so @Chells has every right to defend Vanessa if need be. Just like what I’m about to say to you. You don’t like Vanessa, fine. You are here cause why? Selena & Ashley threads will have similar posts, bugger off.

@Taylor: I realize we live in a free country…gee thanks for the reminder. He is free to comment and I am free to comment that he sounds like a petty 9th grader. If he doesn’t like Vanessa fair enough but pitting the girls against each other? Not worth anyone’s time.

Well, I’ll second that.

Morethanwords, thanks for the links. Yep, Vanessa speaks very well. She’s certainly a confident young woman and makes a very good spokesperson. I reckon that wardrobe malfunction was her dress sequins got stuck to Ashely’s beads whilst they were hugging and Austin, being the gentleman he is, came to the rescue.

MoreThanWords @ 09/06/2012 at 10:49 am

@BOJI: I couldn’t help but stifle a giggle when their dresses got caught, it was a cute intereaction. Vanessa seems to be the most bubbliest too! Team SB!!

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Ssshhii_baby @ 09/06/2012 at 5:40 pm

selena is such a pretty little girl…

I just love there dresses, hope I can get some dress like this for this christmas…

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