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Watch Michelle Obama's Speech at Democratic National Convention!

Watch Michelle Obama's Speech at Democratic National Convention!

Michelle Obama commands the stage as she speaks at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday (September 4) in Charlotte, N.C.

The 48-year-old First Lady of the United States was all smiles as she took the stage at Time Warner Cable Arena and addressed the crowd.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Michelle Obama

Barack knows the American Dream because he’s lived it,” Michelle told the Democratic National Convention in part of her speech. “Today, after so many struggles and triumphs and moments that have tested my husband in ways I never could have imagined, I have seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are – it reveals who you are.”

Watch Michelle‘s speech below.

Michelle Obama’s Speech at Democratic National Convention

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama giving her speech…

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51 Responses to “Watch Michelle Obama's Speech at Democratic National Convention!”

  1. 1
    rachel Says:

    She is classy. She is dignified. She is intelligent. She reflects our values.

  2. 2
    mrst Says:

    Beautiful woman with a beautiful message. Let’s rally together and stand united in November for Barack/Biden 2012…=)

  3. 3
    Kaya Says:

    Brilliant *and* gorgeous. Looking forward to four more years with such an inspiring First Lady.

  4. 4
    BJ Says:

    She’s amazing. Fantastic speech.

  5. 5
    alex Says:

    mitt romney’s net worth is 200 million dollars. and he wants to abolish obama’s affordable health care act? what does he know about the middle class…NOTHING.

  6. 6
    bahha black sheep Says:

    she is married to a fool

  7. 7
    sarafina Says:

    CLASS ACT…..

  8. 8
    Halli Says:

    Holy Moly what a SPEECH! This woman is a gift!

  9. 9
    Dan Says:


    Calling it the Affordable Care Act doesn’t make it affordable.

  10. 10
    an opinion Says:

    Jared the dress Mrs Obama wore tonight was designed by Tracy Reese.

  11. 11
    an opinion Says:

    Also J Crew shoes.

  12. 12
    Kate Austen Says:

    Michelle for President, 2016.

  13. 13
    ....... Says:

    where’s ann romney’s speech? hmm… liberal bias?

  14. 14
    mrd2 Says:

    She makes you believe in the theory of evolution.

  15. 15
    shanghai Says:

    Michelle for President DEFINATELY. Many US presidents have had amazing wives who were equally if not more qualified to be president. Of course it is their choice to support their husbands ambitions but I would love to see them come forth in their own right. Time for a woman president USA.

  16. 16
    cambria Says:

    She has the capacity to be president (just as Hillary does) but I don’t think she would be interested… I hope Hillary runs in 2016, she’d have my vote!

  17. 17
    Registered nurse Says:

    You look like transvestite

  18. 18
    sara Says:

    In every sense of the word.

  19. 19
    ta Says:

    My favorite part of the speech was when she said something along the lines of ‘once you cross that threshold of success, don’t slam the door behind you, but reach back and take the hand of the next person, and help them get through that door, too’.
    I adore her!

  20. 20
    Aimee Says:

    Classy. Beautiful. Smart.
    And her speech – brilliant. I wonder who got that impressed by Ann’s bragging about how she managed to raise children, cook dinners and keep her home clean…

  21. 21
    Halli Says:


    I loved that part too.

  22. 22
    Marieme Says:

    These are (for the most part) lovely and beautiful comments. I concur! So proud!

  23. 23
    Reesa M. Says:

    She has been a great first lady. Michelle has set the stage for our young women to strive for excellence and be dignified in thier lives. She shows you can come from a humble background and yet , with perseverence can achieve great heights. Lets get out and cast our vote this November. It’s in your hands America

  24. 24
    Registered nurse Says:

    America vote for Republican party not Democrat

  25. 25
    April Says:

    Michele Obama is an amazing woman in every sense of the word. What a classy, smart and beautiful woman.

  26. 26
    nepenthes Says:

    I really want to ask; why does Jared insist on posting things that have nothing to do with celebs? Why make politics-related posts in a gossip site? Are you promoting Obama or something?
    Oh and about this speech, I really think that American politicians and their wives should get Oscar nominations – they really put effort in their image (and this goes to both couples).Sorry but a “good” speech by a politician(or his wife) about his/their personal life in order to make common people feel like “hey, they’re just like us!” screams fake to me. We need politicians to act not be good rhetors…Just my two cents and I KNOW i’ll get thumbs down because everybody in JJ (him first) seem obssessed with Obama Co.

  27. 27
    gmaninhollywood Says:

    Hi I am Giuseppe Lentini, London based actor. Never heard of me? Well I need a new agent then! Or u can help me and spread the word! Check my reel “Four’s a crowd” in which I am playing Luke:
    Let’s get the American dream going.

  28. 28
    DemiTasse Says:

    She made me cry!! What a beautiful speech. I love her.

    I want her as First Lady, FOUR MORE YEARS!.

  29. 29
    Frauds Says:

    She should use all of her increadible amazingness to question why her husband has gone along with almost everything Bush put in place and why Barry is totally owned by big business.
    have to say Romney would be slightly worse so where does that leave the people?(those that are awake to the situation,that is)

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    Big business hates President Obama. He is the one who is blocking their tax cuts and refusing to weaken environmental laws that cost them money!
    At least have some knowledge before criticizing President Obama, or anyone.

  31. 31
    Rocky Says:


    If Hillary runs, SHE’S GOT MINE!!

  32. 32
    Rocky Says:



  33. 33
    Rocky Says:


    I LOVED that part as well. She was just so amazing last night. Perfect person to start it off. A GENIUS move.

  34. 34
    wacko cuckoo Says:

    Obama is OWNED by the banks, big pharma,the military industrial complex,etc. etc.You really have to stop watching Main Stream Media, it is warping your brain. This is all a game. The differences that you mention are very minute and designed to separate the diffent camps. Big Biz pays littleor no tax as it is. when all is said and done Obama is a fraud and you his duped victim. There is always going to be differences beteween Dem and Rep. as they manuever,differntiate, divide and conquer., So go ahead and vote for Obama then curl up with your mug of coco because everything will be aright. Now back to sleep.

  35. 35
    Bambi2001 Says:

    Wauw, you americans should be really really proud of Michelle. Here in Europe we look up to her, and get goosebumps from her speech..What a charismatic woman.

  36. 36
    Zin Says:

    It’s all image to the dumbed down Americans as your dollar buys less and less every year( they tell you inflation is 2%, total joke, and you believe it) and you start another war killing thousands of innocent people believing you are spreading freedom when your abused military(mostly of the lower class) is being used to aquire resources for corpoations while the American people benefit in no way. Most of you care not as long as you can buy the trinkets you want and entertain yourselves with your holowed out empty material culture. It is shameful.

  37. 37
    Isha Says:

    The Democratic Convention is off to a very good start. Let’s keep the momentum going and get out there and vote in November!!!

  38. 38
    HA! Says:

    Hateful rhetoric from ignorant people.
    America feeds the world and protects democracy.
    If you don’t think that America is important, imagine a world without it.
    Germany occupies all of westerm Europe. Japan occupies the Pacific.
    The Soviet Union rules all of eastern Europe, and China invades India and Imdonesia.
    Our dollar is weak due to the national deficit. A deficit partly incurred because we stopped terror organizations from proliferating. Would you rather have the Taliban in charge?
    We aren’t perfect. But at least we are trying.

  39. 39
    MrJeffery Says:

    Incredible speech with a moving argument against apathy. If you care about the middle class, LGBT rights, and women’s rights, make sure you get to the polls!

  40. 40
    hmm... Says:

    A damn fine woman, a even better First Lady. Obama 2012

  41. 41
    Adele Says:

    Hey! What’s going on here? When I push a thumbs down icon the vote goes UP a positive vote!

    We’ve got voter fraud here!

  42. 42
    hmm... Says:


    bull, I just thumbed you down…

  43. 43
    Adele Says:

    @MrJeffery: and vote for Romney/Ryan!

  44. 44
    hmm... Says:

  45. 45
    candy Says:

    @rachel: I’m a doctor,35 ,rich but still single.It’s hard to get a girlfriend in my town ,most of them like my money more but not me.I just want to find my true i uploaded my hot photos on Wealthybar.c om under the name of jerryf2.u dont have to be a millionaire,but u can meet one there. ..if you girls see this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one whom i’m looking for!!!

  46. 46
    @36 Says:

    Hate speech from a xenophobic idiot.
    If you hate the country that guarantees the world’s freedom so much, why are you on this thread?

  47. 47
    Jran Says:

    Awesome First Lady, the best ever. We love her SO much.

  48. 48
    Jean Says:

    Awesome First Lady, the best ever. The speech was warm, inspirational, touching, intelligent, heartfelt. We love her SO much.

  49. 49
    Jean Says:

    PS: Not only is she intelligent, warm, personable, loving, down to earth, she is also gorgeous.
    And she will be our First Lady until January 2017.

  50. 50
    jane Says:

    @mrd2: You’re a scumbag.

  51. 51
    nepenthes Says:

    @HA!: Trolol, the Soviet Union? Wake up and smell the coffee honey, this is 2012 not 1972. LMAO.

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