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Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Screening in London!

Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Screening in London!

Brad Pitt poses for pictures at a special screening for his film Killing Them Softly on Thursday (September 6) in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor plays the role of Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.

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Be sure to check out Brad in the crime thriller Killing Them Softly when it hits theaters on October 19.

Check out Brad wielding a gun on the poster in case you missed it!

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brad pitt killing them softly screening 02
brad pitt killing them softly screening 03
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  • Phool

    Dawne I hope you feel better soon dont forget to dink loads of fluids and that doesnt include alchol lol ypou take care of your self my friend

  • Phool

    As there is only one Brad Pitt and remember when he points to his heart he is saying to everybody This Man is taken with the hallmark Property of Angelina Jolie.

    Don’t you forget that trolls lol

  • Phool

    Thank you fyi12 for the links much appretiated

  • Passing Through

    # 142 JPS @ 09/07/2012 at 12:03 pm
    “Does it ache? Oh yeah, yeah. The knees are gone, the back is a little crunchy. Yeah sure,” Brad laughed to UK TV show Daybreak when asked how he is feeling after the action scenes.

    However, the 48-year-old – who has also been shooting zombie action movie World War Z – then quipped that putting his body on line for a dangerous stunt was nothing compared to raising six children.

    “Try getting up and getting the kids ready for school. That is every bit as painful as anything I did in this,” he joked.
    ROTFLMAO. Brad’s hilarious. I grew up with 6 siblings. Many a time when we were kids and my mother was trying to corral us for school or something else she’d say, “I don’t know what the hell we were thinking…” LOL! Sounds like Brad has been there, too.

  • Passing Through

    # 146 fyi12 @ 09/07/2012 at 12:13 pm
    Kitty and Miffy? Rolling my eyes here…
    The checking into hotels under fake names thing…reminds me of the time US Lies Weakly stalked Ticky and VV to Arizona (right before he was pinched for a DUI with Ticky in the car) and said they’d signed into the hotel as “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”…not that they thought Ticky was obsessing or anything…

  • Saffron

    All these tweets and interviews about KTS is driving me crazy! I can’t believe there’s still over a month before we can see it in the US. Nothing like all these teasers…lol!

  • Passing Through

    # 153 fyi12 @ 09/07/2012 at 1:06 pm
    LOL at the guy asking about the phone hacking and Brad saying he’s paranoid anyway so he wasn’t surprised about it. Brad said that jokingly…but I don’t think he was joking. The thing is – it’s not paranoia when someone really IS after you 100% of the time and that’s been the case with Brad for going on 20 years now.

  • Passing Through

    My thanks to everyone posting the videos and stories. My lazy ass appreciates it!

  • to just saying

    @Passing Through:

    I forgot about Ticky & VV using Mr & Mrs Smith when they went to hotels! LOL That b!tch will never stop staling them. She should count her lucky stars that Eddie Munster is playing along with her & Huvane’s usual PR games.

    I am still laughing about the BIGGEST faux pas Huvane & Ticky made by believing the JP marriage date tabloids & other so called legit media; like fools they jumped the gun & announced the fake engagement in such a hurry that they were caught with their pants down “stalking” when the wedding didn’t happen! LMAO

  • Yoco

    Shooting range story and nick names story are from The Sun. 90% of their articles about JPs are lies.I guess noone asked Brad about Viv’s acting role.

  • Mister Hankey

    And here’s a big Howdy Ho to all of BAMPZSKVille!

  • Mister Hankey

    P.S. re KTS

    What a piece if shit.

  • Mister Hankey

    Speaking professionally, of course.

  • Mister Hankey


    Brad looks like shit on a stick, don’t you think?

  • fyi12
  • Go Figure!

    Now that Brad has said “We Gonna do it” (meaning marriage), I can’t wait for Huvane and Ticky to come out with something of a similar nature. Am I the only one still waiting to see her ring or does she have it and I just missed that announcement?


    Spoken like a true short-legged PeePaw.

  • very dirty gross man, ewww

    what happened to mr sexy, hahahaa
    strike a pose grandpa Pitt, by the way where is grandma voight aka mrs bonkers.


  • Rose

    @Go Figure!: You asked if you are the only one waiting to see the ring. Go Figure, don’t you understand the ring is invisible, we have to have special powers to see the engagement ring, Brad is doing lots of promotion, I’m getting a feeling we will be getting to see the ring pretty soon without having the magic powers :-)

  • NAN

    The Sinkable JenHo hide her ugly face since 20 Aug 12.
    All her fake engagement news were died.
    No one cares a DeadEnd TV star bought a Gigolo to be her husband.
    Dolly +The Half Man are still B@rking for their living, huh ? Mr.Hankey Dogs.

  • Rose

    OT: just saw this on CB but thought I’ll share it with the fans. KStewart did a Vogue interview before the Coopering in the mini car. KStew was talking about her love for Spaekles; KS. “I love the way he smells. And him me, like, he loves to lick my armpits. I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love – don’t you think that’s the whole point?”. I did not read the entire article because that little segment sounded so gross. All I could think of is what else was licking off of her? Rupert Saunders perhaps, or someone else? and, can you imagine the smell of spit and sweat? Gross.


    Angie should be done hanging from strings on her disney flick. Before hanging on strings and since The Turdist, she has had 3 years of not being on camera, just doing voice for a cartoon. Salt2 has been announced, NOTHING GOING ON THERE,NO PRE-PRODUCTION, NO RELEASE DATE ,NADA ON THE HORIZON. She might be free to take care of her own spawn/boughtenbabies and give 6 nannies and the child therapists their walking papers. Angie is a dead end movie star. Hell, Theroux has more on his schedule than skeletor/dead end movie star does. And then there is Brad’s ex of 8 years…after Millers and has two more films in pre-production for release next year.

  • hmm…

    So Brad has this screening and supposedly Angie bad-mouthed Tick to Jane who blabbed all to ‘Star’. Uh-okay. Stephen and Jenny are losing their freaking minds.
    Doug Pitt already spilled the beans, Jenny. NINE YEARS. It happens every time Brad or Angie has something going on, Aniston coat-tails.

  • yawn


    please sit down

  • Ungracious Angie

    Too bad, but people WILL BELIEVE Angie, the husband stealing badass, badmouthed Aniston to Aniston’s former mother-in-law. She can’t help herself. She has always been impulsive. Too bad, so sad for Angie’s relationship with her babies’ daddy’s mama. HAHAHAHA

  • Frenchy

    Wow, hope everyone had a great summer. I’m gonna try to find my way into the US Open. Can’t believe how many empty seats there were in the matches. It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow. I hope to get in on Sunday or at least get grounds tickets.

    Brad looks really good. Sexy! I loved the youtube interview for KTS.
    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dawne

    This is just for the fans who are perplexed by the fact that Ticky hasn’t flashed her ring……..why double down on an already good PR gig…save some for later……when Brad and Angie are having an event, premiere or outing of some importance…….piggy back on that…..cause that is what they have done for nigh on nine years now. One thing about those two flakes is they are predicatable as hell.

    Now Mr. “I’m so real and artsty and deep and whatevah’ might find this all too shallow for his NYC cool……but the money’s good so why not rent or sell his soul for awhile anyway.

  • NAN

    Wow, Dolly’s friends from FatF*cker UK Crabloids tried very hard huh ?
    Today, I went to shopping and saw,Lies&Shite’s DK lag,that they used Angelina’s pic at the side bar ” No Helicopter and No Film ”
    FF from UK thought Denish ppl Not clever huh ?
    Tell your Ca Ca boss FF that your boss who is the one
    ” No Baby,No Man,No Film ”
    Krama comes after JenDeadEnd,eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh eeh.

  • Jolie begged Pedro Almodovar


    ….Why? Is that what you do all day???
    I believe it.
    Jolie is gonna be doin that too.

    Gotta go for the weekend.
    Loons, have fun frothing and stewing about Brad’s ex of 8 years and her new fiance…. wouldn’t it be funny tho if Aniston dumped Theroux at the altar and ran back to the gayganjagoat???? hahahahahaahomg your loony heads would fall off. You’d drain the world’s supply of anti-psychotic drugs.

  • Nasty Bitch

    Kitty’s Song:

    I’ve written a letter to Miffy
    He’s married to Jen don’t you know
    I’ve written ‘Dear Miffy, I miss you
    And wish you were one of my beaux
    Instead of a wife, try a mistress’
    When man-stealing’ that’s the best way
    I’ve written a letter to Miffy
    Saying ‘Come to my trailer and play’

  • busted

    @ 09/07/2012 at 3:15 pm

    I didn’t see that. But I think it is seriously cray cray that she finally started talking about them as a couple then we see the cheating thing with the director. I think they hid their relationship too long. We have seen that with so many other celebs. The ones always spouting off how they “avoid the cameras” then we hear about the end of the relationship. Who cares what other people say. If you love the person then live your life and let the haters or even supporters be damned.

  • Nasty Bitch

    That’s really how it went down, people… St Angelina of the RimJob did Miffy in the trailer on the MAMS set.

  • Jen help me,i look 10yrs older

    The old hoe’s smug arrogance is already OTT and she is already delusional with the small power that being Pitt’s baby mamma and the media wh0ring have given her. Omigosh, if she already thinks that the chicken leg thrust is da bomb! instead of THE legbomb with an eyeroll, I shudder to think just what delusions that being the second Mrs. Pitt would bring to an already junkiefied, mentally ill mind. We’d be seeing the squat and thrust ouside of every ToysRUs and MCDs in the fricking world. Plus I wouldn’t give two cents for Pitt if he ever made the crazy Ho his legal next of kin with the power to make decisions for him in the event of the worst for him ever happened. She’d lock ole janie out quicker n one of her shittshakes.



  • Rose

    i saw this MSN video, Kerri-Ann Roper was interviewing Brad and asked him if he gets into character …Brad answered, “No, I’m not that kind of a guy, I’m really happy to get home”. Trolls are angry coming on this thread to take out their frustration because Brad just said it again, “We are going to do it”. This is driving the trolls cray, cray. Brad loves to be home with his family and they are going to get married. Sucks to be a troll.

  • NAN

    Hehehe,tamshitewhamo the dogs are still dreaming that BP will going back to BongCaCagirl,

    BongCaCagirl had tried for 9 years(Jan 03-Sep12+++++) which Mr. BP and the others 10+ men never back to Ms.Bitter B!tch Barren Cow.

    Only a F-list Gigolo McGreedy left for BongCaCagirl….Ouch…..Ouch.

  • Passing Through

    4Q -
    Oh bummer…your girl lost! I know you’re in mourning now that Ms. “I Had the Flu” lost to Azarenka…

  • http://none blondie

    I have thoughts about Jennifer’s RING!!!

    I think that if she can get some Studio
    or Director, or investor to pay for the ring
    and the entire wedding, as I suspect that
    she had done long ago with fireworks
    and clown balloon and sing choirs….yuck,
    why pay when you can trick some big bunch of
    suits and ties to pay for it???

    Fake lover vacations were just perks
    that were begged for and received by
    Little Ms. Tricky Ticky fake out.


    I wonder who will end up
    with Justin Theroux, in the future.

    All of Jen’s past partners
    have moved on, and have happy romantic lives,
    I do believe.

    I have high hopes for David Arquette,
    not that he ever fell into Jennifer’s little mind games.

  • QQQQ

    Passing Through @ 09/07/2012 at 5:28 pm
    Sooo sad. LOL! I wonder if she had the stomach bug today too. LOL!

  • busted

    @dawne: @181

    I don’t think anyone really cares. It’s like OUT of sight OUT of mind with her. When she is not seen nobody cares. So that is just right for me. But I’m sure she will make an appearance sooner then later. Maybe they will run off and elope..

    that will be the nail in the coffin and the best thing ever.

  • Passing Through

    # 175 Rose @ 09/07/2012 at 3:15 pm
    I think KStew was trying to funny with comment that RPattz loves to lick her armpits but I’m more puzzled by her saying they love the way each other smells. They both smoke like chimneys so I think maybe their sinuses are clogged. Or is it like the people who don’t know they’re wearing too much cologne/perfume and they can’t smell themselves?

  • http://com Susan

    Brad is going to get in trouble for this.
    She is really a good shot by the way, adding that he was even better, eight years later and the argument is not settle.
    Brad said, he is getting a lot of grief from the kids, to set a Wedding date, these kids don’t fool around, give Mummy a ring, now they want him to close the deal.
    So the twits that keep saying B&A keep up with Ticky get real, too much is going on in their lives.

  • Passing Through

    # 192 QQQQ @ 09/07/2012 at 5:31 pm
    LOL. No…now she’ll blame her broken engagement…that was 3 months before she had the flu, but any excuse will do. Sharapova’s like Venus – they’ve lost far too many matches because of their crappy serving.
    BTW – I saw Serena interviewed on ESPN2 the other day after her match. She said she and Venus both plan to play until the Rio Olys in 4 years…

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: PT, I don’t follow KS but the girl seems to like to shock people. I’ve seen some photos of her giving the middle finger while on the red carpet. kS maybe a little spoiled or not too bright. It would appears she does not like to shower, if she like to keep the smell on her. Re the licking of the armpits, all I could thing of was, that day when she was with Rupert what’s his name in the car, she went home and Sparkles. She was the one to pick up RS, that means RS did not put a gun to her head to meet him. They did what they did in the car and went home as if nothing
    happened. Now she is talking about how much she loves her BF, give me a break. Does she knows what love is?, I doubt it.

  • Passing Through

    4Q -
    That Serena match? It was like watching a grown woman play a 3 month-old baby. What does it say about the rest of the women that Errani made it to the semis on hard courts with an 80 mph first serve?? That’s rather embarrassing. The women could server harder than that 35 years ago with wooden rackets!

  • QQQQ

    Passing Through @ 09/07/2012 at 6:59 pm
    What a beat down. Errani is lucky SW had a few errors to give her those 3 points. LOL! I was kinda hoping it was Screamapova in the Final so that SW could give her another BEAT DOWN. LOL!

  • dawne

    I may be cray cray like the hags, but why is this new Brad thread not on the topper of the main page…….why is it hidden….I would not have known it existed if I had not searched under Brad Pitt. Hmmm, Jared……what did this set Huvane back?

  • Passing Through

    # 199 QQQQ @ 09/07/2012 at 7:14 pm
    Without the errors it would have been another double-bagel beat down. I think tomorrow’s match will be more interesting though because at least Azarenka has weapons and will put up a good fight.
    BTW – I’m still laughing at Sharapova getting the yips when serving for the first set. As soon as that happened I knew she’d lose that match. If she gets them once, she’ll get them again later in the match at another crucial time. I REALLY can’t stand her…

  • anustin

    most delicious daddy of all time.

  • Go Figure!

    @Passing Through:
    Amen! And I also think they should take a point away after every screech. It’s not a grunt, it’s a screech. Really, really gets on my nerve. I remember when they tried to do this to Monica Seles. Why not do the same to this twat?

  • anustin

    awwww poppa pitt,u are killing the trollniston softly.lovin it!