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Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Screening in London!

Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Screening in London!

Brad Pitt poses for pictures at a special screening for his film Killing Them Softly on Thursday (September 6) in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor plays the role of Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Be sure to check out Brad in the crime thriller Killing Them Softly when it hits theaters on October 19.

Check out Brad wielding a gun on the poster in case you missed it!

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813 Responses to “Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Screening in London!”

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  1. 101
    Passing Through Says:

    # 65 QQQQ @ 09/06/2012 at 6:57 pm
    4Q -
    My Boo’s gonna have to really bring something special on Saturday. If nothing else Nole won’t be able to run him off the court and tire him out like he did DelPo.

  2. 102
    Chinnifer Maniston Says:

    brad and angie will get married before the end of the year. this year is 2012—the year of the dragon! the dragon is a very lucky year. the luckiest year in the chinese calendar. think about it. doesnt she have a dragon tattoo?

  3. 103
    Jen Says:

    Killing his career slowly


  4. 104
    hag Says:

    waiting eagerly for KTS red carpet!!
    trolls can’t wait either. it will be the highlight of their summer to see brad/angelina on the red carpet after so long!! beats the CHIN and midget, BALDING J. TheroUP and the “no engagement ring” engagement……BBBWWWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!

  5. 105
    hag Says:


  6. 106
    woman spanish Says:

    Good Morning to all fans!
    Only two weeks before the premiere of KTS in Spain, I can not wait to see it

  7. 107
    catfish Says:

    Yay! new clear pic finally. brad is hot!! Like always.. Still hoping to see angie in the red carpet of this movie.

  8. 108
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning all Jolie Pitt fans

    That’s a look of a very content man.

    What else can you expect from a man who has his loving family around him but the look of love.

    So pleased to hear KTS is getting good reviews as one reporter pointed out he it no longer about looks only, but also he has become a much finer actor with age, but he also sated he does look good in flesh there’s no escaping that.

    I do miss angie I know she’s busy filming but still want to see her soon besides brad.

  9. 109
    Phool Says:

    Brad looking suave as ever, everything is so effortless with him he needs to bring out his own fashion line because every thing he wears, from his hair style to clothing to hats they all so blends into the current fashion era that it’s looks timeless.

  10. 110
    Phool Says:

    Good morning Spanish women nice to see you here

  11. 111
    Rose Says:

    Good morning to all BA fans and especially those who are on the board now. Phool, how are you?; Hi catfish, nice to see you are here today; woman Spanish, How are you? You will be seeing KTS in Spain before fans in the States, keep us informed with what’s said in Brad’s interviews and/ or videos. Hi Hag, the elusive ring will popped up when something important is coming out about Brad and Angie.
    I notice the new thing the trolls are saying now that they know the wedding is imminent is: if BA get married it is because there is problem in the relationship. Before the trolls would say Brad would never marry Angie. Poor trolls, they are tying themselves up in a knot over Brad and

    Angelina love for each other. Imhoping we will get more interviews and or videos.

  12. 112
    lylian Says:

    @Passing Through: Anyway, by the time the SS finished with squiggly he’ll have a hairline just like Brad’s.
    Do you think jenho is going to stop at gigolo’s hairline? Duh uh!
    But hey, Gigolo won’t care – as long as he ends up with a big big chunk of jenho’s money!

  13. 113
    Rose Says:

    @lylian: Hi Lylian, how are you today? “do you think jenny is going to stop at gigolo’s hairline? Duh uh!”. Lylian, remember when Bead was with the X she was turning him into her own ken doll? I know Brad must be so happy to get out of that trap with the X. Squiggly is now her new Ken doll, first he had to get rid of his beard, fix his eyebrows, cover the ball spot in his head and try to fix the widows peak, get a deep tan. I’m betting by the wedding he’ll have his weave on covering his forehead. Wanna bet! I saw a funny article in gossip cop last weekend saying SS wanted squiggly to get a
    nose job to” pretty himself up”, because his nose is too big and long. As
    bad as she is, I don’t believe she could stoop that low. If this is true, what is she gonna do about his big head, look at a picture of him, compare his body to his face, that man face looks like Eddy Monster.

  14. 114
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning Rose I’m fine thank you. Nice to see you here Our Mr Pitt is looking Mighty Fine isn’t he Rose. I hope we get to see some more video links I like to see his swagger & to hear that velvety voice ahhh heaven.

    No wonder trolls are convulsing again with envy as they are witnessing the mighty Mr Pitt not only having another Critically acclaimed Movie under his belt, not only for his acting but also he’s produced it as well win win all they way. I have a feeling we will be seeing him at all these awards shows so be upstanding and make way Oscar’s as here he comes yet again the one and only Mr Brad Pitt. He’s a force to be reckoned with.

    Am so proud of him not only is his career is going from strength to strength his production company is going from strength to strength with one great project after another Her before our eyes we see a satisfied man, a man that’s happy know in his own skin, a man that has no worries as the weight has been lifted from his shoulders. A man not afraid to try his had at anything by embracing change and excepting new opportunities that life has thrown at him.

    Here is man enjoying his life to the fullest. And we know who we can thank for don’t we the one and only soon to be Mrs Brad Pitt Our very own Angelina Jolie & his 6 beautiful angels. God bless you all.

  15. 115
    Phool Says:

    From Previous thread:

    # 1138
    HaHa….ANISTON/THEROUX are right HERE all over Angie and Brad’s thread!!!!

    Hi Anustin

    Thanks for reminding us the name of Tickys paid fiancé as I would never have guessed he ever existed the way Trolls keep mentioning just Brad & Angelina. Maybe they don’t know how to spell his name Justin Theroux because their minds are filled with one thought only Brad & Angelina everything else doesn’t exist in this hemisphere as far as they are concerned.

    As we know their idol reads everything about herself even all the bloggs so throw the women a bone and name him in your rants once a while trolls, no matter how much you ignore his existence he’s here to stay and he isn’t going anywhere death do us part remember these are the vow’s he will be taking with Ticky. So ignoring would not do, so name him in your posts no need to be ashamed about him because that’s “SO UNCOOL”

    Acknowledge him he loves attention. He was a nobody 14 years ago still is a nobody 14 years after , but you can change that so go on to Tickys link & his link and support them.

    Remember its the same support you gave them when WonderBust & Rock of Lames came out, I wonder if there is ever going to be a WonderBust2 as you know how it broke all the records in reverse.

    Anyway I know you trolls are treating him as a leper to you all, he may appear to have never existed in this farce of a Ring less Engagement (thanks for that Rose I couldn’t have put it better myself) just goes to show he wasn’t even on any of the magazine covers oh dear oh that’s cold.

    May be the tabloids ignored him due to numerous reasons, it’s a nightmare & it takes a lot of technical ability to Hide a receding hair line, plucked arrowed brows , big nose. I mean a magazine cover can only stomach one big nose. See even Ticky wants him to go under the knife like she has.

    So trolls throw the dog a bone he’s walking around new York with that smirk and riding a bike with a helmet that resembles more like my Nan’s teapot that was stolen, so on that note don’t ignore him he is here to stay forever & ever even if its in a Ring less Engagement or Ring less Wedding. lol

  16. 116
    woman spanish Says:

    Hi Rose, Phool, I’m fine, thanks.
    In Spain the film Brad is having very good reviews, I can not wait to see it and tell you my impression of it

  17. 117
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: Hi Pool, I’m doing great my dear, Hope you are doing great also. Did you see that interview yesterday at the line interview the interviewer saying to Brad, how is it feel to be called the hottest man in Hollywood. That sentence must have sent the trolls running and screaming at the ocean. Trolls can lie to themselves all they want they know Brad is hot now even more so, because his confidence and hotness cannot be denied.
    KTS trailers are all hot, hot, it’s going to be a great movie to see. I can see the awards also. I’m hoping Angie will be with him for all that’s coming his way, batting her eyes, and blowing kisses to her man on stage.
    I just love Angie for being such a strong woman. She knew what she was looking for in life and when she found Brad and Mad she dedicated her life to them and now look at the wonderful family she created with
    Brad. God bless them.

  18. 118
    Lurker Says:

    Brad looks well rested but I am not liking all the jewelry. One gold Chain at a time, he must be wearing 3 or 4. Otherswise he looks darn good.

  19. 119
    Rose Says:

    @Lurker: I believe those chains must means something special to him, maybe from Angie and the kids. Remember when the girls put the beads in the beard? , he never took them out for the longest time. Brad wore those beads for a long time everywhere. I believe Brad don’t care, as long as it makes the kids happy, jmo.

  20. 120
    QQQQ Says:

    Passing Through @ 09/07/2012 at 12:22 am
    That DelPo match was very entertaining.. but I knew Nole was gonna win. Just the way he played the first couple of games, I knew it would be hard for JM to beat him.
    Nole is on a mission to regain the #1 spot.

  21. 121
    couple of more KTS interviews Says:

    PAshowbiz ‏@PAshowbiz
    #BradPitt got us all flustered. His new film is called #KillingThemSoftly and it is brilliant.

    Here are a couple of more interviews.Brad just seems to be really at ease just enjoying life. He and Angelina plus kids must be really loving their time in the UK.

  22. 122
    couple of more KTS interviews Says:

    The Hollywood superstar talks to Sky News about US politics, spending the summer in London and how his family handles fame.

  23. 123
    couple of more KTS interviews Says:

    The Words with Bradley Cooper has a 16% Rotten Tomato (Fresh 10/Rotten 51). I am blown away. The commercials looked half decent.

  24. 124
    Big Clue Says:

    How many times BP has been engaged and how many times he actually married his fiancee? 4 to 1. 25% are the chances he will actually marry Jolie. It’s very low,isn’t it? Didn’t he sound like he has one foot out of that relationship already? Filming with Cameron must have changed his view after all.

  25. 125
    Big Clue Says:

    When was the last time they were even seen together as a couple? Jolie hasn’t attended any of his movie premiere,Not in Cannes supposedly preparing for a role she was going to start one month later and not even in London while she is even there and doesn’t have any reason not to be there. These tabs are really clueless.When there was no break up ,they were shouting break up.Now that Brangelina’s real break up has happened,They are clueless.

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