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Kate Bosworth: Proenza Schouler Store Opening!

Kate Bosworth: Proenza Schouler Store Opening!

Kate Bosworth looks beautiful at the Proenza Schouler store opening on Wednesday (September 5) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress is in town for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The next day, Kate and her fiance Michael Polish were seen walking with their arms wrapped around each other in the Soho neighborhood on the Big Apple.

“This photo was taken by my husband-to-be! Thank you all for the wonderful engagement wishes… We feel truly blessed” Kate tweeted earlier in the week about her engagement – along with a super cute pic displaying her ring!

FYI: Kate is wearing the Joie “Florenza” dress while out with Michael. Michael is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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Credit: Rabbani and Solimene Photography; Photos: WireImage, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Pink

    He’s quite a good director.

  • Lois

    Can anyone honestly say that her cheeks don’t look like implants in this shot?

  • Lola

    Her hair always looks so thin and… urgh.

  • Lois


    Yes, those Jewelmint “fashion films” really showcase his “talent:.

  • danielik

    I can´t! This is one awkward couple…

  • Ali
  • Ali
  • Lois


    What happened to the cute cheeks in this shot? Perhaps she hadn’t bought them yet.

  • Ali

    @Lois: I love that photoshoot, even if Kate looks so different (maybe the make-up, light, IDK)… But she looks great, even tho it doesn’t show her awesome cheeks.

  • Ali

    I just noticed I made I mistake with the links.
    This was the second one:

  • kel

    So thin

  • Strange

    So sick of pictures of these two . I wish they stop already .

  • Macy
  • ladybug

    @Ali: Well,being underweight does accentuate the bone structure, especially in the face.

    I actually like the skirt/blouse outfit, but sadly the skirt doesn’t cover the knees.

    And the dress, no, just no.

    Celebitchy being bitchy:

    Oh, and Star Mag has a story this week about how Kate is secretly still in love with Alexander Skarsgard. A source says, “Whenever she’s with her girlfriends, Alex is all she wants to talk about.” You know how I know that’s full of sh-t? Because I don’t think The Bos has many girlfriends.

  • Ali

    @Macy: Lainey needs a real d***.

  • Macy

    LOL! No kidding. Why is it she’s almost never photographed hanging out with friends? Sometimes blogs allude to her going to a friend’s house, etc but she’s almost never seen with many girlfriends hanging out at lunch or anything. There are a few pics here and there, but she’s mostly alone or with whatever dating victim she has at the time.

    Uh huh. If you don’t believe she was trying to show off her ring while paps were taking shots of her, then you don’t know much about celebrities. You can see the one where they’re grinning at each other, it’s putting on a show. Ugh!

  • Ali

    Poor Kate.
    Haters gonna hate, always… :-(

  • ladybug


    Don’t feel sorry for KB.

    I don’t hate her. But when she continues to do this try-hard famewhoring, instead of doing something, it’s hard to like her.

    Sad thing is, MP by being so besotted/in love her with and going along with all the famewhoring just perpetuates the worst of her personality/behavior.

    There’s some sort of disconnect from them about how offputting it is.

  • Hmmm

    I used to think that people were being hard on her with the fame whore comments. But OMG, it is so obvious it is painful to watch. Especially those pics with the hand across the face, practically begging the paps to take shots of the ring.

    And this couple gives me the creeps. The hanging on each other, people in love do not have to constantly prove it to everyone. This just feels way too try hard. On the upside, they do seem perfectly matched.

  • littlemissnaughty

    Well, they really do belong together, don’t they? It’s not like we didn’t see this coming, he is completely devoted to her in a way that’s almost gross. But I’m pretty sure that’s actually the thing she was looking for in a man, complete devotion and adoration because who is she kidding? If her ex had been this willing to wh*re himself out for her and publicly hug and smooch her, that relationship would have lasted a lot longer.
    She was TRYING to hang on, it was so obvious.

    Oh well, at least the ring is tasteful. The two announcements are not.

  • Blackcat9

    @Ali: I hate to tell you this. But, those photos just demonstrates how much “WORK” Kate has had done! By the way Kate you need to get your Doctor to even out those exploding lips! Your money would be better well spent on a LIFT for that right breast. Since it hangs quite a bit lower than the other!

  • obvious

    Just compare how much Skarsgard used to be papped when he was ‘dating’ her with now. She calls the papz. Undeniable.

  • ladybug

    @Hmmm: At one point last fall I though maybe, just maybe, now that she’s shown ‘I’ve got a new man’ that she might step back a bit. MP wasn’t famous, though he was fairly well known and respected in the indie film world. Maybe she’d take acting classes, learn to actually design jewelry, something.
    But no, she’s gotten worse.

  • Just Joanie

    @Lois: Comment #4 Hahahahah! Yes! Hahahahaha!

  • Ali

    Kate Boz would be a perfect socialite.

  • ladybug

    This is what I don’t understand, for her first pap walk showing off the ring, Miss Fashion Icon looks like she rolled out bed, never took off her negligee, threw on some shoes and walked out the door. Her hair looks unwashed, yet unbrushed (you can see all the flyaway hair) and you can still see her chest bones.

  • lord

    i like both outfits the black one is a bit to short for day time i think maybe a few extra inches would of been better.

    also off topic but i know how good ladies are fining stuff on here.

    there was a pic of Alex from a friends/family face book that has been recently posted on tumblr but i cant find it…help please. i think some one said its from his brothers FB page.

  • Macy

    Because being a socialite is something to strive towards? Socialites are generally vapid and spoiled….wait….nevermind she’ll fit right in.

    Her chest bones are totally showing. Those shoes are horrible too. Total granny heel.

  • Lilla

    My brother’s saw her in SoHo & said how obvious it was that she was posing for the cameras. I won’t be as mean as them, but they just said that she looks really bad in person & way too thin. Just think, the camera adds weight..

  • Macy

    It’s completely obvious, and that’s a large part of the reason people don’t like her, or other celebs that do that kind of crap.

  • Jeannie

    The Lainey article is hilarious & Cb is too! LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! That’s what I think when I look at the pictures.

    @Ali, those pictures are from a long time ago. Before she started messing with her face…and other things that make you age faster.

  • Lilla

    @Macy: You’re right. You would think they’d know this & tone it down some. Guess not.

  • WTMF

    I know I’m probably reading too much into this & it may have already been commented on, but did anyone notice that Cher hasn’t congratulated her on the engagement on Twitter? She also hasn’t said anything about how KB looked at nyfw. She may have talked to her privately, but something just seems off, since she usually says something.

  • :)

    Cher Coulter‏@CherCoulter

    @katebosworth miss u dood!!! Can’t wait to get all your #nyfw feedback!

    from twitter today.

  • Lois

    She’s such a useless tw@t. While many people her age in the industry are lending their time and voices during this presidental election this moron is sucking her thumb trying to look cute. Desperate b!tch needs a famewh¤re intervention.

  • Lois


    So? Seems to somewhat forced and fake. Still no congrats from Cher? How very…..

  • Lois


    So? Seems somewhat forced and fake. Still no congrats from Cher? How very…..

  • xcited

    @ladybug: She does have girlfriends but most people mistake them for her mom.

  • Lois

    Can anyone else explain why Molish was wearing a black jacket in this NY heat? His try hard is really quite sad.

  • ladybug

    @Lois: He was wearing it inside, so perhaps he was dressing up for the occasion of a store opening.

    This is from one of the comments from your link:

    The 29-year-old actress is in town for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. She will even be showing her own collection on September 12!

    Huh? Her handbag stuff?

    The comments also mention how great her hair looks. I guess they mean for the store opening, since the pap walk hair looks like crap.

    As for the pap walk, you’d think that they’d have enough self-awareness that it’s going to tick almost everyone off, since it’s so obviously try-hard. But her 5 fans like it, so they keep doing it.
    I wonder if his friends who predate KB know that he’s doing it and what they think of it. Do they tell him he looks like a twat when he’s famwhoring with her?

  • Jeannie

    “As for the pap walk, you’d think that they’d have enough self-awareness that it’s going to tick almost everyone off, since it’s so obviously try-hard. But her 5 fans like it, so they keep doing it.” Maybe, but I think it has more to do with the fact that she needs the attention & less about what the fans want. As for MP, if friends or family say anything, it’s obvious he ignores it.

  • Macy

    People like that just want attention, any kind of attention whether it’s good or bad. They dont’ have enough fame to carry things on their own so they force photo ops to keep them in the mags. It’s a desperate reach.

  • Lois


    Regarding KBola showing her collection, at fashion week I think that the KB stans need to go to The Derek Zoolander School for People Who Can’t Read Good. The original PopSugar article stated Rachel Zoe would be showing at FW:

    “A newly engaged Kate Bosworth headed to NYC in order to attend last night’s party in honor of Proenza Schouler’s new Big Apple store. Also along for the fun was Kate’s husband-to-be, director Michael Polish. Rachel Zoe likewise attended the bash to congratulate Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez on their new retail outpost. Rachel will certainly be a familiar face over the next week as NYFW rolls on, and she’ll show her namesake collection during a special presentation on Sept. 12.”

  • Tulip

    I know some celebs, especially reality television people, calls paps. I also know Kate doesn’t. Some posters think her every move is papped when really you’re only seeing a few seconds of her life. That’s why I think it’s so ridiculous to assume you know a lot about a person when it’s based on paparazzi pictures. I also believe it’s great she’s not letting the paps spoil a nice day with Michael. At first Kate and Orlando were uncomfortable with all the paparazzi stuff but then they got used to it and tried not to let it bother them. Celebs have to learn how to live with it or it’ll make them crazy.

    I love that Kate goes out in public and isn’t concerned with her looks or if she’s wearing the same outfit or shoes. And I think she looks stunning at the P/S opening. I love her outfit. I love P/S too!

  • Macy

    I’m sorry, but how is it you know that she doesn’t call? Can you specify that please? If you actually do know this then please let us know so that we can dispell that myth, otherwise if you’re just saying you know because that’s how you feel then you’re speculating like everyone else on here.

  • Lois


    Tulip know KBola doesn’t call the paps the same way she knows that the KB ring/pacifer picture wasn’t blatant famewh*ring, just KB trying to live her very private life.

  • Lois


    Consider this, Alexis Bledel was in Tuck Everlasting and two Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies ( both adapted from popular books that did well at the box office), Sin City and the long running Gilmore Girls series, yet we don’t see pap pictures of her at the post office, vet, OBGYN, or at some obscure friend’s house. Why? Because she’s not a pap calling famewh*re. Alexis is only usually on JJ on the red carpet, work function or doing something worthwhile like being at the DNC.

  • Tulip

    @Macy: I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, I have a good friend who lives in the same canyon as Kate and other celebs. The paps are always parked on a side street where they see them drive by and either follow them or call ahead to other paps. It’s a big network. I’ve seen the paps there many times.
    @Lois: I don’t know where Alexis Bledel lives. There are many places in the LA area paps don’t hang out like the Valley. That might be one reason why she isn’t followed. Also, while I like her, she’s not that interesting to the general public. It’s not just film fans who know Kate or Orlando fans or Alex fans, it’s fashion fans.
    I like this:
    @katebosworth Congrats on the engagement! Eons ago in Bondi you kindly passed me my hat that blew off; I then vowed to watch all your films!

  • Lois


    ” she’s not that interesting to the general public”

    Alexis is not that interesting to the general public? How do you know that? The same way you believe that KBola is really followed by the paps? KB had to shut and tweet for anyone to pay attention to her engagement during this very, very, very slow celeb news lull. I guarantee if you showed people pictures of the two, people will recognize Alexis more than KB. Alexis is striking and quite memorable, while KB is generic and only vaguely interesting because of her eyes.

    Btw, Alexis lives in CA but apparently chooses not to go to pap spots or tweet her private life.

  • Lois


    “@katebosworth Congrats on the engagement! Eons ago in Bondi you kindly passed me my hat that blew off; I then vowed to watch all your films!

    You really needed to come here to post that…how very…sad. KBola didn’t rescue a baby or anything but do some very little courteous thing that anyone would have done.

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