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Kristen Stewart - 'On The Road' Premiere at Toronto Film Festival!

Kristen Stewart - 'On The Road' Premiere at Toronto Film Festival!

Kristen Stewart is floral chic at the premiere of her new movie On The Road during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday (September 6) in Toronto, Canada.

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The 23-year-old actress stunned on the red carpet wearing a couture dress by Zuhair Murad. The long-sleeved black lace dress featured colorful hand-beaded floral embroidery, and is from the Fall/Winter 2012 Couture Collection. Kristen finished off her look with Jimmy Choo pumps.

Yesterday, K-Stew was seen departing LAX Airport and arriving in Canada via Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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Photos: Getty, Jason Merritt
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  • MegCH

    @nina: Wow, your comment shows what kind of person YOU are.

  • There – She Is

    Ms Hoebag America – in all her filthy glory

  • Joanie

    dude grow up. you’re all pathetic. she looks stunning, she’s no longer 18-she won’t dress like she’s 18, she’s a grown woman it’s her movie let her be. I personally loved her hair and that dress is HOT. I have a thing with eyebrows and hers are it. NOW you little c*nts why don’t you all go have a word with Mr. Kevin Hart and do learn a lesson. whatever she did it’s none of your effin business. it hasn’t affected her proffesional life it affected her PERSONAL life. she’s still a badass actress who does what she likes to do, does it well and leaves everyone else alone. no why don’t return the favor. thanks

  • Shy

    She should kill the person who did make-up and hair for her. Everything is bad about it. And she actually looked pretty and fresh in those airport pictures today.

    But here. Oh God. That is the worst she looked in moths. Everything about it screams Fake. She looks like Kristen Stewart impersonator. It’s hard to recognize her. I had to stare at pictures for some time. To make sure it’s her and not her impersonator and person who looks like her.

    It’s funny how she tried to smile. But you know she can’t produce an earnest smile. And she just looks weird and scary when she tries to smile. Those are just scary pictures.

  • Liz

    She looks beautiful

  • lexy

    The person who did her hair and make-up also makes shrunken head fx props for the studios.

  • yesiam

    Wow, gotta love how rabid KS want to bring peace and understanding when they cuss out those who disagree with them. Contradictory much?

  • aquarius64

    I didn’t recognize her at first. The dress is conservative for her. She’s usually super minis, thigh high slits, plunging necklines. I think her team told her to dress more modestly to shake the trampire label.

  • Intric9

    This girl is just nasty. Not just on the outside, with her sullen, annoying smirks, but on the inside, not giving a damn about a great guy and a marriage. And I hate her acting as well. Do NOT get what ANYone sees in her. Not to mention she looks like a drugged up b*tch.

  • Joanie

    she’s worn dresses like this before no need to overanalyze

  • aquarius64

    @Joanie: No she put her business in the streets by way of Mini-Cooper. No one broke into her house and took those pictures.

  • Leo

    She have a beautiful butt!

  • bahha black sheep


  • CHO

    TBH I thought it was different from her normal looks. She is very sexy normally. This is sexy but not the ‘normal’ sexy I see her in.

    I like the dress. Just not digging the hair…style? It makes her thin face look thinner. She has def lost weight.

    Her finger clearly is hurting her she is holding it funny in each pic. She should have rocked the split and just been comfy.

  • aquarius64

    @Joanie: A knee length dress is one in a blue moon. Her signature look has always been minis.

  • johnny moses

    You people are soooo mean… she’s only 22, young, and talented… do you have the same life? How would you deal if you are in the limelight all the time? Give her a break! Have none of you never messed up before? …. hyp-o-c-rite much?!! Have you never heard of being HUMAN?

  • Joanie

    @aquarius64 yeah man but she shook it up a bit once in a while, an example is SWATH promo in berlin. And about the other, people are who keep feeding this stuff, she did it, she f*cked up, so? people f*ck up half the time, but this people are taking it personal, just get over it, it doesn’t have anything to do with her job, I’ve made mistakes, we’ve all made mistakes, but everyone loves eating this sh*t up. Some random person’s issues, someone who has absolutely nothing to do with them :/

  • michelle

    gross. get out of my city

  • minah

    That hairstyle is not flattering to her face. She looks pretty though and her dress is beautiful.

  • daniel

    regarde toi dans une glace tu verras ce que être moche à1000000000000000% pauvre nase

  • Smiling?

    She looks weird when she smiles.

  • Anna

    She lost some weight and it shows more on her face because her face is narrow with delicate features. She will put on a few pounds and look better. I am glad that she is in Toronto for her movie. She invested a lot of emotions and efforts into her role and I hope it does well. Congratulations to the rest of the cast well. They are all awesome actors and beautiful people. Kristen looks pretty.

  • Uhhhhh

    She’s looking extra thin in the face. But the dress is the bomb dot com

  • hanna

    ugly. just ugly. look how fake her smile is.

  • love

    used to love her but now, i just see a homewrecker.

  • Jen


  • http://Justjarde Jen

    I like her dress

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Yes she looks tired

  • fudgette

    The trampire dude still looks like a lady trampire!!!

  • Joanie

    look you asswipe everyone has different smiles. a friend of mine looks perverted I look like a Who from Whoville and other f like an effin monkey . her smile isn’t “FAKE” you’d just looooove to see that, that’s how she smiles. not even that, she’s way more confortable with tight-lipped smiles, does she need your approval?

  • claire

    The affair does have to do with her professional life. She had an affair with her married DIRECTOR and the husband of her COSTAR from Snow White. See, this is where directors when hiring her will think and their wives will be telling them to back out. She’s not so professional now is she? I think the fame has gotten to her head and she thinks she can do whatever she wants. This reality check was needed for her sake.

  • Steph

    Wow she lost so much weight

  • Hollywood sell out

    She’s so fake to me.

  • sia

    I’m sorry but I don’t get what people see in her. She has such a weird looking face and somehow she looks so mature and haggard. Her pointy chin, big ears, weird bunny teech, and face shape are not appealing to me. I also lost any respect I had for her after she was caught cheating with a married man. Both are at fault and so disugsting.

  • bahha black sheep

    she is so gross

  • shoo

    No matter how expensive or branded her outfits & accessories are; still everyone knows that deep inside of her; its ALL smelly, cheap, trashy & rottening

  • La piñata.

    Surprisingly,she looks more comfortable in front of the cameras now than before the whole ‘scandal’

  • Ashley

    She looks great. The dress is beautiful.

  • Joanie

    so, the guy gets a free pass here? she’s all to blame? she just jumped on him? was she that horny? dude we don’t KNOW this chick! can you too perfectly explain the reasons behind someone running away? or hitting a random guy? or trying to run through a wall? no. you don’t know them in the minimum. don’t know what they think, don’t know what’s behind doors, or going on with their head. she’s a public figure I get it, but she’s a human being nonetheless. stop coming up with excuses to try and keep critizing her, man. it;s f*cking hilarious, WE DON”T HER, let’s all comment on the dog I saw pissing outside

  • zip42223

    Lovely dress, I think she looked fetching. I can’t judge her social life. She did not cheat on ME. I hope she helps the film make some money for the investors and other cast members. Quite willing to let the woman do her job, IMO

  • KissThis

    I’m sorry, but Kristen is just not a pretty girl.

  • NYC

    Great dress, wrong shoes.
    Can’t she hire a stylist to dress her?
    She has more than enough money to afford one!

  • Chmoo

    I’m not sure about you, but she looks a bit equine to me. She looks like a horse.

  • anumah

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  • jade

    @Joanie: get over it already! This a blog site where people are allowed to state their own opinions. You have your own opinion of her, so does everyone else. People are allowed to comment. I think they are both to blame, but most people are blaming her because no one really heard about this director until after the scandal came out.

    I for one think the dress is beautiful on her, though she is a little thinner now.

  • Joanie

    @jade I like you

  • Esther

    she looks like someone punched her on one side look closely

  • Karen

    I think she looks gorgeous. I love the dress and the hair. She looks like she lost weight and didn’t need to. I hope she is doing ok. I do hope that she and Rob get back together. I will miss them all in Twilight. It’s been a really fun time and has been a wonderful escape from reality for a few hours at a time. Loved the books, the movies and I thought the cast was perfect!

  • ha ha

    she looks ghastly. Thin and railish. Make up is hiding her bags.
    Pattinson please trust yourself…you can do so much better than his slapper.

  • http://Justjarde Jen