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Kristen Stewart - 'On The Road' Premiere at Toronto Film Festival!

Kristen Stewart - 'On The Road' Premiere at Toronto Film Festival!

Kristen Stewart is floral chic at the premiere of her new movie On The Road during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday (September 6) in Toronto, Canada.

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The 23-year-old actress stunned on the red carpet wearing a couture dress by Zuhair Murad. The long-sleeved black lace dress featured colorful hand-beaded floral embroidery, and is from the Fall/Winter 2012 Couture Collection. Kristen finished off her look with Jimmy Choo pumps.

Yesterday, K-Stew was seen departing LAX Airport and arriving in Canada via Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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Photos: Getty, Jason Merritt
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  • Just Business

    - Displaying her goods for the next part and next director.

  • http://annabella45 annabella

    I bet you are beautiful, famous , charming and an example of morality (mother Teresa)(rolling my eyes)

  • eat

    on her way to anorexia

  • http://annabella45 annabella

    I was talking to the haters by the way…kristine is beautiful. most of the people that are taking their time insulting her are hipocrital and with no moral whatsoever.Your language and your actittude says a lot about you.No wonder why this world is a hard place to live in. Please do not reply me. I do not care if you don’t share my opinion.

  • rose

    Her face looks like it’s on crooked. Maybe it’s just the lopsided sneer, I mean smile!

  • um

    @kathryn: Maybe because she’s the star of the film? Genius…

  • rikki

    i like the dress a lot. the hair and makeup is just no. actually, i don’t know why they always put her hair up when she has ears that stick out. DON’T get me wrong, she’s pretty- nice eyes, nose, etc. i just think the stylists should know better than to play up the features that do nothing for her.

  • Yawn

    @LaCroix: She is trying to be another Angie Jolie

  • wowza

    she looks totally different. why does she look so much better?!

  • Stay Away

    She Is Looking Evil

  • Patricia

    She looks beautiful! So good to see her! Go Kristen!

  • Lauren

    She looks so skinny I hope she is alright

  • Apple


  • Apple

    @kathryn: Because she IN the movie.. DUH

  • Apple

    @creed: Well Creed… remember KARMA DO EXIST? So watchout man.. cos HER CAREER IS NOT OVER.. ITS JUST THE BEGINNING ! REMEMBER MY WORDS

  • Jaszy13

    What a bunch of miserable hateful hags. She owes you people nothing, what sick thrill do you get saying such hateful things. Why do you even comment? If you don’t like her don’t follow her career don’t go to her movies, but seriously most of these miserable people commenting so harshly need mental help, the gang mentality is scary, you need to step aware from your computer and find some happiness, a happy person does not find joy in someone else’s misery….your remarks say more about you than her….I truly wish you all find some happiness, then you won’t want to spread such hate

  • Louise

    Kristen is wonderful, I am proud of it!! OTR seems interesting, I fully support it!! Go Kristen, she is beautiful!!

  • fork

    Us Weekly was interviewed by Fox News and they were tipped off about Kristen cheating on Rob weeks before they caught here. GC also admitted at the end that the affair lasted for weeks in their facts and fiction post. What I found interesting was that Us Weekly said they didn’t know who Kristen was cheating with and a few weeks later, they hired a pap to secretly follow her for a week to see if the tip was true. A few days later, Kristen was seen kissing and dry humping her director in public which the pap took pics of approximately 3 miles away. Now I know you are going to argue about a video but when you are taking pics from miles, it’s hard to video tape that while taking pics at the same time. Especially when you have one pap. The pap who caught her said he had to call his agency for TWO, 2 , paps for back up and who knows how long they took to get there? But did we ever get a video of Rob and Kristen caught kissing for the first time in Montreal two years ago? The pics were taken from miles. What about Zac Efron’s nude pap pics from his hotel balcony that were taken from miles? There was never a video. I totally agree with you that there are two sides to story. We really don’t know anything.

  • elisabete oliveira

    falses moralists….

  • J

    Well souchys out still cant stand thats no woman thats a she male ha ..cant stand her….moving on LOL

  • http://@CathBoob Cath

    She made a mistake. Doesn’t mean she has to live with it for the rest of her life. She’s talented and pretty. Another scandal will soon hit Hollywood anyway


    OMG Hahahah what happened to her she looks like a travesti hahaha poor woman because when you are 22 years you are a woman not a girl and you are responsible for your actions

    stop pitying the whore homebreaker

  • luly

    Please stop deffending Kristen she did not make a mistake she cheated her boyfriend a mistake its not a full make out sesion and dry humping she is not a girl anymore he is a grown up woman im 23 and i have a boyfriend and i never will cheat on him i truly love him and respect him thats why i will never cheat. Please what she did was very wrong stop making excuses for her actions. I hope that She and Rob find closure or if he decides to forgive her that she will truly respects him like he deserves

  • Jessie

    kathryn @ 09/06/2012 at 9:51 pm
    She wasn’t invited, she has a contractual obligation to promote her movie.
    She looks like she lost weight. The dress would be cute except for the bottom which is shee, that just made it look trashy. Her stylist could have advised her better.

  • Flower

    @fork: you can be right you can be wrong! No one knows anything! (And the tabloids are just selling stories, not the truth)
    But srsly just use your brain for one second – those photos are not taken from 3 miles away! Have u ever been in LA?
    There are hills, buildings… as it is a city! You don’t get a clear view on a tiny road.
    This is not possible, please stop spreading such a lie!

  • wren

    She looks pretty, and even a little happy that she can do this without ‘him’ or any man. Alone, strong enough to do this on her own. Who’s taking lessons from mama?

  • wow

    Her head is misshapen, like it was slammed in a door.

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  • stintn

    OMG! A smile….its about time we saw a photo that you didn’t look pissed at the world.

  • Jeffrey Sean Keith

    She’s hot and should be forgiven,she is human and make mistake,she looks great!

  • Me3

    Those of you who think 23 is an adult and old enough to know better must be under 35. Actually our brains aren’t fully developed til 27. He’s the one you should judge. A married man with children. He’s the one who cheated. She was not married. And to the 23 year old who will never cheat on her boyfriend, wait til your 60 to know for sure. Maybe you will have temptations, maybe not.

  • Olga

    @Me3: Yes Im under 35, actually im 32 and what she did was not a mistake it was her decision to answer the phone call from Sander it was her decision to kiss him She is an adult she had a commitment and she Cheated, I agree with you in that Sanders has to take the blame too he pursued her but she is not an innocent girl. Stop making excuses for her

  • nt

    @Olga: Well that’s rich,so according to you no mistakes ever in your life?You’ve lived a sinless life well then you are a liar and the truth is not in you,because we have all sinned and this girl has been bullied for to long and ppl are getting sick of it.And the outside world is finally finding out how many loons are in this fandom.All of you are hypocrites!

  • ss


    Get over yourselves, people. All you haters, you must be lucky that the whole world was not watching when you made /will possibly make your mistakes when you were 22.

  • Olga

    @nt: have you know how to read? when i said that i never make i mistake i didnt said that waht i said it that she and Sanders Cheated and that for my opinion to cheat its not a mistake… a mistake is a kiss when you are drunk or when you are sad and someone comforts you but you dont began making out like he did… Did you see the pictures she was enjoying her “mistake” and finally what i was trying to said forgive me you “kristen always innocent believer” that she cheated and that she hass to take the responsability for her actions

  • Sarah

    i think this is one of her UGLY looks… i guess her real personality has started showing on her face now.


    Her face is really weird, what happened?

  • Pammy

    ewww that dress is like a horrid table cloth and she has a horrible smile
    kristen girl … you deserve what you had coming

  • nini

    It looks like the style of Liberty Ross at the Snow White and the Huntsmen premiere. It didn’t look good on Liberty Ross and it doesn’t look good on her either. Dark lipstick with a bright neon dress? But, still love Twilight. And she was great in The Runaways.