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Michelle Obama Reads Top 10 List on 'David Letterman'

Michelle Obama Reads Top 10 List on 'David Letterman'

Michelle Obama flashes a smile as she attends day two of the 2012 Democratic National Convention on Wednesday (September 5) at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C.

The 48-year-old First Lady of the United States, in a Thom Browne dress, sat with her brother Craig Robinson in the box seats and was later joined by Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden.

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That same day, Michelle made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman by delivering the “Top Ten Reasons to Watch the Democratic National Convention” – watch the video below!

Michelle Obama’s Convention Top Ten
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Credit: Streeter Lecka, Alex Wong; Photos: Getty
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  • AMY

    NoBama didn’t nothing for this country!

  • Andamentothat

    Michelle is so poised and a clear speaker too.

  • kelly

    I’m sorry I have to say it. Your Mr & Mrs President spend so much time with or hanging out, talk shows, Oprah loves bragging how she’s always sleeping there, seems like they are very close with rich and famous actors and don’t connect with average joe. I would hate it if the leader of my country was constantly doing the celebrity rounds. Yeah everyone knows the celebs have the money and can tell there fans to vote for Obama and they have fundraiser for other celebs to raise money. I just think a President should be a President, not a celebrity. Sorry before some of you attack my statement that’s just how I feel.

  • Yoki

    You Obama haters are so stupid. One person does not fully run the country. If you see no change don’t only blame Obama. You have to blame those in Comgress too.

  • ?

    is that dress made from Lincoln’s curtains?

  • Jean

    @Yoki: #4

    You are right in your comment, NO President runs the country alone. The Congress is responsible for the obstruction of many things President Obama has tried to do. I would like to add. There is lots of change since President Obama took office. You can find out all his accomplishments at the President’s web site.

    Former President Clinton laid it all out in his speech last night. All of President Obama’s accomplishments.

  • theater

    Obama runs nothing he is just a teleprompter reader. The real power lies with old money, old establisment, corporations, domestic and foreign bankers.
    Your job as a voter is to be baited by divisive issues that are relatively minor, then bite. Once hooked and satisfied that you have done your duty you can go back to sleep hoping the politiician that you’ve elected will take care of your interests and do the right thing for the country. Riiiight.

  • http://google Cindi


  • KissThis

    Michelle is the epitome of class.

  • hmm…

    Ann Romney makes me sick with her fake-ness and tee-hees so the audience will clap and laugh AND making excuses for her husband’s misdeeds.

  • JLO #1


  • JLO #1

    @Yoki: Totally agreed!

  • Paul E. Stanley

    @JLO #1:

    You’re correct. Obama does know what immigrants have to go through sense he is one himself.


    @Yoki: Obama blamed Bush every chance he got. He’s nothing but a liar. He will be voted out on November 4th. You dumb democrats should have chose Hillary Clinton and then we would have had Bill Clinton in the White House again. Bill Cllinton was a great president. I remember buying gas at 1:05 per gallon. There are different democrats and republicans. Obama is way far left and Hillary and Blill Clinton were in the center. Instead of Obama creating jobs he concentrated on the health care bill. America has the best health care system in the world. People from other countrys come to America becuase they have the government health care which sucks. You people voting for Obama are stupid. Why mess with a good thing. Look at what is happening to the post office which is ran by the government. Its going out of business. Obama’s rich people argument is baflling to me. If you pay taxes, the more you make the more they take out, so the rich people are already paying enough. He’s talking about taxing the rich even more and gving the money to people on welfare who are sitting on their butts doing nothing. I think its wrong to increase taxes on workers who are poor, middle class or rich. This is so wrong. We already pay car taxes. food taxes, home taxes. The hollywood people who vote for Obama are dumb because these are the people who he wants to raise taxes on, the millionares. The news is also bias. There slogan is can you trust Romney. If they would have said this slogan in 2008 about Obama, Can you trust Obama,- Everyone would have shouted from the rooftops, about how this is racist and they are saying this because he is black but no one is defending Romeny. Obama talks about Romneys wealth like its a bad thing but Obama is also rich now and he stands to get up to 200 million dollars after he leaves the White house. Liar, Liar, Liar. Vote Romney, – Send Obama back to Chicago and by the way I’m BLACK. Not all Black People are for Obama

  • Ohama

    I hope she can read better than she talks

  • Lois


    You wanted people wanted to see a birth certificate….YO GOT IT. We want to see Romney’s tax returns…. WHY THE FCUK CAN’t WE? Seriously, he guy has offshore accounts to hide his money from the IRS and you want him to run this country? DumbFcuk racists.

  • Yoki

    You idiot. I was talking about Romney haters as well as Obama haters. More than one person rules the country. This isn’t Communism. Not all black people vote for Obama cause he is black. Thats like saying all whte ppl will vote for Romney cause he is white. Get over yourself.

  • kelly

    @Paul E. Stanley: Um what? U r kidding right? He was born in HAWAII. God, if you’re an example of an “informed” voter were scr-ewed.


    @Lois:I don’t care about Obamas birth cerificate and I never did. Romneys Tax returns are find but what you need to worry about is the October Surpirse the Republicans have about Obama. The Romney tax returns are nothing compared to what will be coming out about Obama. He’s done son. Obama was never vetted in the 2008 election. You dumb idiots who were crying over him will look like the fools that your are. I Find it funny how when Obama bowed to the Saudi president and had his butt sticking up in the air and made all Americans look stupid, no one said anything. Go to youtube and put in Obama bowing to the Saudi King. No Us presdient in History has ever did this. We shake hands but never bow to anyone. And again I’m am BLACK, not all black people are voting for Obama. VOTE MITT ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT.


    @Yoki: Stop making accuses for Obama with this one person does not run this country argument. Bush was blamed for everything. Once Obama took over, everything is on him and Yes the blame is with Obama. He chose Healthcare over job creation. People are losing there homes and jobs everyday. I’ve always had this question fore people who love this healthcare bill. If you don’t have a job, how can you buy this healthcare. We find out later that its not free at all but will be another tax from the government. YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID. THE GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE MORE CONTROL OVER US WITH THIS OBAMA HEALTHCARE BILL. VOTE MITT ROMNEY SO WE CAN REPEAL THE OBAMA HEALTHCARE BILL.

  • SAKI

    @Yoki: They don’t understand the system. Everything Obama puts on the table, they obstruct it! They want him to fail.

    Another problem is that Americans have short term memories. The 16 Trillion debt wasn’t all Obama. Fact is Regan Spent more than all Preidents, then GWB. And Obama’s spending was so that we wouldn’t be in a deeper recession. People have forgotten the HORROR we were in. Yes we are at 8.3% Unemployment, but the reality is that we were at 13% 3 years ago.

    Mitt Romney just wants to be President and he has no clue. All his intends to do is Lower taxes for the rich because they are “Job Creator”. Cut Government workforce. Repeal Healthcare which benefits 33 Million Americans.

    Think about this. Here is a Man (ROMNEY) that was Pro Choice and implemented the same Healthcare in MASS, now he is totally against both. He goes with the wind.
    I have nothing against Romney’s money, but I have a problem with him wanting to Repeal the same Healthcare Bill he gave people in MASS.

    And that Tea Party Boob Paul Ryan is a bigger Danger to this country. He’s a fanatic and a LIAR!

  • SAKI

    @STUPID OBAMA SUPPORTERS: Doesn’t it bother you that Republicans are the ones that came up with the Healthcare Bill that Obama implemented and now they want to Repeal it? You know that was a Regan Idea right??????

    The fact that people will be paying for their own Healthcare is a benefit. Why are you against it? Because Obama succeeded where no one else did?

    My sister was able to go to the Doctor with Pre-existing conditions. Thank God!! My Co-Worker’s college bound 20 year old is on his Medical Plan! Thank you Mr. Obama.

    The man did a lot. Some things are out of his control, but he knows now that he should have NEVER tried to compromise with republicans whose only Goal in life was to see Mr. Obama Fail.
    I remember the lines Outside Banks when people were Taking out their money in Droves. I remember people lining up at Food Pantries. I remember the hell we were in when President Obama took office. We are way better off!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  • SAKI

    @Yoki: Thank you for clearing that up for some of these ignorant statements.

    What people don’t understand is that Blacks were predominantly Republican in the Luther-King days. Then the Civil Rights movement came and the party shifted. A lot of the Racist Dems, switched teams.

    Blacks are more Democrat now. And that is why Obama who is a Democrat gets the predominant Black vote, JUST like Clinton did.

    If Condoleeza Rice were running for President, It wouldn’t change blacks voting record. Republicans have become more and more fanatic since GWB was President. Remember blacks are much more liberal on social issues.