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Taylor Swift: MTV VMAs Performance 2012 - Watch Now

Taylor Swift: MTV VMAs Performance 2012 - Watch Now

Taylor Swift wears stripes for her performance at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards held at Staples Center on Thursday (September 6) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old singer performed her hit new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and even stage dived at the end of the song!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift

Taylor‘s song was just bumped off the top of the Billboard Hot 100 by Flo Rida‘s “Whistle”. It now sits at number two.

Watch Taylor‘s performance below!

Taylor Swift – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
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Credit: Lester Cohen; Photos: Wire Image
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  • lauren

    hey taylor maybe it’s you that’s the problem?

  • Puhlease

    Knock-Kneed Dork

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    So Miss Swift is moving more away from Country Music and more toward Pop/Rock? No really, that’s my question. I listen to EDM mostly so if she isn’t sing on Deadmau5 or TCM isn’t producing her songs I am not familiar with her genre anymore. Is Taylor now pop/rock?

  • aly

    I thought she was a country artist.. this song is shit

  • No_kung_fu

    I love taylor but her outfitt reminds me of where is waldo. Cute but not for a performance.

  • Cho


  • robbie

    I used to think she was cute but now I find her beyond annoying

  • wat

    i dont know why but i cannot stand her, shes so winy in all her songs

  • Marian

    She needs to grow up, already! she is always beyond girlie and she is becoming annoying. will she always sing about her breaks ups? plus, she used to be cute but now with those huge white teeth, she just looks artificial like the rest.

  • Anonymous

    Lol they showed Taylor Lautner at the end

  • KissThis

    That isn’t the kind of outfit you wear for a performance… She looks cute, but like a 16 year old. Time to dress and act like an almost 23 year old Taylor.

  • Journalistic

    Even though her role is tiresome, I can’t help but like her…she’s just that dorky girl you went to school with who had boy band posters in her locker.

    And really, if she moves beyond the super girly, teenybopper stuff, will her audience grow with her? Doubt it.

  • SelinaMyles

    Ewww! She’s gross! her songs are cr@p. She dresses like she’s 15.

  • Bryony

    Dear Taylor,
    Please cease your incessant whining. It is seriously irksome. Also, please act your age and stop your attempts to relive your teenage years through immature songs.

    OK? Thanks.

  • Amanda

    I think it is funny how everyone is saying she needs to grow up and how she isn’t a good singer. Obviously people like her because her songs continue to be number one. I don’t see any of you making millions….. maybe you should take some advice from her?

  • anumahgs

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  • KissThis

    @Amanda: Her songs are number one and she makes millions because of her 8-14 year old fanbase. They’ll grow out of her eventually.

  • anon

    It’s like she the host of a children’s tv show.

  • lily


    They are teens. Remember Britney? Nobody grown up buys a Taylor Swift album.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    No one notices how she is lip syncing really badly?

  • Lay

    I admit it: I like a couple of her songs. But I still can’t stand her. So whinny, ”naive”, all the pretty faces and smiles… there’s something in her that I don’t like.

  • elle

    she looks good but that is one stupid weak song

  • Setra

    I loved this performance, it was fun and energetic, I also loved her outfit and thought it was a nice change from the huge gowns she usually wears. I thought it was a nice change for her. I especially liked the part where she did a stage dive. I can’t wait to discuss this year’s award show with my Dish coworkers tomorrow. Luckily I recorded it on my Hopper, because I was able to start watching the recording on my living room TV and continue watching on any TV in my house right where I left off. I love the convenience of being able to go from room to room to watch with little interruption.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    @Puhlease: Interesting scientific tidbit – all women who have normal pelvises have knees that meet. Some people refer to this meeting of the knees as being “knock-kneed”. However its not truly Genu Valgum “Knee- knee” which is an unusual physical deformity. If you are a biological woman your pelvis has evolved to support the weight of a growing fetus. The female pelvis is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Because of how the female pelvis are shaped and the way our femurs connect to the pelvis our knees meet naturally. The angle at which the ball and socket joint for the femur and pelvis cause the female leg to angle up to 22 degrees and the knees to meet and the joint and tendons to be strained naturally. The angle at which the femur is mounted in the pelvis accounts for why women suffer more ACL injuries than men do. On people with Genu Valgum “knock-knee” their knee joint is malformed causing a genuine physical deformity that can cause difficulty walking and physical pain. So Taylor isn’t “knock-kneed” she’s a normal female with a normal body.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    @mrs_fuzzybee: Super unnecessary nerdism.

  • key

    And she’s about to be 23 soon..and sing this and act like a little brat and she’s an example to follow?!!!..God help our kids please!

  • emma

    She dresses like she wants and she’s lovely !
    She doesn’t look that young all the time, she wears plenty of heels and red lipstick most times, which is why it’s cool that she also wears a tshirt and flat shoes if she wants !
    Better a 22 dressing like that than all the super young actresses/singers who dress waaaay too mature for their age with tones of make-up and super glam short dresses !

  • yo moma

    she’s lip syncing

  • somali girl

    Wow!! Huge thighs, I thought they’d be skinny.

  • Doodle

    Oh God, what do you want really America! A 23 year old girl looking like how she should be or a 17 year old girl looking like a bimbo?!! You are the whinning one! Go back to liking britney spears, she is a good example for sure……;-))

  • not a swifty

    EWWWWW, COULD SHE PLEASE GROW UP.! I’m puking now, seriously! It’s like you’d want her to be a tad different than last year, and she’d go even more 10 year-old on you!! I guess someone told her that you were adorable when you were two, and she thinks she needs to keep doing that to keep getting considered adorable..cuz if you strip away that from her, what do you get: Nothing!

  • Nadia

    Is it just me or is this video pitched to avoid copyright…? Otherwise she’s singing very high, but I think it is because even when she is talking it sounds higher.

  • not a swifty

    she always wears ton of make9up. She wears red lipstick to the freakin’ beach, and I’ve never seen her without her fake eyelashes. I thinks she wears them to bed too, plus she wears a lot of eye makeup. Just because she doesn’t get tanned, doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear makeup as much as all the other young actresses of her age or the ones younger. They might wear less clothes than her sometimes, but the makeup argument is stupid! Her personality needs a makeover, not her makeup, nobody wants her to clothe less or have more/less makeup, she needs to stop boring us with her nauseating songs..but, I know she’d want to keep it as long as she can! Her camp isn’t stupid for suggesting her to let go of this fake image, they know only little people buy her records, and only they, keep her stardom alive!

  • http://facebook Tayswiftfan


  • Human

    and I hate this no talent dweeb

  • amanda

    Personally this was one of the best performances i think she has done on the VMA stage. She seemed really comfortable and it looked like she was having a ton of fun… I think people need to give her a break she is like one of the only music stars out there not using sex to sell herself and good for her!

  • SelinaMyles


    We are not dumb.Taylor Swift and her advertising machine put her in our faces 24/7 and a lot of people are tired of it. We can come here and post how we feel just like you do. It’s still a free country!

    Taylor grosses me out. Yes. She wears way too much make up alllll the time, as if she is always on stage. Her songs are like nursey rhymes, and she is a embarrassment. It is time her PR people realize that not everyone thinks she is all that.

    As for who her songs are about? I really don’t care. Whoever they are about has my sympathy, not her.

  • Anon

    I honestly think she thinks she is 15 yrs old. This song and the whole performance came off as VERY immature. She is almost 23. It’s time she grows up and stars acting her age.

  • Olive

    How long can she get attention from revenge songs and using her private life to sell music! Now she’s just like all the other pop singers. she lip syncs to hide her awful voice so people wont talk about her the next day. Country singers don’t lip sync so Taylor is just a pop singer now hiding her awful voice.

  • “never back together”

    & all the exes are happy about that

  • Jenn

    A super girl. Good for her.

  • stan

    Best performance of the night. Jake groupies are really hurting here in the comments section. lol

  • daniellewiebe

    remember THAT taylor swift?

  • Louise

    The tweens love her and the rest of us dislike her. Go away, Taylor. The hills of somewhere are calling you. Whiney voice, same old story in her juvenile songs, and hair flips. Why, JJ, do you keep posting Taylor Swift stories…………..your site is not for teenagers!

  • katie

    I’m so sick of her and her whinny songs about her breakup! Taylor have you ever thought that it’s you and not them??
    Dress you age, you’re 23. You’re a grown WOMAN. Stop with the ‘woe is me’ break songs! This song I admit is cute, but for a 16 years old GIRL. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s lip syncing. I’ve heard her live and honey it wasn’t pretty and It was nothing like this.

  • Aurora

    @Amanda: The only reason she’s successful is because all of her fans are junior high schoolers who think that being with a guy for five minutes is true love. And really? We should follow her lead simply because she’s making millions? Well so does Kim Kardashian. Does that mean we should make a s.e.x tape, get p!ssed on by a guy, s.l.u.t around town and f a m e w h o r e our way to the top too? You need to rethink your argument.

  • thwe thwe oo

    hi.taylor , you are very cute

  • katy parks

    i thought she was great so stop hating

  • Addy

    This video is pitched…she sounds 10 times higher than when she actually performed it at the VMAs. Is there any other video of her performance that is not pitched? I can’t find one!

  • taisha

    @SelinaMyles: why tf yall hating on taylor swift only cuz she is better than yall and got a good life … yalll just want to be like her but yall cant soo stop hatin and get a life with yalll ratchet ass self like forreal broo