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Watch President Barack Obama's Speech at Democratic National Convention!

Watch President Barack Obama's Speech at Democratic National Convention!

Barack Obama makes his speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention on Thursday (September 6) at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C.

The President of the United States made a plead for patience in his speech, which was met by thunderous cheers from the audience.

WATCH: Michelle Obama‘s speech at the Democratic National Convention

“I won’t pretend the path I’m offering is quick or easy,” Barack said. “You didn’t elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. You elected me to tell you the truth.”

Barack‘s wife Michelle Obama welcomed him to the stage and then sat in the front row with their daughters Malia and Sasha.

President Obama’s Speech at Democratic National Convention

45+ pictures inside of President Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention

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president barack obama speech democratic national convention 42
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president barack obama speech democratic national convention 44
president barack obama speech democratic national convention 45

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105 Responses to “Watch President Barack Obama's Speech at Democratic National Convention!”

  1. 1
    kaila Says:

    Thank you, Mr. President. In your own words, “Nation building here at home … we leave no one behind.” You never said it was going to be easy, and I never expected it to be. The choice is very clear.

  2. 2
    Nikki Says:

    Glad I’m finally old enough to vote, so I can choose any other name on the ballot besides Barack’s.

  3. 3
    Forward Says:

    I and many others prefer to move “forward” with you than going backwards with the Republicans who clearly just do not get it.

  4. 4
    Kathy Says:

    I’m a woman. I prefer to make my own choices. I do not need some random party telling me how to manage my reproductive system.

  5. 5
    Bryony Says:

    Both conventions consisted of an overload of propaganda. Nonetheless, I like how Obama emphasized the importance of education.

  6. 6
    Brian Says:

    Good job on the speech tonight. The speech was grounded in reason rather than baseless, illogical soundbites directed at so-called “stupid” people.

  7. 7
    bahha black sheep Says:

    the fool speaks

  8. 8
    James Says:

    Education is critical to advancing in any economy, especially a struggling one. Thanks for understanding the plight of many students who do not have rich parents. Higher education is already expensive for people who have money so imagine for the ones who do not.

  9. 9
    Cho Says:

    I enjoyed his speech…I rather move forward…I watch my aunt suffer through cancer and with out health insurance it was very hard to watch her go through it and I’m glad he passed the health care bill. This nation neeeds to move forward…
    Off topic his daughters are so stunning.

  10. 10
    sarah Says:

    agreed :)

  11. 11
    Aila Says:

    Don’t give up on the American people. Don’t give up on any groups. America is not where its at because of one person or one group;. it took a collective, diverse people from all walks of life. Thanks for acknowledging that Mr. President.

  12. 12
    mrst Says:

    What a great way to end an outstanding convention! President Obama was on point, passion, and promise. Love it. He is the president of the United States and should be for the next four years. God bless the Obamas…=)

  13. 13
    donna Says:

    Thanks for mentioning the military. So many have lost their lives. Please do what we must to receive them well when they return home.

  14. 14
    Neil Says:

    What I saw tonight was a sincere person, a defiant leader, a sincere speech. Nothing is ever easy in life, even the greatest of accomplishments come often by great trial and error.

  15. 15
    anumah Says:

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  16. 16
    Ava Says:

    Same old , FORWARD— 2008
    – I ask you tonight for your vote.” Other people give him hope, the Bible refers to hope, and if you hope like he hopes, you should vote for him. Because… hope!

  17. 17
    ,,, Says:

    Both candidates have their faults. But I’d rather vote for the one that doesn’t kill innocent children and civilians with drone attacks, sorry Barrack.

  18. 18
    leslie Says:

    Romney is living in a different world if he thinks the difference between going to college for most depend upon whether they ask their parents to borrow or not borrow money. Out of touch.

    I’ve used student loans because I needed it. I did not have a choice in the matter. I’ve been responsible and luckily employed to have paid most of it back already. I did not get a loan because I was lazy or “un-American.”

  19. 19
    @2 Says:

    Then I hope that you come from money.
    Because if Romney wins, he will gut the Pel Grant program, and the only way that you will be able to get the money to go to college is if you “borrow it from your parents”.

  20. 20
    Sierra Says:

    Good luck, Mr. President. Thank you for not forgetting people with alternative lifestyles, main street, the middle class, military, and students. Wall Street does not need any more breaks!

  21. 21
    Toni Says:

    GM is Alive – Osama Bin Laden is Dead! Women have the right to decide for themselves when they want to start a family! Love who you love with Dignity and Protection whether straight or gay! Rape is rape and not up to congressmen to define! Americans are white, black, brown, yellow, red and worthy of opportunity. Keep taxes low for the middle class and have the millionaires pay their fair share! I can go on and on but the bottom line is that this election should be a no-brainer. OBAMA 2012!

  22. 22
    Jan Says:

    OBAMA 2012! OBAMA 2012! OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23
    john Says:

    I was motivated today because I am the change that Gandhi spoke of. You are the change. Vote for the leader that will enable you to draw your own path, a better path, an improved collective path for our nation and abroad. The choice is very, very clear.

    By the way Romney, I’m not interested in going to war with Iran. Your abrasive, non-collaborative, no-compromise policies are insane. We have lost enough lives. Not every disagreement is worth fighting with weapons! Wars are not only expensive, but they are costly, a cost we can never pay back when lives are lost.

  24. 24
    Tracy Says:

    AMAZING speech!!! Obama/Biden all the way in 2012!

  25. 25
    Lucy Says:

    Obama’s speech was lamer than most everyone else’s I’d heard, he’s talking like he always does, and he’s been talking and yammering to Americans for years.

    I hadn’t thought about that coming into the convention, but now I’m experiencing it. And it’s a bit weird. The Man turns out to be the most banal speaker of ‘em all. Heck, Fauxcahontas was more interesting…

  26. 26
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    KKK Romney cant compete.

  27. 27
    Lay Says:

    Obama 2012

  28. 28
    Tommy Says:

    Please, God, may this be the last time I hear “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive” or anything approaching its equivalent.

  29. 29
    Sara Says:

    Obama is done!

  30. 30
    Anne Says:

    The text of the opening paragraph of Obama’s speech, as published:

    “Michelle, I love you. The other night, I think the entire country saw just how lucky I am. Malia and Sasha, you make me so proud…but don’t get any ideas, you’re still going to class tomorrow. And Joe Biden, thank you for being the best Vice President I could ever hope for.”

    ……….Here is a man who needs a teleprompter to express love to his wife. Otherwise he might fk it up? Now that is really creepy.

  31. 31
    We, the people, matter. Says:

    Pres. Obama, I loved the speech. I agree that while government has its flaws, it also has its purposes. Immigrants, gays, women-choice, government are not the source of our problems.

    Don’t forget to go out and vote people. I do not want Robot Romney in office. As someone who loves to examine body language, I cannot trust that guy. I have not seen a genuine moment from him yet.

  32. 32
    Jim Says:

    Pres. Obama you are right we the people are the change. You are our representation.

    By the way, I’m from NYC. There was nothing funny about what I witnessed on 9-11. I do not mind hearing Bin Laden is dead 3 million times. So much pain, so much hurt, so much destruction. Some of us will never forget.

  33. 33
    Sammy Says:

    “Are there any balloons??”

    Nope. They didn’t plan for any since they were doing it in the open stadium. But then, you know, the horrible, terrible downpour or rain kept them from doing it there so they did it in here. And no balloons were ready.

    Sad really….. What there was no rain…. But everyone loves Obama the media keeps telling us, so sad really that he couldn’t feel the stadium with his fans,,, I mean voters,,, like any other celebrity…. I mean politican.

  34. 34
    susan Says:

    If Romney and the tea-party think they will get my vote, they must be mad. Do they really believe the ignorance and lies they spread? This is coming from a former Republican.

    Good luck Mr. President.

  35. 35
    Jen Says:

    OBAMA 2012!!

  36. 36
    Bobbie Says:

    This November I will choose to move forward with Pres. Obama. America is not healed completely, but like Clinton said, you bet we are better off!

    On the topic of medicare, it’s not an easy thing to learn that you are sick and cannot get treatment for a treatable illness because you do not have coverage. How would you feel if that was you or your loved one. Some people only care for themselves. Once they reach the top, they just forget about everyone else. No one is asking for a handout. Some people are just asking for a hand, asking for options, if they ever need one.

    Romney is clueless about socio-economics, yet every chance he gets he want to cite his business experience. Whatever. Just another pompous, Wall Street Richie who is trying to portray himself as main street.

  37. 37
    bella Says:

    I tend not to comment about the children, but I have to say that the girls looked lovely tonight. I hope they make their parents proud one day.

    President Obama delivered a sound speech tonight. May god bless us all.

  38. 38
    Terry Says:

    NOPE, HE’S IN THE SAME BOAT AS THE REST OF US — BETTER OFF UNDER BUSH: John Kerry: ‘Ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off than he was four years ago.’

  39. 39
    Dd Says:

    Promises promises promises

  40. 40
    Hera Says:

    Even though, my dad lost his job in 2010 me and my brother are still both able to go to college. And that is through the grants we get through the fed. govt. We have had to struggle a lot these past few years and my Dad is trying to set up his own business and look for a job, and as of right now it looks like it is up an coming. I voted for Obama last time and I will again, he will help us college students and I plan to go to dental school and I don’t want loans to kill me when I am done. I know that he could have done better and the economy is not in the right place but I know this takes time and change just doesn’t happen. And I also know that Romney is someone I do not want in office, I do not trust him or his V.P.

  41. 41
    Sometimes gotta let them go Says:

    “That’s it?” “Seriously”. Like an aging rock star, President Obama, in a downsized venue, with downsized proposal and spewing downsized rhetoric only reminded us how far he has fallen from the heady days of 2008. The man, the agenda and the aura are faint imitations of their 2008 incarnations. And most importantly, he put forth an agenda that was entirely, and obviously, lacking, one that didn’t begin to match the demands of our time.”

  42. 42
    SelinaMyles Says:

    I love my President and I was very proud that I am Democratic. I enjoyed the convention.President Clinton and Mrs. Obama and Joe & Jill Biden made wonderful speeches. Also, I could never vote for people who totally ignored our military or who are trying to stop people from being able to vote! What kind of evil people are they?

  43. 43
    SuperIntelectual Says:


    I want to see an American president in the White House who shares the same Christian & moral values as I do.

    Barack who hides from the truth about his religion (Muslim) and his true birthplace is not to be trusted in my opinion.


    The only reason he approves gay marriage is to be popular with homosexuals and lesbians. He’s got their votes.
    The only reason he’s allowing illegal immigarants from Mexico and elsewhere is so he has their parents and their families’ vote.

    He uses popularity as his basis to run on and not his policies..LOL

  44. 44
    SuperIntelectual Says:

    @susan: Who is the person with full of LIES?????

  45. 45
    Elle Says:

    I watched the RNC and watched the DNC. Thank goodness for the DNC. The Republicans just rely on people’s ignorance by making up lies and bashing the President.

    Romney looks deceiving and self-serving. He does not understand me.

  46. 46
    Texas Girl Says:

    I’d like my children to make their own choices about their bodies as well when I have some one day. I’m not gay, but I have gay friends. I’m a Christian, but I know people with different faiths. The Republicans have gone so far right and unfair sans regard for the people who help build America. I have my own business, and I have an MBA. Based strictly on real-life implications of specific policies, I can see that the best person for the economy is Pres. Obama.

  47. 47
    SuperIntelectual Says:

    @Texas Girl: RIGHT….with 23 million people without jobs…’re proud to say that you have an MBA….but where’s your intellect in defining the current status quo of this country’s economy…and who has been running it for the last 3 1/2 years….”best person – OBAMA”….NAH>>>>>>>>> MITT ROMNEY is the “best person” to turn the economy around ….Romney has the experience and education to do it. He’s a successful businessman . Is your business thriving in today’s economy?????????

  48. 48
    rielle Says:

    Yes, I’ll be voting and it won’t be for the guy who thinks I’m just lazy because I needed to get college loans. My loan is paid back in full despite the ridiculous interest rates I had to endure. Thank goodness the rates are better now for future college aspirants –and the rates still need modification.

    Also, I perhaps could have asked my mom for some money for college, but it would hurt me too much to ask knowing how hard she worked for the money she earned. I’d rather be the one to give my mom things sometimes like a vacation or a spa treatment. She deserves it for all her sacrifices.

    You have my vote, Mr. President. God bless to the world.

  49. 49
    James Says:

    The speech was terrible. Obama never gave any specifics on how he plans to fix the economy.

  50. 50
    Texas Girl Says:

    My business is doing well. Thank you very much. A small business opened in late 2010 with the help of an Obama founded policy for small business owners. Yes, I maintain my overhead, I’m profitable, and I invest in the free-market/equities. I employ 4 people, not many, but that’s how entrepreneurs tend to start. In addition, my business does not need any more people to run. I’m not where I ultimately want to be, but by all account I am a young success and I’m contributing to do this economy, not spreading vitriol on websites.

    (School loans and Pell grants helped me get here.) Good luck Mr. President. You have my vote.

  51. 51
    Nicolas Says:

    Solid speech, Mr. President. Thank goodness it did not have flowery language. Thank you for your candor. God bless you, your family, our troops, America, and the rest of the world.

    The tea party is ridiculous. I could never stand alongside them with all their hate and ignorance. Romney is not to be trusted. He is Wall Street–that’s why he does not want Wall Street to have accountability for the disasters they have created.

  52. 52
    brianna Says:

    America is a land of opportunity for all, not a land where opportunity is reserved the already privileged. The rich needs to pay comparable taxes. It’s ridiculous that someone making several millions pay less tax than someone who makes a mere 60, 000. Economic fairness ever heard of it, Romney? Romney needs a reality check.

    Thank you, Mr. President.

  53. 53
    Pete Says:

    How could someone who wants to be Commander in Chief forget to acknowledge the troops in his speech? I guess Romney was too busy bashing the President with his tea-party semantics so he forgot. I will not vote for someone who forgets that our women and men are abroad fighting to the death, losing limbs, losing friends, losing their minds. No, I won’t vote for that guy. The sad thing is some of those who signed up not only to fight for our freedoms, but also to help pay their college tuition, they sign up for the benefits. (That is the truth, not everyone has rich parents.)

    I’ll stick with the President.

  54. 54
    Lola Says:

    Vote Obama. I’m going to college next year. I already know I need some Pell grants to get me by. I know what it means to work. I won a small scholarship and plan to get a job on campus as soon as possible. I’ve been working part-time as soon as I got my working papers! Oh yes!

    Good luck to me because I will need it.

  55. 55
    wery6 Says:

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  56. 56
    lylian Says:

    What?? HYPOCRITE!
    SO,You’d rather vote for a party which supported President George W bush who sent in planes, drones and whatever else to bomb the shite out of Iraq because he wanted to believe Iraq has weapons of mass destruction?
    OMG! Your memory obviously does not go back further than 4 years eh?
    Oh may be it’s selective recording because Romney just said that Obama should encourage bombing Iran. Do you think innocent people might die in that bombing?

  57. 57
    lylian Says:

    Please, God, may this be the last time I hear “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive” or anything approaching its equivalent.
    Yeah, I know. The truth hurts doesn’t it?!
    Coz Romney wanted GM dead and didn’t care if Bin Laden was alive.

  58. 58
    traitors Says:

    false hope and promises from both sides

  59. 59
    elevated chinny chin Says:

    Blowhard Obama . I enjoy watching the clueless sheeple lap the propaganda up.

  60. 60
    @"superintelectual" Says:

    Stupid enough to still be a ‘birther’, and to misspell ‘intellectual’.
    your name is supposed to be ironic, right?

  61. 61
    @"superintelectual" Says:

    Oh, and stupid enough to think that illegal aliens have the right to vote.
    Ironic and moronic.

  62. 62
    elle Says:

    My biggest problem right now is that I want to vote for Obama but I’m not American.

  63. 63
    Jenn Says:

    Let’s do it, you smart people, who care about your country. VOTE for President Obama. Make sure you are registered in your state, and make sure to cast your ballot. DON’T let the country get back into the hands of the ROBBER BARONS, who will go back to the Bush-style running of the country.
    Your vote is your voice, and make your voice be heard LOUD and CLEAR for PRESIDENT OBAMA! If Romney gets in office, we will start to spiral down into with Bush left us with.

    OBAMA/BIDEN …2012!!!!!!

    We CAN do this, people.
    Let’s make it happen! FOUR MORE YEARS FOR OBAMA/BIDEN!

  64. 64
    Toni Says:

    Republicans need to see this. CBS fact-checked Clinton’s speech about jobs and unlike “Lyin’ Ryan”, he came through!! Please pay particular attention to the difference between George W. Bush (who got us into this mess) and Obama’s job record.

    Richard Nixon: + 7.1 million

    Gerald Ford: +1.3 million

    Ronald Reagan: + 14.7 million

    George H. W. Bush: + 1.5 million

    George W. Bush: -646,000

    Total jobs added: +23.9 million


    John F. Kennedy: +2.7 million

    Lyndon B. Johnson: +9.5 million

    Jimmy Carter: +9 million

    Bill Clinton: +20.6 million

    Barack Obama: +332,000

    Total jobs added: +42.1 million

    CBS: Clinton’s assertion, then, is true: For whatever reason, Democratic presidents have added approximately 42 million private sector jobs, cumulatively, while Republicans have added approximately 24 million.

  65. 65
    wowza Says:

    Have you all be brainwashed again by obamas bs rhetoric speeches?
    See 2016 and you will feel like a total idiot for listening to him one more minute. He ex best friend is a terrorist for crying out loud!
    You want America in a great depression vote for this idiot again.
    He wants fame and loves celeb status and spends his time on talk shows while making our lives worse with 0 jobs. Now, he talks about the underdog and how we should sell or young or middleaged soul to help some illegal alien rise to the top? Are you kidding me? Born and raised U.S. citizens/ young or middle aged people with masters degrees cant find a job and we are talking about fairytale stories of underdogs raising…this isnt a movie, Obama you are a great actor! Americans deserve MUCH better………VOTE ROMNEY

  66. 66
    Devin Says:

    Ryan’s speech was riddled with lies because, like the rest of his party, he assumes his audience are idiots and subscribe to the rather abrasive, idiotic, bigoted ideas of the tea-partiers. That says a lot about Ryan’s character. He just got here and already he is spreading lies. Robot Romney is untrustworthy. He tries to wear jeans and remove his tie so he can appear relate-able. He is so filled with pretension. No thank you.

    I choose to move forward with Obama.

  67. 67

    Obama is going to lose and he knows it thats why he is trying to stop Gallup polling from showing the true poll results. Mitt Romney is winning and I predict as we get closer to November 4th, Mitt Romney will have a double digit lead over Obama. Obama is a very sneaky man who hides behind the scenes and have other people do his dirty work. Do not let Obama’s smile fool you, he is a snake. Go back to 2008 and see how dirty he was towards Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton can’t stand Obama. Clinton is being forced to campaign for him and its being said he wants Romney to win the election. Get ready because the OCTOBER SURPRISE IS COMING AND OBAMA WILL BE DONE. VOTE MITT ROMNEY, LETS BE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS AND NOT HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR BEING THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. REMEMBER WHEN OBAMA HAD THE EUROPE TOUR WHERE HE WENT AROUND APOLOGIZING FOR AMERICA. NO PRESIDENT IN HISTORY HAS DONE THAT. VOTE MITT ROMNEY.

  68. 68

    The stupid peope who say they want to move forward with Obama, do you know that the debt is going up in the trillions every day. If we move forward with Obama, we are GOING OVER THE CLIFF. Obama is going to lose anyway because alot of his supporters have woken up and want him out. For his speech last night, they had to move it to a small venue becuase they could not fill the other statdium. VOTE MITT ROMNEY.

  69. 69
    no choice Says:

    Obama is a joke and never delivered.
    False Advertisng.
    Voted for him.
    I regret it.
    Hate Romney and everything he stands for.

  70. 70
    Leni Says:

    He’s got my vote!

  71. 71
    so judgemental Says:

    You’re right (eye roll) It is terrible to have a president who when looking at the forecasted rain and possible lighting storm thought it would be best to error on the side of caution and keep Americans safe vs let them stand in the rain and risk their lives possibly just for the sake of television cameras. You would prefer Bush.. who congratulated his arabian horse buddy for a job well done on Katrina as people were dying of heat stroke still trapped in their attics..

  72. 72
    so judgemental Says:


    Actually, you should be ashamed you paid good money to see a false propaganda film. I am going to write one called Romney 2016 where no one goes to college but the rich kids who can borrow money from their parents since there are no more student loans, seniors eat dog food and work two jobs at 80 years old because their medicare vouchers so not cover their expenses, and the middle class has disappeared forever since Romney failed to create any jobs, took away child tax credits and mortgage interest rate credits and instead he takes even more of an annual credit of $77,000 for his dressage horse since he is part of the job creators who deserve so very much more then middle class Americans do. Oh what a beautiful future.

  73. 73
    hmm... Says:

    Obama 2012

  74. 74
    Mary Says:

    bahha black sheep

    It really isn’t nice to refer to yourself as a fool

  75. 75
    Hope & Change My A$$ Says:

    How’s that “Hope & Change” workin out for ya???? I am now hoping for a change!!!! 100% Romney!!!!!

  76. 76
    Mary Says:

    Hope & Change My A$$

    so, when do you think Romney will pay the taxes he still owes; before or after November 6th?

  77. 77
    Hope & Change My A$$ Says:

    @Mary~ Who cares about Romney’s taxes? I would rather see him in office than this low life liar & his “I don’t have to show my birth certificate a$$”… Go piss up a rope!

  78. 78
    Passing Through Nobamaland Says:

    I think Angelina Jolie should be president. This man has ruined our country and lied about everything he promised America. She would do the same, just in a different way.

  79. 79
    Mary Says:

    Hope & Change My A$$

    a brain dead squirrel on life support has more intelligence than you do. PO produced his birth certificate a long time ago. you were paying attention in school when the other kids were learning that Hawaii is the 50th State in the Union. oh wait, you were absent not only on that day but for the entire year.

  80. 80
    Twinkle Says:

    @Texas Girl:

    So it’s been 2 years since you opened your business. ANY PROFITS YET? Do you provide health insurance to your 4 employees?…I bet the answer to these questions is big NO. LOL

    You’re not SMART and I can tell.

  81. 81
    Twinkle Says:




  82. 82
    Twinkle Says:


    Really born in Hawaii… what was he doing in Indonesia where he went to school in the elementary years….did he, his mother and father relocated there when he was an infant???? do you know or have read his autobiography or biggraphy…if so what book????

  83. 83
    Morgan Says:

    Thank you President Obama for all you have tried to do. I hope you get 4 more years to finish the job……….. Obama 2012.

  84. 84
    anon2 Says:

    Helluva speech, Mr. President!

  85. 85
    Mary Says:

    to Twinkle

    don’t be an idiot. try to use the intelligence you were given, i know it’s hard, but try ok. many children are born in the United States and educated in other countries. The United States Military, the State Department, and large Cooperations are full such children.

    PO’s mother was an Anthropologist who studied economic anthropology and rural development in Indonesia. now, i know that Anthropologist, economic, and rural development are hard words for someone like you to understand but you can google them. i’m sure google will use simple words that even you will get.

    like other parents, she chose to take her son with her on the job instead of leaving him in Hawaii to be raised by strangers. so, yes, Idiot PO spent his early years going to school in Indonesia. at the end of the day PO has had a first class education which you have not even come close to getting.

  86. 86
    LUCA Says:

    Obama 2012!!!

    Advancing equal opportunity and economic empowerment is both morally right and good economics. Why? Because poverty, discrimination and ignorance restrict growth.

    Bill Clinton- DNC speech

  87. 87
    MJ Says:

    to#76, If you think Romney did not pay taxes as what Harry Reid’s imaginary friend told him, I am sure even before he file to run in the office, the IRS already sees it if he did not. It is obviously is a lie because IRS did not go after him. And why oh! why you dems are going after Romney’s tax? It seems like you forgot how you forgave Charley Rangel and Tim Guitner who were obviously did not pay their taxes and yet they are still in the office. Hypocrisy much?

  88. 88
    Mary Says:

    to MJ

    Charley Rangel and Tim Guitner are not running for the office of the President of the United States. Mitt Romney is; as such he cannot even have the appearance of being in violation of the law. not paying taxes owed is a huge “no no” for a man who wants to be President. even you are intelligent enough to understand this.

  89. 89
    MJ Says:

    It’s funny how Bill Clinton said that no one, not even him can fix the mess that Obama inherited from Bush. Well, if Clinton is way better than Obama, then why we give Obama another 4 years? Obviously, Obama has no clue about the economy. Our country needs a leader who is a business like, knows how to budget, knows how to creates jobs, and not a lazy type leader. Simple philosophy that needed to apply. At home, when your parents doesn’t know how to budget their money, over spending than what they’ve earn, there is no doubt that your family is in big trouble. One of the reasons why couple divorce because of financial issues, either the wife or husband got tired of the other who over spent. We need a leader who knows how to BUDGET and that’s Romney with Ryan’s help.

  90. 90
    MJ Says:

    to#88, Just because someone is not running for president it doesn’t mean it’s okay for them not to pay their taxes. It’s still a Law dear. If Romney in deed did not pay his taxes, then what’s the IRS is doing? Surely, IRS has Romney’s tax record. So you meant, IRS did not do their jobs?

  91. 91
    MJ Says:

    Look, If you did not see how the dems managed their convention, it showed that they obviously doesn’t have any clue how to manage the economy. The dems convention was a mess even if they don’t have any reasons to, there was no threat of hurricane and yet they mismanaged it. It showed that if they mishandled their convention which is such a small task compare to the economy, then how can we be so sure that they can handle the economy? Ask yourself, pure and simple.

  92. 92
    lylian Says:

    MJ, Yes, Mitt Romney filed his tax returns and there were many legal ways to lower your taxes. And yes, Mitt Romney used these laws and stayed legal as he is entitled to do so the IRS can’t go after him.
    But laws are not necessarily JUST or MORAL. Lobbyists funded by billionaires and millionaires and corporation who are people too, see to that. They want laws which benefit them and screw those who can’t afford a lobbyist.
    History is replete with lessons of unfair laws benefitting rich people. Why don’t you look up Poor Laws, Corn Laws and Enclosure Laws in England in the 18th and 19th century. Read up about slavery laws – owning slaves was LEGAL.
    Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat them so read up about them.
    Read about how wealthy farmers and aristocracy which controlled the House of Commons and the House of Lords introduced Corn Laws to keep the price of corn – a staple in England high. Read how the Enclosure Acts allowed the rich to enclose off land which were known as commons forcing millions of poor farm labourers and peasants to either work for a pittance or migrate to awful conditions in the cities. Read about the Rotten Boroughs and how the members of parliament in the House of Commons were often put there by the aristocracy so they voted to please the aristocrat who put them there.
    Then read about how England was in a torment of unrest and riots until laws could be changed and the change in the laws allowed a more civil and equal society to be built. Read about the Swing Riots and the Luddites. Read about the harshness in which starving people were treated for stealing a loaf of bread. Read about being hanged, transported to Australia, thrown into prisons. At one stage there were so many prisoners, they had to be kept on barges on the water where many just died because of miserable conditions.
    So, yes, no doubt Mitt Romney was legal in claiming his tax deductions, keeping his funds in bahamas and cayman, – as those who benefitted from Corn Laws and Enclosure Acts were legal and those owning slaves were legal. But were these laws FAIR AND MORAL?
    But what Mitt doesn’t want to show you and the people when he says he believes in America and taxes should be lower for the wealth 1% is how he kept his taxes low:
    (1) he got most of his remuneration as capital gain. Some of the brightest minds in the world are engaged in structuring private equity deals to ensure the lowest possible taxes are paid. I know this for a fact because I worked in a bank for a while. I know they fees the bank is willing to pay the tax advisors. So, legal, because they could afford the advice to keep their taxes lows. And those expenses paid to tax advisors are tax deductible in many jurisdictions.
    (2) He sent a whole bunch of his money to sunny islands like Cayman, Bahamas and to less sunny islands like Jersey. All known tax havens.
    And what did Mitt “I will bring jobs to America” Romney do with his tax savings?
    Why, Mitt Romney invested in Global Funds and Emerging Market Funds. Global fund must invest its money globally, not just in America. Emerging Market Funds will invest ZERO money in America because America is NOT an emerging market.
    As a millionaire running for presidency on a plat form that he believes in America, he’s creating jobs for America even as his money is invested abroad, but of course, he’s talking big about gonna hammer China and India for stealing jobs from America. But as always:
    Mitt’s money didn’t trickle down to America, it trickled OUT of America.

  93. 93
    Charles Says:

    I love how some people are complaining about balancing the budget as if it’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Are you serious? Economics is harder than that, especially when you have to take into account the people who will suffer based on what you cut. This is real life, not a game.

    Some people cannot even balance their own check books consisting a few thousands dollars, please do not believe it’s easy to balance trillions in the red, especially when you it’s hard to find other avenues to generate the money. And let’s not forget we are in a time of war that we are already borrowing money to sustain. This is no joke, even Bill Clinton acknowledged how difficult the situation is. The President is chipping off the problem, little by little. We have to do our part as well.

    Obama gets my vote, not Romney who wants another war with Iran of all people!

  94. 94
    Carly Says:

    Romney is fake. A Wall Street type who believes every one can ask mommy and daddy to pay tuition. He also believes I’m lazy because I may need some tuition assistance. He lives in a different Universe. Ryan has serious issues with remembering the truth so he can forget about being the VP of the United States of America and his so-called budget for America is harsh and unrealistic if you take a closer look at the craziness he is proposing.

    Obama is doing a good job. Can he do better? Of course, he can.

  95. 95
    Texas Girl Says:


    My employees are under a small business healthcare plan with very reasonable quotes. Every state including yours offer varying options based on need for small businesses. You must do the leg work if you care to find out and if you care about your staff. I could have opted to employ them strictly as independent contractors, but chose not to because it’s more of an incentive for them to get on board and the cost is minimal to me. Win-Win.

    By the way, you do not have to resort to name-calling to make a point or to make an inquiry. Calling people names like idiot does nothing but make people wonder about your own intelligence. In any event, be well. That’s it for me.

    Obama 2012 — My vote is my voice. It was not too long ago when women could not even vote.

  96. 96
    jonathan Says:

    The trolls are always the most negative people and they try to use baseless statements to support their madness. Unfortunately, they remind me of the tea partiers with their nonsense.

    I, too, will vote for Obama. I would not vote for Romney if he paid me.

  97. 97
    Ben Says:

    Romney talks about war like it’s no big deal. I’d like to ask him if he ever saw his sons off to war? Oh, no, of course he has not. At least Biden understands. The President empathizes. They are working feverishly to bring the rest of our men and women back to their families not rush them into another bloodshed aka Iran.

    Good speech. I value your strong stance on education! May God bless us all, Mr. President. 4 more years.

  98. 98
    ZeK Says:

    as if there was a major difference between these two bought and sold figurehead douchebags… pffft ..We’ll all get more of the same and many will never figure out that the two party system is essentially one ..look, if you want to move a huge object safely,intact, you must slide it side to side,left, right, to get it where you want it to go…the desire to be on a winnig team,side,tribe, etc. is instinctive and those that are in real positions of power knowingly stoke the flames and get what they want ,while the peasants quarrel amongst themselves

  99. 99
    Blizzard Says:

    Romney is so handsome!

  100. 100
    rtyrt Says:

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  101. 101
    Independent Voter Says:

    Has anyone read the “Barack Obama Citizenship Conspiracy Theories” in Wikipedia.

    Claims that Obama has dual citizenship,British & American.
    That he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. Kenya is where his
    biological father is from.

    If he can release his (Obama) birth certificate for public showing
    then Democrats can insist on having Mitt release his tax forms

    Article Two of the U.S. Constitution – states that you have to be a
    natural born citizen of the United States to be eligible to ran for the presidential office.

  102. 102
    Independent Voter Says:


    Don’t you read the news….just about every day there is news
    that a U.S. soldier is killed in Afghanistan or perhaps more than one.
    There’s killing going on where our U.S. soldiers are deployed, not only in Irag. READ THE NEWS or LISTEN TO THE NEWS.

  103. 103
    Keith Says:

    God bless America and beyond. I’m a Republican turned Independent, voting for Obama again for four more years. Took me some time to come over, but my former party is not deserving of my vote.

  104. 104
    Alli Says:

    There’s a troll here spreading venom endlessly. Such a shame.

    God bless our troops. Obama 2012.

  105. 105
    Kelsey Says:

    MITT ROMNEY 2012!!!!!! OBAMA SUCKS!!!!

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